i haven't changed my mind yet

Finished designing a new OC!! i wanted to do something with Taisho flair ^p^ haven’t named him yet and might change his hair color later lol

He’s a nice guy but can be sneaky at times, and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty for what he thinks is a good cause. He’s also super loyal!!

for everyone who plays my otome games, you’ll get to date him sooner or later–


Compiled some rough refs of Grey’s face + some alternate hairstyles. Colours aren’t exact since I’m not using local colour – I’m not really into it unless things really need to be on-model, like for animation stuff. I actually hesitate to make reference sheets like this for several of my characters even if they’re just rough, but Grey is a special case. I’d still use other illustrations as ref though, since it’s not a proper model sheet (and tbh I could change my mind on things haha).

These are intended for others to refer to, but it’s nice to have it out instead of just in my head. Her uneven eyes are most important.

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Who do you want the scenario to be about (Please include band name: Bang Yongguk, genre: smut, plot: you work for TS Ent. as an English teacher for BAP and your having a late night study session where he starts asking the names for things around the room, moving on to touching your body (and his) while asking for the names, leading to sex. (ex: what is this called? touches your nipple, what's this position called?) relationship: You've been dating a while but haven't gone that far yet.



“Can we change things up a bit” Yongguk asks me in Korean and I nod my head.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I will go around the room and point you tell me the name in English and I will repeat it.”

“Okay” I smile “Go ahead and start.

Yongguk nods and goes around the room pointing to certain things, that I know he already knows, but I just let him do what he wants because the sound of his deep voice in English makes him even hotter.

He walks over to me and sits down in front of me. He gives me a little smirk then points to my nose.

I laugh “Nose” He repeats it, then points to my lips and as he does he slowly leans in.

“Lips” I say, but he doesn’t repeat, instead in English he says “I kiss”

Before I can even say anything he pushes his lips onto mine.

The kiss starts out slow, but then starts to get more heated. His hand moves over to my breasts where he squeezes them in his hands and that’s when he breaks the kiss. He pulls my shirt over my head and takes off my bra. Yongguk looks down at my breasts and tilts his head.

“Breasts” I mumble out and he smiles as he flicks his fingers over my nipples.

“Nipples” I tell him and now he smirks and brings his mouth down to my right breast taking my nipple into his mouth. He sucks and nibbles on it occasionally flicking his tongue over it. He then switches to the left breast doing the same thing.

He finishes with my breasts and trials butterfly kisses down my stomach, his eyes staying locked on mine, until he gets to my shorts. He sits up and unbuttons them he slides them off and throws them next to my bra and shirt, then soon my underwear joins the pile.

He spreads my legs and looks in between them, then back into my eyes “Pussy” He says with a smile and I shake my head “Vagina”

He repeats it, then lowers his head down. He licks the lips then spreads them apart, flicking his tongue back and forth against my clit.

I moan out and arch my back, running my fingers through his soft hair. Not wanting this to stop. His mouth working magic between my legs, sucking and kissing all over. I can fill myself getting close and I close my eyes waiting for my climax to take over, and soon it does. My body shakes as I cum, moaning out his name in pure pleasure.

Yongguk sits back up and licks his lips and I know what we are going to do next. I sit up and help him remove his clothes. I start with his shirt and pull it off over his head revealing his nice toned body. I run my fingers down his abs to the button on his jeans. I look up at him and unbutton them. Yongguk stands up and kicks off his jeans then his boxers are next, then gets back on the ground.

He tells me to lay back down and I listen. He gets back in between my legs and positions his dick at my entrance, but before he pushes it in he looks into my eyes.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah” I say with a smile and Yongguk pushes his dick inside of me slowly.

He places his hands on my waist and starts to roll his hips faster, as I keep moaning out his name.

Yongguk changes the position after a few more thrusts. He leans forward, his bare chest now resting against mine and I wrap my arms around his neck. He snaps his hips faster hitting the right spot making my cry out in pleasure and I know I won’t last much longer and same goes for Yongguk.

With a few more thrusts he finally cums and I follow soon after.

Yongguk falls onto the floor next to me and has that gummy smile on his face. “That was definitely the best English lesson I have ever had. I think we should do this more often”

“Yeah” I saw with a smile and move to straddle his lap.

He places his hands on my waist as I lean down, my lips ghosting over his “There is some more things I have to teach you”

So I think I’ve finally settled on what I wanna do for NaNoWriMo this year

I say, fully aware that I’ll probably end up changing my mind at the last minute again

Also fully aware that I have two other projects that I probably ought to be focusing on instead but OH WELL

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Could draw some more Bill? I love how you draw him!

Hi, anon!! ♥ sorry for taking some time to respond— thank you and I’m so glad you like my Bill! My designs have been changing lately but I decided I’m going to settle with this design (if you don’t mind!) 

I whipped up this Bill Cipher with u in mind B) 

I’ll definitely post more Bills (my obsession w/ him hasn’t died out yet hehHEHEuhahaa

DAVE: john, if you’re uncomfortable with this you don’t have to–


colourswapped kids have their personalities changed too right if not then i have made a grave mistake.

based on blackoutballad’s colourswap design!

Your panic! song based on your sign
  • Aries: The End Of All Things
  • Taurus: There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet
  • Gemini: Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)
  • Cancer: Nicotine
  • Leo: Northern Downpour
  • Virgo: Folkin' Around
  • Libra: New Perspective
  • Scorpio: Let's Kill Tonight
  • Sagittarius: That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)
  • Capricorn: Far Too Young To Die
  • Aquarius: Hurricane
  • Pisces: Girls/Girls/Boys

p.s. the idea wouldn’t leave me alone so i barfed this up

Yuri was starting to regret Friday breaks.

It had been his habit to catch up on Transfiguration lessons at the library, eager to advance himself beyond his classes. Everyone knew he was going to be a master; Headmaster Lilia had taken note of his talent herself. Yuri was proud of it; he’d worked hard at both theory and practice. Victor Nikiforov was the top at Transfiguration, and he’d promised to train Yuri once he got moved to Advanced classes. Which Yuri intended to be at, before the start of winter break.

But since the start of the Triwizard Tournament, Victor had become distracted by other trivial things.

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I fucking hate it when I tell people I'm not interested in being a romantic relationship or I could live without it and they throw these stupid phrases at me: you just haven't met the right one yet, you'll change your mind, are you afraid of commitment?, do you have trust issues?, are you a lesbian?, were you raped?, are you afraid of sex? WHAT THE FUCK!! FIRST OF ALL IF I'M NOT INTERESTED, I SAID NO! DEAL WITH IT! I DON'T OWE YOU AN EXPLANATION! MY REASONS ARE NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS ANYWAY!


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I was at my family's house for Christmas, and I forgot my lock screen was of me and my girlfriend, so I forgot to change it (keep in mind that they're homophobic, and I haven't come out yet) so they asked me who it was and I kinda sat there like "ha h a haha ha :)))" kill me

before i was out to my mom i had a picture of emily as my lockscreen and when she asked who it was i said it was a new meme

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yeah the team change is basically definite in my mind. i sort of understand why people would think a switch wouldn't happen until october, but that doesn't explain the ridiculously delayed announcement of the june-october dates. it also doesn't explain why the hell they haven't even announced a third single yet. the way i see it, contract negotiations held up the tour extension announcement and the pass-off is holding up the single announcement. but yeah i think a coming out is likely

2 – for april/may. holy shit that’s a few weeks from now. three years of hell and it might all be over in as little as a week wtf


Can you even believe?

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I don't think people understand how much it hurts my feelings when I explain that I am asexual and their immediate response is "you just haven't found the right man yet. He'll change your mind." I've heard it multiple times and it hurts every time.

the next time someone tries to pull that crap, look them dead in the eye and say “if this man is going to be right for ME, then he’s going to respect me for the way i am and not try to change me in any way i don’t want to be changed. it’s going to be the person right for ME, not the person YOU think is right for me. any man who isn’t going to accept me for who i am, is not a man i ever want to meet because he is never going to be right for ME.”

and if they persist, you tell them you don’t need the influence or approval of some hypothetical stranger in order to be happy with youself. you don’t need someone else to love you in order to validate the love you have for yourself. you are not half of someone else’s soul; you are whole all by yourself and you aren’t going to waste any time waiting on some Perfect Man to come sweep you off your feet, because you’ve got better shit to do. and if they say you won’t ever get a man with that kind of attitude, you tell them that’s exactly what you want

~Mod Q

One of the reasons that I haven't posted any pictures of myself yet

I wonder if my gender, ethnicity, age or appearance would change how my posts and I are perceived.

- Depending on my gender, a post could be seen as sexist.
- Depending on my ethnicity, any posts done on any others could be accused of racism, bias or prejudice.
- Depending on my age I could be seen as an out of touch elder or an ignorant youth.
- Depending on my appearance I could be seen as someone that you couldnt relate to.

Just a thought lol this is why I shouldn’t stay up late.

Anyone else have this thought cross their mind? Be it Tumblr or any other site

If any of these things would change your perception of me, inbox me and let me know (A private conversation. I won’t snapshot our messages or out you, I’m just curious)