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Here Comes The General

If you’ve got beef with the tribe of Berk, remember the golden rule: Never, ever mess with General Hofferson.

(fanfic.net) (ao3).

“Here comes the general!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen!”

“Here comes the general!”

“The lady you’ve been waiting for!”

“Here comes the general!”

“The Chief’s second-in-command!”

“Here comes the general!”


Hiccup had a headache.

Not a little headache either, a big one, pounding behind his eye-sockets, and no matter how much he squeezed his eyes shut, he couldn’t get the feeling to go away. All stimuli made it worse – even the tiny chink of light coming through the cracks in the wood made him duck his head and close his eyes. It was the same feeling he’d had as a teenager that time he’d stolen his father’s mead, lost all of his senses, and woken up in a meadow a day later, ashen-faced and swearing never again.

This time when he’d woken up, it had taken him a while to remember where he was: it seemed to take forever for the fog in front of his eyes to clear, and even when it did he hadn’t recognized his surroundings. The rough burn of rope around his wrists and the gentle bobbing back and forth were clues, but it wasn’t until he’d heard the scratchy voices in front of him that it all came back to him.

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Freakin’ gay.


So, WHY.

Why do people make awesome people gay JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT. I mean, seriously PEOPLE?!?!  The Sherlock fandom is RUINING my Sherlock experience. The Bucky fandom is RUINING whatever I liked about Bucky. I wanted to see something awesome. I did. I watched a bunch of marvel. I watched a Sherlock episode. Then I called myself a fan, JUST TO REALIZE HALF THE OTHER FANS THAT EXIST LIKE TO MESS WITH EVERYBODY ELSE AND RUIN IT ALL. 


I have ONE consolation. The HTTYD fandom has yet to ruin my experience. I LOOOOOVE HTTYD and all that stuff, but thank Thor I haven’t seen any gay stuff there.



So I’ve gotten to watching trollhunters, and I’m about 13 episodes in, and let me just say…so far I’ve found this infinitely better than RTTE.

I love HTTYD, and my love of HTTYD led me to watch the loopy homage to it known as RoB/DoB/RTTE, which I enjoyed (smartly keeping it at armslength), and my enjoyment of said ‘loopy homage’ led me to give Trollhunters a shot. I also heard there were little httyd shoutouts riddled about. I figured: hey, another cute, albeit trivial, show to have on in the background when I art and whatnot. Hell, I was already sorta turned off by yet another ‘noodly, kind-boy with a crush protagonist’.

Nope. A consistent, new story has arrived. Great characters. Great “villains” and I gotta put that in quotes because they’re all fleshed out, well-motivated individuals on a grey-scale. It’s an animated show with more heart, more imagination, and more character dynamic than half of what’s playing now. I am honestly impressed so far. GO WATCH.

Predictions/thought for RTTE S3


-There will be four seasons in total, so we won’t get full blown Hiccstrid until the end, but we may see progression in their relationship as they seem closer in S2 than S1.

-Dagur let Heather escape and returned her dragon to her in what was his version of an emotional attachment to his sister and seeing as Heather treated him nicely or at least nicer- despite everything that happened- he may form a temporary team-up with the riders to get rid of the hunters. 

-Fishlegs makes remarks about Heather and her skills and seems more concerned for her, like third ranking concerned after Hiccup and Astrid. They may be hints of Fisher or Heathlegs, not sure what the ship name is for them, but that may be disbanded to link with the canon Snotlout-Ruffnut-Fishlegs triangle in HTTYD 2

-There have been a couple of connections to the books in S2- Snotlout and Hiccup fighting, Snotlout making remarks about the so-called future chief, etc. and Viggo’s use of ‘Hiccup Haddock the Third’, as well as Hiccup beginning to doubt himself ‘I’m not perfect’, he’s messed up and he knows that, but he’s angry, he won’t want the others to fight with him, not if they got hurt because of him. This will put his future-chief-leadership skills to the test. This all links back to the books in different aspects so expect a few more links. Besides, Viggo did say he would slaughter every dragon alive, ‘there were dragons when I was a boy’. 

-Character development- There has been ALOT of this in S2 and I have loved it so much, I’m sure you all have too. But we never saw Astrid’s family despite all the screen time she got this time around. There’s the auxillary team, Heather and Dagur, Viggo (obviously). He’s a new character and he’s an instant villainous success because he has outsmarted and unnerved Hiccup, none of which Hiccup’s previous rivals have managed to do, at least not to this extreme. 


-Night Furies- I remember reading somewhere that we may get more information of your beloved species- maybe Toothless will find where he came from, the real version of the Isle of Night. 

-We may also have a musical episode, I would pay to see that. 

-This Viggo business may span through S3, so S4 is likely to be the finishing touches and such, maybe introduce a few more dragons- Gobber is yet to get Grump after all. The flight suit is still in the making, we are yet to see Hiccup’s fire sword and obviously we need Hiccstrid closure. They are set to be married in HTTYD 2, ‘that’s my future daughter-in-law!’

-Possibly/ HOPEFULLY HTTYD 3 foreshadowing, it could happen (maybe)

-Hints at Valka

-Stoick impressed with Hiccup’s leadership skills ‘cos we’ve all enjoyed watching that.

-I’m hoping Hiccup will punch Viggo in the face. And that Astrid is watching because he’s more open about her and such- kind of need her to be pleasantly surprised at the force Hiccup can pack into a punch. Did you see him pushing off that big dragon hunter dude in The Zippleback Experience? He may be our Hiccup, but he’s strong alright, stronger than others expected. 

-I kind of want to see the other riders try and set Hiccstrid up, I can just imagine the twins being… the twins :P 

Feel free to add anything!! 

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Hey. What are your thoughts on the whole idea that Astrid had a crush on Hiccup at the beginning of the first movie? That's not even my personal headcanon, but I know that some people think that...

I have seen the arguments for it, too, and some of them are pretty well-supported. I think they are cool and fun to read. One common thing I have seen people point out is that Astrid watches Hiccup closely throughout the entire movie even before the two of them ever have a friendly conversation. Her facial expression sometimes seems hurt or sympathetic as she watches lonely Hiccup trudge away.

I do not hold the headcanon she has a crush on him at the beginning of the movie, though. I think she feels sorry for him at times. She is curious and baffled about what he is doing. There is the potential for the crush to develop. But that does not mean she loves him yet. Individuals can be sympathetic, concerned, and curious about another without being in love.

In the second half of HTTYD 1, Astrid is someone who does not do a great job showing love when she hits Hiccup or yanks him into a kiss. She is young and still figuring out how to interact with a crush. However, it is obvious that she is in love with Hiccup toward the second half of the movie. It is also obvious when she is determined, angry, upset, or bored i the first half of the movie. Astrid does not seem to hugely hide her emotions. What emotions she shows on her face and what she says aloud are pretty straightforward. This is consistent with all of HTTYD 1, Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, Gift of the Night Fury, Dawn of the Dragon Racers, and HTTYD 2. If Astrid feels an emotion, she shows it, and we can tell what it is without too much effort.

I think if she loved Hiccup at the start of HTTYD 1, we would see more signs of it. They could be small, maybe easy to miss, but they would exist. We would see subtle glances when they are in the same vicinity. Instead, at least as far as I heard her body language, she seems genuinely disinterested in him. When Hiccup says, “It’s just the two of us,” in Dragon Training when they fight their first Gronckle, she seems to genuinely dismiss him. This is not avoiding a crush due to awkwardness or being unable to handle her emotions around him (after all, young crushes can lead to people avoiding the person of interest from inner nervousness, not knowing how to act, etc.). But Astrid does not seem to be hiding anything in that response. She stares intently but not too intently at Gronckle… so she’s just focused on the task at hand, and that’s what’s important to her.

The stupid teenaged boy trying to flirt with her is not what’s interesting. In fact, she treats both Snotlout and Hiccup the exact same way in the Kill Ring when they hit on her. They try to schmooze, she pays attention to the Gronckle, and bounds away from them. Astrid never has a crush on Snotlout. And she treats Hiccup as she does Snotlout here.

She’s even got the exact same face.

There is zero evidence at all here she regards Hiccup differently.

But man both of those infatuated boys’ faces are adorable.

Later, she does not seem to hide anything when she pushes the Dragon Manual toward Hiccup, announces, “Read it,” and walks away. I think this is genuine disinterest in his company, not a girl who does not know how to either handle or show her crush.

She sympathizes with him and casts sad glances at him at the start of the movie when others treat him poorly, but she’s not interested in being with him.

The love comes later. Interest itself develops later. Her curiosity grows in “See You Tomorrow,” and that’s the first time Astrid seems to look at him with more than either anger or pity. I still would not call this a crush here, but I would definitely state that it’s an important development of how she feels toward him.

The crush is most undeniably consciously cognized later, whenever it actually develops. It trickles in - a little during “Romantic Flight,” though that scene is MUCH more about her appreciating Toothless and the dragons than Hiccup - and then, like lots of crushes, the emotions hit her all at once. The seeds of potentiality suddenly burst, and what we get is a crush emerging in the Cove scene. She realizes she loves Hiccup that night when he admirably says he will stand up to protect Toothless. And it is at that moment that she punches… and then kisses… him.

She plays with her hair a bit between punching and kissing him. She sort of successfully hides her crush when she hits him (which could support the “long love” argument, maybe), but she fiddles with her hair before kissing Hiccup. Astrid shows her heart. She is a little cumbersome about it and it leaks out without her realizing it. I think more would have leaked out sooner in subconscious hair touches or the like had she been in love sooner. It’s not just the fact she’s suddenly expressing her love to Hiccup after hiding it that makes her do the gesture. It’s simply her dealing with loving him now.

There’s one last moment I want to bring up: a hysterical but revealing deleted scene called “Axe to Grind”. Hiccup could be wrong saying, “Astrid wouldn’t come near me if she was on fire and I had the only bucket of water in town.” People often misperceive what their crushes think of them. But Astrid appears completely unamused with Hiccup when she realizes this scrawny apprentice is going to be working on her axe. Look at how she sizes him up at the start - she is reluctant to even give him the axe, clearly finding him wanting. That is not exactly the sort of action expected for someone holding a crush - regardless of whether or not she was trying to hide it. I don’t think she’s hiding it. She just doesn’t have the feelings yet and actually thinks Hiccup is a bit pathetic.

Astrid also seems disinterested in Hiccup for much of the conversation. She is a little interested when he talks about the Night Fury, but she seems skeptical about Hiccup’s war machine designs. She outright throws one blueprintn away when she finds out it’s not like an axe where she can hold it. It’s out of her fighting style, it’s out of her interests, and Hiccup scores no points there. Her talk is at least casual, but it’s pretty filler, too. She WILL come near to Hiccup even without being on fire, and she doesn’t hate him at the start of the film (she’s not even angry with hi because he has not shown his stuff at Dragon Training), but I don’t think she considers him something special.

Dean DeBlois’ comment about Hiccup being in love with Astrid at the start of it also makes it sound one-sided, in my viewpoint.

But here’s the one area I really wish were animated because it could actually destroy my entire argument and throw this analysis out of business. Is that another bang brush she does in 4:43? That… that could definitely mean something.

I won’t deny it.

Tadaaaaaa, I am revealing the weakest point of my argument!

As I see it, at least, her interest in Hiccup is piqued when he rebalances the axe. And that could and does lead to the development of a crush after many more events. I don’t think it’s a crush yet, though. It’s a seed. And it’s very, very, very much a non-growing seed for much of the movie. In other events, that seed might never have been watered and she never would have loved him. People who briefly feel a little interest or attraction to another person do not necessarily develop a crush on that individual, after all, but could lose interest in the next three days. But as it turns out, Astrid did end up falling in love.

And it works so well out for the two of them I have no doubts whatsoever they’re going to get married.

All in all, I can wholly understand where the arguments for her loving Hiccup the entire time come from, and I have no problem at all with people thinking that. This is just my standing on the issue. Astrid’s interest and feelings of Hiccup develop throughout HTTYD 1, but her emotions are not internally strong or clear enough until halfway through the movie for me to define them as a crush. Astrid falls in love with Hiccup later in the movie - not when HTTYD 1 begins.

HTTYD Deleted Scene 1

- not mine! -

Don’t know if you have seen this yet but Astrid pretty much gives Hiccup a pretty good view of her behind. But it was on purpose ;) #pervstridalways 

Ah, haha! Oh yes, I’ve seen every deleted scene to ever deleted scene in this franchise.  Hopefully there’ll be more for the new movie :3 what am I saying of course there will be

This is one of those scenes that just points to Hiccup’s physical attraction. That he’s fourteen and lustful. Not that there’s anything wrong with it—it’s a part of his age, and character, and sexuality.  It’s just a sweet highlight of his character.

The other one shows Astrid’s father.

You can get all kinds of sweet info from deleted scenes :)


So it’s been a couple of weeks, every single day when my mother comes home from work (or college) the first thing she says is: “Hey, honey. Dragons!”

And by that she means I should play HTTYD on TV. She watches the movie every day. She’s a college student. The fact that I had to tell her today, “Mom, just half of the movie, okay? You have to study.” makes me laugh because mY MOTHER WATCHED THE WHOLE MOVIE YET AGAIN AND IT’S LIKE I’M THE MOM AND SHE’S THE DAUGHTER WHAT THE HELL DREAMWORKS WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO WHEN HTTYD2 IS AVAILABLE STOP MAKING AWESOME MOVIES OKAY MY KID MOM HAS TO STUDY 

Spoiler free review of How to Train Your Dragon 2

So I got to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 early, and I figured that I’d do a (not so) quick review of it for those who are curious! This’ll be spoiler free, so no worries if you haven’t seen the movie.

First off, Dragon fans will not be disappointed!

Despite the positive feedback the movie’s been getting so far, I was so worried walking into the movie theater, that somehow Dreamworks would mess the sequel up and ruin the first movie. Let me tell you now, this is not a let down movie. As critics have said, this movie will tug on your heart strings, make you laugh out loud, and make you feel apart of the movie! If you asked me which of the two movies I like better, I wouldn’t be able to choose. Some people will like the first movie a bit better, but the two movies are so different it’s hard to compare.

This movie WILL show many dark sides.

For those of you with kids, please consider this a big factor. Younger kids WILL get scared during this movie, and the critics don’t lie. Even I at some parts were shocked at the things they put into this movie. If you want a general idea of how dark, I believe on some levels it could be close to a Marvel movies. If you wouldn’t bring your kid to see a Marvel movie, don’t take them to see this.

The feels are strong.

Very strong in all different ways! I’m not going to speak too much on this section because I don’t want to give spoilers away, but your eyes might tear up a bit.


PLEASE don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the most amazing 3D effects. In most movies, the 3D is forgotten when the important parts are over, but this is not how Dragons rolls. The 3D is very consistent throughout the movie, making you feel completely involved in the story, especially during the flying scenes. The 3D just makes the movie 3 times better than in 2D.

Animation is top notch

Animation is always so beautiful with movies like this. The scale of the fight scenes truly amazed me as well, with just how much detail they really put into it all. This section can speak for itself really!

Twists, turns, and parallels are big in this movie.

In all honesty, I did not expect half the things they put into this movie. There were so many ways they could’ve done this movie, and they chose the right way. Whatever you think will happen in this movie, forget it. Walk into this movie not knowing what will happen, because chances are, you probably don’t. So many things happen that you won’t expect it’s probably easier to walk in with an open mind. Parallels also come up, from both the first movie, and new ones will appear. The thing about Dragons is that they incorporate parallels so fluidly with the movie, and it really adds to the effect of it all.

And finally, characters.

The characters in this movie and how they transform is so vital for any movie, and this one in particular shines through. Not only do characters reach for the future, but they touch on the past as well, and transform through that past (this is especially important for Hiccup from the first movie, but also other characters too).

As a Dragons fan, I loved this movie, and will be on the shelf with my other favorite movies. If you’re even slightly interested in seeing this movie, I urge you to go opening weekend. It’s very important for the company to get as many people as they can to see it the first week it comes out. Please also don’t upload and watch it online. It’s better in the big screen and even more exciting in 3D. To those who have yet to watch it, I hope you enjoy the movie!

It’s like 12 am and I’m jet lagged and can’t sleep which makes no gd sense, anyway I’m just realizing the main reason I dislike rtte (don’t get me wrong, we’re so lucky to have it and it’s great) but just…
Why can’t we see them being teenagers? That’s literally why I don’t see rtte as canon cause everyone is so dang serious all the time. I understand they have to build their new world of dragons and humans, but in httyd 2 they mention peace and building berk, where as in the series the teens literally fight murderers?? More than once? Idk it’s getting old
I wanna see them be dumb teenagers
I want to see hiccup not having to be this great leader all the time, I want to see httyd 1 hiccup again…
I want to see the guys with their voice cracking and terrible growth spurts and facial hair. Arguing over who has the most yet the girls watch on while holding back laughter
I want to see Astrid and hiccup being the huge dorks they are and dating and being a couple that grows stronger as they age and don’t have to be so DANG SERIOUS
Why can’t they just be teenagers??? It’s such a burden to put so much on adults yet here are these kids going through it everyday
I want to see them be friends, like actual friends. Like long, dumb conversations in Meade hall. Going camping sometimes cause most of the time they’re helping and carving their place on berk
The twins tripping balls on dragon nip
The guys eating constantly
Astrid and ruffnut having girl time cause being around 4 guys dang all the time, there’s def things those 2 could talk about
The guys having guy time aka talking about girls or daring each other to do things and getting out of hand and really the only reason they have common sense is Astrid
all of them being disgusting and smelly and they point it out to each other a lot

Idk I just feel like I don’t even see them as teenagers, like they went from these kids to suddenly adults with the weight of the world on them. I wish we got to see more of them just being themselves rather than how they are when put in stressful situations.
That’s mostly why whenever I write it’s them doing silly stuff cause the silly things are important!!! Like I want to see them as adults, sitting around Meade hall, all talking about the weird things they did
“remember the time snotlout convinced us to go yak tipping” “and he got kicked” “I still have a scar from that”
All smiling about how easy it was back then even though being a teenager at the time seemed so difficult, they now realize how rosy and wonderful their time together was. Reflecting on when they were young before they have to go about their duties as adults. Hiccup trying to remember what it felt like before he had the crushing weight of responsibility of being chief. Those carefree times… All thinking of the past before they go home to their families or work or whatever they face, making new memories, always pushing ahead.

Sorry just had to say this, also I’m like really tired so this is prob all nonsense, anyway goodnight

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unpopular opinion: i think HTTYD 2 was better than Frozen

I cannot agree you more. Frozen was okay but i it is nothing like HTTYD2.

HTTYD2 has everything, pft even the animation was 10x better than frozen. it was more realistic, it had humor and the movie was very emotional. I watched it two times and it ani’t the charm, i still have the feels.


and yet i have a frozen blog, but i made one because of all the beautiful fanarts and dirty jokes on disney, i dunno xD