i haven't even talked about the few minutes before this part

why do i love him?

less than a week from her wedding, emma swan drafts her wedding vows.

~800 words

Why do I love him?

The words glared indignantly up at Emma from the page as if mocking her.  She let a groan escape her chapped lips and her head slump onto the kitchen table.  The wedding was less than a week away, but she was still ironing out her vows.  She knew Killian would have no trouble with them; he’d been getting excessively philosophical over the last few days, spouting Nicholas Sparks quotes one after the other until she threw the books at him. Somehow, he always knew exactly what to say.

But with her, it was different.  The way she felt when she saw him – the way her heart fluttered so delicately with each rise and fall of his chest—was impossible to put into words.  At least, not into words her father wouldn’t faint at when she recited them at the altar.

She reluctantly picked up her pencil and tried to begin her list.

Because he makes me grilled cheese for breakfast.

He made practically everything for breakfast, in fact.  Except pancakes.  Those were her specialty.

Because he’s there for me before I even ask.

That one sounded deep. She put a star next to that one.  

He’s a good kisser.

He was good at more than just kissing, she noted to herself.  But her parents might not necessarily approve of an in-depth study of her husband’s many talents in bed.  She moved on.

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Tutorial/ Work process

I remembered I promised (back in January, uff) to make some kind of tutorial or work process of this artwork, after some of you asked me.

So, here you go, from the beginning to the end in more or less 25 steps with photos and three short videos and comments :D.

Everything’s under the cut, because it’s a lot.

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1031awesome  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you can make a scenario where aizawa has a crush on the reader but when the reader confronts him about it. You can choose if it ends them together or not. Thank you!

-Hiya, this sounds really cute! ^3^ Thanks for the ask! Let Me Know by BTS and Fake You Out by TOP helped me with setting the mood, so I recommend listening to it while reading ✨-

You could hear clinks and clangs as the workers in the cafe made cups of steaming hot coffee. A book and an empty plate covered in bread crumbs sat on the table in front of you. Aizawa, meanwhile, stared off into the void, his cup of black coffee (no sugar and cream, as he always liked) had lost all of its warmth, but he sipped on it anyways. You looked at him with a concerned look. It’s been ten minutes and he hasn’t said a word or looked at you other than the “hello” earlier.

“..Uh, Aizawa?” you asked tentatively, afraid that you’ll say the wrong words. “You haven’t said anything even though we’re hanging out. Did I do something wrong?”

Aizawa jumped to attention and turned around to look at you with bloodshot eyes. They’ve become a lot more red now. You should remind him to put in eye drops.

“I didn’t intend on ignoring you.” He let out a sigh and set down his cup. Rubbing at his eyes (which seemed pretty painful, but he must be used to it), he turned away to grab his bag for his bottle of eye drops. “I just happened to forget that I was with you for a moment, that’s all.”

You felt imprisoned by your thoughts. Anxious thoughts piled one by one and you wiped your sweaty hands on your jeans. It felt like it was years ago when the two of you had an actual conversation in person.

“I don’t understand at all,” you said. Your brows furrowed in pent-up anger. “Maybe you don’t intend on doing so, but you couldn’t even spare a second to talk to me? Even though I was the one to invite you here for the sole purpose of talking?” Your hands curled into shaking fists.

Aizawa didn’t say anything and stared down at the ground. Tears began forming in the corners of your eyes in frustration.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this, but you’re not the type of person who would willingly ignore someone with no reason. If you are, then I don’t know you. It’s like you’re just a fragment of your old self. I can’t stand to see this anymore. I’m leaving.” You picked up your bag and your book and prepared to leave. Aizawa stood up and reached out to grasp your arm, but you shifted away from him.

“Y/N.. Listen to me,” he said, his face still the stone-cold expression he always wore. “I didn’t intend on ignoring you. That’s the truth. I.. Found myself drifting away from you in fear of something that I can’t say.”

You glared into his red eyes. “And why can’t you say it? Are you that cowardly?”

“I swore that I wouldn’t say it because it wouldn’t be good for us.”

“And doing this right now isn’t good for us either!” you said, slamming your fists on the table. A few customers took a curious glance at you before attempting to ignore the disaster brewing within the cafe. “Tell me, how long has it been since we had a conversation without you cutting it off or making an excuse? If you don’t realize what’s happening, then maybe it’s best for me to leave.” Aizawa’ eyes widened at your statement, then closed.

“I love you.”



“I said,” Aizawa said indignantly. “I love you. That’s the reason why, okay? We’re both teachers at UA and we’re both pro heroes. It wouldn’t work, and there’s a large chance that you’ll reject me anyways. That’s the reason why I’m drifting away, okay?”

Your downturned lips rose up, millimeter by millimeter. You parted your lips to say something, but nothing came out.


Someone clapped, and others joined in. Your face flushed with pink in embarrassment.

“So,” Aizawa continued, “Do you feel the same?”

“I… I do.”

anonymous asked:

i know you ship namo (nayeon + momo?) or just like it? but i'm kind of new to twice ships and i haven't seen much of namo so i was wondering if you could like describe their dynamic or why you like it or something ? thanks

*cracks knuckles* my time has come.

(Disclaimer, this isn’t about shipping, this is just my take on their dynamic and why I like it.)

Honestly, (in the kindest possible way) Momo’s a little slow - she attests to this herself, and moreover she’s extraordinarily innocent, and this is largely what defines her relationship with Nayeon.

Firstly, Momo is Nayeon’s #1 victim. No members of twice can be easily fooled by Im Nayeon, no one except Hirai Momo. (There’s an actual 4 minute video out there somewhere of Nayeon tapping Momo whilst she’s not looking and not getting caught, and Momo is utterly clueless. And let’s not forget the ice cream incident in TEPL). Whilst any other member would have probably kicked back at Nayeon’s antics by now, Momo hasn’t. I think it might’ve been Chaeyoung who once said that Momo gets teased a lot by the Twice members, she’s slow but she has a lot of humility, she takes everything on the chin and doesn’t mind being a victim if it makes the other members happy - and no one finds teasing funnier than Nayeon.

Nayeon’s a little clueless too, (the upside-down knife incident, believing her crisp packet was broken because she was holding it the wrong way up, going months using slow 3G on her phone because she forgot to switch on her data), but she’s mature in ways Momo isn’t. She’s over a year older than any of the other members, and has said before that she sees it as her responsibility to look after the youngest members - particularly Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, and I honestly believe she puts Momo in this category too, despite Momo being the third oldest. She doesn’t baby Momo like she does the maknaes, but Nayeon definitely coddles her, and whilst she’s the first to tease Momo, she’s also the first to protect her. Ever noticed how whenever Momo has an incident, (wardrobe malfunction, accident, etc.), Nayeon is the first by her side, (I can literally name five instances off the top of my head alone). This could be a coincidence, but, think back to a few weeks ago. Whilst rehearsing for TT on a poorly designed stage, Momo almost tumbled right off the side which surely would’ve left her with a bad injury had it not been for Nayeon’s quick intervention. A few days later, Nayeon revealed that she was able to get to Momo in time because she knew that Momo was close to the edge and that Momo “takes big steps” when she walks, and ran over to Momo because she thought her shout wouldn’t be heard over the music - Nayeon knew Momo would hurt herself BEFORE the girl even moved.

Furthermore, whilst she occasionally likes to faux-rebel under the influence of the likes of Jeongyeon, Momo’s naturally obedient, and I think Nayeon especially appreciates this within a group who love to ignore the authority of and mock their ‘eldest unnie’. Momo values Nayeon’s opinion higher than most, (remember when Nayeon off-handedly once said Momo would suit short hair and now Momo won’t stop talking about it), to the point where fans have taken to calling Momo “whipped” by Nayeon.

I like to compare Nayeon to Tinkerbell - she needs applause to live. In the nicest way, she’s a narcissist, she needs compliments and affirmations to survive. And what does Momo do best? (“I like you both ways” “You’re so pretty I didn’t even see the flowers”). Momo doesn’t compliment people selfishly - she doesn’t do it to receive compliments in turn, or to gain favour, it’s genuine, she probably doesn’t even really think before she says them, and that’s probably what makes her ‘flirting’ even more effective. And Nayeon adores it.

Their 'game’ is actually one of the similarities between them, next to Sana, NaMo are probably the second and third best flirts in Twice, (snake line ftw), and neither are strangers to skinship or affection. Whilst their attentions aren’t most frequently turned to each other, (like Sana to Dahyun), when they are, Nayeon and Momo have some of the best (gayest) moments in Twice history. (Remember in TEPL when Momo was giving Nayeon a massage and then just started backhugging her instead and they lay there cuddling? Iconic.) They also play really well together, I think parts of their personalities, particularly their senses of humour, are actually quite similar, (I’d vote them both Most Likely To adopt and raise a family of plushies). They both have fake maknae tendencies in different but equal rights.

Ultimately whilst they can both be slow and flirty, Nayeon’s mature and protective where Momo’s innocent and trusting, their similarities and differences compliment each other equally. That’s why I like them.

Also, one time they just skipped out on filming Twice TV3 to go on a beach date together. Just saying.

littlesnorlaxx  asked:

Can you do a drabble for "what's the matter sweetie","I haven't slept in ages" and "you can't banish me! This is my bed!" For Sigurd? :)

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

Sorry for the wait! It’s my first time writing Sigurd, hope you like it, sweetie! Thanks for requesting 💜.
Warnings: pregnancy, feeling neglected, fluff.

Being pregnant was harder than you initially thought. When the older women explained it to you, they usually talked about the good aspects but always clouded the negative ones.

Even if carrying Sigurd’s child was a dream coming true, the missing piece completing your happiness, you couldn’t stop yourself from cursing at your husband when pain took over your brain and made it difficult to think straight.

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anonymous asked:

matsubro's having a crush, and when they first compliment their crush, they start blushing and actually crying. They're really embarrassed, and they apologize a bunch of their crying, saying that they haven't been complimented in a while? (haha tbh i cried when someone gave me a compliment. It was really embarrassing)

Osomatsu: He is absolutely shocked by the revelation, and his first instinct is to burst out in a loud “What?!”, followed by a vaguely comprehensible “Are you sure about that?! No one?! Not even once?! What does ‘in a while’ mean?! Months?? Years??”, until he reaches to the conclusion that everyone has their eyeballs somewhere else and that he has lost faith in the entirety of the human race. He even gets a little sidetracked, afraid that this mentality might be the first sign of him getting old, before realizing that: 1. You’re actually crying. 2. He might have said too much. Whoops. He’s trying his best to cover it up with some lame excuses, because, you know, you’re “super cool”, he was just distraught because he doesn’t get how such an “amazing person” wouldn’t ever get complimented, you see, he means it in a totally “BFF” way. He doesn’t know how to calm you down or console you without exposing it (any further) that he has an (obvious) crush on you, so he just keeps chanting “please don’t cry, it’s okay” until you stop.

Karamatsu: Goes stiff like a statue and wishes he was dead. He hurt the person that was the most important to him… he’s such a monster, a guilt guy, everything he touches perishes…! He doesn’t even have the courage to face you anymore, he must go and live his life in complete loneliness, far from civilization so his sinful hands would stop bringing misfortune upon everyone he loves…! Which, in Karamatsu language, means vaguely something like he sucks at comforting crying people, and genuinely doesn’t know what to do and how to do it to not mess everything up. He will eventually ask if you’re okay, but don’t expect anything coherent from him. He will try to cut back on the compliments, which is… admittedly a hard thing to do, but, if you’re lucky, his desire to not make you cry ever again will probably help him drop the ridiculous rock star attitude way earier and get a bit more casual around you.

Choromatsu: Doesn’t understand why you are crying at all, not even after you’ve explained it to him, but despite his confusion, he tries his very best to make you calm down. Offers a bajillion tissues and maybe even pats you on the back lighty once he finishes his internal monologue about calculating the risks involved with said hazardous move. He asks if he shouldn’t compliment you then, even though he was just stating facts and meant no harm whatsoever, but for you, he’d be willing to adjust his “bad parts”. Looks like this nerd is completely misunderstanding everything that could be misunderstood. Bless his soul.

Ichimatsu: Very much like Karamatsu, he freezes up and goes completely silent. Not only he is too socially awkward to be able to react to the situation properly, he’s also very embarrassed, because he did something extraordinary like complimenting you. It was probably an offhandedly muttered compliment, but the fact that it meant so much to you puts an enormous weight on his shoulders. Once he regains his nonexistant composure and is able to talk again, he asks you firmly to “stay right there”, and a few minutes later he’s back with a bunch of cats in his arms to put around you in a comforting manner. Cats have always made him feel better, so there’s no way it wouldn’t work for you.

Jyushimatsu: His expression suddenly goes super serious as he lifts an arm to wipe your tears away with the sleeves of his hoodie. He smiles at you with his usual, goofy smile when he notices you have stopped. “Why would you cry from that? I was just telling the truth!” he pats your head affectionately, but don’t let your guard down, he will most definitely start randomly chanting any of your good traits that come into his mind while he’s walking, and expect it to become a habit whenever he’s around you.

Todomatsu: He is a little shocked at first, but quickly recovers, and apologizes in a cutesy fashion, inviting you to a coffee shop or some other quiet place where you can “talk about it”. Obviously he sees this as a chance, but even though he might be teasing you from time to time (”Hmm, what should I do~? I felt like it would be appropriate to tell you a compliment, but how am I supposed to do that now~?”), he secretly feels really bad for you, and is also cursing everyone in his mind who had the chance, but decided not to say anything nice to you.

Elemental (Calum imagine)

Summary: You decide it’s time to return a few of Calum’s things

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, heartbreak, a touch of swearing, sadness

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: There’s a breathtaking piece of dialogue that I took parts from (x) because it inspired me to write this. I also took inspiration from a Justin Bieber fanfic (which I managed to forget the name of) and certain areas of that inspired some of the weather-related metaphors. I was in a sad mood, hence the angst. This is how I imagine it’d be in the months that follow Calum cheating.

Originally posted by muketastic

“Y-You need to take this.”

Tears prick at your eyes but you bite back the urge to rub them, knowing that the moment your fingers touch your leaking slits you entire demeanour will begin to crack, slowly releasing the tsunami of emotions held behind them.


Calum stands in the doorway of his apartment, bleary eyed and static. His wavering glance lands on the box held between your fingers.

“I can’t have all your shit hanging around anymore,” You reply, thrusting the cardboard into his unprepared hands, only to be greeted with the noisy clatter as the array of objects plummet to the ground. 

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LadyNoir July- Day 6 Foggy

This is pretty long. Like over two pages. I went a tad overboard.

Still going strong on this month, and it’s nearly been a week. 

Anyway, this is a reveal fic, hope you enjoy.

She really should have left by now.

The sun was rising in the distance, the streets slightly foggy from the winter weather, and Ladybug wasn’t even home yet.

To top it all off it was a school day today.

However, the look of Chat snuggled up to her was too much when she had woken up, and she couldn’t bear to leave him alone asleep.

“Chaton, time to wake up,” Ladybug sang softly, playing with his hair, and tiding it up a little.

It was then, that it hit her.

As Chat stirred, everything became clear. It was like a sunrise after an age of endless night. Her mind was suddenly clear from the fog that hung around her vision.

Chat’s eyes blinked open, showing the green, she was all too familiar with. Much more familiar with than she had ever realised before.

“Uh, Bugaboo, you okay? You aren’t mad I fell asleep, are you?” He asked, worried as Ladybug was staring at him, getting pinker by the second.

It was then she suddenly stood up, dusting off the dust that had not settled on her, and was looking around almost frantically.

“N-no, I’m fine! I mean, I’m fine but you’re great- I mean, it’s great you’re awake.” She rambled on, “you’re awake which is good. It’s good that you’re awake, I mean you should have slept at home I bet it’s not as nice out here as it is in your home.”

Chat laughed, and rested his hand on her shoulder. “It’s fine Bugaboo, I enjoyed spending all night with you, although, school is going to be a killer today.”

“Y-yeah, school, I’ll see you there Adrien!” She quickly yo-yoed away before realising her mistake. Her double mistake.

She had a) confessed to knowing his secret identity. Which could mean anything, except it would totally make her look like a stalker, and b) confessed that they both went to the same school.

Ladybug was suddenly very nervous.

Hopping down from her balcony as Marinette, she started thinking.

“Oh god, what if he doesn’t like me. He likes ladybug but I’m not Ladybug I’m Marinette. He’s going to find out about my crush on him and then I’m doomed. I’ll probably get so flustered and trip over something and accidentally kill someone. Tikki I can’t go to school today! Or ever again!”

“Marinette, it’s okay. You are Ladybug, Ladybug wouldn’t exist without you. I’m sure you’ll be okay.” Tikki nuzzled into her face.

“Thanks, Tikki.”

A few hours later, Marinette made it into her classroom, surprisingly early, with two cups of coffee in hand.

Even though it had taken her forty-five minutes to choose her outfit.

“Hey girl, nice outfit. Chat Noir inspired?” Alya checked out her green top, and black jeans.

“Wha-? Oh, yeah. Chat Noir.” She sipped on her cup.

Alya chucked. “Didn’t get much sleep last night?”

“Try none.” Another sip.

“Woah girl, I know you’re passionate about designing, but sometimes you’ve gotta take a break.”

It was then that Adrien walked in, only today he had also gone for a change of outfits, sporting instead a black shirt with a red with black spots pocket.

Marinette was about as red as her Ladybug outfit.

“Agreste, loving the new look.” Alya said, nudging Marinette, “right Mari?”

“Oh yeah, t-that’s a great shirt, is it Ladybug inspired? It probably is that was a silly question.” She rambled on again, then stopped herself with a big gulp of coffee

Alya didn’t seem to notice she was acting a little weirder around Adrien.

Adrien did seem to notice how much different she was acting, and her copious amounts of coffee.

The fog had lifted for the both of them. At last, they saw the goddamn light.

“I-uh, thanks, Marinette.” He smiled at her.

“N-no problem.”

The bell went, the rest of the class that wasn’t already there came shuffling in.

A break came with mercy. Alya had been bugging her non-stop about Ladybug and Chat Noir’s patrol last night, which only made her more embarrassed and worried.

“Hey, uh, Marinette? Can I talk to you for a minute?” Adrien asked.

“SURE.” Marinette’s anxiousness had come bursting out of her, in the form of yelling. “Oh, s-sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”

An arm clutched hers. “All. The. Deets. Now go!” Alya pushed her towards Adrien.

They both stood slightly awkwardly in the corner, not really knowing what to say.

Marinette was the first to speak up, with courage she didn’t think she possessed. “So Chaton, enjoy your nap this morning?”

The result was two people who looked like they could rival the Ladybug red.

“I-uh, so it is you.”

“Yep. Little old me.” Marinette scratched the back of her neck. “I hope you’re not… disappointed.”

He looked shocked. “Disappointed? I could never be disappointed in you, my lady!”

“Really?” She looked up nervously. This had been part of the reason she hadn’t shown her identity. She was waiting for the rejection, rejection which wasn’t coming.

“Never.” He grinned. “So, while I’ve got you here, did you want to go on a date… sometime?”

“Definitely, Chaton. Tonight, nine? I know a good place that sells ice-cream late…” She tempted.

“It’s a date then,” he grabbed her hand as he always did as Chat, and kissed it. With his signature grin, he looked into her eyes.

The world was a little clearer.

Champagne - Jack O’Callahan

Originally posted by lovethebruins

Inspired by Champagne from In the Heights by Lin Manuel Miranda. Many of the lyrics from this lovely song which is a favorite of mine are woven into the story. If you are also a Broadway and/or ITH fan, go ahead and send me a message to chat.


“Jack?” you asked on the other side of the door to his apartment. “Jaaack? OC?”

“Here!” you heard him before he opened up the door. Your best friend since freshman year standing there in the doorway in jeans, socks, and an Aerosmith t-shirt, his long-ish blonde hair tucked covering his ears and his blue eyes shining. “I’m here. Hey. What’s going on?”

“Nothing, nothing.” you said. “I just happened to be around and realized I needed to talk to you… And I got you a present. Had to go downtown in order to get it… Doing anything tonight or right now?”

“Oh, uh…” he said, looking behind him and back to the apartment’s living room. “Packing up and cleaning. Why?”

“Oh.” you mumbled, keeping the bag in your hand carefully hidden behind your back. “You done for the day? It’s getting kinda late.”

He smiled and shook his head. “No way. I have to leave tomorrow morning for Colorado and I’m not done yet. Set it off for a bit, I guess.”

“Oh.” you said again, looking at the ground. “Sorry, I just um… Well, I thought we could make your last night in town for a while something good. You know?”

His eyes jumped a bit. “Oh! Uh yeah. Sorry, I was just about to take a break anyways. I’ve been just sorting stuff out before putting it back. I was just packing- packing. Know what I mean? You can come in. You did go into downtown Boston in summer to get this present after all. I guess that’s what’s in the bag behind your back.”

You smiled as he stepped aside and let you in. “That actually is exactly what’s behind my back. Well…”

“Well what?”

“I figured, before you board the plane, we should celebrate a bit. And I remember the deal we made in freshman year.”

He smiled back at you. “First one to actually make something of themselves owes the other a drink.”

“Exactly.” You pulled the bag out from behind your back and opened it up. “So.. I owe you a drink. I would consider trying out for the U.S. Olympic team is a pretty big deal. Especially since I know you’re going to make it. And I figured that big sports stars drink this stuff, right? Not the best quality, but it’ll do for college kids. So, it works.”

He stared at the bottle in your hands before taking it himself and looking at it. “No way.”

“Yeah.” you grinned. “Cold champagne.”

He marveled at the thing. “Damn, (Y/N), the bottle’s all… You went and got this for me? Us? Wait, how did you get this?”

“Jack, I’m 21. I’m not a baby. And I saved up a bit more than just for average beer and bar money.” you joked. “Go ahead, Jacky. What’re you waiting for? Pop the sucker.”

“Right. I don’t know. Fuck wait, did I pack the cups? Do I have plastic ones? Wait, are the cups even clean?”

You shook your head. “No matter, Jack. I’m not a germaphobe and neither are you. Tonight, let’s drink it straight from the bottle.”

Jack smiled at you again and looked around the top, picking at the foil.

You felt a sudden bolt of courage. “Jack?”


“I…” You took a breath, “Jimmy told me what you did for me… Asking your parents to be my final reference point for my letters to grad school… Jack, that’s honestly the sweetest thing anyone outside of my family’s ever done for me.”

“It was no problem-”

“It’s a really big deal for me, though.” you blurted. “And you know that. You’ve heard me ramble about wanting to become a teacher and go to grad school and stuff since we were eighteen and scrawny freshies roaming campus like lost puppies… Is there anything I could say or do to repay you? It feels like I owe you something.”

“(Y/N), you don’t owe me anything.” he swore, still fiddling with the foil. “Well… unless you know how to get this gold shit off.”

You smiled and helped him tear off the foil from the neck of the bottle and grabbed his keys which had a bottle opener key chain on it in order to help with the cap. “There… Jack?”


“Um… Before you leave town tomorrow, do you wanna go take a walk down by the river or something? Go get breakfast?” you noticed him then struggling with the cap. “Jack, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. “ he assured. “I’m just trying to open it. The cap’s being weird and maybe an edge of it is broken, but I’m gonna open this.”

You rolled your eyes. “Jack, lemme see it.”

“No, I got it.”

“No-” you sighed. “Jack, just drop it, okay?”

He looked at you with confusion before setting it down on the coffee table. “Sorry, I just… It’s been a long day.”

You shrugged. “I figured… um…”


“You oughta stay.”

You looked up to see his face, eyes squinted a little, searching your face for the possible punchline of what was maybe a joke and his head cocked a bit to the side. “What?… Uh… Very funny, (Nickname). Come on, you can tell me what’s up.”

“I’m… I’m serious.”

His shoulders dropped once he realized it wasn’t a joke. You were completely serious. “What are you talking about-”

“I’m just saying… I think maybe some things can just.. wa-”

“Wait?!” he exclaimed. “(Y/N), I can’t wait on this! This is my chance! And, (Y/N), you’re leaving too! Don’t act like it’s just me!”

You scoffed and started to get pissed. “I’m just moving a few blocks to be closer to the school! I’m not moving too far! You could take a subway! And you’re leaving the state for maybe even ever and I may never get see you again!”

“(Y/N), what are you trying to say-”

“You get everyone addicted to your charm and now you’re going to leave and go play hockey and forget about us and me and off you go!” you shouted. “Jack-”

“(Y/N), I don’t know why you’re mad at me!” he shouted back to retaliate. “I thought you were happy for me! About all of this and shit!”

“Jack, don’t you get it!?” you groaned. “I am happy! And… And.. Goddammit, I wish I was mad!”

His face softened a bit. “What? (Y/N), what?”

Your body moved before your mind could react. “Fuck it.”

And before you knew it, your lips were planted firmly on his.

Jack completely froze for the minute it happened. He was just about to have some kind of reaction until you pulled away.

His eyes looked soft and sad. “(Y/N)…”

You looked down, knowing what he meant. “I get it… I have to go, I… I’m just too late”

“(Y/N). (Y/N), wait-”

You had already marched out the door feeling heartbroken before he could finish and hurried to the elevator.


It was a couple weeks later.

You hadn’t talked to Jack at all since what happened. And he apparently didn’t want to talk about it either since he hadn’t even tried to call your house. It was probably also due to hockey camp, if he was still there, but the kiss and stuff likely also played into it.

You regretted everything. Why couldn’t you have just shut up and been normal? He’s not into you and sees you just as a friend. That’s what you should have just expected after being one of his closest friends after 4 years. It’s not like he was obligated to like you back because he just wasn’t.

Now, though? You screwed up everything. Your entire friendship was probably toast and it was going to take a miracle to fix it.

“(Y/N)!” your heard your mom call downstairs. “Sweetie, there’s a call for you!”

“Coming mom! you replied before getting up from where you’d been lying on your bed and marching downstairs to the kitchen to get the phone. “Hello?”


You were stunned to hear the male voice from the other line. “Oh.. Uh.. Hi Jack.”

“Hey. he said. “Um.. We should talk.”

“Yeah. We should.” you replied, slumping against the wall with every possible swear word you knew running through your head. “How’s the camp?”

“It’s great.” he confessed. “And I.. I made the team.”

“Really? Jack, that’s great! I knew you’d do it! I’m happy for you. I mean that.”

“Thanks, but,” he sighed, “it’s not why I called. (Y/N), we need to talk about what happened. And I don’t have a whole lot of time since I don’t want to hike your phone bill up a mile.”

Your heart dropped. “Oh. Okay.”

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I… I just guess I got carried away and I’ve been so focused on making sure I make the team and that the Hawks call me up so I can start that I… I forgot other important stuff. And I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry.” he repeated. “I miss you and I… I like you, okay? Kinda a lot and for a while. And I just want to make sure this all goes right because it means a lot to me, but so do you… (Y/N), I don’t want to do this if I don’t have your support. This is my dream, but you’re a part of it too. And I’m sorry if I didn’t hear you out and if I was a dick. I’m sorry.”

“Jack, It’s okay. You weren’t the only one who was a dick.” you assured. “And… Jack, you should always know that you have my support. Especially now. I couldn’t be prouder of you and I know you’re going to do great. I really like you too, Jacky.”


“Yeah.” you smiled. “I am and I do. I really am proud of you and I know you’ll do great. I was just afraid you’d leave me in the dust while you run off doing great things and being a pro and you’d forget. I was afraid.”

“So was I.” You could hear his smile through the other line now. “I’m not anymore, though.”

“Me either.”

“Okay.” he said before staying silent for a bit. “I gotta get going. One last question. Be mine? And do you want to go out sometime when I go back?”

You smiled. “I’d be honored.”

“Great. Thank you. I gotta go. Take care, (Nickname).”

“Bye Jacky.” you grinned before hanging up and going a small, bouncy happy dance on the kitchen tile. No one had to know that last part, though.

Funky at Heart

Series: Overwatch
Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat/Lúcio) 
Rating: Teen
Words: 1485
Other notes: College AU. Very free form drabble thing. Jamie tries to make sense of his feelings and goes around things in mostly the wrong way. Thankfully Lúcio’s patient with him.   

———* ———

“Let’s go somewhere.”

When he’d said that to Lúcio, the older man had looked at him quizzically. It was a fair response really: Jamison might have been one for spontaneity, but usually it was for things like let’s have a firework show or let’s grab bubble tea or possibly terrible ideas involving alcohol. It wasn’t usually something so vague. But of course, Lúcio – patient as ever – just offered a smile as he saved his work, “What you mean Jamie?”

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Code Name: Shellhead

Universe: 1872

Rating: G

for the @capim-tinybang​ // based on @cazdraws’s lovely art

It was a quiet night in Timely. The stars were on full display up above, and had it not been for the oil lamps strung up around the still-open establishments — the tavern, for one, and the general store — the town would be cast in near pitch-blackness. Even a breeze swept through, pushing tumbleweeds down the main road, offering a reprieve from the usual sweltering mid-August heat.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, your blog showed up in my RikoMoriyama recs. Would you be willing to be willing to answer a few questions and do you know anyone else on tumblr who would have an interesting opinion on that character (maybe someone we haven't heard of/from yet?) there are only a few blogger who talk about him. Thx! xoxo

Hi <3 I’m really glad to see this message because I could talk for hours about Riko (and every character in this damn book tbh)(but we are here for Riko).

We’ll start with the recs. I think you can ask @kitshunette as she draws Riko a lot. Probably @still-waiting-for-godot too. Maybe @queen-of-perplexity ? Not sure at all.  @shihoran already talked about him for what I know, but I don’t know if they received this survey. (Edit) And just as asked, @coldsaturn and @ booksareourlove too. Annnnd I’m sorry I think I have no more names, and they’re not really people nobody heard about before. But if someone read this message and wants to talk about Riko/answer those questions too and all, don’t hesitate to show up <3
(long post so everything’s under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

A sappy prompt because I am sad: I'd really love to see Alexei surprising Kent at the rink during an Aces practice after they haven't seen each other for a while (maybe conflicting roadies, crazy schedules, w/e) and Kent just dropping his gear and running (skating?) to him. Perhaps this could even continue the trend of poor-Aces-rookies-didn't-know-and-suddenly-find-out? Anyway I really love your writing and I hope this isn't too much to ask 💜

“Hey.” The rookie turns to Troy mid-stretch in question, only for Troy to draw in closer and whisper, “Jeff told me to tell you that Tater’s coming in like, maybe 10 minutes. He’s told everyone else, but I think he missed you because you were in the bathroom or something. Jeff’s gonna keep Parser distracted, but yeah, if you see Tater, don’t make it obvious or you’ll ruin it.”

“Okay,” he says. He’s only been on the team for a short while, and as much as he hates to admit it, he can barely keep up with the nicknames flying back and forth amongst the veteran players. His boyfriend, Sam, still back in Maryland, never lets him forget it, chirping him lightly every once in a while of how he flubbed with his name on not just their first date, but also their second date. Tater’s probably one of the older Aces; he thinks it’s the one with the scar down his face. “What it is, like shaving cream on a towel prank kinda thing? Parser’s gonna be pissed.”

Troy squints, then shakes his head like he’s confused. “What are you talking about?” he starts to ask, but Kent and Jeff walk in then, skating towards the rest of the Aces. “Hey, Parser.”

“Hey,” Kent says. He seems slightly glum today, but he settles on the ice and starts stretching.

From behind Kent, the rookie sees Jeff check his phone discreetly, throwing up two fingers and mouthing something to Troy as he used his other hand to vaguely gesture towards the door. He sees James, another teammate, come down the rink then, and the rookie stifles a grin, thinking of the last time they pulled a prank on a teammate, but that smile falters somewhat as he notices someone else—a tall man in a white shirt and jeans—trailing closely behind James. James is holding a guitar instead of a towel and shaving cream, which makes no sense, unless he’s planning to bash Kent over the head with it, which is somewhat alarming. The rookie is about to make a comment about it to Troy, but as the two of them carefully sneak onto the ice, the rookie’s mouth drops as he realizes that the second guy is definitely not a teammate. 

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preview 3/4: the foster kid!au

i didn’t exactly have a proper name for this one besides “surprise new ambreigns thing” in my documents, so i mean - whoops. i explain a little bit of what’s happening, enough to get the gist, right out the gate, so no need for a preface. enjoy!

@rollinlikereigns @sabrina-the-champ

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anonymous asked:

If youre still taking requests, I would love one where Shika and Tema are getting pep talks right before their first date. Like the do's and don'ts. You can choose who would be giving them the pep talk. And in the end, they find they haven't need the advice given to them.

I had so much fun writing this and so I hope you all enjoy the first post I’ve written on here in ages. Hope you’re all having a lovely day/night and like to hear about Temari and Shikamaru stressing over nothing :)

Enjoy some good ol’ ShikaTema, guys! 

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .


“Sakura, are you sure about this?”

“Of course I’m sure! Don’t get so het up about it—it’s just a date.”

Temari winced as she looked at herself in the mirror, floaty black dress hanging elegantly at her sides and hair tied not in her usual ponytails but tightly back into a neat bun atop her head at the request of the pink haired girl beside her.

As much as she had wanted to protest, Sakura had insisted the minute she took a step through Konoha’s gate that she would stay with her. Maybe she’d known that only a few hours later, out of nowhere, Shikamaru would turn up at the door.

His hands were deeper in his pockets than ever, his gaze set on the dust on his boots. Those dark eyes held no emotion or interest, even when they lifted to meet hers. As the question tumbled out his expression did nothing but lift a little, but when Temari stuttered out a response she was certain she saw him smile as he saluted and slumped away.

Now here she stood, dressed up more beautiful than she ever thought she could be and tugging at each strand of hair that knotted at the back of her head. Staying here was undeniably pleasant but grew awkward enough the minute she explained to Sakura why she would be out tonight. As she’d dreaded the girl had grabbed her by the shoulders and insisted that she helped her get ready.

It was mostly out of sympathy that Temari agreed. She knew the younger girl was popular with the men she spent time with, but never seemed to get what she wanted or what she deserved. This torment was for her sake—or at least that’s what Temari told herself.

It’s just a date…

Her fingers still twisted and tucked beneath the many blonde strands, trying desperately to loosen the painfully tight pull on her scalp. “Can I please take my hair out of this thing?”

“But you look gorgeous,” whined Sakura, rubbing on her arm comfortingly. “Just leave it as it is and Shikamaru will be blown away.”

“Shikamaru’s never blown away by anything,” she shot back, skeptical.

Besides, she wasn’t sure she wanted to blow him away. A date was something she’d only been on twice before; one of which was an information retrieval mission while the other was just to pity some man Kankuro befriended, so she had no idea how to act or what to do.

Temari was never particularly fond of romance. She’d grown up with parents who never showed much affection to one another until one of them was lost from the land of the living. On top of that she’d been brought up to be fierce and strong, fighting a battle in her own mind every day about her youngest brother and the expectations that came with being the Kazekage’s daughter. Romance and love that was anything but platonic played no part in her life: there just wasn’t time.

During her later teenage years she was confined to the battlefield, watching man after man run, fight and die. She’d taken control, stood beside and behind those she cared about whenever they needed her.

A war was the last place for love, her father had once told her, but looking back it seemed the place that needed love most.

Now the world was at peace and so many things had occurred—more than just her brother’s face-paint changing drastically. Maybe it was time, she thought, for a change.

But change, to Temari, was scary.

As she sat down, yanking on the stumpy, block heel of the shoes she had deemed most appropriate she started to think harder about what she was doing, about dating and about Shikamaru.

What was she mean to say and do when she locked eyes on him? What topics of conversation were suitable? What did she do when they went their separate ways?


She looked up, eyebrows raised at the younger girl. “Hmm?”

“Do you actually like Shikamaru?”

As the words were processed it began to sink in that this was a question she hadn’t answered to herself yet. She liked him in the way that she trusted him—he was a valuable asset to her village’s exchanges and communication with Konoha. Not to mention he was a fine shinobi and a strategist to more then match her own abilities.

Yes, he was admirable, but was also the sort of person who drove her insane. Then again, the more she envisaged his face and build the more she wondered if the parts of him that weren’t frustrating outweighed the parts that were. He was incredibly handsome after all…

“I don’t know,” replied Temari truthfully. “I’ve not really thought about it.”
Sakura smirked. “Well, I’m sure you’ll find out. You’ll smash it tonight. It’s just like any other date.”

Which wouldn’t be a problem if I had been on any real dates.

Regrettably Temari did little more than hum in response, letting her head hang as she slowly fiddled with the buckle of her heels. Not that she’d want to admit it, but she was panicking. Her hand were shaking as she fumbled with the strap and her lip was so tight between her teeth she was worried she’d soon taste blood. She really didn’t want to screw this up.


I guess that means I do like him… she reasoned.

“Temari, are you alright?”

Isn’t that just fantastic? Now I’ll be more embarrassed when I ultimately make myself look like a fool.

“If you don’t want to go then you don’t have to—”

“How do you act on a date?” Temari’s voice was sharp but somewhat quaky, a big difference to the strong defiance Sakura usually saw from her.
Sakura’s eyes widened. “You mean you’ve never—”

“No, I’ve never been on one; not a proper one,” she interrupted. “See, I don’t know if I like that him or not, but clearly it’s enough that I agreed to this. I don’t want to do anything wrong.” There was a pause as she got to her feet and crossed her arms self-consciously across her frame. “What do I do?”

“First off,” Sakura smiled, “do you feel comfortable in yourself? Do you feel beautiful?”

Temari frowned. “Well, I’d like to take down my bloody hair but you won’t let me. Otherwise…I guess so.”

“Don’t let me push you, just do what you want.” Grinning, the pink haired girl pulled her friend into a tight hug, reaching up on tip toes to not be dwarfed by the blonde. She rubbed her back comfortingly and gave it a light tap. “You’re the lady out there so you make sure he knows that. If he doesn’t treat you like you expect then that’s not your fault—it’s all his. Secondly, get some prolonged eye contact in there to steam things up a bit—”

“Sakura,” she sighed. “I don’t want steamy—”

“—but no obvious smouldering glares because they’re scary. Make the most of your gorgeous legs and make sure he takes notice of how hot you look, Tem. He’ll drool! Oh, and also touch his hands as you walk. Little touches, you know?”

Temari rubbed her hands together and let out a tremendous sigh and she nodded.

No, she didn’t know. She had no idea at all, but she’d try her best with that advice anyway.

“Please do explain why you’re now the champion with women?”

Chouji frowned, laughing in hope his friend might lighten up for a minute. “Like I said: last week I got a waitresses number at the barbecue restaurant.”

“And so that makes you a champion?”


“Well, excuse me if I miss out on the dumb food related pick-up lines, Casanova. I’ll stick to my normal self,” groaned Shikamaru, running his hands through his hair and trying to put it up for the eighth time.

“You mean complaining at everything you see and hoping things work out so you don’t have to chip in.”


“You don’t get how dating works, do you, Shikamaru?” Chouji grinned.

No, but he did know that’s not how dating worked. The whole deal of taking people expensive places and paying more money than he had on a lump of rock was hardly his style and was way too troublesome for him to jump on the bandwagon of. However, he knew he had to make some sort of effort.

Then again he hadn’t decided where he was taking her or what they would be doing. He hadn’t booked a table at any restaurant or planned out a route around town or anything to do.

It’s not dark yet, he noted. I suppose we could watch the clouds…

“Please tell me you at least know where you’re going to take her?”

Shikamaru coughed and rubbed his eyes.

“You don’t know, do you?” It seemed as though Chouji’s eyebrows had disappeared from his face they were so raised. “Shikamaru, you’ve fancied the crap out of her the last year; the least you can do is try. Do you want to be with her or not?”

“I don’t fancy her,” his friend replied stubbornly, clearly lying through his teeth. “Even if she is beautiful she’s bloody irritating.”

“Why did you ask her out then?”

He paused, staring at himself, hopelessly gaping at his reflection in the mirror. “I honestly don’t know.”

Chouji slapped his friend’s back, the impact’s shock shuddering through his body and shaking his bones. If the young man wasn’t already inwardly quaking with his nerves he was now at his friend’s supposedly comforting touch. He stared at Chouji’s eyes in the reflection, and the cheeky smile that he harboured in them. God, how he wished he felt that upbeat and happy about the whole situation—if only he could make a joke of it all. Instead here he was, doing all he could to keep his expressionless face from falling into the same worry that was giving him a headache.

“Let me give you some advice, alright? A pep talk if you want to call it that,” said Chouji, smiling brightly. “Just treat her right. Pay for whatever she wants to drink or eat, make sure she knows you’ve got her covered and that she can rely on you…just treat her!”

Shikamaru’s stomach dropped and his brow grew tight with a frown. That didn’t sound like a good idea to him at all and seemed just the opposite of what Temari would want. After all, it was clearer to Shikamaru more than most that the woman definitely did not need to rely on him. She was strong and quick-witted, and although he was smarter with ease she still put up an incredibly fight, giving him a real run for his money.

Still, as much as he disagreed, he didn’t want to argue. He nodded. Confrontation was too much work, especially when you’re already stressing out. “Sure.”

“Seriously,” added the larger young man. “And make sure you use pet names; stuff like sweetheart, honey, babe, sweet thing…”

“Sweet thing? Are you trying to get me punched, Chouji?”

He smirked, giving Shikamaru’s ponytail a ruffle and pulling it out once again. As his friend huffed and went to fixing it once again he tapped his shoulder laughed. “Thank me later, man. Have fun.”

But Shikamaru wasn’t thanking anyone except her for agreeing to spend her evening with him. Still, even then he couldn’t manage to out the hundreds of words that flooded his head. “I don’t fancy her,” he had said.

God, had he lied.

As she made her way towards him down the steps of Sakura’s home, the genius felt like the village idiot. One look at her in that black dress made him forget everything he’d ever known and his entire vocabulary vanished at the sound of her firm voice saying, “Evening,” as a blush grazed across her cheeks. He knew his face would be the same. His dark eyes wandered about her figure in a way they never had anyone’s before, spending an age just climbing the beautiful sun-kissed curves of her legs.

“Hey, you know what they say, right? Take a picture and that.”

He snapped out of it, physically shaking himself out of the light-headed haze her sheer beauty put him in. Scoffing, he crossed his arms. “Not my fault you don’t scrub up too bad.”

“You’re the reason I had to scrub up,” she teased, biting down on her lip.
He froze. Jesus, how much did he want to bite that lip himself?

Oh, grow up, Shikamaru. Say something sensible.

“Um, yeah. Well, babe, are we ready to go?”
 Temari raised a brow, clearly unimpressed. She didn’t say a word, unsure of how she was meant to respond. Although she didn’t mind the word word ‘babe’ it was safe to say that it seemed Shikamaru looked uncomfortable getting the word out, leaving her heart thumping a confused, unsettled rhythm.

As she nodded, the young man began to drag his feet along the path. He walked slightly ahead of her, giving her a clear view of him leading the way to wherever it was that they were going. Shocked as she was at his choice of names she wasn’t at all surprised at the appeal of his stature.

His hands were buried deep into his pockets and his shoulders were relaxed—not hunched, just not straight up, covered by the dark high-neck shirt he always opted for in casual hours. It wasn’t tight by any means but was fitted enough that it showed his protruding shoulder blades and clung to the muscles on his arms. The definition she could make out and the level of his fitness shouldn’t really have surprised her. Even if he was lazy the man was still a ninja, and one who could fight on and on if he really had to.

The dark hair that was pulled into the messiest of ponytails was beginning to come loose, dancing on the back of his pale neck. For some reason Temari couldn’t help wishing that she could grab that useless hair tie and set free the hair. She wanted to run her hands through it and feel each strand between her war-torn fingers with the hope that his gentleness might soothe the aches and heal the scars.

“So, where are you taking me?” she asked, her voice low and somewhat sultry. ‘Steamy’ is how Sakura had put it, making it sound a lot more innocent than it really was. What is was seemed a bad idea.

If Shikamaru wasn’t blushing at her provocative tone then he must’ve been at the gentle grazing of her hand on his. As their knuckles clashed for a mere second as he pulled his left hand from his pocket to point in response to her question, he felt himself overheating and hoping it would happen again.

It did; again and again as they made their way to their destination and even after that. The only piece of helpful advice she’d been given being successfully put into play.

“Oh, and Sakura told me that I had to show off my legs because they were hot and that’d make you drool.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m drooling, but it’s true you scrub up alright.”

They sat on a park bench—Shikamaru with his legs crossed as he tapped on the sides of the empty noodle packets in his lap. He smiled, giddily watching Temari stare up at the sky night. She was lost in the patterns of the stars, wispy bits of stubborn blonde hair falling from her bun as the breeze wormed it’s way through.

Over the course of the evening the pair had opened up. It really hadn’t taken long for them to adjust, throwing aside all the strange and frankly unhelpful advice that their friend’s had given them. They washed it away with the cheap wine Shikamaru bought on their way to the park, blurting out almost every word they’d been told to the other one.

There was a lot of laughter. A beautiful beam plastered on her face; the handsome curve of one corner of his mouth never left, only growing and growing throughout the evening.

Temari laughed as teal met brown for the hundredth time that night. “What a charmer you are…”

“It’s true.”

His head turned a little more directly, eyes focussing on her like a camera lens. Everything but her was a blur to him; unimportant and lifeless in comparison. Time slowed as he raised his hand to her cheek, his fingertips gliding up her face and into her hair. One second his finger was hooked around the tie that constricted her blonde locks, the next it was pulling up and out.

Waves cascaded—a golden waterfall across her shoulders, drenching his hands in it’s precious touch. The band snapped, but he cared so little as he smiled the realest smile Temari had seen on his lips.

“You’re very beautiful, if a little intimidating…”

Blushing, Temari pressed her hand on top of his. “Don’t try and flatter me, Nara.”

“Is it working?” he teased.

It is, she admitted inwardly. “I think I’ll need a second one of these meetings to decide on that.”

Shikamaru chuckled. “Oh, really?”


“If we have to,” sighed the lazy man. “Just don’t expect anything fancy.”

“I won’t, believe me. I know you too well. You’re damn lucky I expected nothing more than crap takeaway noodles tonight anyway…”

Once again she bit her lip, whispering her last few words as she leaned in towards Shikamaru. He could feel her breath on his lips and waited with baited breath for the capture of her lips on his. It was tantalising torture, all proceeded too slowly even for the man with more patience than anyone he knew.

“You’re such a tease, you know, sweet thing,” he said with a smirk, wondering what one last jokey attempt of his friend’s advice would do.

Temari pulled back, groaning. “Never call me ‘sweet thing’ ever again in my life or I swear I will punch you right between the eyes.”

Not Doomed to Repeat Them

**Speculative fic inspired by a whole bunch of Season 5 spoilers**


“Fuck. Fuuuck!” Mickey sings out, arm slung around Ian as they stagger back to the Gallagher’s. “I might be drunk.”

“Might be,” Ian agrees, laughing right along with Mickey. He has a few nicks and bruises from the little scuffle they just got into at the bar, but Mickey’s definitely worse. His knuckles are all bloody, and a trickle of red keeps appearing on the side of his face no matter how many times he swipes at it.

It’s all right, though. Ian will fix him up as soon as they get home. Fix him up and then fuck him good.

‘Cause he’s feeling great right now. Energized, excited. Really fucking happy. He has Mickey and everything is amazing. They can roam the whole Southside together, terrorizing any assholes who’re looking for a beating. And they’ll win. Every time.

“Up the steps, Mick. Come on.” Ian urges him forward as they reach the porch.

“I’m not that drunk, man, shit.” Mickey bats his arm away, but he’s still smiling— his full-on happy smile, not just one of those cocky smirks.

So Ian matches his smile and they stumble through the door, straight into a living room filled with people.

Silence reigns abruptly, and everyone stares up at him. Fiona, Debbie, Carl, Lip—wasn’t he supposed to be headed back to college?—Kev, V, even fucking Svetlana. A trio of babies gurgles in a playpen nearby, but they too seem unusually quiet.

Ian’s smile fades. “Uh, hey guys. Didn’t think you’d be around.” He unzips his light jacket and turns toward Fiona. “Didn’t you say you were going to V’s tonight?”

The house was supposed to be empty. Empty and his—his and Mickey’s for the night.

“Yeah, I did say that. Which is kinda why I figured you’d be coming here.”

Her large brown eyes are even larger than usual. Dark circles fall like shadows underneath them, and the white parts are tinted red.

Ian takes a step back. “What’s going on?”

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Breaking Point

Summary: How much were you willing to sacrifice?

Words: 3k

Warnings: language

Originally posted by whereisuniq

The call went unanswered for the fifth time. Letting out a sigh, you placed your phone face down on the table and went back to the pizza that your friends had been enjoying without you.

“Maybe he’s busy,” one of them warily offered.

You simply shook your head. By now, you knew that was not the correct answer. The first few weeks into your relationship with Namjoon, you had been so proud of yourself for not bothering him like some crazy girlfriend. His career left little room for conversations over the phone, and you got that. But little by little, you caught onto the little things that he posted on his social media, and finally learned that sometimes, he wasn’t just “busy”; he was busy hanging out with his friends.

When you first stumbled upon his friends’ twitter and Instagram feeds, noting the various pictures they’d put up of earlier that night, you assumed that he only went out to relieve the stress of the day. Of course, his job demanded a lot from him, both physically and emotionally, so a little down-time with his friends is to be expected, right?

But when he started spending less and less time with you (at this point, you were lucky to see him once or twice each month), you started wondering if this was what you were going to end up with: a man who came home just enough for you not to forget his face, but never enough for his scent not to fade before he returns again.

Sometimes you wondered why you didn’t see this sooner, this indifferent, distracted glance that only reached your body for mere seconds before finding its way back to his thoughts. The warmth of his touch left quiet trails on your skin, evaporating into the icy air breathed down your neck as his hands settled on your hips and his eyes were elsewhere—confused, perhaps, but always out of focus. Maybe you did see this earlier, but chose to ignore it because you fell for the dimples and the sweet smile, and the crisp locks and the great manners. They tugged your heart past your eyes and when you finally noticed, you’d already gotten used to the dark.

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When You Haven't Had Your First Kiss Yet (Zelo Scenario)

You tighten the grip you have on your cellphone, as if squeezing the life out of it will make him text you faster. You look down at it once more, just in case there’s a new message. There still isn’t one, which you already knew because the phone didn’t ring. Well maybe the ringer is broken, you reason with yourself. You’ve been sitting in the lobby of the TS Entertainment building waiting for him to text you. When you talked to him earlier, he said that he would be there around 1. Now it’s 1:20 and you are getting more nervous by the minute, though you were already nervous. Zelo has a way of making butterflies appear in your stomach with just the mention of his name.

It doesn’t help that the last date that you went on with Zelo before he left for tour ended rather awkwardly. You both knew that it would be the last time you would be able to be together for a few months, and saying that you both felt the pressure to make that night special is an understatement. Unfortunately, you’re both so shy that nothing happened, though that’s not to say there weren’t many attempts.

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Lying on his side as he is, Tsukishima has a perfect view of the digital clock on their nightstand. “It’s past 8:30 now,” he says.

“Five more minutes,” Hinata insists, pushing his face into Tsukishima’s chest. Tsukishima would pull back, but Kageyama is a warm, solid wall behind him, arm wrapped securely around his torso, holding him in place.

“You’ve been saying that for the past hour,” Tsukishima says instead. “We’re never going to have dinner at this rate.”

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When I Was Your Man

/ / m a s t e r l i s t / /

Luke Hemmings Imagine

Word Count: 1.2k+

Rating: not smut tho

Warning: this is not a normal “happy” ending

Luke swirled his drink with his straw. He clenched his fist around his glass, his eyes darting between you and the hands that were intertwined with yours.

Luke was angry even though he knew he had no right to be.

Never giving you the time of day, there was no doubt why you left his unappreciative ass. He was blind, couldn’t see what he had when he had it. Now it was gone and he wasn’t sure if he could handle it.

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