i haven't giffed them in a while tbh

callmepapiichulo  asked:

Can i have a short reaction, where you haven't seen them in a while (gf) and when they finally see you, you have tattoos and piercings all over

They’d all probably be a bit shocked tbh, but they’d respond differently once they’d recovered ;p I hope you like this reaction~

Gifs aren’t mine

Expect a plethora of worried questions from Seokjin; where’d you get the tattoos and piercings done? Was the place safe and sanitary? Had anything gotten infected? He’d also want to know why you hadn’t texted him a picture or warned him, but he’d mostly be worried about your health.

Yoongi was at first surprised, of course, at seeing that you’d permanently changed your appearance without telling him, but that surprise soon melted into amazement; your piercings and tattoos looked great, though he was hesitant to touch them, unsure of how new they were.

Hoseok did have to admit that he did like the new look, but mostly he was upset. Not that you’d gotten it done without telling him, but that he couldn’t be there with you when you got it done; he knew he’d want you there if he ever got something like that done.

The moment he saw you, Namjoon asked who had touched you and where they had touched you, which was the reaction you’d expected; you knew he’d want to be there to glare at whoever was holding a needle to your skin. Moments later, though, he was sure to tell you how nice he thought they looked.

Jimin, after admiring the tattoos and piercings that were immediately visible to him, would ask if there were any hidden under your clothes. He wouldn’t wait for your answer, though, insisting that he had to check for himself while shooting you a smirk and snaking his arms around your waist.

Taehyung was honestly a little bit upset that you hadn’t told him before you’d gone out and gotten them. He didn’t hate them or anything, and he knew you didn’t need his permission, he just wished you’d at least told him about it earlier and asked that you talk to him about things like this from then on.

Jungkook was shocked that you would go to get tattoos and piercings without him, as he would have willingly gone and gotten some of his own, but for the time being he just wanted to know all about the ones that you’d gotten; where were they, which hurt most, etc.