i haven't laughed this much in ages

Saw Ghostbusters a 2nd time yesterday with my sister. Tuesday night, and the theater was packed. Little kids, teenagers, possibly drunk teenagers, adults, old adults; there were so many different age ranges and people and all of them were cracking the fuck up the entire movie. An older couple next to me was laughing harder than anyone. They loved the original. They loved this one. (They stayed through the credits!) It was just…so refreshing! So nice!

I was halfway afraid there would be some asshole dudebro yelling shit at the screen, trying to ruin it for everyone else, but there wasn’t. Everyone just fucking enjoyed themselves, and that was so damn nice.

My sister has never once seen a movie twice in theaters, like, on principle, but we left the theater and the first thing she said was a.) “I want to make out with Kate McKinnon and I’m so confused” and b.) “I want to see it again. Can we go see it again?”

We’re going to see it again with my cousin. I have no regrets. 👌👌

Go see Ghostbusters ‘cause it’s a fuckin blast.