i haven't saw this video


So i was bored and was looking at different fandom wikis, and i stumbled across the fright night remake one. 

‘Oh pretty cool! don’t know how i got here but- OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT.’ 

The Epitome of Sexy. The. Epitome. Of. Sexy. 


@lilith-luma-graves @anirishman WAS IT ONE OF YOU?!

Watch on damnyouhiddles.tumblr.com

Tom Hiddleston interviewed by Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode (full interview)

Tom Hiddleston performs I Saw The Light - 360-degree video


Despite how i feel about what Morgan Spurlock did with This Is Us, i love his show Inside Man. I just want everyone to watch this clip from his “Celebrity” episode where he’s talking with a pap about celebrities flying into LAX and how they get their information. The show is on Netflix if you want to watch the whole thing, which i do recommend. 

(edit: lol i absolutely know it’s not new information but some people only believe something straight from the horse’s mouth. )

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okay okay I absolutely LOVE that video and haven't stopped smiling. I saw your answers to who was participating in helping, but I REALLY want to know the ENTIRE story, like when and what exactly did he message you, how much did you freak out (I'm guessing a lot xD), and how did you guys work together on doing this (like how were you able to collaborate through tumblr)?

yeah i loved the video too :)

well first troye sent fanmail to all of us, heres a small part of the message:

‘Hiiiii friend!!
Okay so im working on a super cute and very secret video for my channel, and i was wondering if you would pleeaasseee help?’

uhm it was 28th of may and yeah we all freaked out haha it was difficult to find out who got the message bc of course you couldnt tell anyone, but we found out somehow haha. we planned everything it was alot alot of work, we organized a tinychat and planned basically everything there. and fuck on the tinychat i got my hair stuck in an electric mixer and i was traumatized ,and everyone was laughing at me. god. ok welll we emailed his manager (i think was his manager) about all stuff and asked things, and then when we got all the videos sent to his manager, troye and his manager both emailed us thanking us and stuff omg. it was great, but i dont know theres nothing much else to say haha? this was an awesome awesome experience wooow

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holy shit I haven't even seen the cr1tikal video that it's about but I saw an ask here about shitty ceramics classes in hs sophomore year and BITCH, ME TOO. The teacher fucking worked us like a sweatshop it was such a hellhole but I made a cute pot

omfg what’s up with ceramics classes??? Everyone send your ceramic class hell stories to cr1tikal.