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Finally drew a new blog header for myself! ^ ^ Everyone is happy and no one is dead, yes? ;D

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phanfic recommendation? i am a lil upset and i need something to cheer me up & trust your taste a lot ^^

I’m sorry you’re upset! I hope some of these fics cheer you!

the ‘right where we are’ series

A series of oneshots that all have a central theme, but not necessarily a linear, streamlined story.

Colourless Colour

An AU in which Dan is blind. It’s sort of choppy, checking in at various different points and events in their lives, but it’s mostly a high school AU. Dan and Phil have been best friends since they were toddlers, and Dan lost his sight completely when he was eight.

break and burn and end (begin again)

where dan is a wedding photographer and phil is the really cute best man who wants to take him out.

By the Mighty Power of Thor

Phil’s roommate isn’t too happy about the cat Phil had unceremoniously decided to adopt, and makes him find a new home for it. Unwilling to give the cat up completely, Phil strikes up a deal with the new cat owner. Or, the one where a cat brings Dan and Phil together.

Lost In Translations

In a world in which everyone is born with their soulmate’s first words to them tattooed somewhere on their body, it would seem that loneliness is finally cured. But Phil Lester has a problem. His tattoo is in a language he can’t speak.

Let’s Be Alone Together

There are times when Dan and Phil feel so much like a married couple, that they forget they aren’t actually married. However, neither one of them are complaining about it. 

Everyone Needs a Phil

salizkhan prompted fic where you see friends/family perspective on Phil. (With Dan’s thrown in there, too.)

I found forever

Dan and Phil get a kitten!!! Dan falls even more in love, and Phil keeps referring to them as a family, which makes them both think

i’d like to hang out with you (for my whole life)

in which phil is almost 29 and marriage is just a piece of paper

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Guess who’s back
Back again 

Well, I hope so. Haven’t finished a drawing in months and been to scared to use my tablet again. BUT i had to sometime so //shrug


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No ask just LUUUUUUURVE at you working in the new Guardians of the Galaxy stuff into your recent art. Just...I haven't had much time to be on here for funsies but you've made my furtive dash-scrolling experience 1000% better and happier. Thank you <3


||September BPC: Just One Word|| 2. Unique. Fascinating concept, y’all.

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Wait, I haven't had much time to watch all of Jack's vids recently. What's happening to Chase? 😧

there’s the whole fiasco with anti and schneeplestein right now and the possibility that they’re working together. and with that in mind, many people are fearing that because of that, chase is in danger of falling into anti and schneeplestein’s schemes. it’s not in any videos, but just in hints and posts on jack’s blog and ones that he’s ‘liked’ to only further the possibility that there is some sort of civil war between jack’s good and bad egos.