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Drawlloween Day 9: Eyeball

*Septiceye Sam diggin’ the new hair*


Okay so recently I was listening to Animals by Maroon 5 and i thought: Marauders

I feel like they would play it and sing it all the time “because we’re animagi haha get it?? XD”. Remus would not be that impressed.

Also Wolfstar.

hey if you notice that I have recently unfollowed you even though I followed you for a long time, the chances are that it’s absolutely nothing personal but for some reason any sort of heated arguments/discourse has started to affect me more than it has ever before and I’m trying to keep my dashboard as bandom/dnp/aesthetic as possible so if you post a lot of that stuff, I’ve just decided that I don’t want to/don’t need to see that if I don’t want to. and before anyone asks, I have in fact blacklisted most words that have to do with that kinda content but you know how it is, it can only take u so far and I cant blacklist every single word that might be associated with discourse lmao


Sometimes it just takes a tragedy to find your own r e s i l i e n c e. You can be a victim or you can totally get to the bottom of it, you know?

Random Fic Rec (kinda)

I’ve recently read some great fics, but haven’t had time to review them. Rather than sit on them until I can write out my thoughts, here’s an expanded Random Fic Rec with mini reviews!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy:

Inconceivable by alivingfire

This fic is rom com fun and a great high school misadventures fic. I loved the idea of Louis and Barbara as twins - it was really inventive.

Something Great by infinetlymint 

If you’re looking for a fic in the famous/not famous trope with lots of fluff, here you go. It was a cute read!

Make a Run, Cause Some Rebellion by whoknows

This is the first hybrid fic I’ve read, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I loved how rambunctious and mischevious Louis was until Harry stepped in. Whew, gooooodness yes :P

Champagne by fanshae

Hello feminization fic with a splash of daddy kink, nice to see you! This is a great PWP.

Long Before We Both Thought the Same Thing by allyasavedtheday

This is a prequel to the great fic If You Asked Me If I Love Him (I’d Lie), and it’s such a good read. I loved it, and if you like the friends to lovers trope, chances are you’re going to love it too! There are so many sweet moments!

Just Like the Wolf Before He Bites by whoknows

What a unique take on werewolves! I couldn’t help but love this fic, especially because Harry is so tactile and Louis indulges him. Give it a read for sure!

My One and Own (I Wanna Get You Alone) by beautlouis

WHEW yas PWP! This is a hot one shot where Louis’ all about getting Harry off as many times as possible. Glorious!

Fav Quotes: Demon’s Lexicon

Recently I reread The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan… Honestly, I love it so much every time, this time I thought I’d make a collection of chosen quotes that I found the most funny, touching, wise or simply likable…

“That had been one of Dad’s first lessons: Try to act just like everyone else. If you failed to blend in, the magicians would find you.”

“She grinned a sudden, unexpected grin, and he almost smiled back at her, but then he recalled she was invading his home and looked right through her until her smile melted away”

“He wished sometimes that he could feel angry without feeling the urge to kill, but he never had.”

“He hated talking to strangers. Sooner or later, he always said something that pulled someone up short, and then he had to glare them all into submission.”
“His brother looked sad and kind, but then, Alan never looked kinder than when he was lying to someone.”

“Fear is useless. Either something bad happens or it doesn’t: if it doesn’t, you’ve wasted time being afraid, and if it does, you’ve wasted time that you could have spent sharpening your weapons.”

“It was not yet dawn and the sea air hit Nick’s face like a series of slaps with icy hands.”

“Mum’s hands were small, very thin at the wrists, and Nick stared at them and thought about his own hands, large hands with long, brutal-looking fingers made to curve around a sword hilt or a neck.”

“They had no car because Nick had abandoned it on Tower Bridge, so they had to take the Tube to go hunting for magicians.”

“You’ve been okay to me sometimes, but I can’t tell if that means you like me. I don’t know if you like anyone, I don’t know if you CAN like anyone. I thought at least there was Alan, but then you hit him.” […]
“I’ve never thought about you enough to dislike you.” Nick said. “I just think you’re useless.”

“Do you want to tell me? While I’m still young?”

“It seemed that the word “home”, once learned, was hard to forget.”

Here’s the page on Natsu regarding his hair… It’s not really THAT detailed, but it’s something to look at. 

I’m going to put together my own thing on how I do Natsu’s hair. I think I’ve got it figured out, for the most part. Well.. considering all the asks I have gotten recently on how to do it, at least a lot of other people think I do.. >w>;

It was late and he was pretty sure that no one was going to be out at this hour. Ball in hand, recent events in his life had the man thinking back to a time when this game used to be his life. When he used to do nothing but play all the time, and now, he rarely touched a basketball. Sure every second of everyday was spent thinking of how different things were and truth be told, Zachary was sick and tired of the comparisons. He was sick and tired of the dichotomy between who he was now and who he used to be. He just wanted to stop all the back and forth, the internal conflict that riddled his mind. And what better way to blow off some steam and just confuse himself further than by playing the game that had been the essence of his entire person only a measly 6 years ago? Basket after basket, it came easy with his 6’2” frame, reaching the hoop with ease. The presence of another caught his attention and the man turned to face them. “You want to play?” It was a rarity for him to actually extend that offer to others, especially now, but god was he craving the game.

In the clubhouse, Lydia had been trying to track down a spider for the past half an hour, but no matter how many attempts she tried to smack it down with the book in her hand, she failed. It moved too fast and scurried away every single goddamn time and it was pissing her off. “Right then, you little shit,” She muttered, holding her book above her head, ready to attack the spider and kill it. She wasn’t squeamish – obviously, being a forensic pathologist and all, you see a lot and you have to get used to it – but she hated spiders. Who didn’t? But she wasn’t afraid of them of course. The next time she attempted it, the spider was too high up the wall for her short height. “For fuck sake, seriously?” Lydia groaned, even jumping of climbing up on the chair wouldn’t do any good.

However, eventually, after chasing the spider around the clubhouse for however long it took – to Lydia, it felt like forever – she finally conquered it as she snuck up on it (Though, she didn’t know if you could actually creep up on spiders…) and walloped it three times with her book, ensuring that it was dead. “Got you! Finally!” She cheered then, out of breath a little, body filled with adrenaline as she carried on laughing. “You thought you could get away from me? You were wrong! I always win.” She threw her arms up victoriously, smile wide. “Woohoo!”

To my new followers!

People who have followed me a long time probably followed me for blogging In The Flesh (or maybe Doctor Who if we really go that far back). But recently, what with becoming phan trash, I’ve gained a lot of phan/general multifandom followers (judging by the URLs)

So, if this is you and you haven’t heard of In The Flesh, I have a little proposal for you - you should watch In The Flesh.


Here’s why you should give In The Flesh a go:

  • The main character is canonically queer; confirmed by the writer to be pansexual. In the second season, canonically queer couple as the main characters. Even better is that their sexuality is not the main focus.
  • Incredible mental health representation - Kieren committed suicide and struggles with self-image. Jem has PTSD. Simon has a history of drug addiction. All of this is potrayed accurately and sensitively. 
  • Well-written female characters. The women in this show are not sexualised; they have full and intricate back-stories and personalities. 
  • Every aspect of this show is brilliantly made. The script is realistic, funny, exciting, heart-breaking; the acting is astonishingly believable, the cinematography is stunningly beautiful, the soundtrack is heart-breaking. 
  • There’s only 9 episodes, 1 hour each, so it won’t even take you that long.

Interested? Here’s a little more detail:

In The Flesh is set after a zombie apocalypse, when they’ve found a drug that means the zombies are back to normal and can return to their communities. The word ‘zombie’ makes it sound a lot worse than it is. It’s nothing like your standard shooty shooty gore zombie movies. It is sensitive and heart-felt. Through the lens of sci-fi it deals with how fear leads to discrimination, religious extremism, the rise of extremist political parties (at times the parallels to UKIP are chilling), homophobia, stigmatisation of mental health issues… oh you name it’s got it. (Ok, admittedly it is a little weak on POC, more on that later).

So why am I telling you this now?

Well, after just 9 episodes, In The Flesh was cancelled in what is wildly considered the most arse-hole move of the BBC ever.

But we’re still fighting. 

The fandom (often called the Redeemed) are campaigning to get the show picked up by another company. 

We want a third season so it can continue to grow - see the characters continue to develop, find out what happens with all the things that were left unresolved, even see it improve in certain aspects such as POC.

Now, I could just tell you to go and sign this petition and this petition, and that would be that. But we want to spark interest in the show. We want this fandom to keep growing because if nothing else, this show deserves it. It is wonderfully made by such a dedicated cast and crew, and it was so refreshing to see a show deal with so many issues in such a sensitive way.