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Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose

Richard slung his cloak around one arm. A woman near him looked at his face and gasped, “St Vier!” Now the word was out; people were jostling to see; bets were changing. Even as they pressed back to the walls to give the fighters room, the spectators were agitating; a few slipped out to fetch friends to watch the fight. Newcomers crowded across the open house-front.

Richard ignored them all. He was aware of Alec, safe to one side, his eyes wide and bright, his posture negligent. 

“There’s your third for today,” Alec said pleasantly. “Kill him.”

-Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner

(Ever since seeing this post I couldn’t get the idea of Steven Yeun as Richard out of my head. Also been watching a lot of The Musketeers bbc series which leaves me with Swordspoint on the brain even more than usual. SO… TWO GREAT TASTES…)

Good and bad news

Good news:
Support fixed my issue so I can once more login to my account.

Bad news:
Because I was under the impression I was going to have to wait for 2~4 weeks, I had 21 meme shit posts queued up which took me less time than it takes to Photoshop a single scenery edit. Σ(〃▽〃٥)

anonymous asked:

WHAT DID THEY DO TO BRIANA AND THE BABY THOUGH? Making analyzations for Photoshop isn't abusing someone, and if Louis really is a rich white het boy who really has been a homophobic asshole and impregnated a woman while on a wild partying spree getting high and wasted, it shouldn't offend him. Literally since the beginning of 1D larries have questioned photos. But I haven't seen any larries spreading any of that Briana video shit/Danielle cheating shit. Idk how they were abusive but okay😂

I’m going to answer this in parts, plus I’m on mobile so I can’t link anything, so if any of my mutuals want to link abusive Larry behavior to this post please feel free.

“What did they do to Briana and the baby though”

Simply erasing the baby’s existence is DISTURBING! Refusing to call him Freddie, making jokes about how Louis isn’t excited to have the child, calling Briana a whore, harassing/demanding intimate information about Brianas pregnancy, etc. these are all things larries have done. They’ve verbally abused Briana, they’ve tried to get a copy of Freddies birth certificate? They’ve written countless articles about how “shady” her pregnancy is. They’re erasing her as a mother, they’re erasing Louis as a father. They’re harassing jay, telling her the baby isn’t real. They’ve sent fizzy hate for defending Freddie.

I’ve said this multiple times. Larries love to call Louis “homophobic” if Larry didn’t exist. And it’s not true. He’s not some trashy human being with out Larry. Larries are the one who’ve created this identity for him and it’s so frustrating because LOUIS IS A GOOD PERSON WITHOUT LARRY. Like, Louis didn’t donate millions of dollars to help sick children because Larry is real. Louis isn’t sweet to fans who invade his privacy because Larry is real. Louis didn’t send half his X factor earnings home because Larry is real. Louis did all of that because he’s a good person and larries don’t want to admit that.

Look, if you don’t think larries have displayed abusive behavior then I don’t know what to tell you. Because they’ve done it countless times.

Doctor Who Parallels: Kill the Moon / In the Forest of the Night

epizootix  asked:

Hello ;u; Can I ask for a little tip, please? when you draw, and you have the lineart lines, how do you change the colour of them? So they're like the colours. I've been dying to know from so many people, but sadly, I haven't been able to find an answer.

it’s super easy, friend! no worries

on your lineart layer, just select the opacity lock option!

it’s here in sai

and here in photoshop!

just select that, grab your colour, and then (while still using the lineart layer) draw over it with the colour you want to change it to.

piece of cake!