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I am the moon and I want to remind my sapphics that it’s now spring, the time of rebirth. You are all able to refresh yourselves as the world does, take your time and appreciate your own beauty and remember that winter does not last forever!

Awhile back @destiny-hoodie and @ximenib made a beautiful izuocha au I have always wanted to headcanon for but never had the inspiration to come up with anything. Thanks to the recent increase in izuocha fandom posivity I have finally been struck by my muse and came up with a fair share for it, wanting to dole out anything I can in thanks to everyone who’s had a nice things to say or share with one another and even those who just need a little more izuocha in their life ;)

childhood friends au

  • ochako had quite a bit of trouble fitting in after transferring due in part to her accent and a bit of child cruelty but thanks to that she got to know izuku would like and accept her without dumb kid prejudices, he’s a real friend and she’s come to really value the friendship they have.
  • shared food growing up all the time, ochako still has a habit of having no reservations about snatching whatever snack izuku has on hand. Izuku will fake sulk but in truth he’ll never be upset because well its ochako (+loves seeing her happy face when she eats something she likes)
  • sleepovers usually consisted of watching hero videos and deku muttering all through them, ochako usually being at a near constance with him found when he did it softy would soothe her and even relax her into sleep. This effect still holds up today.
  • finding out how much of an interest deku has toward quirks, ochako wanted to take part in his interest by doing little kid experiments using hers. Both are considered the neighbourhood pranksters thanks to those experiments.
  • since ochako liked to dress in comfortable boyish clothes as a kid, the first time izuku sees her in her uniform he’s a little taken aback and becomes flustered at first. Thinking she looks cuter than usual and his heart clenches a lot, he has no clue why thats been happening.
  • a rumour went around that ochako & katsuki  secretly liked/were dating, mostly due to ochako’s assertive attitude toward him (anyone else would fawn or avoid him). It left deku feeling awkward and unsure for a long time until he heard from ochako herself that of course nothing was going on between them. He’s still not quite sure why he was so relieved to hear that.
  • ochako and bakugou had one talk together about izuku back in middle, it didn’t go very well and they haven’t spoken about it since still sorta ongoing for them waiting to be settled.

I have no idea what kind of hc you guys had for your AU but I hope you don’t mind these little additions of my own :’)



HAMATORA : Nice and Art

BUDDY COMPLEX : Aoba and Dio

ALDNOAH.ZERO : Inaho and Slaine

OWARI NO SERAPH : Mika and Yuu

Also in Owari no Seraph, coffeeship is multiplying because

Guren and Shinya

Are practically a coffeeship!

I know that coffeeship does have reputation in the super-angst relationship, but we have this in the first generation (aka Kakumeiki Valvavre) of coffeeship:

The Prince

the kid whose ancestry is questioned but the coffeeship fandom is sure he’s related to actually he’s their lovechild, no one can tell me otherwise Haruto and L-elf.

wait people actually said that Prince is made artificially from L-elf and Haruto genes. Is this true?

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what's your favorite recs so far? 🤗🤗

okay so I’ll just state the ones that effortlessly made me fall in love for reference seeing that I’m on mobile and can’t link them. These are just among the many recs I’ve received from u guys (thanks anons!):

Strangers (m) | @the95liner
Machine | @seokvie
Devotion (m) & fireflies (m) | @sugajpg
Petrichor | @donewithjeon
Message Delivered | @beansuga
Over Again | @dailydoseofdia

That’s all for now, if y'all have other personal favs to rec pls drop by my ask box - no actually please please please rec me more fics I’m in need of good fics to read

I have a picture saved of me from last summer before I started working out and honestly it’s not like I’ve made a huge change, but looking at that picture compared to the ones I have now. It makes me cringe so hard. 

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Hey, I was just wondering. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging six and a half years ago on my website, The Paige-Turner, for one simple reason: I loved to read. 

It gets a bit more complex than that when you consider why I took this love online. 

I was always a reader growing up. Not a lot of my friends liked to read and I was made fun of/bullied for it in elementary school/middle school which was pretty tough on me. I wasn’t outspoken and didn’t know how to stand up for myself. By the time I hit high school I felt like I was suffocating around all these people in my classes and I couldn’t really be myself. 

My junior year I opened up a Blogspot blog, originally starting as a makeup blog (fail!), but then realizing I had way more to say about books than makeup. I watched a lot of booktube videos and figured “I can do that!” but realized I was way too camera shy and that I was better with getting words onto the page. 

I had a great three years on Blogspot, not really promoting it and telling absolutely no one about it, not even my family and especially not the kids I went to high school with (a lot of them STILL don’t know about it). 

I eventually moved to Wordpress, got a Twitter and an Instagram and really started throwing myself into promoting my blog and telling more people about it (all of whom have been really supportive and excited about what I do). 

I think 8 months ago I opened up this Tumblr as just a supplementary blog to my own, but it’s grown way bigger than I expected (hello, awesome followers! You rock!) and I couldn’t be happier. It’s helped boost my confidence, given me really amazing friendships and taught me a lot about the publishing industry, the online world, and about myself which is why I really got into it and why I continue to do it today :)