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I just found this one so I’m doing it.

Directions:  spell your url name in songs but you can only use an artist once. 

M - Meeting Place The Last Shadow Puppets

I - If You Wanna The Vaccines

N - Nothing Else Matters Metallica

O - Outro M83

R - Rap God Eminem

H - Hymn for the Weekend Coldplay

E - End of Time Beyoncé

A - About a Girl Nirvana

R - Rock With You Michael Jackson

T - The Man Who Sold the World David Bowie

A - All Summer Long Kid Rock

T - The Girl Who Cried Wolf 5SOS

T - Tourist Julian Casablancas

A - Arabella Arctic Monkeys

C - Caesar @oneyearstand

K - Keep Yourself Alive Queen

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you obviously don’t have to do it and some of ur urls are super long so u can just use ur first name or somethin


Gillovny Video - Music: Without You cover by Boyce Avenue

Youtube link 

spencer hadn’t played in months, not really since a few weeks after he got to new york. the piano was one of his last resorts to help himself relax. and at the moment, that was what he needed. it wasn’t a large place, a small coffee shop near east yorkshire square, but it had a nice, older piano and he found it comforting to sit there, gently running his hands through various songs, sheet music on the stand but not opened he wasn’t playing from sheet music, but from memory. his fingers easily moved on the keys.

it was just math, to him.

knowing where all the keys were was easy, the sounds were distinctive, and the motions were practically rote. even if he hadn’t played in months – he rememebered the song. it wasn’t his. no, it belonged to a little boy. not so little anymore, he reminded himself as he played.

finally at the completion of the piece he paused, flexing his fingers. he glanced up as someone passed by, a shadow over him, but he said nothing, just glanced up ,then back down at the piano, “was i disturbing you?” he asked after a moment.


“It’s a love affair, between you and your partner and the music. You feel the music, you feel your partner, she feels you and she feels the music. So there the three of you are together. You’ve got a triangle, you know. Which one do you love best?” -frankie manning


(Meh, didn’t really wanna post this on a blog of 400 some followers [give or take most are prob inactive], so I’ll post it on a blog where I only have 17. It’s… kinda relevant? It’s gotta do with robotic superheroes… and stuff… haha yeah…

Anyways, have one of my sunshine children OCs with a story I’ve been messing around with for a while, Soprano. yes i did music puns with her and her brother fight me)

The Sorato Playlist – Vol. 2: 

Forever and always. ♥

(Vol. 1 is here.)

Your problematic fave: funhaus

-own 3 shirts collectively
-have had 3 different offices in less than a year
-I won’t be surprised if they end up moving again
-peake doesn’t deserve to be blasted by that ac all day and you know it
-loud and therefore banished to the Shame Basement™
-joel is a musical theater guy but doesn’t sing during videos
-why are there so many dogs in the office??
-general sinfest

apple-delight  asked:

Hello Sei-sb! I was curious about that humanstuck you have drawn a few thing's for! Not the glorious musical one, the one you drew The Psiioniic and Dualscar fighting. What's that AU about? (Love your artwork though)

OH, that’s not my AU though, that was a commission for regdichab of her AU

SADLY since it’s not mine [and I’m REALLY BAD at explaining things] I can’t tell you about it myself….

but IT’S SO GOOD orz so so good…. I kinda wish it was like a fic or something and I could point to it at people so others could know about it too haha

[mAN I love her/their AUs SO MUCH, I’ve made a bunch of doodles for them because they are super great, I should really post them but that’d mean going through sketchbooks and finding everything… SO MAYBE LATER? But now I really want to. ALSO there’s a Mythology themed AU, that’s the one I’ve drawn for the most, it’s my favorite orz I need to show sketches of that one at least]

Djinn!Mituna & Human!Kankri ^

and then Naga!Psiioniic & Human!Signless


[And I’ve doodled more characters but it’d take me a while to find them.]

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