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Tipsy (Imagine)

Summary: Imagine meeting Chris Evans in a bar after a tough day at work (as requested by anonymous)
Word count: 450
Warnings: drinking 

Originally posted by captcevans

Your work was piling up like crazy and you were beginning to question whether you could handle it all. Today was especially tough – your boss had asked you for more work to be done for the next week. As much as you loved what you were doing, it was difficult. You needed something to help you cope, and what better to do than to head down to a bar in the city to drink your problems away?

Your normal self would have probably marked this as a bad idea but you couldn’t stop yourself – so rather than staying at home and starting on the pile of work that was waiting to decrease down to nothing, you pulled on your coat and headed out.

You entered the large place, looking around and then walking over to the bar and sliding onto a bar stool. After ordering a glass of jack and coke, you sit there, sighing as you drink your beverage. You could feel the alcohol starting to relax your senses.

You see some movement from your peripheral vision and you glance over to look at the empty bar stool next to you just as a man slips into the seat. He notices your glance and looks over and shoots you a small smile. You smile politely in return and notice that he has no accomplice, but you don’t pay attention to him to realize who he is.

Paying him no mind, you return to your drink and down the last of it, ordering another. This time, a margarita. After that came and you drank some of it, the tequila helped calm your nerves and was gradually taking effect.

By the time you’d finished your third drink, he was attentively watching you. You’d had plenty of alcohol to drink now and you were feeling just a little bit woozy.

“Drinking your problems away?” The man who’d sat next to you before, asks. You shake your head with a small smile, looking straight ahead.

“I don’t have any problems, actually. I’m an independent woman who is living a good life,” you answer coolly, and turn to him to see amused blue eyes gazing back.

You knew this guy, but you couldn’t put your finger on who he was.

“I kinda guessed you were an independent woman from you not having company,” he replies and you giggle.

“And that’s why you joined me?” You ask, giving him a look.

He chuckles, “No, I was the one who wanted company.”

You turn your whole body to face him, “I can be really good company.”

“Great,” he laughs a little. “But let’s not drink too much. We don’t want your independent self gettin’ into trouble.”


anonymous asked:

I love your imagines ! Could you please do an imagine where you come to brads house and you haven't seen him in ages because he has been on tour and the other boys are there and you do a twitcam and brad is being really cute to you, thank you so much ! ☺️💕

Thank you so much sweetie :) <3

Brad imagine, you do a twitcam together with the other boys: 

“Y/N!!!!” Brad screams, grabbing you in a hug. You laugh and hug him back tightly. “You saw me yesterday” You say, smirking. “Yeah, but before that I hadn’t seen you in months. Every second I’m away from you it feels like years” He pouts cutely, making you giggle. “Brad c’mere, the twitcam’s about to start!” James calls from Brad’s living room. He drags you over and sits down on the floor, pulling you into his lap. “Twitcam..?” You question, looking back at him. “Oh yeah, Joe called earlier and told us to do a twitcam this afternoon” He informs you. “Oh, should I leave?” You ask, but Brad’s arms tighten around your waist, telling you no. “Hi guys!” Tristan exclaims, waving at Brad’s laptop. The boys all say their hello’s and hi’s, but you remain silent. “Y/N is gonna join us today. Hope that’s alright” Brad says, smiling sweetly. Connor smirks and adds, “Even if it isn’t, Brad’s not letting her leave” The boys all chuckle and agree, making Brad roll his eyes. “Sarry guys. I missed my girlfriend. Sue me” Brad jokes. You smile a little and lean closer to his ear. “I missed you too” You whisper, causing a smile to spread on your boyfriend’s face. “Alright! Why don’t you guys send in some questions? Because we didn’t plan this at all so…” Tristan laughs. Soon, the fans are sending in loads of questions, some random, some about tour, and some about you and Brad. “What’s our go to shower song?” James asks, looking at his band mates. “Anaconda” Tristan says seriously. You all burst into laughter at his answer. “Probably a Taylor Swift song” James replies, still chuckling. “Y/N? What’s yours?” Brad asks. “Oh um.. Wild heart” You answer truthfully. “Ah! Yes Y/N!” Connor exclaims. “We didn’t pay her to say that” Brad chuckles. You smirk and shrug. Tristan pulls a five dollar bill out of his pocket and passes it to you. “Good job, keep up the good work” He says jokingly. The boys all laugh and you take the money. “Wha- hey! You’re not actually supposed to take it!” Tristan whines. You giggle and shrug saying, “Mine now” After answering a few more questions, Brad nuzzles his face into the back of your neck. You lean your back into his chest and smile as they other boys talk about their music and tour and stuff. “Y/N…” Brad whispers, loud enough so only you can hear him. “Mm?” You hum. “I missed you so much” He says quietly. You smile softly and rest your hand over his. “Well you’re back now.. And I don’t plan on letting you leave for a while” You reply. Brad lets out a small chuckle and holds you closer. “That’s fine by me.. Because next time we go on tour, I’m taking you with me”

  • Merrill: If you weren't a pirate, what do you think you would've been?
  • Isabela: I haven't given it much thought. Maybe a poet? (Laughs)
  • Merrill: You would've made a great griffon-wrangler.
  • Isabela: I'm sorry... what?
  • Merrill: You're so quick and clever. You'd be perfect. And you'd get a baby griffon for me, wouldn't you?
  • Isabela: Kitten, if griffons existed, and if I was a... griffon-wrangler and not a pirate, yes. I would find you a baby griffon.
  • Merrill: Thanks. I've always wanted a baby griffon called Feathers.

letsthrowup  asked:

Do you drink the blood of babies or steal the life force of child stars to have such a young complexion? You just look like you haven't aged since 2002.

One of the things I heard the most when I first started attending comic conventions way back when, back when JTHM was first published, was usually some variant of “Oh! I expected you to be a lot older!”

It’s funny, now I’ve pretty much gotten myself to the age that I think most people expected me to ben but the new thing I hear the most is “Oh, but you LOOK so young!”

I usually laugh, crack a joke about how I will not age so long as people keep asking me to bring ZIM back, and that usually gets a laugh out of them.

The laughter is the key.

It’s when they’re laughing and off guard that I clamp my lips to their forehead and suck their life energy from their head.  They shake it off, too stunned and weak to understand what just happened.

Also, tea. I drink a fuck ton of tea.

gearwe  asked:

Hello! I was wondering how old the all the characters are? T and V are teenagers and in the same class so I'm assuming they're the same age? You may have already said this and I just haven't noticed I'm very unobservant Btw I love signs so much you are literally goals also Bonnie isn't even in the comic yet and I love her my heart is not prepared!! Sorry this ask is all over the place

Victor and Bonnie are both 17, while Tobias’ age is unknown!

tinted--blossoms  asked:

In UnderTale y'know how Sans never picks up his socks? I was wondering is it the same with AT Tori? Or is it with another piece of clothing? Or maybe even something entirely different? (Sorry it's just been on my mind for a while now and I just wanna know. Also your AU has changed my life thank you <3 I swear your AU is the reason why Soriel became my OTP, I haven't fangirled this much in ages so really thank you <3 ~ )

Mm, good question. She rarely wears socks or mittens, so maybe… a tuft of her fur? I can imagine the goats occasionally shed, and Tori never cleaning up after herself when it happens. 

  • Leliana: You haven't changed.
  • Elissa: Is that a compliment or an insult? I'm having trouble differentiating between them these days.
  • Leliana: A compliment. It's refreshing, actually.
  • Elissa: How so?
  • Leliana: Despite having so much responsibility on your shoulders, you are still the same fiery woman I met ten years ago.
  • Elissa: You mean the same pissed off woman you met ten years ago.
  • Leliana: There's a difference?
  • Elissa: *laughs*

don’t u mean take the yoke/stick/handlebar instead of the wheel hahah hahaaahh ahah i’ll show myself out

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A Study in Waking Up
  • Molly: Sherlock
  • Sherlock: Mmmmm
  • Molly: We have to get up.
  • Sherlock: *turns head into pillow* Whyyyy
  • Molly: *giggles* Because today's our couple outing with the Watsons.
  • Sherlock: But I want to stay in bed with you.
  • Molly: *sits up on bed* *sternly* Sherlock we haven't done something with them in ages so I think you can sacrifice one morning to go out.
  • Sherlock: *peaks out from pillow then quickly grabs Molly by the waist and holds her to him*
  • Molly: *laughing* Sherlock we have to get up!
  • Sherlock: *whispers seductively into ear* But why spend a day out there when we could have much more fun spending one in here?
  • Molly: *turns to face him leaning in for a kiss* As appealing as that is..
  • Sherlock: *closes his eyes*
  • Molly: *with a swift kick pushes Sherlock onto the floor* *leans over side* We HAVE to get up.
I feel like I haven't posted about Harriett in a while

So here’s a post about Harriett! She’s the best. I can’t believe how embarrassed I am that I don’t know what a passion fruit is and Harriett is 100000% superior because not only does she know what a passion fruit is but she’s funnier and cooler and more endearing and just better than me in every way. I love her so much gosh! Blah blah I’m Scottish i bathe in tea I like to dance like a muppet and my laugh is ridiculous and I’m a cutie lol. Sorry it’s taken ages for another Harriett update but here you go guys xoxoxo oxoxox from The Real Jake (this is not a hack okay bye)