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Three months on a deserted island was almost worth it to see the look on your face right now.

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Best slime recipe?

Good question!! lmao

If by “best slime recipe” you mean one that’s best all-around as far as texture, versatility, difficulty to make, and success rate, personally I’d have to say this one! It feels really soft and dense, and I’ve made it 4 or 5 times and it’s never gone wrong? It stays good for a long time too, recently I had to throw away most of my slimes because I hadn’t played with them for so long that they all liquefied, but that slime was one of the only ones that was still perfectly okay after being left alone for so long lol! I’ve never tried putting anything in it, but it would probably work pretty well!

Then again it’s not a 100% guaranteed success, a few people here tried it after I posted a video of mine and they said it didn’t really work out so well ^^; But it’s definitely less difficult than some other slime recipes I’ve tried!


“’Donnie Darko.‘ What the hell kind of name is that? It’s like some sort of superhero or something.”
“What makes you think I’m not?”

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oh my god oh my god Jen I freaked out when I read your post!!! I legit started to tear up I was so shocked. I know I haven't known you for a super long time like some of the other people here, but please please please know that you are so strong and so amazing and honestly inspire me so so much. You are so beautiful and strong and I know that whatever happens you'll be able to get through it. If you ever need to talk or vent about anything, please come and tell me or someone okay!! ILY!!!!



this was so sweet and it means a lot!!! <3


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Jumping aboard the bandwagon (Articuno sprite ratings)


A loud child. They are yelling and excited. A round borb body. Bird orb. Their tail too long for their gotdamn sprite 6/10


Floof! Bright intense color! Big flowy tail! FEETS!!! A good birb 8/10


Pale and fat. Not enough floof but a biiiiiig tail end to make up for it. Not as excited as their blue sprite tho! Needs more yell 5/10




They are good and strong! Inquisitive and reaching out to snatch you up with their claws! A flowy shiny tail! Like a big icy rooster I love them 10/10


Like silver but in motion! Look at their beak! A chatty child! Their tail swishes and they twitch their wings! They want to fly with you!!! 11/10


They are flying! Flying and they’re looking down at you with their red eyes and waving! They think you’re neat! A nice powdery blue and floof! Looks like winter 9/10


They swoop and flap and yell hello! Hello friend! 11/10


Look at those feets! They stomp and dance and sing! 8/10


A deeper blue and brown legs! A bigger floof! Look at them nod and flap! Sinnoh is cold and nice and they love it! 8/10


They are excited! Their tail is flowy and they are poised to leap into battle! 10/10


They flap and coo! Unova is exciting and they’re ready to whip up some winter for everybody! 8/10

X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

Back to softer colors! They aren’t as yelly or dancy but look at those flaps! Look at that tail! Very smooth and fluid! A good birb! 9/10

Bonus sidegame time!


Look at them! So strong! Ready for anything! Intense and powerful but still elegant and perfect! 11/10


A good friend with a big floof! Big wings and a long tail! You can feel the determination to win in their eyes! A good mascot! 10/10

Red/Blue Rescue Team

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So bright! So flappy! They’re floaty but they have weight! And look, their friends are here too! 9/10

So, this episode broke me.

But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.  Solidarity for everyone still crying and/or staring at their computer in shocked disbelief over this episode ohHHH MY GOD.

Anyway, it sounds like the fandom’s imploding and I have a LOT of thoughts about what just happened, so HERE WE GO

To summarise beforehand: why I think Haru’s breakdown has been a long time coming, why I think Rin was right to go after him, why I think this scene BREAKS MY HEART.  This is NOT a post babying Haru for what he did NOR is it a post demonizing Rin for his reactions.

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Philadelphia Gothic

You don’t really think of the city much. It’s there, though, sulking like an elder child ignored because of two siblings who have stolen the spotlight. You’ll go there, you’ll wander there, you’ll shop and laugh and eat and sleep there. But you never actually think about it and you’re not sure why.

The streets are quiet at night, for a city. There are few people walking them, in ones and twos. The shops close down early, and everyone holes up for the night. You think they might know something that you don’t. 

There are no superheroes in this town. You get the feeling the city wouldn’t know what to do with them. 

Feet wander over cobblestones, feeling every bump and dip, taking the same steps that have been taken for over two hundred years. 

An empty SEPTA bus continues on its route, fluorescent light spilling onto the sidewalks. 

The trees refuse to give up their hold completely. Only fifteen minutes away from Center City and already they’re thick and cloying, sprouting up from debris and rocks. They’ll wait. They can afford to be patient. Already their brethren are taking up root in the abandoned lots that litter the city.

You swear that no matter where you are, the statue of William Penn is watching you.

Urban sprawl stretches out like the legs of a spider many times the size of its body. 

It’s only been a few days and already you feel yourself getting defensive, baring your teeth when you hear a snide remark from an outsider. They’re not from here. They don’t understand. But then again, neither do you. 

(I was thinking about this all day today because man i’m seriously in love with all the midwestern/southern/etc gothic posts that have been going around and while I was super happy to see the Northeastern Gothic one I feel like Philly is always left out so I tried my hand at writing something for it? I’m not a good writer at all but I like it so)

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Your analysis of Len's speech patterns is so amazingly detailed and wonderful. Sometimes while writing Barry I feel like I fall into too much of a generic voice so I was wondering if you've noticed anything that's really specific to Barry's speech?

I totally feel you, anon. 

I think because Barry is the protagonist, and because he’s this kinda nerdy (but not super nerdy) guy who gets enthusiastic about things he loves, deals in sarcasm and dry humor sometimes, and tries his best but leads with his emotions… well I think most people who write him end up doing so in part by projecting themselves onto him? Which there’s nothing inherently wrong with, and I’m sure I do it too, but it means he ends up sounding like us, or else not like anyone distinct, rather than as himself. It’s something I work hard to avoid in my fics sometimes, tbh.

Anyhoo, I also find his speech a little harder to dissect because there’s fewer things that just jump out, relative to Len’s. So I’ll talk about his patterns that go along with his specific word choices, like body and voice and such.

Because for starters, speech is at least half body language and facial expression. Barry uses broad, wide, gestures, especially with his arms and sometimes his whole body. He’s very kinetic, often pacing or moving or walking over to someone, and moves a lot when he’s emotional about something. Not that he can’t be subdued, but if he is, it’s for a reason, typically an emotional one. He’ll curl in on himself a lot too, if his energy is low, but if he’s subdued but has to face someone, then you just get a hunch to his shoulders unless he has to square off against them. 

He’s also a freaking bobble head, often giving his head a bit of a shake side to side, for laughing or teasing or disagreeing or exasperation. When he’s embarrassed or guilty he ducks his head, when he’s overwhelmed or exhausted he runs a hand over his face, when he’s tired but trying to focus he runs it through his hair and when he’s shy and hedging about something then he scratches the back of his head. When someone (read: when Iris) is upset with him, he’ll touch his face and then drop his hand then do it again, desperate and pleading, curling his fingers and uncurling them as he brings them toward his mouth then tries to barrel through an apology. That’s when he’s confronted. When he’s more ready to genuinely apologize, he gets more subdued.

Things Barry will say, hmm. 

Well, he’ll start a sentence and trail it off before getting straight to the point. A momentary hedge, so to speak. None of these are direct examples from his speech, but I bet you can imagine him saying all of them: “Yeah, about that…” and “This is… Look, you know as well as I do that–” and “I don’t know I just… There has got to be some way to fix this.”

That last one brings me to another point. Unlike characters (*cough*Len*cough*) who stress sometimes strange words to clearly hammer-home a point, Barry tends to only emphasize verbs in his speech, particularly the copula (basically, the first verb in the sentence). “What I do know–” and “We have to do something” and so on, and he tends to do it when he’s louder. (Thinking currently of “what I am is the guy who’s not fast enough to stop Wells!” from 1x22, where he actually enunciated the ‘fast enough’ bit as well, which is a rarity for his speech patterns).

That reminds me, in line with that, Barry has a tendency to sometimes ask questions in one breath and answer them in the next. He’s not really asking, he doesn’t say “what” but he poses things like a question. “Watching that happen in from of me? Living that? It was real to me.” (which he said about Earth 2).

Oh yeah, volume. Barry shouts when he’s angry. He gets quiet when he’s ashamed. 

He also brings other people into his speech. The example from above “you know as well as I do”? Well he does things like that, bringing the person he’s talking to around to his side by verbally including them in his statements. “You and I both know” and “We’ll think of something” and so on. He actually starts a lot of sentences with “you” it seems (contrasted with some people who have more “I” focused language). It shows a sort of mindset where he connects with his team and the people around him, brings them in to his perspective. An interdependent mindset.

What else? His sense of humor is something I feel like people miss at times? Barry’s not really laugh out loud funny, but he’s the first to smirk at an off-color joke (unless he’s already in a bad mood to begin with), or to widen his eyes at something awkward someone said. His actual humor tends to err on the side of a little self-deprecating but he can also direct it outward, normally slightly scathing and sarcastic. Actually, a good comparison would be Steve Rogers’s sense of humor in The Winter Soldier, if you’ve seen it? A bit of a troll when he’s in a good mood or flirting, but also dry as a freaking desert sometimes.

He’s also cocky, and when he is, he’s all smiles and humor and teasing people like “you know you love me” kind of stuff. He gets this ridiculous swagger and it’s adorable. 

When he’s annoyed or frustrated, that “for real?” attitude comes out too. 

Actually, that makes me think: he uses pretty clipped sentences. His speech patterns aren’t complex by any measure. The sentences tend toward short and have two clauses, at most, or you could interpret them as often having two clauses but those are very short and simple clauses. No run-ons in his dialogue, no excessive adjectives or adverbs except to emphasize and qualify. His speech is plain and not flowery (outside of romantic situations, at least). He doesn’t tend toward long speeches or explanations unless or until he’s put on the spot. His rambling is so awkward because he doesn’t normally get to talk and ramble, so when he does it spirals lol.

He also has a tendency to qualify things (unlike Len, lol), but he especially qualifies absolutes as absolutes. What do I mean? When he tells Joe about Earth 2 Joe West, he says “but you didn’t like me… at all.” He qualifies the statement “you didn’t like me” by making it even more absolute than it already was (whereas a typically qualifying clause hedges a sentence and makes it less absolute, not more). This is just sort of in line with his tendency, stated above, to give part of an idea, pause, then add the rest. To ask a question then deliver the answer, or to hedge and then get straightforward. 

Actually, that’s kind of neat, isn’t it? A lot of his speech is like a 1 step, 2 step kind of thing. (Another example of how this works, in the Time Vault in 2x17, “this Barry – your Barry?” He gets hyperspecific, even though he’s using the words here to manipulate).

For a more granular reading, unlike Len who uses words like “gotta” and “ain’t” and those extreme contractions, Barry doesn’t over-contract at all. He’ll use “gonna” maybe, but not “oughtta” (it would be “ought to” or some in-between of “ought’ta” almost), but does say “outta” instead of “out of”. Doesn’t say “lemme” but rather “let me” and doesn’t say “y’know” but “you know” (some of those are in contrast to Joe’s speech patterns, for the record). Barry uses “wasn’t” but more “’s not” rather than “isn’t”. “It’s not right” not “It isn’t right”. Mostly regular contractions other than that, like can’t and shouldn’t, it’s and “that’s” so on, etc. 

Barry’s also comfortable starting sentences with conjunctions, like ‘because’, ‘and’, and ‘but’ quite a lot. That’s typical of human speech though, if not formal writing.

And… this post is long enough so I should probably cap it there, rather than trying to dig around any more. If you have specific questions about his speech or movements or want more detail on anything I’ve brought up here, let me know!