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     …I don’t need any more boys on this blog. Itachi was a given because he’s the marshmallow’s husbando. Shisui is the shoe-in brother. Kakashi can stay in his trash bin.



The first poem you will ever write will be about the way flowers learn how to grow in bloodstreams. You will talk about happiness like it is a promise, like it is the truth. You smile when you read it again.

The poems you write in between will be asking why you never feel the way you did before anymore. With words and verses you will explore the different ways to break your heart. You will feel hammers pounding against your chest when you read these again.

The last poem you will write is going to be about why you haven’t given it up yet. Why after all these intoxicated phrases and fistfuls of lines, you haven’t stopped writing even when it hurts. It will be about the only thing keeping you believing in the very first time you let yourself fall in love with words. You will remember the feeling when you read this again.

—  On poetry