i haven't drawn this ship in forever


I don’t know how Tada-nii would react to Hiro dating, because Hiro has never dated.  Huh.  Wonder why.


(little note, I’m not an ask blog and I usually don’t take requests either >.<  This was just a cute ask I had sitting in my inbox for a really long time, and happened to fit well with something I wanted to draw anyway ^ ^; Thanks for understanding! <3)


Your support means so much and i’m really thankful ;w;

this ain’t a greek tragedy

greekmyth!au where neji is ares and he’s constantly pestered by aphrodite!ino because she thinks it’s funny how easy it is to rile up the god of war

also because she’s still sort of annoyed that he keeps rejecting her advances because nobody refuses aphrodite okay.and of course they end up together in the end after some conflicts that might or might not involve hades and a liberal amount of wood nymphs

“The Bellwood City Council wants me to remind you guys that none of you should be bringing your dogs to the dog park. I don’t care if they’re Earth dogs or alien dogs, no dogs. No pets, either. And no people. The dog park’s just off limits to everyone, alright?”

I keep thinking about a Ben 10 Welcome to Night Vale AU because I’m trash. Basically Bellwood’s like Night Vale, Ben is Cecil, and Rook is Carlos. More details under the cut.

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