i haven't seen anyone even suggest it

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so one of the writers in overwatch loves the genji x mercy ship and he posts fan art on his twitter account and answers fan questions about it (@westofthouse if you wanna check for yourself) so far i haven't seen anyone ask him about pharmercy nor has he said anything about it :( i'm so disappointed i wanted mercy and pharah to be lesbian moms and i also wanted genyatta to be canon :'(

Did he create Genji or Mercy? Writers can ship things without the ships being canon (and I find it a little hard to believe Blizzard would let him so openly support the ship if it was a reveal later!). A good example of this was House, MD - the write Doris Egan openly shipped House/Wilson and wrote some of the best highly suggestive House/Wilson episodes even though at that point in the show TPTB were like “THEY ARE NOT GAY”. 

Writers can have their own opinions about the characters that aren’t canon. I agree it doesn’t look good for Pharmercy at this stage (big mistake, Blizzard, imho), but I wouldn’t say it’s clear evidence that Gency is canon. I also like Genyatta. 

I’ve said a few times before I don’t mind the idea of historic Gency (before the fall of Overwatch), I think character-wise that works better. Genji seems to be in a different place emotionally now (he’s on a spiritual journey), and imho Genyatta makes more sense in this context. Plus the interactions between Pharah and Mercy in the game right now suggest closeness.