i haven't even see this film yet

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I know they need their breaks whether working on other stuff during them or not and that s4 needs to be written but at same time i'm extremely eager for them to finally be back together again to film that and they haven't even parted ways yet from this filming. I hope we see them both at SDCC bet we could get some cute things from them there maybe.

There’s always an odd sense of parting when they wrap. I remember it when they wrapped season two as well. I’m going to assume that they both with be at SDCC - it’s a big cost for the studio and they would have both the leads there. There’s also Starfury in August, where Sam and Cait will attend, and we should get some good photos and maybe even videos of the panels. I hunk hat Sam has committed for another fan event, but it’s slipping my mind. It’s going to be a busy break, they might actually look forward to getting back to filming.

Wonder Woman was AMAZING!!!

Minor spoilers for those who may not have seen it yet (nothing plot important).

So I may or may not be going crazy over the Wonder Woman hype right now… That was easily DC’s greatest hero film yet, and I am extremely hopeful that this movie can inspire more studios to make films like it in the future. I LOVED it so much, the action scenes were incredibly well done (even if there was a lot of slow-mo used at points) and that part where she kneed that dude through the window was so BADASS!!! I had to restrain myself from standing up and applauding when I saw that, it was SO COOL AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I think the movie got a bit exposition heavy during Act 2 but all of that changed once they left London, and that first battle scene was where it officially won me over. Bravo Warner Bros, you’ve done good.

And I’ll admit, I did not see that plot twist coming.