i haven't drawn you guys in a while

HEYYYYY so this is just a preview, but for Phichit’s birthday I ended up doing a full comic with fluffy PhichiYuu that turned out WAY more sparkly and shoujo than my usual style >.>;;; I’ll probably self-reblog it a few times tomorrow since it’s day-specific, sorry in advance for the multiple posts! >.<;;

I’d also like to make the initial post earlier than I usually post to get the people on the other side of the world while it’s still the 30th ^ ^;

So the question is, would you guys prefer I upload it at midnight EST (in 4 hours), or make the first post sometime tomorrow morning like 10 AM? Answer below if you have a preference! Thanks! <3

twerkyvulture  asked:

tbh your "horrible" drawings are some of the most inspiring things i've seen. such an expressive style, i love it so much!

thank you vm, they’re genuinely fun to do!!

(if any of y’all want your pets Horribly Drawn, I’m still doing them - toss your beloved animals here)

anonymous asked:

a friend and I were chatting, and we thought of some really interesting pokemon shippings. Guzma/Ghetsis, Lysander/Colress(No clue), StevenStone/Maxie, and Ingo/Everyone. Opinion on these, maybe..? Btw I love your Junkrat/Roadhog pics, they're great

I like I like~~ Lysandre/Colress I’m definitely going to have to do at some point too, and i think I drew one picture of Steven and Maxie already //WINKWINK// Definitely some good ships!! And Ingo getting love from everybody tho :3c loving that as well! Those are some good ideas ♥♥

ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH, I’ll draw some more of them two soon as well~~ I’m just a very slow artist, that’s why it took me so long to answer you aha;;;;


YG Hairstylist vs Big Bang Before The Made Trailer
  • Stylist: Okay guys...8+ years of Big Bang hairstyles...we need to come up with something unique for this comeback. Something V.I.Ps haven't seen yet! GD, let's start with you. You've literally had hundreds of styles & colors, what's else is there...
  • G-Dragon: Sideburns...
  • Stylist: Huh? S-s-sideburns...
  • G-Dragon: Yeah...I want weird drawn-on sideburns...
  • Stylist: Mmmkay...while we figure that out, Youngbae! You got any ideas? No? Well, let's wash your hair & figure it out after.
  • [washes Taeyang's hair, sits him in front of the mirror]
  • Taeyang: Perfect!
  • Stylist: What is? Y-y-your hair? Your wet hair?
  • Taeyang: It's great! You did it again!!!
  • Stylist: Oh...kay...ummm...let's see...Daesung, you're up!
  • Daesung: I want bangs.
  • Stylist: Yeah, but you've had that look already, how about...
  • Daesung: No, I mean thicker bangs...bangier bangs...the bangiest bangs I can have. Bangs so thick...I can't see through them.
  • Stylist: Right...okay...hmmmm...so Seungri, any ideas?
  • Seungri: Let's try going blonde, haven't done that yet.
  • Stylist: Perfect, that's the type of out-of-the-box thinking I've been saying...
  • Seungri: Also, could you match the carpet with the drapes?
  • Stylist: Wait...what? I mean...I guess, but...you know what...let me just finish with T.O.P before I delve into that request...
  • [T.O.P sits down]
  • Bingu T.O.P: Fuck it up, aight!

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I’m so tired but Cap Tadashi insisted on being drawn.

Haymitch learned that day to never let 5 toddlers eat a bag full of candy

After reading @ellanainthetardis ‘s new chapter on the Toddler au I couldn’t resist drawing the little victors (+ Haymitch, cause apparently I like to put him in odd situations xD) so…yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn these children :D I missed them 

I looove this story so much! <3 

Hello, excuse me as I SIN

It’s not wednesday, and it’s certainly not for a special occasion but who couldn’t get enough of pearlapis?

Was gonna crop it so that they’ll only be seen shoulder-up but I couldn’t resist.

You guys keep being you


A few friends were feeling down in the dumps, so I wanted to cheer them up with something silly.

Like Jack and Mark pillow fighting. That’s silly, right?

But yeah, I got to practice painting digitally and I think even after a long while, I did good!! Plus it was fun, eheh.