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I recently started following you because of your fic "but you gotta.." when I was saw your villain!deku ideas and I just fell in love with it! I haven't seen anything about All Might yet but I like to think he's like Deku's almost/kind of father that is trying to parent him while simultaneously fulfilling his duty as a hero all the while constantly asking himself just how he basically adopted one of the most notorious super villains.

my theory is actually that izuku still hero worships all might and has a TERRIBLE celebrity crush, he fanboys hard on his social media account and everyone knows!! but izuku is too shy to actually try stalking tracking down the hero he admires most! mostly he just posts about how cool all might looked in his most recent battle, did you see that,all might is so incredible and izuku would probably die if he ever met him in real life. 

one day though. one day izuku spots all might fighting a villain – and he can’t help but follow all might around, watching with round eyes as all might fights. the villain is a slippery one, and manages to slip away – and so, all might lands next to izuku on the roof while he’s looking for the villain. ah, hello, says all might; did you happen to see someone pass this way, by any chance? izuku, too awestruck to say anything, points wordlessly after the villain. all might takes off. 

afterwards, izuku gushes about how he ACTUALLY SAW ALL MIGHT, he ACTUALLY HELPED ALL MIGHT, and he is just extremely happy about the entire thing but entirely too shy to actually try approaching all might again. 

anyways, he’s not stupid. there are heroes he can fight, and there are heroes he can’t. most heroes have pretty obvious counters, if you think them through; but there is very little izuku can do to counter simple, overwhelming strength. if all might knew he was a villain, and all might decided to arrest him, there’s nothing izuku can do. and as much as izuku admires all might so, as much as he wants – izuku isn’t ever going to risk putting his freedom on the line like that. 


if yagi toshinori meets an enthusiastic and cheerful civilian boy at his favorite coffee shop – if they’ve struck a strange acquaintance, if said boy talks to toshinori about his favorite heroes and asks after toshinori’s day – well. 

there’s nothing strange about two civilians being acquainted with each other. 

i’d also like you to consider: instead of all might taking in izuku, strangely enough, it’s actually a combination of detective tsukauchi and eraserhead. 

aizawa objects strongly to this, but somehow it’s happened anyways. 


request; hi 😊 can you do a fake text where you have a huge crush on Calum and you think you’re texting one of the other boys but you’re really texting Calum about how you were about to kiss him but something happened so you didn’t and you were left wanting to kiss him? pleasee? 😘

more really awful midnight ideas: alya writing a ladybug femslash fic featuring an OC that is very obviously marinette with a slightly different name in an attempt to fill the femslash fic void we all feel sometimes — and adrien finds himself a reluctant, slightly heartbroken shipper (this is marinette — cute, isn’t she? he remembers, and the fic is really, truly, very convincing)

i’m not sure where i was going with this but i think it was somewhere with adrien reluctantly making up his mind to step aside if either of his crushes decided they’d like each other better and 

adrien ships maribug more than adrinette

alya ships adrinette more than maribug

ship war that they don’t know is a ship war while both of them are just really intent on making marinette happy

meanwhile marinette’s just in the background like literally wth’s up with everyone?

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Where does the amedot ship come from? I haven't noticed any hints in the show tbh

- This post does a great job of summarizing all the hints the show has dropped that don’t require shipping goggles to see!

- Theorists, casual watchers, and even news articles have all taken notice of Peri’s crush on Amethyst, as well – something they’ve only ever done for Steven/Connie, and Ruby/Sapphire.

- The Crewniverse have actively avoided discussing Peridot and Amethyst’s relationship when asked, while they quite liberally speak of Peridot and Lapis’ relationship.

- Not to mention, Shelby and Michaela are doing recordings together more often lately. There’s a Shorty Squad episode coming up, probably around the start of Season 5. And they recently recorded together as seen in this instagram post.

And personally … shipping Amedot was what actually got me into the show during Peri’s redemption arc. Just a fun fact!

It’s probably not the best idea to invite your crush to be a part of the group of people you recruited to help you complete your bucket list. Still, what could go wrong?

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Hey, I have vaginismus but as far as I know I haven't suffered any sort of abuse, but I've always been weird about sex, it makes me so nervous and I don't know how to get over it. Do you have any tips?

OMG I wrote the longest post ever and it was beautiful and I cried while writing it and I put my heart and soul into it and then Firefox crashed. SO SAD OMG.

Here is the Power Point Version of my beautiful post.

1)Vaginismus wants to rip your soul out and crush it into a million pieces. You are strong, worthy of love, and beautiful. Never forget that.

2) Journal your emotions towards sex. After journaling them you question everything, question every single emotion you have towards sex and why you have them. Talk to a trusted individual about this and have an open dialog with them. If you don’t have people IRL you trust you can open a new blog here and the awesome vaginismus community will help you explore all those emotions. If you have access to a sex therapist that would be the best option in this area.

3) Get used to simply looking/touching your vulva non-sexually. It is just a body part, treat it as such. In the shower just touch it, when loafing around bored just take a hand mirror and look at it. Explore it. Realize that whatever your vulva looks like it is normal and healthy. (NSFW link of the wide varities of vulva) Let your body know that not everything that comes near the vagina will lead to sex.

4) See how your symptoms develop in you. Some people can use tampons, some people cannot have any pelvic exams, some people can’t even insert a q-tip, etc. Only start attempting to insert things once you become comfortable just touching the outside of your vagina. Using water based lube use the smallest thing you can insert, whether it be a q-tip, finger, or small sex toy whatever works for you. Only insert it until the point where it causes discomfort, then remove. Do not let your body learn that insertion will equate to pain. Do this as frequent as you feel comfortable. If you took a break and have to start over that is perfectly fine - there is no harm or shame in that. This is not a race to see how fast you can insert large sex toys or a penis. There are dilation sets you can purchase form multiple sources - they are basically a set of different sized dildos from about finger sized to OMG WUT NO size. They all do the same thing though, just find out what is best for you. Some people masturbate with them and that helps, others do not. Do what works best for you. Get different sized vibrators if that helps - this is all about finding what works best for you

5) I personally did not go this route because it was not available to me, but many people have seen a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor disorders. There are multiple people here that I believe have done this, if you would speak up about your experiences that would be awesome.

6) During this time if you decide to engage in sex do not involve the vagina in any of it. You can have oral sex or anal sex or masturbate with the clitoris but don’t involve the vagina. It is in therapy - let the pelvic floor muscles know that sex does not equate to intercourse. You can still have a very fruitful and wonderful sex life without intercourse. If anything involving sex becomes “guilty by association” then you do not have to have sex.  A partner worth your time will realize this and never pressure you. If they pressure you, you kick their ass to the curb and kick them while they are down because they are scum. You are wonderful and awesome and deserve someone who respects you as a person. You only have sex when you want.

7) I also have heard of the Vagi-Wav? I have no experience with this so people who have used this I would like for you to speak up for this product since it is the most comparable dilation set alternative.

8) Botox is a new form of treatment. Basically Botox is a muscle relaxant - they use it for people who suffer from tension headaches. They can insert it into the vaginal wall muscles to help relax the muscles; kinda give a jump start to the treatment. It is not permanent since Botox wears off over time. The idea is by the time the Botox wears off your muscles had already learned that insertion does not hurt, thus do not need a repeated course. This is obviously a more of an ‘end of the road’ treatment especially since it is not cheap.

9) Don’t ever compare your results or lack of results to other people’s vaginismus stories. Some people breeze through treatment and never need it again. Some people find temporary results, having to repeat treatment time and time again for a while or even forever. Some people it may go away for years and come back for no reason. I am in the fantastic boat of not responding to any treatment so I get to be a permanent member of club vaginismus for life. Whatever you read remember that what happens to you is to not be compared to others. You will only drive yourself crazy doing that. Do what is best for you, that is the only rule.

10) Gynecologists. Get an exam to make sure you don’t have a related condition like vulvodynia or something else entirely. After that..only go to doctors that make you feel comfortable. Only go to doctors that respect you. Only go to doctors that will actually listen to you. If your doctor tells you any of this trash you run away  All that general advice is trash to people with vaginismus. A doctor who actually knows about vaginismus will listen to you and take your word for truth. I had to go to 4 doctors before finding one who would listen, and in hindsight he was still trash; I am not returning to him. Don’t be afraid to shop for doctors because you are worthy of a doctor who thinks of you as a person, not someone who is ‘nervous’ and ‘needs to relax some with a wine cooler’

Anyway I hope all of that helps. Any of the people on the vaginismus tag are badass and will help you out any way possible. You are awesome, worthy of love, and badass; with or without the vaginismus.

How I imagine the final battle between Luffy and Teach to go down
  • Me: Oh boy! Luffy can finally beat that sonuvabitch's ass!! YOU FOOL!! I STILL HAVEN'T FORGIVEN HOW ACE DIED BECAUSE OF YOU TEACH!!
  • Oda: ....
  • Me: Mwahaha Teach you are going down!!
  • Oda: Yeah but
  • Oda: What about
  • Me: Oh no
  • Oda: a flashback
  • Me: Oh sweet jesus no plz Oda have mercy
  • Oda: Explaining how and why Teach became what he is now?
  • Me: Anything but THAT---
  • Me: *clutches chest while crying* I hate this series so much.

Imagine it’s finals week, and Riley’s at the library trying to study. After a while, a brown haired boy with glasses catches her eye. She stands up, pretending to get a book from the shelf right by his table. She *discreetly* opens a book and hides her phone behind it and takes a slightly blurry side picture of the boy. After she sent the photo to Maya, she starts walking back to her table, her eyes on her phone. Her mind was whirling with different ways she could get to know him and imaging different backstories for the cute library boy.

Then she bumps into the him. Startled, she looks up directly into his eyes. Three beats pass.

And she realizes. It’s Farkle, with glasses.

(I like to imagine this is the moment where she realizes she has a crush on Farkle.)