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I checked the replies to that ship poll and someone mentions that "the most iconic sterek scenes happened in the beginning of s5". I haven't watched s5, could you pls explain? Thank you very much! <3

I haven’t watched s5 either but I think I can explain! Although let me just point out I don’t agree they’re “the most iconic” sterek scenes, by far, not when abomination, magic bullet, the hospital sequence, the dream scene, derek’s death scene, etc exist. But they’re still good!


Episode 501 - Creatures of the Night. The “pack” (lol) is at the library and there’s this shelf (?) where the high school seniors write their initials as like, a rite of passage or something? (I really did not care about tw at this point) So everyone takes their turn writing their initials and then Stiles Stilinski goes to that motherfucking shelf and he manages to single out the D.H. initials and this happens:

Now, I don’t think Derek wrote that - he wasn’t in Beacon Hills for his senior year, so that was probably a random person with the same initials. BUT what counts here is that no one in the pack reacted to those big ass initials at all, so we can assume they didn’t notice, while Stiles quickly zoomed in on them and then gave that fond smile, which clearly shows us he’s thinking about Derek in this scene (he’s always thinking about Derek), and the thought of him brings a soft, private smile to Stiles’ face. This was totally bait to try to keep the Stereks around BUT I’LL TAKE IT.



Episode 502 - Parasomnia. I have no idea what’s happening, but Liam fell into a hole? Shit is happening? Theo came back to annoy Stiles’ ass? Anyway, it’s not a good night for Stiles, he doesn’t trust Theo and his jeep isn’t turning on. The convo goes like this:

Scott: You’re not even gonna try to at least give him [Theo] the benefit of the doubt?

Stiles: (..) I’ve given a lot of benefit, to a lot of people.

Scott: Like Derek?

And sure, Scott keeps going with other names, but between “Derek” and the others there’s a very noticeable pause and here’s the gif because you need to visualize what happened here at just the mention of Derek’s name:

Look at Scott’s face! He’s like “I’m about to broach a sensitive topic but you gotta talk about it someday, dude” and Stiles is like “DID YOU JUST REALLY? Did you just mention the love of my life, who I’ve been trying really hard not to think of because he left and I’m stuck in this shitty town, hurting and without him?! Why did you have to mention him, Scott?! Can’t you see I’m busy trying to fix my jeep because now that Derek isn’t here this car is the only good thing I have left?! FUCK YOU, SCOTT”

(I once read some good meta on this, I think it was someone’s tags on a gifset? If anyone knows what I’m talking about I’d appreciate a link!)

Anyway, I think this is it for season 5? I hope this helps!

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(1)Hi Gabi, I need your help:( is about the "not that important" thing. I'm from South America and I speak english (I'm not the best at it but I can defend myself pretty well) and there's people here saying that what Liam meant by pointing out+

(2)“female” as a trait that he looked for in a girl has nothing to do with gender, claiming that he was talking about a woman that’s “girly” or feminine (to them, Female and Feminine/girly mean the same thing). So basically, according to them+

(3)Harry practically didn’t outed himself during the interview. And I’ve always been sure of what Liam meant by saying that (and that’s why I think it was something so HUGE) but right now I guess I’m kinda confused because they’re also sure of what+

(4/4)/they think/ he meant. Could you please confirm what I think or tell me if I’m the one who’s wrong? ps: I think you’re really nice and you’re one of my favorite blogs here, so that’s why I’m asking you for help😊


Hey sweetheart. This is one of the situations where it is really not just up to your observation but Harry’s actions himself. You have to check if this is a one time thing or if it fits all his actions that he constantly made in the last few years.

In order to do that, let’s observe and go through some stuff:

Let’s not twist the script. Female is not a synonym to girly and feminine. They were asked to describe 4 traits they are looking for in a lady. Liam said FEMALE, to which Harry said: NOT THAT IMPORTANT. 

This means that Harry Edward Styles quite literally said that the gender of his partner is not important. He did not say girly, he did not say feminine. He was not joking, he was not bullshitting, he literally said the gender of his partner is not important. 

I know you did not say this, but we had a lot of fans saying oh he was just joking, he didn’t mean it. To the team: he joked: show me one gif, one video where Harry Styles is joking and he is not giving himself away in 0.004 seconds with having that *i have the best joke, watch me - and i am so proud* face, dimples out, laughing at it etc.

Harry typing in his penis joke, he is only PREPARING the joke and his dimples are deeper than the Grand Canyon.

This is joking Harry.

And his knock knock jokes:


Like I am sorry but looking at this gif you can cut the tension, even if this is only a video with no sound, you can literally hear him taking that deep breath, you can see him pulling his finger, looking out at his handlers, you can see that he is serious!!

And look at Liam, he gives it completely away. He is so fucking proud of his friend who has just outed himself.

So you are still saying he is joking?

You cannot look at these scenes and say he was joking.

FACT: Harry has been using gender neutral pronouns (THEY, THEM, PEOPLE) since the get go, even when describing his dream girl. Smartly swerving the questions by giving an answer (imagining his partner) but never omitting SHE or HER. Now, antis would say this is not intentional and this is out of respect to the world that he is being considerate (i know i know but I can’t skip this part), so that means he could slip, right? I mean always looking out to make sure to use gender neutral pronouns just to be considerate takes a lot of energy and it is easy to get that mask off. But when he slipped he said HEHIM. Several times. (and I am sorry but JUST LIKE HE ALREADY OWNED IT *grabs dick*). Him slipping with HE and HIM is actually the proof that saying them, they and people is his own way of swerving the question while still staying true to himself.

FACT: Harry has been rebelling very clearly in the last few years when being asked about ladies. (i had to ask *did you?*, simply not answering celeb crush questions, do you ever have crushes on girls? *no, never*)

FACT: Before Not That Important, Harry has gulped, he was fidgeting, the air stopped and it was clear that something off script was happening. Now why on earth would a female question cause gulping to womanizer Harry Styles TM?

FACT: In this same interview he outed himself a few times. The biggest one after NTI was him slipping dickhead. I have never EVER heard ANYONE call women DICKHEAD. There’s no situation where Harry Styles calls women DICKHEAD. (*you’re not gonna go out with a dickhead are ya?*). If you think he would call women dickhead then you don’t know Harry Styles. Especially his team would just cut that part if womanizer Harry Styles TM referred to women as dickhead.

FACT: this is not a one time thing, even if you ISOLATE this occurrence, you still have: *don’t knock it till you try it* when talking about SEX WITH MEN and TONS of not even subtle hints from Harry that he is not straight. 

So if you allow me I consider this case closed.

Harry Styles is not straight. And he would really appreciate his queercoding and his hints not being ignored and brushed off.


My mom used to say something to me as a child, “If you were really sorry you wouldn’t have done [whatever misdeed] in the first place.”  It always made me feel awful, but I accepted it as some truth, because it was coming from my mom, right?  It wasn’t until I was an adult and mentioned that to someone else and they responded, “WTF?!  That’s not how it works!” that I started to realize the effed up logic in that idea.  (Side note: with an adult perspective, I now see that this was probably something her abusive parents said to her, and I’m willing to bet she wouldn’t say it now - but it still hurt me when I was a kid.)

Feeling sorry for something you did wrong after you did it is never a bad thing.  You should feel sorry.  You should want to make up for your mistakes and correct them.  And hopefully, prevent them from happening again.  When someone tells you, “Well, since you did it in the first place, there’s no way you can be truly sorry about it now.  So, no forgiveness for you,” it’s horrible.  It makes you feel worthless and like you are evil and there’s no point in trying, because no one is going to accept it anyway.  

Any of this sounding familiar?  Does it sound like what the SHIELD team did to Ward after the end fo Season 1?  Good, because that’s exactly what happened.  They told him repeatedly there was no way that he could possibly be sorry enough, so don’t even bother trying.  They told him he was evil, everything was his fault, and there was no chance of redemption.  He kept trying for a little while, but it eventually became too much and he became the monster they kept telling him he was - the man without remorse.  (Even though he had buckets full of it much earlier.)  The SHIELD team basically said to Ward what my mother used to say to me.  

So many people have decried, criticized, and excoriated the AoS writing and showrunning team for this teribly toxic narrative.  And they are right to do so.  It’s a horrible, horrible message to send.  That there is no forgiveness, that you are inherently evil, that circumstances don’t matter, and there is no coming back from any misdeeds.   The writers messed up, big time.  And they went a long time without acknowledging any mistakes and even mocking people for calling them out. 

But then things started to change.  The narrative of the show in Season 4 has been much tighter, more consistent, and best of all - they’ve started acknowledging mistakes they made.  They’ve had characters say lines and make different decisions, acknowledging past screw ups. (Coulson, most notably, has commented more than once how he was hellbent on revenge last year and he did bad things because of it and he regrets it now, then he’ll go on to make a better choice.)  I’ve watched it with a healthy amount of trepidation and caution, I’ve been burned by these writers before, but also relief and hope because they’re finally making it better.  It isn’t perfect, they haven’t completely atoned for their truly bad writing from previous seasons, but they are trying.  They’re making improvements and trying to right past wrongs.  Hoo-freaking-ray!!!!!  

Isn’t this what we want?  Don’t we want the writing team and the SHIELD team to do better?  Don’t we want them to correct their mistakes and make better choices?  Isn’t this exactly what we’ve been crying out for, for Ward?  That he be given the chance to make things better, even with his crimes as terrible as they were.  If we can call for redemption and forgiveness for a character who committed murder and all sorts of other crimes, can’t we allow a little space for the writers of a tv show to correct their wrongs as well?  If all we do is scream “too little, too late” at them, what incentive do they have to keep going with this?  If we tell them, “If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t have f***ed up in the first place,” how are they going to want to keep going?  And if they don’t keep going, then we’re going to end up with an even worse situation.  I’m not saying immediately absolve them of all their mistakes.  I am saying we need to give them a little bit of space, and grace, to atone for their errors, without jumping down their throats, vilifying, and completely invalidating them.

If we claim to stand for forgiveness and redemption, even for truly heinous acts, we have to be willing to extend it to more than just fictional characters.


Please don’t let anything happen to him.

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Thought of another! BAP gif reaction when you haven't been sleeping well and your sense of time gets very very scrambled? (this happened to me two weeks ago and it was pretty bad. i wrote that it was 2014 and thought something that happened the day before, was a week before lmao) thanks~~


“You’re so cute, haha, but please try & get some more sleep.”

He would find it so cute when you have a little mix-up with the time, but then he’d tell you to get as much rest as you need. Yongguk would let you know that it’s not healthy for you to barely getting any sleep.


“What made you like this? Oh gosh.”

He’d probably make fun at you first. Like, when you ask if it’s a day from last week, he would laugh so hard because he didn’t think that you’d be that far behind on time. Then he’ll probably be all cute & ask if you needed him to sleep better.


“We can’t have you be like this, so get some sleep, ok?”

You could find this guy be more on the worried side. He’d wonder how little sleep you’ve been getting. Rather than dates, he’d pretty much cuddle and take naps with you to make sure you were getting some sleep.


“We’re actually in the year 3030 now.”

As much as he cares that you are sleeping well, he can’t help but pull little jokes on you once in a while. The prankster in him won’t let him stop. He’d make you even more confused, to be quite honest.


“Wow, I never experience that before.”

More than anything, he would find your situation quite strange as it’s probably going to be something he heard for the first time. He’d ask you if you knew ways to help with that or if he could help out in any way.


“That day is long gone…”

He’d be so confused when you mention the wrong date and then proceed to ask you if you’re okay. When you tell him about your situation, he would be more understanding, telling you to get more rest.

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I've noticed that there haven't been many doubleb moments for a while, and to me it seems like they have become distant, what do you think? i miss doubleb

Ok firstly I want to apology for the long wait. I just needed time to find/make the right visiuals to answer your question better. (btw gif cr:2owners if you don’t want me using your gif pls dm me and I’ll remove them.) 

Secondly you are not alone in your feelings. In fact I think it’s safe to say a majority of doubleb shippers have wondered the same thing.

So here are some fangirl theories for you via me {warning long rant ahead}

*Just a reminder I am just a fangirl who does not know doubleb personally so of course all theories are based solely on what I’ve seen and not on actual fact. So take everything with a grain of salt :)

So I first noticed some distance as maybe many of us did when MOBB started up. Now Mobb may not be the actually cause of it but it coincidentally happen to be around there that Hanbin seemed distant from Bobby.

And Bobby seemed to want Hanbin’s attention more than Hanbin wanted his.

Even during Mobb Vapp Bobby manages to bring up Hanbin

kept his distance from other girls 

and while still showing a deep friendship with Mino even create a buddy-buddy handshake in place of skinship 

( which if you watch the vapp bobby isn’t very touchy with Mino and most of the skinship is from Mino to Bobby) maybe for the the sake of his easily jealous boyfriend watching at home.

I’m not saying Mino is at fault. I don’t think he or Bobby did anything intentionally to hurt Hanbin but the members have said before how emotionally fragile Hanbin is so maybe Hanbin felt hurt anyway. Either way instead of just being like w/e he seemed to want to make things good with Hanbin again.

Which brings us to after Hanbin’s eye infection. While Hanbin was recuperating doubleb suddenly seemed to be on good terms again. Maybe Hanbin felt Bobby had suffered enough or he just really missed him because Hanbin was again being clingy as ever and they seemed to be their couply selfs again and doubleb shippers could sleep soundly again. YAY!

I’d also like to point out that while Hanbin was getting better he let the other members do most of the talking while he stepped back in interviews and even tho Bobby wasn’t sick he stayed back with him. idk it just made me happy to see…like Bobby’s priority was more Hanbin than anything else :)

So where are they now in terms of their relationship? I’d like to think they are back where they’ve always been. In a close, strong unbreakable bond since pre-debt

I know shippers get in a panic when we don’t see them stand together or interact during an interview or stage performance but these boys have been together every dayfor 6 years (as friends or whatever u want to think) of course there will be times where they don’t feel the need to be around the other but that doesn’t mean they’ve suddenly stopped caring about each other. They’ve been through too much together to break up so easily. 

Also I know we still don’t see much of their interaction but I really don’t think its due to there being not much doubleb content but rather not much iKON content. Right now all we really have are concert fancams and japanese interviews and while we can take little moments from these we really see our best doubleb moments in vapps, bts’s and unrealsed scenes

And there just hasn’t been much of those lately. They haven’t done any ikontact, showtime days, bts’s or vapps in about 3 months, But I feel like the second they do get something out we will see a lot more doubleb content without a doubt :)

I know a lot of doubleb shippers were also troubled by some of bobbys actions and words when he recently said Hanbin is too touchy in an interview and how he pulls away from Hanbin sometimes. But you have to understand Bobby has always been like this. It isn’t anything new. I even did a post about it a long time ago and that was when they were being couply af.

Thing is Bobby doesn’t always like being touched but at the same time he seems to have no problem being the ‘touchy’ one. I don’t know why. It might be a masculine thing or maybe hanbin’s touches just make him too flustered and nervous and he just can’t deal. It could be any number or reasons but I’m not too worried about it because it really doesn’t seem to bother Hanbin. Like he keeps coming back more clingy and smiley as ever so I think he must understand Bobby’s feelings better than we do. As long as Hanbin looks happy I’m ok because even tho Bobby doesn’t always show it as obviously as Hanbin does there is no doubt in my mind that he loves him just as much :)

So rest easy my fellow doubleb shipper because this ship is no where near close to sinking. :)

Exo reaction to coming home to see that you have fallen asleep whilst doing college work

Okay I’m doing my dose of fluff


*He was tired too and when he saw you asleep, head laying on the desk he gently woke you up and lead you to bed, college work could wait until tomorrow*


*He had a lot of admiration for you, you knew what you wanted in life and you were willing to work hard to get there, but more often than not he would see you slumped over the desk asleep. He gently woke you up and whilst you were still half asleep he tucked you in bed, not long afterwards joining you himself*


*You had fallen asleep on the bed with the laptop almost falling off you he found it cute when he saw you as you looked so peaceful, as for once you weren't concentrating so hard on an essay you were just letting your mind have a rest even if you didn’t mean to fall asleep in the first place*


*Once he had woken you up you cussed at yourself and tried to get back to work because this essay needed to be finished, but he wasn’t having any of it*

CY: “Nope you are coming into this warm, cosy bed and you are going to sleep for a few hours, if you try to resist I will just take your laptop and chuck it out the window”

Y/N: “And once it smashes you will buy me a new one then right?”

CY: “Yes…but still come to bed”


*Once he had woken you up so that you wouldn't get a neck ache from falling asleep on the chair, you immediately tried to get back to work, so he pulled you into a hug and refused to let you go until he reached the bed turned around and literally fell on top of you*

BH: “Sorry but there is no way I can allow you to damage your eyes any longer on that computer so I refuse to move until you agree to sleep”

Looks like I will have to keep refusing 


*You had been doing college work whilst skyping him as this work wasn’t due for a while so it didn’t matter if you weren’t completely focused, however he left for a minute to grab something to eat and by the time he came back you were fast asleep*

D.O: “Ahh I thought this would happen sweet dreams jagi”


*He was in the middle of watching a few you tube videos on his phone to distract himself from distracting you, and when he looked over you were fast asleep on the sofa. He got up to fetch a blanket and placed it over you after taking the computer off of your lap*


*He finds you asleep and feels the need to whip his phone out and take some candids of you because he thinks you look to beautiful not to do so, he then covers you with a blanket and you don’t find out about the pictures until he saves one as his lock screen*


*He wakes you up and crouches down to get to your eye level to tell you that it’s really late and whatever you are working on can be done tomorrow so for now it’s time to sleep*

L: “I will make you some hot chocolate and we will go to sleep okay”


*When he finds you asleep he wakes you up so you can go to bed but before taking your hand and leading you there he asks how long you have been working for*

Y/N: “Since 7 this morning”

K: “What, that is almost 17 hours Y/N are you crazy you need to get in that bed right now don’t even think of moving”


*He wasn’t very happy with you because of the lack of sleep you had been getting, he wanted you to give the college work a rest however you always persisted, but this time it would be different*

LH: “Right thats it no more come to bed right now Y/N”

*You start laughing at him*

LH: “There is nothing funny about this you haven't had a proper nights sleep in ages and tonight you will so hurry”

Y/N: “You sound like a parent gosh”

LH: “If that is what it takes to make you sleep then fine”


*Every night after he found you asleep he would always try and drag you away from the school work by sitting on the bed and advertising how comfy it was to you*

XM: “Oh wow look at this pillow it’s so soft and huggable, just like me but you can’t hug me from over there can you now”

Idk why you guys ask me for fluff I’m so bad at it lmao

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

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Have you seen that gif of the two female volleyball layers falling down in the most awkward position ever? How about crushing, unromanced, companions falling on Female Sole like that by accident? (Google The Most Awkward Fall in Handball History if you haven't seen it)

(I’m so sorry this took so long.)

In case some of you are unaware of this position, I will provide it:

Cait: “What in the hell do ya’ think your doin’?” Cait is very feisty and defensive in attempts to cover up her secret crush on the dashing SS. She will push herself off rather quickly, blaming the entire thing on Sole, then continue to brush herself off and stand up, as you can imagine, she sulks and pouts for the next hour. It’s only because she contemplates making a move on her.

Piper: Piper stares wide eyed down at Sole for a few moments before pushing herself off and stuttering an apology as she re-adjusts her clothing, hair, and such. She has a red tint to her cheeks for the next hour and avoids eye contact with Sole, it’s adorable.

Codsworth: “Oh dear, I am very sorry, mum.” Codsworth brushes it off evidently, reason being he does not crush on her. 

Deacon: “Ah shit- hey, wanna dance while we are oh so close?” Deacon chuckles over his embarrassment. Believe it or not, Deacon becomes nervous when he begins to develop a fondness for Sole, but removes himself from her body and aids her in standing back up. They laugh about it later on. 

MacCready: MacCready’s eyes widen and he immediately scrambles to his feet, only to find Sole giggling and brushing her hair from her eyes, still on the ground. He apologizes profusely for failing to be a gentleman, and imagines that he has lost any chance with her. Oh how wrong he is. 

Paladin Danse: Actually, Paladin doesn’t fall, he isn’t the kind to trip up. But, once in awhile, it happens. When he lands, they both stare at each other awkwardly before he coughs/grunts and stabilizes himself, then continuing to pull Sole from the ground. There is a moment’s pause before Sole is jumping onto him and wrapping her legs around his waist… They make out for awhile.  

Preston Garvey: “Excuse me, G-general.” Very much like Piper, he tries his hardest to hide his embarrassment, to no avail. Once he falls, he seems to have a streak of clumsiness throughout that day. Relentlessly tripping, falling, and running into things. 

Curie: “Piteux, madame!” Curie is quick to regain her senses and pull Sole off the ground, questioning many times if she needed any medical assistance. She doesn’t want her lovely Sole to be in pain. 

Dogmeat: Dogmeat lets out multiple barks and licks Sole’s face in a silly yet cute way

Hancock: Hancock smirks and peers down at Sole, “I could keep you here forever,” She, of course, has a huge crush on Hancock, so she listens hopefully, “lovely view by the way- and feel.” He chuckles and removes himself from Sole, promising himself to never wash those hands again. 

Nick Valentine: “Shit, sorry, doll.” Nick crawls backwards and stands up, when he pulls the smiling Sole from the ground, she slips and falls into his chest. This leaves her wrapped in his arms and staring up at him in a daze. Nick feels his cooling fans failing to do their job as he gazed into her eyes.

Strong: Strong would fucking crush her. 

X6-88: “My apologies, ma’am.” He regains his stature and continues on with the mission they were continuing. 

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wait pls tell me about the homoerotic subtext w sam i haven't been watching and i need 2 know

oh boy howdy yeah so usually all the queerbaiting on soopersnatch happens to dean, right? and dean is pretty much always paired with men while sam is paired with women, which is explained here

well this season it seems like the writers are focusing heavily on sam and his character development, and there have been a few incidents where the queerbaiting has been more directly connected to him than to dean.

in 11x04, sam has sex with a woman, flirts with a different woman in a gas station and then talks to dean about wanting something with someone who understands the life they lead. the important thing here is that it’s been an incredibly long time since we’ve seen sam even show the slightest bit of interest in a woman. the fact that they’re highlighting him wanting a relationship makes it seem like they’re maybe eventually going to give sam a love interest? so, like, the idea is now planted in my head and i can’t stop thinking about it.

also in 11x04, sam tells cas to go to his room to watch netflix. in 11x06, we see cas lounging around in sam’s room (even lying on his bed at one point)


now, if cas had been doing these things in DEAN’S room, everyone would’ve lost their goddamn minds. but because it’s sam we don’t think anything of it, right? wrong. the idea is now planted in my head that sam doesn’t mind a male friend practically living in his room.

in 11x08, we meet sully, sam’s imaginary friend from when he was a kid. 


sully obviously cares about sam very deeply and is openly affectionate toward him. now of course that has to do with the fact that sully probably still sees sam as a little kid and their bond is therefore in no way romantic, but i found it interesting that spn decided to make all the imaginary friends adults instead of children. it was almost as if they cared more about how we perceived adult sam interacting with sully than how we perceive kid sam interacting with sully. if sully had been a child, then the line, “so now you and sully are, like, back together?” would’ve been super weird. but because sully is an adult and sam is an adult, the implication is that he and sully were together together. of course, sam doesn’t go on the defensive about it until weems asks, “how old are you?” as if to say it’s inappropriate for sam and sully to still be “together.”

sam responds, “what?”

weems asks, “how old are you?”

sam answers:

again, everyone (me included) would’ve shit themselves if this kind of interaction had happened with dean.

aaaand finally, in 11x09, lucifer comes back. i personally don’t ship sam/lucifer and most samifer shippers i know were really pissed about the sam/lucifer scenes last night, so please don’t take this as evidence for that ship. BUT as i said at the beginning of this post, we usually get dean paired with male characters while sam is paired with women. last night, we had this:


juxtaposed with this:


in both of these situations, sam and dean are in not so great positions with people that are using sexuality as a weapon. buckleming’s terrible writing and completely out of character lucifer aside, this is a rather deliberate move to parallel dean with a woman and sam with a man. 

i’m 99.9 percent sure nothing will come of this, but i find it fascinating that the queerbaiting has currently flipped. 

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Hi! I'm not sure if you already posted about your favorite Hunhan/SeLu moments? If you haven't can you post gifs of these and why? Thank you!! The ship's always sailing!!

 Sure, there are many many moments that are favourites of mine, so many that I’d be here for a while listing them all. I generally love every single small moment they shared, whether that be a small glance, or a giant hug. Warning long post ahead-

To start, this isn’t really a moment as Luhan done it often, but I absolutely adore the way Luhan would put his hand under Sehun’s chin, and then most of the time Sehun would turn and smile at him. This was apparently Luhan’s way of checking he was happy, and a way of breaking his sassy bish face. I think it’s just so sweet, and special, and it showed the caring relationship between the two.

 Hehe I think Luhan was tickling Sehun in the gif below. I just like their playfulness too aww.

I love the way Sehun sorta done a sassy smile at him in this one

This one isn’t really the same, it’s more of a comfort looking thing to me? Idk Sehun looked either a little shy or maybe bored, and Luhan thought he’d help out I guess, and try to make him smile?

And never to forget, the showtime one

I would be here forever posting all those little chin holding moments, there many other snaps of Luhan doing this. And this isn’t another technical moment, but I like the way Luhan almost protected Sehun, it’s all in this ask here, so if you want to read it go ahead. This chin thing could be another way of his “protection” thing. But I’m pretty sure Sehun once said he didn’t like his smile, so maybe Luhan disagreed and this was his way of making Sehun show his beautiful smile.

My absolute favourite, and most heartbreaking favourite moment has to be Luhan’s last concert with exo, 21/09/14. Here’s a basic run down of all the glances and other things, and a lot of things happened in the song moonlight, mostly glances, but I just feel like that song is now their song for us who ship them, here is things about moonlight. Now getting on to what I was going to say (I’m sorry I got carried away lol), my fav moment is when Sehun watched Luhan’s last solo with exo. The others went to change, but Hunnie wanted to stay and watch. The staff were fussing around him, sorting out his hair, giving him water etc, but not even for 1 second did he take his eyes of his hyung. Now we don’t know exactly why he stayed, but he probably knew this was the last time he could ever see his hyung dance in real life, and Luhan had fallen over earlier too, I think Sehun was very concerned about him. Maybe Sehun didn’t want this moment to ever come, but it did and he had to make the most of it, maybe that’s why all the glancing happened too?

See how he just didn’t look away, it just hurts. I feel like when you have to say goodbye to someone you love some people find it easier to try to stay away from them so it isn’t as heartbreaking, maybe this is how they felt on this concert, but Sehun just needed that one last proper look at him.

Again, this technically isn’t a moment either, but I love the fact that they both still wear their cartier bracelets. Luhan wore his recently in his newest mv (the one for the fans), and Sehun constantly wears it. I guess this could count as a moment? Sehun didn’t wear his cartier for a very short while, but we found out why after, it was because the poor boy had a cut where he’d normally wear it, and he’d been wearing the cartier over it. I guess he took it off because it hurt, love hurts right?

I feel like it’s their way to remind each other of their friendship. They obviously don’t speak as much (not saying they don’t because I believe they do maybe?), but this will remind them. Maybe sometimes they look down at their wrist and smile remembering the other? Luhan also has a ring, and I’ll take even longer explaining it, but here is an explanation. I once saw a pic and Sehun had a ring too, but I didn’t save it /urgh @myself/ And remember when the fansites brought them both necklaces with “H” on, and they both wore them? I just find that so cute, and it just shows how close they are, because if they weren’t they may not have worn them?

My last favourite moment is when they went to the noodle shop together. And then a year later Sehun uploads a selfie of him on the road of that noodle shop, and Luhan uploads a selfie looking real emo, and people will say it’s a “coincidence” just like 520 was a “coincidence” *sigh*, like some might be but stuff like this happenes a lot a coincidences don’t happen that many times. I believe they plan stuff like this to make us all cry real tears of Jesus. And this idk how true this is, this is just a rumour, so don’t take it seriously but it has the pics of the instagram updates too, read the post here. This probably isn’t true, but yeah. Anyway, here’s the pic from last year

I know they all went out with other members and blah, but it’s the same for other ships, their moments going out would be the most special one to you. But what makes this even more special to me was the whole instagram pics a year later. 

These are my absolute favourite moments, and I’ll just post a few of my fav gifs of them together.

And I found my fav audio post of them and that’s here, and I also really liked the moment where Sehun got a tad jealous over Luhan and Chanyeol, here.

As I said I generally like all their moments, but idk those (not exactly) moments are my favourites. And remember this is my opinions on a ship that I ship, and it’s completely fine to not ship it, just don’t hate/shit on things that make others happy 

This moment pretty much sums up one of the main reasons I’m in love Bonenzo right now:

Bonnie is free, she’s having fun. She’s flirting with a very attractive guy because it feels good, maybe she’s even got a little crush. She’s doing what many women her age would be doing. And why not?

In the present timeline she’s not in love with the guy nor does she have any expectations of what this will become - I mean the guy is pathetically hung up on another woman. Does Bonnie, in this moment, want a relationship? I imagine it would be nice but I think after a crappy few years (or is it year?) which included months trapped alone in a prison world loosing hope, some fun/flirty/sexy times with a guy she doesn’t see herself getting attached to might just be what she needs (remember her conversation with Caroline?).

Clearly as we see in the future timeline, however, somewhere over the course of three years flirting and fun turn into something more.

That hint of a smile right before she runs to him, the way he’s concerned for her and calls her “love”, it’s kind of beautiful to me and is the reason why I ship it and the possibility of what it could become.

Because this is what I see (or rather the potential that I see):

Two broken people who have had a shit ton to deal with over their lives (I mean dude was held prisoner and experimented on for decades, has constantly been abandoned by people be cared about/thought cared about him, lost the woman he loved while Bonnie has lost her whole family, her mother abandoned her, her friends are basically always putting her in situations where she must sacrifice herself, she was trapped in a prison world - you get the picture) finding each other and truly seeing the other person, finding some common ground, no abandoning, no second place, no sacrifices. Being that person for each other that they haven’t had. (Although the story could totally unfold in a different way).

I mean Enzo has to know Bonnie and her amazingness - he saw first hand what kind of person she was while she was the anchor, trying to get everyone back from the other side, including him (and yeah he was kind of pestering her to bring him back but whatever). How deeply she cares for the people she loves.

Take this moment here where Bonnie tells him deserves better:

How many people in his life do you think have said something to him in a genuine way? And this coming from someone, who at this moment in time could care less about the guy.

I have no doubt that when he falls for her he will fall hard. The guy is clearly wanting to belong, to care and be cared for. Can you imagine him finding that? Do you think he’s going to treat that person like crap? (I mean I don’t know what stupid writing choices they’ll make but it makes no sense for him to!!!)

And Bonnie, she deserves to be someone’s number one (her friends - with the exception of Damon - and love interests - I use that term loosely - have never done that). Bonnie is putting herself first and doing what she wants for herself now, which is great, and while something happens to completely break her over the next three years, she’s got someone that’s there for her, she’s not alone! She’s being support by someone, no strings attached (at least it’s what I’m hoping).

Basically this is my long winded way of saying that with so little time spent on them and I’m like 110% in. I tried to deny it, I tried to keep it low key, but I just can’t. The potential of this pairing is just too beautiful for words.

And I know, it’s not going to end well knowing that I went from having one OTP on this show to having two and both of those pairings have a person in common. But then again, I’m still skeptical about the writing here, so hopefully there will be enough fanfic on both sides to keep me happy.

(Gif sources: #1 - @bonneibennett from this set; #2 - @vampire-blondie from this set; #3 - @thefudge from this set - please let me know if you’d like me to remove your gifs)


Reminder that this is what happens moments after he tells Carol, “You hold on”.

Just a few things worth noting:

  • How Daryl initially pulls her close just for the sake of being close. They just survived what should have killed them. Side-hugs are in order.
  • They walked like this for several minutes until they found a place to rest. And yes, it gives me feelings to consider they were clinging to each other that long, injured or not.
  • Most importantly: As he realizes she’s hurt in the 2nd gif, he shifts to support her and she wraps her arm around his shoulder. And this is really significant because it shows, visually, that she needs him and she’s depending on him for support. It’s a physical representation of what he told her becoming a reality.

It’s a step in that direction, which I believe is the first of many to come. :))