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slytherpuff relationships 3

Request: Hi! Could you do a hufflepuff (female) x slytherin (Male) but the puff is actually a lot shy at first (when slytherin is hitting on her) cuz she doesn’t really believe that he’s actually interested and stuff, but when she got trust on him she’s very talkative and that type of person whos quiet but could start a revolution if they wanted? Please?

of course hun! ok so this sounds super cool so im gonna do it

  • Hufflepuff is the type of girl who would be the centre of attention among her friends
  • shout to be heard
  • sing and dance terribly or just put on a show
  • but would literally die if she was called to answer a question in class
  • slytherin was super cocky
  • basically the stereotypical slytherin
  • he didn’t hate being in slytherin
  • but he wished his Ravenclaw friends would trust him a little more
  • he kinda liked to flirt with everyone
  • and by everyone we mean 
  • that one Hufflepuff girl
  • at first he started because he thought it was funny
  • talking to anyone other than the people she talked to normally gave her mild anxiety
  • I mean obviously he doesn’t like her
  • he’s just doing it for the laughs
  • ha ha ha so fuckin funny
  • but when she started getting used to his remarks and flirting
  • she would hit back with the most badass comebacks
  • sometimes if she was having a bad day shed just hex him
  • it actually made her more confident in her charms and she was top of the class
  • most of the time the other Slytherins cheered her on for her hexs
  • over time she started to build more confidence in general
  • and the slytherin kind of went from “yeah shes cute I guess its funny how shes all flustered”
  • to “did you see her with that transfiguration charm that was so fuckin cool bloody hell it was pretty hot”
  • they became friends sorta
  • it would be “coincidental run-ins”
  • like “oh I saw you walking towards this hallway and there’s nothing down here except for that cupboard and the library I was not expecting you here whaaaaat so you wanna study together or..?”
  • and shed laugh because ok but I saw you pack up your things super slow so that you could walk out the door at the same time as me
  • so our little puff has started to think that maybe he does want to spend time with her outside of class
  • so she asks if he wants to go up to the observatory later
  • and he’s there 13.45 minutes early
  • but when she gets up
  • she sees him sitting there
  • and hes drumming his fingers on his leg and checking the small time piece he got from his muggle-born friends on his wrist
  • and he’s looking up at the sky and running his hand through his hair
  • and he looks so
  • normal
  • and then theyre sitting there
  • for hours just talking
  • and to his surprise
  • she does most of it
  • and he just listens
  • because this girl has only ever talked to me when I’ve talked to her
  • and here she is telling me about the Great Depression from her muggle studies class
  • and how if theyd just done this then it would have been a little better for all those families who needed to work
  • and slowly
  • slowly slowly
  • he’s falling in love for her
  • this seemingly quiet girl who hexed him every time he told her she looked nice today
  • and the girl who would stumble on her words when he said she looked good in green
  • and the girl who wasn’t able to answer questions in class because her mind just blanked
  • this was a whole new side to the same girl
  • the girl that made him want to start dancing with her when they cheered for the quartet in the painting to keep playing their terribly off-key notes
  • and the girl who watched the owls disappear into the sky before she yelled “I love you, bird!” and then pointed to the owls in owlery “AND YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU! YOUVE ALL WON A TELEVISION!”
  • the girl who stood up during their study session in the library and whisper shouted “I hate this” before walking out
  • the girl who talked for hours about all the time shed spent in muggle London over the break and everything shed learnt
  • “there are these boxes and you can press a button and it saves an exact replica of whatever you’re looking at”
  • “look this is my shoe, this is the ground at one of the parks in London, this is the sand at the beach we went to one time…. im not very good at using them yet.”
  • and the slytherin is laughing because even he remembered cameras from his muggle studies class in second year
  • but he lets her talk
  • because shes just so chatty
  • and theres no way to stop her
  • so he lets her do her thing
  • “A PHOTOGRAPHER! Thats what the little box is called!”
  • and he doesnt even bother to correct her

heres something nobody wants to read about but its been annoying me recently so tough shit: i have so much body hair and im so sick of it. it miserable. its pretty much impossible to manage because it grows back so fast. i wish i had enough confidence to just stop shaving altogether and not care what people think like all those pastel feminist drawings i see on tumblr tell me to but unfortunately its much easier said than done. im fine walkin around my house with sasquatch legs but i hate having to spend a literal hour trying to shave all it off when i wanna go out

  • Aries: "and after that night, the stage will be gone but the effect it had on people will remain"
  • Taurus: "It's about ideas bruh, new ideas, people with ideas!"
  • Gemini: "Listen to the kids bruh"
  • Cancer: "I will die for the art"
  • Leo: "I'm not no politician bruh"
  • Virgo: "we're gonna teach our kids that they can be something"
  • Libra: "Bruh... Bruh...."
  • Scorpio: "I'm confident. I believe in myself"
  • Sagittarius: "and yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president."
  • Capricorn: "'did he smoke something before he came here?' The answer is... yes I rolled up a lil somthin"
  • Aquarius: " I feel like I DIED for the artists opinion"
  • Pisces: *stands in silence for two minutes*

i haven’t posted anything all weekend, so here is a small ike

Literally feel like my head is going to like just explode, I’ve never felt so empty in my life. I feel like Im seriously just floating in life, with no direction , im just like here to fill up space. And as much as I try to do things and push myself towards my goals , I literally feel like my feet are stuck to the ground. And I try to speak to my friends about it, but no one seems to fully understand me because all they see is happy naz , and I feel like since they have never seen me under so much stress , they don’t know how to deal with it or how to address it. Idk if this is making sense, I don’t think it even makes sense to me, but im just venting, I need to get this out, but I feel like Im going crazy . Im 19 years old and I feel like I have not reach any mild stone in my life, even though I have, I’ve become way more confident , but I guess I want more and don’t know how to get there. Its highly frustrating and I guess the reason Im writing this here is because I feel like I give off this ‘I am perfect, I love myself, happy go lucky’ vibe ,but I get mad , I get frustrated with myself, and if anyone could relate and you feel the same way, just know you are not alone !

anonymous asked:

Hi Becca! Today I bought a couple of crop tops, which I've never owned, and I'm so, so nervous about wearing them. I don't have anything that's really high waisted, so whatever I wear them with my tummy's just going to be right out there, and it's not small. I'm trying to get up the confidence and the tops are so cute but that's my least favorite part of my body. I guess I don't know what advice I'm looking for. I just need to get confidence, I guess!

post them here!! try out different combinations and snap mirror or self timer selfies and post them among the other fatties who are showing off what they got.  you’re allowed to wear whatever the hell you want and feel good about doing it.  thin midriff’s are not the only kind that are wonderful.

look at this fat babe.  this is one of the most goddamn beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen and her tummy is out their for the world to see.  it’s soakin’ up that vitamin D, it’s happy and it’s round and it’s awesome.  you deserve to feel like this, remember that<3

(also, I want you to know that it’s okay to take baby steps.  you are in no way obligated to do something that you’re really uncomfortable with.  if you need to wait to wear them, or maybe buy a skirt or something that you feel more comfortable wearing with it, then that’s perfectly okay too!  it’s all about you feeling good and wearing what you like.  just remember that your tummy is a good tummy and that even though there is a lot of negative feelings towards them sometimes, they are not the enemy and they don’t NEED to be hidden away (:)