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Can We Talk? - Chapter 1

A 3 am Klance fanfic. I’m gonna post this on Ao3 but I have to wait to get an account so here it is. Do I know what direction I’m taking this in? Nope. Are my writing skills the best? Nope. But hey hey hey am I still gonna continue this? Nope Maybe!

Chapter 2  | Chapter 3

Lance sends Keith out of all people a video at 4 am, along with 57 messages that get increasingly more and more worrisome. Something is wrong.

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lil--miss  asked:

I ran into one of my teachers that I haven't seen for 5 years. He asked me what I'm going to major in and I said psychology. He told me that only people with problems can go into this. I do have problems but I don't know how I feel about what he said

Hopefully, he’s being sarcastic. Let’s bring on the Pscyh2Go community. But who doesn’t have problems right?