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Just how long had the Time keeper been out, exploring? It had truly been a lengthy trip. Our good friend had been, entranced. The deep blue of the ocean was absolutely mesmerizing. The way it shimmered in the sunlight. The creatures drifting effortlessly through it. What a wondrous sight..

In many ways the water reminded the Great Blue Clock of its own role. the way it was just… Everywhere, and its incredible importance to the life of nearly ever creature, and despite the fact that everyone knew about it and what it is few really understand how it’s managed. Not to mention, the ocean has a creature, similar to The Temporal Pokemon that embodies the waters much like Dialga embodies time. Although they had never met.

The great creature eventually came across a collection of islands, a shade of green it had never quite seen before. Such lush views, how had it never seen this before? This place was such a far cry from what it was used to.

After a good amount of time circling and drinking in the environment, the Legend took down and landed on one of the higher points on the island, in the largest clearing it could find. A rest was most welcome after all the time it had spent in the air. it settled down and began lazily scanning the flora. So much more was visible from this angle than in the air.

girlintheshire  asked:

So I really love that little music play list icon on your theme and how it's all off to the side and only comes up if you hover on it! I was wondering if you have a code for it/know of a tutorial/are willing to give tips on something similar. I love the idea of having a playlist on my theme but haven't figured out how I want to style it yet and then I came across your lovely little blog. Also, I checked and couldn't find any like questions under your help tag. Thanks for your time! <3

I’m sorry I’m replying to this so late; I was gone away for a while and didn’t have my laptop with me so yeah I hope you haven’t been waiting long for this

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