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Hey y’all. In order to cut down on some scrappy sketches, plus enable me to have a… less professional space to geek out in, I made a fan art specific tumblr finally. ‘Tis over here:


Obviously it’s all Critical Role right now, but it IS intended to be for anything I don’t really want to post to this account. I still do a lot of fan art I super like, and I’ll OF COURSE still be posting and using this account often (alienfirst IS my main online name, after all), so I’m not leaving here by any means! Nothing already posted to this account will be deleted, though I may reblog some things to that new account at sporadic times.

(That new account is still going to be up to a soft R rating. The NSFW account I have is still the same multipurpose trash fire.)

(And speaking of my NSFW account, I know I have a number of people to respond to and let you know that account name. My apologies, life continues to be a swift sock to the face on a daily basis, so a lot of simple things are more difficult than they should be. I’ll work on clearing messages out soon.)

【KnB】 I Didn’t Hear It 【AkaKuro】

【腐】黒子ログ4【赤黒とか】 | つづき
Translation: fyenale
Typesetting: akashikuroko

Permission to post was granted by the original artist.

Note: The comic is in two parts; one for Kuroko’s story and one for Akashi’s.


anonymous asked:

If Shiro and Allura supposedly date, how will it affect how they view their friendship in the past?

I think if anything they’ll view their friendship even more fondly than before, seeing all the little things that led up to them eventually falling for each other. I firmly believe that Shiro and Allura are friends for quite a while (at least one year if not more) before they move to anything romantic/start realizing they have romantic feelings for each other, and longer still to act on them. They’re both very focussed on saving the galaxy and their efforts as co-leaders, and I see them both as people all too willing to set aside their personal feelings for “the greater good”.

I also believe that while they are sappy/beautifully, head-over-heels in love with each other and freely show it when they do become a couple, they’re always friends first and foremost. 

I see the natural progression of their entire relationship as:

  1. Co-leaders: assessing each other’s skills and weaknesses, working together as a partnership to further the team’s bond and accomplish goals, leading to mutual admiration, respect, and working together excellently, learning each other’s thought processes, etc.
  2. Friends: develops from their positions as co-leaders but eventually becomes someone they know they can lean on, lots of late nights bc neither can sleep all that well these days, sparring together, sharing cultures and memories of before they were ripped away from their homes/families, slowly creating a real space they can be vulnerable and weak in around each other and receiving comfort,
  3. Falling-for-each-other: very gradual and they don’t realize for a long time, but when they do it hits them like a ton of bricks. Allura is in denial for a bit while Shiro just tries to bury his feelings. Both eventually come to the same undeniable conclusion. definitely post-season 1 at least
  4. Lovers: very tactile, always touching in some way. both love playing with each other’s hair. allura takes to kissing shiro’s scars. shiro holds her tightly whenever she cries. shiro extends him and Black’s telepathic link to allura in case anything ever goes wrong. tentatively imagine a life together after the war. know that if they go down, they go down swinging, together. lots of cuddling in bed (clothes are optional). 

17th june 2016, friday, 2.50am

*casually listens to the hamilton soundtrack for the 5th time* this is an attempt to rewrite my notes in a more beautiful and less messy way! unfortunately, i forgot that i don’t have a creative bone in my body and my rewrite turned out pretty bad…. so this is probably the first and last time i’ll be doing this! glad to have tried it anyways :)