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Jungkook One Shot Recs

Since the last fic rec post i made went down pretty well, i thought i may as well make another but this time for one shots. Just a quick disclaimer, this is only a few of the one shots i love (honestly if i listed all of them we’d be here all day). Hope you enjoy! Masterlist

Tinder 2.0 by @tayegi 

Photographs by @helloblamebts

Beneficial by @jiminables

Get Under the Car by @deerguk

The Boyfriend Shirt by @taehyugme

Sweeter than Sugar by @jungkxook

Orange Tulips by @kainks

Blue Orchids by @inktae

Lost Stars by @tahyungs

Killer Kiss by @an-exotic-writer

Officer Jeon by @park-jimeme

It’s a War Zone by @chokemejimin / @the95liner

S4 Trailer 2 Setlock Breakdown

I wanted to throw something together kind of quickly to clarify what we know is from which episodes and locations.

Setlocking below the cut:

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friendly reminders!

we are all a part of booklr because we love books (regardless if you love one book or twenty thousand) 

we are all humans behind our blogs so remember to be kind and thoughtful, please 

we don’t all like the same books which is totally cool 

we can’t all afford hardcovers or a tonne of books but that doesn’t lesser our love for books 

we don’t all read the same genre but that doesn’t make us any less of a booker

some people read one book a year and other five hundred. however, congrats to you all for reading this year

some of us use the public library or borrow books which is great because you’re carrying around books with more stories than just the words inside 

other people read only books they bought which is awesome for you too 

people use e-readers which are great ides, cheaper and takes up less space and still makes them 100% booker 

some people have few followers and others a whole truck load but they both love books 

basically, love books, love yourself, love each other and read to your hearts content

“And you’re being silly.” She poked their nose as she knew she should be more polite since they were a customer, but they were her friend first. “You need to stop flirting with me all the time. One day I might take you to be serious.” She joked as she wrote on her pad. “You want your usual?” (@fckxillusion)