i haven't post for this meme for months i am sorry :

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 9 people you’d like to know better!

I was tagged by @a-miiraculer. Yoooo~

Relationship status: single and pretending to be okay with it but I’m really okay about it but also not because I’m approaching Spinster Aunt Age and I’d like to not be one even though Spinster Aunts are cool sometimes.

Favorite colour: blue - teal and navy, but also any shade of blue

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

Last song you listened to: Moonchild - Cibo Matto

Last movie you watched: Mockingjay on the bus TV

Top 3 Characters: do not ask me this, for the love of

Top 3 Ships: Ladynoir, Hiccstrid… and idk lately I’ve been binge-reading Everlark

Books you are currently reading: I have so many books I’m “reading” but haven’t really touched in MONTHS

Top 5 musicals: The Lion King, Hamilton, Legally Blonde, Spamalot, Xanadu

tagging: whoever wants to do it lol