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You untamable creature. How the world is but a vast sea of knowledge waiting for you to drink in. From your lips come forth articulate words of archaic days long forgotten. Your body speaks of history one can not find within any leather bound tome, for your tale is spoken in whispers in the dark and made into memory during daylight. You are wild flower not planted by the hands of man, but grown in the wild, where you are free to bloom beyond the borders of what any garden offers.

Of your dark skin the sun has tasted, to your hair she planted kisses, and under her embrace you were made to be this child of warmth and brilliance. Finally, beyond the bounty of your chest, a heart has broken from its binding of poisonous thorns to pump life within anew. Your hands build lives, constructs dreams, and with a mere breath they can destroy civilizations from their foundations, causing the infrastructure of aspirations to crumble at your feet.

Lovely monster wrapped delicately in cashmere and soft lips painted with the blood of those who wrong you. How beautiful despair can seem when you’re its puppeteer. Ah but the greatest sin is found in your eyes, how tranquil, and yet blistering bright, like the dawn splintering away the dusk. You give birth to the sunrise, beautiful and setting everything aflame under its glow.

Yet, the dark of night I see as others are blinded by your light. And in this darkness I seek you.


“’Donnie Darko.‘ What the hell kind of name is that? It’s like some sort of superhero or something.”
“What makes you think I’m not?”

Alice_Mare Sentence Starters
  • "If you say you're dreaming, _______, then sure, this is a dream."
  • "Hold... my hand."
  • "I can see myself getting lost easily."
  • "Maybe God's just a sadist."
  • "I died a fine death a loooong time ago!"
  • "...______, those are underpants. Don't put those on your head."
  • "No flavor.."
  • "...That was a "this guy is a pain" face just now, isn't it?"
  • "Wow! I've never seen you before!"
  • "Will you put it on? Should I put it on for you?"
  • "He was murdered? Really?"
  • "B-be careful..."
  • "But he's always lying. Best not to believe a word he says."
  • "... Please forget about me."
  • "Being trash is the recipe for success here. It's easier to just go mad."
  • “What about the underwear that was with them? Do you put that on your head, too?”
  • "I don't really like reading stuff. I always liked TV better."
  • "People have a bad habit of trying to know things they shouldn't."
  • "Help me..."
  • "...That's scary. I wonder if I can sleep by myself."
  • "That's... odd. That you can speak."
  • "Man, it's always hard to get used to new stuff."
  • "How could you believe something you've never seen or experienced?"
  • “…? But I’m not dead yet.”
  • "This must mean... Yes. Very soon. It must be over soon."
  • "I won't do it again, I mean it... Forgive me...! Forgive me..."
  • "I was locked in my room."
  • "...Unfortunately, I can't move from this spot. It's a pain, it really is."
  • "I have to do away with that evil witch."
  • "If you mess up, it's gonna explode..."
  • "You've introduced yourself? How did it go?"
  • "It’s much, too much of a pain to go against the grain."
  • "They just say what you want, but when you say anything bad, you got a knife at your throat."
  • "Saying he never knew it is just an excuse."
  • "...Hey, how do you wake up from this Dream?"
  • "But won't I die from loneliness if I stop sayin' anything?"
  • "There's no time, no time. No time... the door."
  • “It’s alright. Even if you feel you’re unhappy as can be now, there’s lots of happiness to be had.”
  • “_________, do you… not care about us?”
  • "Sorry, I'm not good at talking... But I don't hate it...Really."
  • "Now if this isn't a strange little human I've never seen before!"
  • “…What’s the matter? Did you come alone?”
  • "Done your homework yet?"
  • "I told him that once, and he made a face like he'd eaten a grapefruit."
  • "... ... ...Was I needed, or unneeded?"
  • "You haven't been here long, but you seem to be used to things already."
  • "Is darkness supposed to be this comforting?"
  • "Oooh... my head's spinning..."
  • "Well, no need to steal, ‘cause you didn’t have much of it in the first place."
  • “Evil witch… Why are you always, always doing these things?!"
  • "I heard a loud crash. What were you doing up here?"
  • "I don't know why. But they're dead. All of them."
  • "If you're so curious, how about you check 'em out?"
  • "Maybe you're onto something, kid."
  • "...Oh, another visitor?
  • "So let's play! Let's play! Play play play!"
  • “Russian roulette! Let’s play it!”
  • "I-I... don't wanna. I don't wanna move from this spot!"
  • "Mother, father... I have to go."
  • "This place is chock full of weirdos, so I'm just one of 'em."
  • "... Goodnight."

role reversal (Heda!Clarke, Skyperson!Lexa) 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, Lexa is sent down to Earth with 99 other delinquents when oxygen begins to run out of the Ark. After finding life - and enemies - on Earth, Lexa is forced to fight for survival. It is here that she meets the commander of the grounders - Heda Clarke.