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[Image Description: A screenshot of part of a comment that reads, “someone says ‘I’m not bisexual, I’m pansexual’ it makes me goddamn crazy because bisexuality as a term isn’t limiting. If you’re attracted to men and women and androgynes, you’re still goddamn bisexual, you are just ALSO this other thing. I think a lot of people want to feel special and unique, which I understand, but I think that can come at the cost of actual progress for us.”]

I wish I could remember the link for this, but all I remember is that it was a comment left on an article about bisexual rep, more specifically a character from game of thrones, by the author of the article. but regardless, it’s trash. complete and utter anti-pan trash.

- first we have, “someone says 'I’m not bisexual, I’m pansexual’ it makes me goddamn crazy because bisexuality as a term isn’t limiting.”

let’s just fix that real quick, what I think they meant is, "someone using a label that they actually feel comfortable with and represented by makes me use ableist slurs because I like to police how people define and label their sexuality.“

okay, listen. it doesn’t matter if bisexuality isn’t limiting, if it can mean two genders or all genders. hell, it doesn’t matter if bisexuality and pansexuality had the exact same, word for word, text book definition. people have the right to define and label their sexuality as they please, and you don’t get to police or even have a fucking opinion on it. it’s simply not your place.

if you’re really bothered or confused by someone identifying as pansexual, politely ask them if they’ll share why they identify that way, or just read posts by pansexual people who have discussed this topic to death. either way, shut up and listen, instead of spewing bigoted assumptions.

- to follow that up, we’ve got, "you’re [pansexuals] still goddamn bisexual, you’re just ALSO this other thing.”

this one really pisses me off. stop telling pansexual people that they’re bisexual. whether you’re saying they’re just bisexual or also bisexual. start fucking respecting their label and why/how they identify with it.

stop forcing bisexual as an umbrella term to mean multisexual, because it isn’t one, multisexual is. and let’s not forget that plenty of pansexual people have repeatedly expressed that they are not okay with being called bisexual. (and that’s not because we think there’s anything wrong with being bisexual. it’s just not our label, it’s not how we identify, and again, you need to respect that.)

for the fucking record, my pansexuality isn’t some afterthought or minor detail of my identity. it is my identity, on its own, not as a subset or runner up to anything else. and just so you know, if you spew hate about pansexuality/pan people, but “just also” happen to be bisexual, you're still fucking trash. being bi doesn’t excuse you from being a bigot, or being called out on it.

- next up is, “I think a lot of people want to feel special and unique”.

is that the “polite” way of calling pansexuals “special snowflakes”? well, let me tell you, I don’t identify as pansexual because it makes me feel cool or unique or special. I identify as pansexual because, shocker!! I actually relate to it, in a way that I don’t with any other label. (aside from queer.)

I have never felt connected to the word bisexual. it was close, in that way where before I identified my sexuality, I fiercely supported bisexuality, because I felt a sort of kinship with bisexual people. but I never felt the word described me.

when I learned about pansexuality, though. it just immediately clicked and felt right. so, honestly? who the fuck do you think you are, to try to erase or diminish that by saying I call myself pansexual just to feel special? like it’s a fucking fact? like you fucking know me and my feelings? kindly go fuck yourself.

- and lastly, “I think that can come at the cost of actual progress for us.”

okay, identifying explicitly as pansexual is not, in any way whatsoever, hurting bisexual people or the bisexual movement. and I’m really interested in who you’re referring to with that “us”, because while you seem to believe that pansexuality and bisexuality are the same, you don’t seem to hold any kind of respect for pansexual people, and that leads me to believe that progress for you and progress for me mean different things.

progress for me is celebrities publicly identifying as pansexual and discussing their pansexuality, characters being canonically pansexual, people fighting for pansexual rep, people bringing awareness to pansexuality, people acknowledging that unlabeled multisexual characters could be pansexual, pansexual people not being forced under an “umbrella term” that they didn’t ask for and get lost under, pansexual people finally getting their seat at the table.

if that isn’t progress to you, if you think any of that is somehow hurting bisexuality, then there definitely is no “us”. I just really cannot imagine being so ignorantly self-centered that you truly believe that the visibility and support of a sexuality that isn’t yours is detrimental to that of yours.

pansexual and bisexual people and support/acceptance/visibility CAN coexist, and the only people hurting progress are those like you, who act like it’s one or the other.

all in all, anti-pan bisexual people make no sense and are actual human garbage and they really need to reign in their bigoted shit because I feel like people are gonna start accusing me of hating bi people for always calling bisexual people's anti-pan shit, and that is something I am not here for, seriously lmfao don’t even try me


@lithrae (I can’t tag you???) has been very patient waiting for this and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. The first time in forever I’ve wrote anything! The request was for a reader fic with Gladio feeling something like survivors guilt and being comforted… So here you go :D hope you enjoy.

The room glowed a vibrant orange, as if lit by the sun itself. The lacquered floor gleamed as people danced, ate, drank, and made merry.

Your eyes swept across the sea of people; nobles, dignitaries, council members, and common people united under the chandelier styled like the sun itself. It was styled as an orb with individual pieces of multifaceted orange sapphire, one for each life lost to be remembered in light forever.

It had been three years since the First Dawn. The rubble and ruin left in the city battered and overrun by Niflheim attacks and then ten long years of daemon habitation had taken a long time to clear, even longer to rebuild.

And then the bodies.

You weren’t sure which was worse; that they had laid in waiting for rest for over ten years or that all of the missing still weren’t accounted for by the thousands.

It turned your stomach to think of the daemons they had become and you thanked the Astrals that those you loved were safe.

Noctis sat beside Luna on the throne quietly murmuring to her, her hand placed over his as she listened and nodded gently. Both had serene smiles on their faces that spoke of happiness.

Ignis stood not far from them, talking to dignitaries from Tenebrae, hands rested casually on his cane as he spoke. He had taken to his blindness easily, and the cane at this point served more as a weapon hidden in plain sight, as he would always protect his King.

Prompto stood talking to Cindy, who he had grown quite close to over the ten years of night. It made you smile to see his old sunshine self come back, the dark circles now gone and his hair it’s natural chocobo blond thanks to the long days spent out in the sun.

All of your friends seemed happy, except for Gladio.

You’d known something about today in particular was bothering him, and though you knew it was a sad day of remembrance for all, he hadn’t been like this in the previous years.

Those three years were spent toiling and working continuously. Everyone had chipped in and had done their bit. Gladio had led the force that swept every dark corner of Insomnia, spanning to the multilevelled areas that played host now to various creatures, and eradicated them.

It had been a long time coming and this was the first anniversary where the celebrations were an official affair instead of the unofficial remembrance, though you found yourself enjoying those more than this.

The night before the first dawn would be spent awake, with friends, and a makeshift light that would represent the sun that would surely rise the next day.

Often exhaustion from hard work would see everyone drop off to sleep one by one and each time your vision darkened around Gladio, who sat solemnly drinking his beer while watching over his friends.

You never asked if he made it through the whole night and he seemed happy with that, and the next day he would work harder, finding more monsters and more skeletons to put to rest.

He had been stood watching from near a window, a light scowl on his face and his thoughts turned inward.

Clever people gave him space.

For your partner you would be the fool for the evening.

He noticed you approaching him and his scowl softened a fraction, though his stiff posture didn’t ease.

“Hey,” you nodded towards the balcony, “come with me, let’s get some air.” He looked at you for a moment, considering, before moving to the balcony with you at his arm.

The city was beautiful. Reconstructed though not to it’s original form. The neons that lit every street and gave the city its namesake were gone and the city looked all the better for it. Instead, from windows all around there was soft light to be seen as everyone held their own night vigil with their makeshift suns.

It looked like a sea of warm stars.

You watched Gladio out of the corner of your eye as he surveyed the city with an expression you couldn’t place.

“What’s wrong Gladio?” In the cool night air your voice was soft and warm.

“Nothing.” His voice contradicted his answer. You took the approach from a more delicate angle, knowing his own emotions weren’t easy for him to articulate or even understand.

“It’s been three years, and here we are,” he gave a small ‘hmm’ so you continued, “do you remember the first anniversary? When everyone sort of unanimously just lit those battered and barely round paper lanterns and stayed up as long as we could?”

The answer was a gruff “Yeah.”

“We drank beer that wasn’t nearly as dusty as we were after a long day rebuilding. We talked about everything; our old lives, our new ones, our friends… And now here we are.” You gestured down to the finery you both wore, and you knew he was remembering the fine champagne and canapés. “It’s very different…”

The silence stretched on for a moment, the little nudge you have given him made him analyse exactly what the problem was that he had.

“Too different if you ask me.”



“People died _____, we shouldn’t be celebrating like this. Like everything is a job well done.” His short outburst ended in a growl. “Why change anything? We were remembering, that’s what today is for. What is was for before all of this. Now we’re what? Rubbing elbows with dignitaries that saved their asses by hiding in bunkers after evacuating before the commoners even knew what was happening?”

His sneer was unfamiliar to you but you understood where he was coming from. The admission he makes after that, without prompt from you, hit you hard, especially the soft and resigned tone he spoke with.

“We failed so many people.” His scarred face was pointed towards the city, his teeth bared as though the sight alone brought him pain. His eyes weren’t seeing the city as you saw it, one of scaffolding and shining new buildings, nor would it be the ruined city you had saved all those years ago… No. In his minds eye he was looking at the city as it burned, smoke rising in to the sky along with the cries of screams of its occupants.

You know him.

Words don’t cut it for Gladio: Never have and never will. So you took his hand, and you tugged gently without a sound, only tilting your heard back inside. It spoke volumes of how trusting and completely yours he is that he follows without a word in return.

He knows you.

The long walk was quiet, no words necessary as you walked though the dimly lit streets of insomnia, knowing how safe you were with the towering man next to you. Walking through your apartment door you kick off your heels, grateful to be finally rid of them after the long walk. Gladio watched you, not awkwardly, as you reached in to the fridge and pulled out two cheap bottles of beer, his favourite kind. You left the room dark, the crack and hiss of the beers being opened the only sound as Gladio moved to silently look out of the window. After you passed him one of the beers you moved to light the small tea light holder; its yellow, red, and orange glass mosaic lit the room gently.

Gladio stepped beside you then, you could feel the presence of him against you back, his heat and size unmissable in your small and sparse apartment. You had been right to bring him here, the lack of opulence and indulgence being what he needed.

Maybe what you both needed.

“I remember this.” He said as he picked up the tea light holder. Of course he would, he had spent the year previous watching the lights flicker through the rough and handmade thing all through the night until the dawn overpowered the paltry light of the small flame.

Simplicity in comparison the the grand solar chandelier.

The dead don’t care for fanfare, if one thing from the past years have taught you anything, it’s that.

Pale moonlight spilled in through the open curtain, painting the room in blues and greys, except for the two of you: Both of you were painted in the warm light of your makeshift sun.

Falling in to the settee, you both sank further against the old thing, comfortable even it if had seen better days. His arm was brushing yours as you sipped your beers and watched the flicker of the candlelight behind the small shards of glass, the ornament sat on the table as it tried to light the night alone.

Gladio’s arm raised only slightly, a silent and simple salute the dead, and that’s all they really need, because there’s more meaning to reflection than celebration. You raised your own bottle next to his, and after a moment you both took a sip as your other hand sought his, and your fingers intertwined in the glow of the light that held fast steadily against the night.

Alice_Mare Sentence Starters
  • "If you say you're dreaming, _______, then sure, this is a dream."
  • "Hold... my hand."
  • "I can see myself getting lost easily."
  • "Maybe God's just a sadist."
  • "I died a fine death a loooong time ago!"
  • "...______, those are underpants. Don't put those on your head."
  • "No flavor.."
  • "...That was a "this guy is a pain" face just now, isn't it?"
  • "Wow! I've never seen you before!"
  • "Will you put it on? Should I put it on for you?"
  • "He was murdered? Really?"
  • "B-be careful..."
  • "But he's always lying. Best not to believe a word he says."
  • "... Please forget about me."
  • "Being trash is the recipe for success here. It's easier to just go mad."
  • “What about the underwear that was with them? Do you put that on your head, too?”
  • "I don't really like reading stuff. I always liked TV better."
  • "People have a bad habit of trying to know things they shouldn't."
  • "Help me..."
  • "...That's scary. I wonder if I can sleep by myself."
  • "That's... odd. That you can speak."
  • "Man, it's always hard to get used to new stuff."
  • "How could you believe something you've never seen or experienced?"
  • “…? But I’m not dead yet.”
  • "This must mean... Yes. Very soon. It must be over soon."
  • "I won't do it again, I mean it... Forgive me...! Forgive me..."
  • "I was locked in my room."
  • "...Unfortunately, I can't move from this spot. It's a pain, it really is."
  • "I have to do away with that evil witch."
  • "If you mess up, it's gonna explode..."
  • "You've introduced yourself? How did it go?"
  • "It’s much, too much of a pain to go against the grain."
  • "They just say what you want, but when you say anything bad, you got a knife at your throat."
  • "Saying he never knew it is just an excuse."
  • "...Hey, how do you wake up from this Dream?"
  • "But won't I die from loneliness if I stop sayin' anything?"
  • "There's no time, no time. No time... the door."
  • “It’s alright. Even if you feel you’re unhappy as can be now, there’s lots of happiness to be had.”
  • “_________, do you… not care about us?”
  • "Sorry, I'm not good at talking... But I don't hate it...Really."
  • "Now if this isn't a strange little human I've never seen before!"
  • “…What’s the matter? Did you come alone?”
  • "Done your homework yet?"
  • "I told him that once, and he made a face like he'd eaten a grapefruit."
  • "... ... ...Was I needed, or unneeded?"
  • "You haven't been here long, but you seem to be used to things already."
  • "Is darkness supposed to be this comforting?"
  • "Oooh... my head's spinning..."
  • "Well, no need to steal, ‘cause you didn’t have much of it in the first place."
  • “Evil witch… Why are you always, always doing these things?!"
  • "I heard a loud crash. What were you doing up here?"
  • "I don't know why. But they're dead. All of them."
  • "If you're so curious, how about you check 'em out?"
  • "Maybe you're onto something, kid."
  • "...Oh, another visitor?
  • "So let's play! Let's play! Play play play!"
  • “Russian roulette! Let’s play it!”
  • "I-I... don't wanna. I don't wanna move from this spot!"
  • "Mother, father... I have to go."
  • "This place is chock full of weirdos, so I'm just one of 'em."
  • "... Goodnight."

role reversal (Heda!Clarke, Skyperson!Lexa) 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, Lexa is sent down to Earth with 99 other delinquents when oxygen begins to run out of the Ark. After finding life - and enemies - on Earth, Lexa is forced to fight for survival. It is here that she meets the commander of the grounders - Heda Clarke.


“’Donnie Darko.‘ What the hell kind of name is that? It’s like some sort of superhero or something.”
“What makes you think I’m not?”

leiathesleia  asked:

☼ How long do you stay mad?

Depends on what made me mad. Normally I calm down after a few minutes, but if it’s really bad, it might take me a day or two. I have anger issues so I try to not get involved in anything that’ll cause me to get mad.