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After reading your post about fixing Phi, I was wondering, what happened to Laphicet/Maotelus after Sorey went to sleep with him? I haven't bought Berseria yet (I'm waiting for a Steam sale lol), but since I already spoilered myself a bunch, I'm okay with spoilers.

Tales of Berseria (the game) doesn’t actually tell us, but from what I’ve heard, the Berseria novelization starts with the end of Zestiria, with Phi telling Sorey Berseria’s story.  Which is a continuation (of sorts) of the Zestiria manga, where Phi tells Sorey he’ll “tell him a story of the past” in the final chapter before we cut to the epilogue with Epileo.

So I personally like to think that at least part of that time, Phi and Sorey were talking and swapping stories about themselves and the past, and given that Phi loves to explore, and Sorey loves history, I’d like to think they got along super well and by the time Sorey wakes up and rejoins the world, they’re really good friends and are on total first name basis with each other, haha.  Just imagine, Sorey and Mikleo getting into a debate over something in a set of ruins and Sorey just tapping the ground and calling up Phi by name and being all, “Look, Maotelus, Mikleo and I are having a disagreement here about this thing, and I know it was around after you took over as the leader of the Five Lords, so can you settle this debate for us once and for all?”  And Phi indulging him because, hey, he’s just chilling using the continent as his vessel and it’s not like the other Lords are all that talkative so he may as well.

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I last time I weighed myself was 3 months ago (I weighed 162.4lbs) and I haven't been able to weigh myself since so I thought I was stuck at 160lbs but my brother recently bought one so I weighed myself today and I weigh 141.9LBS IM SO HAPPY I FINALLY FEEL LIKE I HAVE HOPE AND I CAN ACTUALLY GET TO MY GW!!❤❤



My dad bought a lighter and my sister told him I’m not allowed to have it. And for like, an hour he teased about giving it too me until he was actually about to give it to me. He asked my sister before he handed it to me, it was immediately a no.

He was like, ‘i thought you grew out of that and the whole sharp metal object stuff’. My sister was immediately with, ‘do not give her a weapon or a fire starter’.

(well.. when my dad was about to give me the lighter, I was thinking about if I could burn all of the leaves on the ground)

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I saw a headcanon that Pickles and Guy Furry are siblings. I am now treating it as canon. They do look alike! (I haven't actually gotten Guy Furry myself, but I bought the vase and hopefully that'll work.)

yessss I also like that theory, also Billy the Kitten and Fred look pretty similiar imo