i haven't really been in the best moods lately

  • someone: hey how are you?
  • what she says: oh hey i'm good
  • what she really means: i just spent 3 hours in the dark of my room listening to goner on repeat and honestly i felt so alive yet so dead because as i listened i felt all of tyler's pain being pushed on my chest but then as it ended each time i felt a weight lifted off and honestly i hope tyler has that same feeling every night and that he's not suffering because i love him so much and he doesn't deserve the pain he says he's in

anonymous asked:

hey, shouto. i haven't been in the best of moods lately. i've been havin bad thoughts... any words of encouragement? (。•́︿•̀。)

Those bad thoughts would never be able to defeat you. This is because you are the HERO, and heroes……

Normally I wouldn’t be the person people go to for “encouraging words”, but I hope I have helped you even just a little bit.