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drawings from the stream!! thank you so much again to everyone who came it was really fun <3!!


Jungkook x Reader

Summery: After a stressful day at work the only one to help you blow off some steam is Jungkook.

W/C: 1554

A/N: I haven't made one of these in literally FOREVER (well since I started this blog) and I just felt like it okay? okay here some Smut.

It was a rough day. As much as you loved your job you could hardly stand the clan of women you worked with. They seemed to push their relationships in your face, and even though you too were in a relationship, it was just the kind you didnt want in the public eye. Dating an Idol was hard, but for you and Jungkook to get any where in your relationship you had to keep it quiet. You were frustrated both mentally and sexually. At this point though, you were so mad at everyone around you, you felt not even Jungkook could fix it.

You got home and stormed pass the living room where alot of the boys sat munching and watching tv. You headed to your room, your heels hitting the floor a little harder than you intended. The boys hated it when you were anything other than happy and you knew your name was being whispered behind your back, especially since you didnt say hello to any of them.

You walked into your room to find Kook laying on his bed propped up on one arm, in nothing but grey sweatpants while playing video games. Tae and Jimin lounged on the floor in front of him. Jungkook looked up and gave you a sleepy smile while welcoming you home, his chest bulging  at the way his body was turned now. You looked at him with angry eyes. You weren’t mad at him, you were mad you weren’t under him.

“Out.” You said looking to the other two as you tossed your purse down with a light thud. The three boys all looked at one another but didnt question you as the game was paused and they rose to their feet.

“Out.” You said even more threatening as Tae hesitated to say something to you but instead nodded and followed Jimin out, closing the door behind him. You reached for the lock and looked back to Jungkook who looked at you with worried eyes.

“Jagiya, whats wrong?” He said moving on the bed so he was sitting up and facing you now. You watched as he moved focusing on his member that roamed freely under his pants.

You didnt say anything, only reached behind you to slowly unzip the back of your dress until if fell effortlessly off your shoulders leaving you in nothing but your black strapless bra, matching panties and the guarder that held up black panty hoes. Kook bit his lip as he’s eyes wondered down your body, his member already starting to show.

You stepped out from the ring your dress had made and walked slowly over to him. With every step you took you unclipped another clasp on your right leg until you reached the bed. You lifted you leg and place your high heel on the bed right next to Jungkook. You watched him as your thumb hooked under the thigh high stocking, slowly bringing it down to expose your smooth leg. He wrapped his hand around your thigh and placed a kiss to the inside. You ran your fingers through his dark hair and watched as he carefully removed your shoe and the rest of the stocking. He stood causing you to place your leg back down but stand on your toes so you weren’t lopsided.

He dipped down taking a steady hold around your waist before lifting you up and carrying you till he lent you down to rest on the mattress. He kissed you as his hands trailed down to the clips and before he move his hand to unclip them he pulled his mouth from yours. He looked down at you with loving eyes and bent back over to lay kisses on your jaw and neck, each kiss he would undo another clip until they were all undone.

He moved back up to kiss you passionately before once again tracing your jaw and neck, but this time he didnt stop. He kissed down your cleavage and across your stomach till he met your still clothed leg. His kisses trailed down your leg as he removed the stocking, sending chills up your spine. You continued to watch him as he kissed back up your leg till he took the top of the guarder that was still around your waist between his teeth.

“Jagiya?” He whispered. You rose an eyebrow at him and took his cheeks in-between your hands as he moved his body back up yours. “I don’t know how to undo this.” He said even softer. You couldn’t help but giggle.

You knelt so you were now almost eye to eye with him as he stood in front of the end of the bed. As quickly as you could you undid the belt and smile while biting your lip as he unclasped your bra. Once again he laid you down while crawling on top of you and quickly crashed his lips to yours, he was obviously hungry for you now. You held your hands to his cheeks, feeling his cheeks heat up with every time your mouth reconnected with his. His tongue quickly slipped into your mouth and the feeling of him pressing harder in-between your legs made you moan. You moved your hands from his cheeks and ran them down his chest letting them gracefully hit each muscle that now popped out of his skin till your hands met the band of his pants. You hand was stopped before you could enter his pants. Jungkook brought your hand up so and placed a kiss on your knuckles.

“Today is about you, baby girl.” He said repositioning your hand over his heart.

He kissed you again before sitting up to  remove his sweatpants, finally exposing his fully erect member. His lips met yours again almost reading your mind that there was already enough foreplay and you’d much rather become connected with him as fast as possible. You rotated your hips searching for him and soon Jungkook was pulling out of the kiss to line himself up with you. Once he entered you a smile broke to your face as you tilted your head back. You lived for that first connection the two of you shared because every time was like the first with him. He started off slowly, kissing you gently before he sat back up and pressed the back of your knee until it was close to your cheek. He knew exactly what he was doing as he purposely positioned you in a way that he felt confident he could get as deep as possible.

Deep he got, that was forsure. Every pump a wave of pleasure would shoot through you and eventually biting your lip to keep from making to much of an obvious noise wasn’t enough and your teeth sunk into your arm that you placed over your mouth. Your hands found his back and pressed hard against it knowing you weren’t allowed to make any marks on his skin, but the sound of his staggered breathing as he pushed further into you made it near impossible. Just as you started to feel your orgasm approached he instructed you to roll to your stomach to try and prolong this moment as long as possible.

“Jungkook” You said breathlessly as he squeezed onto your behind hard and started pumping into you again. His shaky breath made you shutter again, your orgasm coming on even faster this time.

“Not yet baby.” He said and somehow he had managed to get under you with out leaving your body for more than half of a second.

His arms pulled you down so your head rested in the crook of his neck. One hand held onto your hair while the other held its firm grip over your back. Though you were on top it didnt stop him from pumping into you as fast as he could. This time you ignored his rule and bit into his shoulder to try and keep yourself from moaning too loud as your orgasm threatened for the third time.

“I love you so much.” Jungkook growled into your ear as he pulled your head away from his shoulder.

No matter how hard you bit your lip you couldn’t fight the whimpering noise coming from your chest as you climbed your orgasm. Jungkook Pumped into you harder and harder until you gave one final harsh breath and your entire body erupted to release your orgasm. The feeling of your shaking in his arms pushed Jungkook over the edge too and as he rode out his high your body continued to shake and the pleasure once again rose in the pit of your stomach due to your body being so sensitive to his pumping still.

This time you couldn’t hold back your moan as you rode your second high. You could hear Jungkook chuckle lightly now wrapping two arms over your bare back. He carefully pulled himself from you but still hit a sensitive area causing your body to jolt at the touch. He laughed again placing a sweet kiss to the top of your head.

“Do you feel better?” He said kicking the sheets over the two of you.

“Mmmm yes.” You said with heavy eyes as you traced a circle over where his heart continued to beat at a quick place.

I always had this headcanon that Sango and Miroku found out they were pregnant because InuYasha slapped Sango’s cup of sake out of her hand when she went to drink it. When probed about why he had done such a thing, he muttered something about how Kagome once told him that alcohol was bad for babies in the womb.

The Tenno Boys

Two young soldiers, reunited centuries after the war: Gaius Caster, the big simple-minded muscle-bound goofus with a heart of gold and a drawl like a southerner, and Agent John Hawkens, special ops, intelligence, a head full of sass and fabulous ginger hair.


I dived into Warframe recently with my friends, and was really impressed with the storytelling in the game. Hot damn, I got invested. So, of course, our OCs had to get translated into the setting!

Dunno if any of you remember me or my art (on @inuyasha-ruined-mylife) but I’M BACK FINALLY. Jeez, it’s been forever since I drew these two; I’ve had no time to enjoy my OTP what with work, apprenticeships, and college. But now it’s summer and I had had yet to do something InuKag related with my tablet yet soooo this happened. 


I was planning on doing this yesterday but, since, my video editor was taking forever to process the whole clip I decided to wait until today when I got off from work.

You can call it a ‘follow forever’ or something similar but, I just want to tag those to watch this dedication video. I had too much fun with this (especially with trying to match and cut some audio. So tedious, and yet I failed). This is a 'thank you’ to all that had been with me since the year of 2015. Three years of reblogging and making low-tier content. Three years of expressing my personal problems and three years of talking with you all, even the ones that I lost contact, everyone of you guys are kept in good memory.

Once again, thank you for still following me. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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The sander sides as things I said while clearing out my phones contacts. part 1
  • Morality: Lukas, Dude I love you and you will never ever ever get delete off my phone... EVER!
  • Logic: Carson you actually try and Help me in my engineering project so thank you but your getting deleted I'm never talking to you again..... Tim you where a pain to work with on my engineering project I'm happy to DELETE YOU FOREVER.
  • Prince: Abby you were really nice but soon find out you where fake and you talked behind my friends back. so bye!
  • Anxiety: Rachel you where always in my face and way to loud, and won't stop hugging me even when I said I didn't like it. But you were in art club so I had to deal with you. I've already blocked you on Instagram it be nice to delete you here too.

illuminati-by-nature  asked:

Hi! I'm trying to modify my Pluto cospay and you are forever going to be the person I look to for comparison! I wanted to see if you had any idea how much worbla you used to cover the top piece? I know it's been a while. I haven't used it before and I'm thinking about giving it a try. Thanks!

Hey thank you~!! If I estimate I cut a maybe 20″x20″ piece of from a jumbo sheet of worbla. I don’t anticipate that it would need that much, but I did make some mistakes so it’s hard to gauge. Going for a medium size sheet would probably be a good idea. (ffff.. if you or anyone out there wants to buy some discount worbla, I have a lot left from 5 years ago when it was on promo sale in Canada that’s just sitting around.)

As a reminder! I took thick cotton piping:

And then heated up a square of worbla and rolled the warm worbla over the piping like kneading bread until it was smooth. While it was still warm I curved the pieces into the half heart shapes. 

The scallop portion and rest is is craft foam with worbla layers on top! Used popsicle sticks as a tool to help fuse the hot pieces of worbla together

Check out this link on my facebook page if you haven’t already! https://www.facebook.com/QuantumDestiny/photos/a.465086083588949.1073741828.153119548118939/917150118382541/?type=3&theater

Hope that helps!!

anonymous asked:

OMFG THOSE SCREENIES OF YOU AND JACK ARE 💯💯💯 SERIOUSLY is that reshade or what??? if the simblr community had a prom you and jack would be the king and queen js

OML YOU ARE JUST THE SWEETEST LITTLE THING?? WHAT?? I do use reshade!! But honestly most of it is just editing xD I’ve put a little comparison down below for you!! I will be uploading my preset at some point; but it’s not very impressive I’m afraid!! and oml queen sandy xD That would be cool because in the UK we don’t have things like ‘prom queen’ or ‘prom king’ !! jeez louise you’re a sweetie pie :’)


anonymous asked:

Hi Dollface! Can I get some fic recs? Perferably MCU fluff. I have read & reread your entire masterlist & drabbles (I have the cuddles series saved on my iPad as a single doc). I love it all! I've also read Sarah's stuff. I'm just exhausted thanks to work and trying to do everything needed for my little brothers wedding (being the last single is the cherry on top). I feel like I haven't stopped moving in months. Wishing I had a someone to lean on but since I don't I NEED some fluff! Thank you :)

Baby, you’re so sweet. Oh my god are you serious??? I’m so glad you liked them enough to save them, my dude. That’s craziness. God, isn’t @sarahwroteathing‘s stuff wonderful???? So great. I could read her masterlist forever and always get happy little butterflies. 
Oh, babe, you ain’t gotta tell me nothin’ about being the last single one. I’m the oldest of 7 and have been single my whole goddamn life. I hope you enjoy this list I’ve compiled for you. <3

You ready for this? I’ve added links to these writer’s masterlists. If a story is marked smut and you are under the age of 18, please be respectful to the writers and just don’t read it.

Days In the Sun by @soldatbarnes bucky x reader [Masterlist]

This Is War Masterlist by @soldatbarnes bucky x reader (there is some angst, but it’s needed to move the story forward!)

lovebirds by @pickledmoon sam x reader [Masterlist]

700 Celebration 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by @sarahwroteathing steve x reader, bucky x reader, peter x reader, tony x reader, sam x reader respectively

Soundtrack Bonus Drabble 1 by @sarahwroteathing steve x reader

The Lonely Tree by @sarahwroteathing steve x reader go read everything by Sarah, okay? I went through her masterlist today and i feel so full of of happiness. [Masterlist]

Like Silver Glass by @thejamesoldier merman!bucky x reader  [Masterlist]

Girls Like Girls by @this-ginger-has-no-soul peggy x reader

Serenity by @buckyywiththegoodhair sam x reader [Masterlist]

Catch Me by @buckyywiththegoodhair bucky x reader

Acceptance Speech by @buckyywiththegoodhair bucky x reader

Date Night by @iwillbeinmynest sam x reader

Sunday Morning by @serzhantkris bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Watch You Sleep by @avasparks bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Bucky Gets a Tumblr by @thatawkwardtinyperson bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Later by @wiintershero steve x reader [Masterlist]

Comfort Food by @wiintershero bucky x reader

The Five Times Bucky Picks You by @bovaria bucky x reader [Masterlist]

You’re Perfect by @backpackfullofplums bucky x reader [Masterlist]

Hawkeye’s My Wingman by @buckysmetallicstump [Masterlist]

There’s so many more that I could add. I follow so many blogs and I can’t think of more. Feel free to add your own, guys! There’s so much good, fluffy stuff out there!!

anonymous asked:

I really want that leather jacket yoongi wears, I haven't for the life of me found anything close to it. Have you had luck?.

I can see why yoongi is so in love with it, it’s like the perfect leather jacket ;_; (x)

here’s some similar ones ( kinda)

H&M biker jacket (x)
Forever 21 faux leather moto jacket (x)
Glamorous (asos) PU jacket (x)