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What I have becomes part of my general valuation. The situation of the invested self is a little bit like the situation of Voldemort’s horcruxes in Harry Potter: the object you have is invested with a part of your soul. It doesn’t give you immortality, it gives you credit. But then again, we’re not wizards.
—  Michel Feher, the scholar I strive to be, describing the shift from the entrepreneurial liberal subject to financialized speculative subject with a HP reference. 
how the mercury signs talk

aries: fast, loud, direct. often interpreted as domineering and pushy. feels comfortable giving commands and disagreeing with people. doesn’t like to talk about the same thing for long

taurus: slow, steady. can talk about the same thing for years. pleasant laugh/voice. rarely stutters, does not aim to be offensive but is not submissive

gemini: fast, bubbly, giggly. makes way too many puns. is always the one to break an awkward silence, likes to make people laugh, trips over words when they get excited

cancer: medium paced, musical, sympathetic, “mom” voice. kind and submissive, aims to soothe rather than provoke. says “i feel” a lot, talks about their emotions and wants to hear about yours

leo: commands attention, dramatic, usually loud. always directs conversation back to themselves. loooves to talk about their opinions, loves telling stories. humor is usually exaggeration/imitation based, makes faces and moves hands while speaking

virgo: softer voice, quick but never rushed, steady and focused. tends to ramble, but readily switches topics if you initiate it. talks about anything and everything. knows it all, but isn’t obnoxious about it

libra: clear, pleasant voice, doesn’t dominate the conversation but somehow holds it together. likes discussion but dislikes conflict. likes innocent humor, dislikes the crude or profane 

scorpio: direct, steady. will only talk when they have something to say. says a lot more with their body language/facial expressions than their words. can come off as rude. not open to talking about emotions.

sagittarius: loud, stumbly, crass. talks like someone knocking over a bin full of bouncy balls. is extremely intelligent, but doesn’t act like it. offends by accident (or on purpose? who knows)

capricorn: clear, authoritative voice. soft, fragile, but determined way of speaking. likes to talk about what they know. can talk about the same thing for ages, hates being challenged, is very deliberately civil

aquarius: outlandish way of speaking, unusual word choice or odd speaking patterns. talks about the things no one else talks about, but never sounds crazy or silly 

pisces: tends to ramble, adds a lot of backstory to everything, lots of tmi. soft, musical, has problems staying on topic. talks a lot about what they think about, doesn’t like to argue, is good at relating to people

cute but unlikely best friends


yeah this totally isn’t cheesy at all my babies are rockin’ the shit out of those couple sweatshirts 

and valentine’s day is long gone now whoops

Imagine Skyping Misha while he’s away filming

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too, babe.” You set the computer on the bed and leaned against the pillows, pulling your knees up and resting your chin on them. “When are you coming home?”

“Two more days. That’s not too bad.”

You rolled your eyes and smirked. “Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?”

He chuckled and you felt a sudden pang in your heart. You really missed him. “I love you.”

Misha smiled, his eyes filled with adoration. “I love you too sweetheart. So very much.”