i haven't made something for the shitty fic in a while so i thought i might today

Reflections on an Invisible Sea

Summary:  Yet the person must have heard Dan because they turned and suddenly Dan was making eye contact with a very pretty man who completely took his breath away.  Because he looked unlike anyone that Dan had ever met in this small town, and while Dan knew that the man’s curved nose and jarringly pale skin weren’t stereotypically beautiful, on him they undoubtedly were.  Dan could see the ocean in the man’s eyes, even in the dim light, and he couldn’t bring himself to look away. (or where Dan writes poems about the ocean and falls in love with Phil)

Word Count: 5.7k

Warnings: minor swearing

A/N: I went to the beach and it made me want to write a poetic fic to do with the ocean so here it is!!  This was also inspired by @darkphannie‘s post here and this song (which randomly came on while i was writing this fic and wow dude!! what a coincidence!!).  I also made an edit for this fic here and a moodboard for it here.  Or if you’d rather here’s a tag for everything to do with this fic all in one spot :)  

Where Dan lived the sky was always foggy blue grey.  It melted into the ocean where they met on the horizon and the air constantly smelled of salt, especially on cold mornings.  The color of the houses had all been worn away by the wind, leaving bleached shingles and peeling paint.  The roads were windy and teetered on the edge of cliffs that threaten to fall into the swirling water that pounded against them regardless of the time of year.  It wasn’t the sunny warmth that people ordinarily thought of when conjuring up a picture of a beach in their mind, but Dan loved the soft blues and greys so much more than any brightly coloured image.

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