i haven't paid a penny for this

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The other night, around 2am. I got screamed at for not giving back exact change (customers total was $7.18, paid with a $10, change was $2.82). The customer could see my till screen from outside because the service window is behind me, and he just lost it because I wouldnt give him the 2 pennies. We dont have pennies here in the Great White North, haven't for years. It's not like he had an excuse either, his vehicle had local plates. Eventually he just screamed "Fuck you!!" And left 🤦

Shamy ~

  • Policeman: All I'm asking is you clarify your movements on Friday the 26th of February.
  • Robert: I can't remember.
  • Aaron: Yeah, it was months ago.
  • Policeman: Let me help you out here. We have you on CCTV, apparently making a large cash withdrawal from the bank.
  • Robert: And what does that prove?
  • Policeman: That's the date Ryan Harred claims you paid him to make a false statement.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, he's lying.
  • Policeman: Then you won't mind me taking a look at your bank records.
  • Robert: I do mind actually. And so what if you've got me withdrawing cash? It could have been for anything. I mean, that watch I got you, when was that?
  • Aaron: Uhm...yeah, end of Feb, I think.
  • Robert: End of Feb.
  • Policeman: How very convenient.
  • Robert: Well, what can I say? I like to treat my boyfriend.
  • Policeman: Can I have a look at it?
  • Aaron: I haven't got it with me.
  • Policeman: But you've got a receipt.
  • Robert: Yeah, probably. Somewhere. I'm not sure I'll be able to find it after all this time.
  • Policeman: If the amount you withdrew tallies with the amount Ryan claims you paid him -
  • Robert: That'd be a coincidence, because I haven't paid him a penny. And you can't prove otherwise.

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Fuck management. My new jobs says I need to work a month in arrears before I get paid. Problem is they've managed to twist the timing of it so that, even though I started working mid-october, I won't get paid until January. To top things off, because I joined this time of year I'm expected to take part in the secret santa, (even though I barely know anyone). So I've dropped more than £100 on travel and other expenses and haven't been paid a penny. Oh and I'm only getting minimum wage anyway...