i have yet to stop staring at this in wonder!!

  i...i swear, all i did was blink and they glowed the eff up.
                     - Jikook 2013/2017 Parallel - 
It’s kind of amazing how so many things have changed along the way, 
but yet so many have remained the same with these two.  
Shit that happens in a high school choir

• Passing out sheet music becomes harder than it should be
• “There isn’t enough sheet music over here!” “THEN SHARE IT”
• Sopranos hogging the sheet music
• “Someone’s really sharp” “Well, gee I wonder who the f UCK THA T WOULD BE”
• *judgemental staring*
• Sopranos getting really confused when they don’t have melody
• Altos rolling their eyes when the sopranos overpower the WHOLE CHOIR
• Sopranos trying to fucking one-up each other
• Bass voices not being mature enough yet to reach the low notes
• Tenors straining to reach the high notes
• Standing for DAYS
• Sopranos never shutting THE FUCK UP
• Middles trying to sing their part then giving up when they’re drowned out by everyone else
• Middles crowding around each other trying to find their notes
• “Altos are a little flat” *exasperated sighing*
• “Sopranos are too sharp” “n O SHIT”
• Panicking on concert nights because you don’t know the FUCK ING LYRICS
• The choir dresses are really shit
• Apparently no one knows the meaning of “BALANCE” when it comes to sound
• How the FUCK did you even make it into the second choir?
• Losing sheet music
• “No you can’t eat in the music room”
• Everyone eats anyway
• “Smile and move around a little, you all look like walking corpses”

Unexpected [M] - Mark

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Paring: markXreader

Word Count: 9.4k

Summary: After a bad breakup, your best friend Mark is determined to show you that you are worth more than what you think and that you mean more to him than you could have imagined.

Notes: Smut, Angst, Fluff

The air in the club was thick with sweat and perfume and while you had been out clubbing more and more recently, you still couldn’t get used to the stench and the way it fogged your senses. It also didn’t help that there were random horny people grinding on each other left and right, but then again you could also be seen as one of those people.

You were caught up in another random guy just as you had been every time you went to a club. His large hands were locked onto your hips as he pressed his lips fiercely to yours. You weren’t interested in sharing your night with him even though he was tall and fairly attractive, but something in the way his fingers gripped your hips was too reminiscent on the one person you were trying to forget.

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There comes a time in man’s search for meaning when one realises that there are no answers. And when you come to that horrible, unavoidable realization, you accept it or you kill yourself. Or you simply stop searching… I have lived a blessed life. And yet every night, when I climb into bed, turn off the lights, and stare in to the dark, I wonder… Is this all there is? - Jackie (2016)

“Hello, Magnus.”

He looks up from his phone and stands as Maryse draws nears, her footsteps careful on the pavement as she glances hesitantly at the mundanes around her, their hands waving as they sip at tea and lattes on the Brooklyn street. There’s a bite in the air, that first brisk hint of a breeze that comes with tumble-down leaves and New York City, and Magnus can feel it fresh on his skin.

“Maryse, how are you?” he asks mildly, sitting back down as she pulls her chair out. “Shall we order coffee?”

Magnus flags the waitress down with a raised hand, smiling at the young woman who drops by the table, blonde hair scattered over her forehead, pen tucked behind her ear. Maryse orders an Americano, and Magnus stares at her in mild surprise as he orders the same.

She smiles slowly, a careful, sincere thing that Magnus recognizes in a heartbeat. It’s Isabelle’s smile, and Alexander’s smile, though older, more fatigued, more world-weary. Exhausted, maybe, but beautiful still.

“Coffee is something we have in common, I suppose,” she says.

Something besides Alec, Magnus thinks.

The waitress returns, steaming mugs in her hands as she sets the coffee down with a pretty grin. Magnus wraps his fingers around the ceramic, the heat seeping into his hands even as the breeze tickles his nose with the chill. He takes a slow breath as he watches Maryse take a tiny sip, head bowed over her cup.

“I called you because I wanted to talk about Alexander,” he says without preamble.

Maryse freezes, cup hovering halfway between the table and her lips. Her jaw tenses, face immediately going stiff as she puts her drink down and sits up straight, fingers digging into the smooth white tablecloth like she’s already prepared for a bloody battle.

“What about Alec?” Her voice is hard, like heat-treated steel and diamond all melded into one.

Magnus watches her as he rubs his thumb idly over the handle of his cup, breathing in the bitter, cutting scent of coffee. Maryse’s hackles are raised, parental instincts activated from the moment he mentions her son’s name. Something inside his chest clenches at the sight of it, and Magnus wonders… they haven’t talked about it, but…

Someday. Maybe.

“I wanted to let you know that I’m going to ask Alexander to marry me.”

For an instant, it’s like Brooklyn stops around them, the bustle of people slowing to a standstill as Maryse’s eyes widen, as her fingers claw into fists, nails digging crescents into her palms as she stares at Magnus.

“Marry,” she says bluntly, though not unkindly. “Marry you.”


A modicum of tension seeps away from her muscles. “You… have you –”

“No, I haven’t asked yet.” Magnus sets his cup down and plants his elbows firmly on the edge of the table, arms crossing as he leans forward, drawing just a bit closer to her. “And I’m not asking for your permission. I just want you to be aware, because regardless of our history, we’ve reached a common ground, and…  I do respect you, Maryse. I’d rather you know than be blindsided should he say yes.”

Maryse swallows, throat working, and suddenly the remaining pressure in her body evaporates like helium disappeared from a balloon. She hunches over her coffee, staring into its liquid brown depths. Magnus feels concern bubbling up inside of him, and he starts to get out of his chair to reach for her.

She looks up, eyes soft as she smiles, gentle and a little bit sad. “I’m fine. I’m just thinking,” she says simply.

The silence that follows hovers between comfortable and strange, the emptiness punctuated by clinking glass and hesitant slurps of coffee. Magnus glances up at Maryse, almost amused at the way she stares back at him, unyielding, the exchange like a silent conversation in their heads about the man they both love. Her eyes say marriage won’t be easy, and Magnus answers with I know.

“Do you have the ring with you?” she asks suddenly, face going faintly pink at the curiosity in her question.

Magnus smiles at pats at his coat pocket where a little wooden box is nestled in the velvet lining, something he’s been carrying around with him for weeks now. “I do,” he tells Maryse. “But I’d rather Alec see it first.”

She draws back. “Right.”

Magnus sighs, putting his hand in his pocket and playing with the hard edges of the box, thinking of the simple gold ring that sits inside. “If… if Alexander says yes, I’m sure you’ll be among the first to see it.”

“He’ll say yes,” Maryse says without pause, voice so unexpectedly resolute that Magnus feels a smile grip him. Maryse looks at him contemplatively, lingering on his eyes, her previous melancholy gradually disappearing. “Alec… he doesn’t let anybody else call him that, you know. He won’t let me call him that anymore.” She sighs, a wry grin twisting on her face. “You’re the only one.”

You’re the only one.

Something swells in Magnus’ throat, thick and heavy so that it’s hard to swallow down the feeling welling behind his eyes. He knows Maryse can see it from the way her gaze softens, the way her lips quirk kindly, the way she looks at him like a mother looks at the man who loves her son.

“I know,” Magnus manages to say to her, the sound of his words barely a whisper above the Sunday crowd. “I know.”


Requested: An angst fluff scenario with jimin where he’s having trouble with learning the choreography and he takes his stress out on you


Warnings: Language mainly.

Word count:

this boy got me EMOTIONAL my fingers are CRAMPING 


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The comeback is hands down the most stressful time in the boys lives. All the new songs and dances they have to keep straight. But out of all the boys, Jimin takes it the hardest. He has to do every single move perfectly. No matter how many times you tell him that he’s doing everything so amazing and perfect he can always see the flaws.

“Jimin, baby please you’ve been in the studio for six hours today. Yesterday you were in here for four. Please stop and just get something to eat” You beg, watching with sad eyes as Jimin groans with frustration.

“Y/N we have one more week to get this down and I can’t this move yet!” He sighs, walking in a small circle while staring at the floor, “I need to get this down before I can do anything else.”

Walking over to Jimin you put your hand on his shoulder and stop him from moving away from you. Gently you place a hand under his chin and turn his face towards your own. He looks so tired, bags are prominent under his eyes and you wonder when the last time he slept was. If he’s even slept at all in the past few days. Sweat is dripping down his face and his chest is heaving. And yet he’s still the most perfect man you’ve ever seen.

“Jimin… You can’t do this to yourself…” You whisper, then gasp as Jimin tears himself away from you.

“I need to get this right!” He yells, not directly at you but it still makes you take a step back.

“At what cost are you going to get this right? Are you wanting to pass out? Because I can tell you’re at the brink of exhaustion and I can’t stand to see you do this to yourself over a dance move.” You can’t help but let some anger into your tone, placing a hand on your hip.

“Well if you can’t stand to see me dance why are you still here Y/N?” Jimin retorts, turning around to face you with anger washing over his features.

“Woah woah I never said I couldn’t stand to see you dance , what I said was that I can’t stand to watch you let yourself slowly waste away!” Now you’re yelling, your temper getting the best of you.

“You know how important this is to me Y/N!! I have to get this right and you’re just getting in my way, distracting me from what I need to do!” He yells, his eyes blazing now with his own temper fueled by lack of sleep.

“Oh I’m a distraction? I don’t really see how that’s possible I’ve barely seen you in the past week! So obviously I’m not the problem here, you just can’t get it because you aren’t fucking sleeping! God why did I even come down here, you’re such a stubborn asshole! ” You scream, pointing a finger at him.

A beat passes, both of you staring in silence with anger rolling off your bodies in crushing waves.

“Leave.” Jimin says, his tone void of all emotion as he turns away from you.

And you leave.

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Have you stopped staring at the LA premier kiss and hug yet? It is so beautiful.

There’s been so many wonderful moments this promo.  Honestly, our cups runneth over with wonderful Joshifer love.  I tried to make my Top 5 Joshifer moments.  Here goes:

5. We Take Care of Each Other 2.0

It was just a lovely moment when Josh was looking out for his girl and she knew it was his little way of saying “I Love You.” Poor Josh almost had a heart attack though when he thought a kiss was coming his way.  And Liam just was his usual amused self

4. BBC - Jen Letting Josh Know He’s the Only One for Her

Thank you Olly Murs for your awkward flirting.  It made Jen give extra love to Josh.

3. Kisses All Over His Face

Jen couldn’t contain herself and didn’t want to.  So epically wonderful because it was exuberant and spontaneous and lovely.

2. Hand Holding - Real or Not Real Scene

She reached for his hand and he held it lovingly. It’s a private moment in a public event.  And that they connected so intimately while watching a scene about figuring out what’s real and what is make believe was especially poignant.  It’s been a year of pretending for Josh but it’s what’s real that keeps him sane.

1. Give Me a Kiss 

I love this so much.  First it happens in the same interview where Jen loses her cool because of Josh’s incessant teasing.  And threatens to tell her brothers that Josh left her pregnant!  PREGNANT and LEFT - implying pregnant wouldn’t be enough and that he had something to leave.  Ugh!

So what happens?  Out of the blue Jen asks for a kiss just because she felt bad about her playful yelling and wanted to make sure Josh wasn’t angry and that they were okay.  And he stops mid sentence to give her reassurance.

It’s completely unnecessary and personal and intimate.  

Jennifer and Josh do not act this way with anyone else.  It’s beyond friendship. They can drag Liam into all of their stories but you know that the two of them have a connection that is unlike any other.

I love them.  I hate them.

And here’s your hug and a few more just because you sent an ask and got me going!

GIFs absolutely not mine - thank you lovely creators.  


Nick Amaro x Reader

You were a deep sleeper.

Every person in your life who was close to you could strongly attest to that. You had a hard time falling asleep but once you were fully settled in your cloud of slumber; virtually nothing could wake you. Hence, you were surprised at yourself when you suddenly woke up to darkness.

You check the time on your phone. 3:15am.

You turn yourself to face your boyfriend, but were surprised yet again to find an empty side of the bed. You sit up to rub your eyes and turn back once more, oddly still expecting him to find him there.

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Happy Cas is happy to see me!

Omg at that smile!! Argh!! Some fluff for ma hoe, @notnaturalanahi.

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist

Eyes On You

“Can’t believe they called after all this time, just so they could see you”.

Meg smirked in the backseat, handcuffed and slightly bloody.

“Sorry. Guess Clarence needed to see me. Not my fault he likes me better than you”.

You were so tempted to reach back and smack her across the face again, but the boys were already waiting for you.

It didn’t take long to reach them, pulling up on the road to see Dean and Cas stood outside, Sam in the car.

Getting out, you opened Meg’s door and pulled her out.

“Don’t try shit. Cos I’ve got a bunch of bullets that might not kill you, but they’ll hurt like a bitch”, you warned threateningly.

She smirked at you, sauntering forward as she swayed her hips, winking at Cas.

You shook your head, walking behind her.

You looked up to see a huge smile on Cas’ face, looking at her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Of course he’d like her. Why the hell would an angel even look at a human, when there was a vile demon bitch right in front of you?

She stopped when she reached them, saying something to Cas that you drowned out, staring at the ground when you joined them.

“You look beautiful”.

You smiled bitterly, wondering how he could find a demon beautiful, no matter the vessel.


Your eyes went up to Cas’ when he called your name, flashing him a quick grin.


“I said, you look beautiful, y/n. I have missed you”.

He walked forward, taking you into a slightly awkward, yet comfortable and warm hug. 

But you stood shocked, tensing as he held you.


He buried his nose in your hair, inhaling your scent.

You looked over Cas’ shoulder to see Dean smirking knowingly, giving you an encouraging wink, while Meg pouted, pissed that Cas showed you his real feelings.

You finally understood.

He wasn’t looking at her at all.

His eyes were on you.

His eyes had always been on you, but you just never saw it until now.

You smiled as your arms snaked around him, hugging him back as the fluttering in your stomach got faster and faster.

“I-I missed you too, Cas. So much”.

You could talk about your feelings later. 

Right now, you were just happy to be in the arms of the angel you’d loved since you met him.

The one who you now knew felt the same. 

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REQUEST: Couls you do a bts reaction to your pregnancy? Thank you lovely
REQUESTED BY: anonymous
NOTES: since you didn’t specify i did these like it happened before you got married or anything like that bc it makes things SPICY but if u’d like one for after marriage just lmk. also im sorry but yoongi’s picture was too perfect for this and i kept giggling while making the bannerioeksfdl

jin is quiet at first, but not entirely apprehensive — the situation was alarming at the least and life-changing at best, but he could handle that — and he hesitates at answering right away. dark eyes search your face for any clue that you were joking, just saying something to rile him up, but when he comes up empty he finally speaks.  ❝ alright, so what do you want to do? ❞ he’s calm, cool and collected, as if you didn’t just drop a massive bomb on him — you can only assume he’s acting this way rationally, open-minded in nature and knowing that freaking out won’t change a thing. instead, he waits to hear your opinion on the matter rather patiently, and only furrows his brows slightly ( there is a little bit of worry, of course ) during the prolonged silence he gets in return. if you were to stay you’d like to keep it, he’d be absolutely thrilled; sure, he isn’t sure if he’s necessarily ready to have a kid yet, but when are you? he’s beyond happy to support you regardless. in fact, the emotions would hit just as soon as the words leave your mouth, and it’s the first time you see what how he truly feels about this situation when the tears pool and spill over his lashes and down his cheeks and he smiles the brightest you’ve ever seen. even he didn’t know he was hoping you’d say yes, he didn’t expect to be this relieved or positively elated — who could’ve guessed that he’d already be so attached to something that hasn’t even fully formed, yet?

to say yoongi was surprised would be an understatement, as his expression immediately falls into one of shock, eyes wide with disbelief and mouth dropping open with unvoiced questions. he knows you aren’t joking because of the look on your face and the tone of your voice, which only alarms him more. and, the next few moments are spent with your gaze warily locked onto his in an attempt to gauge how he’s feeling, or whether he finds this to be a positive thing. just when you start to panic and think that this was a terrible idea, you totally could’ve handled this on your own, my god why did you think this was a good idea? he finally moves. carefully, he stands up from where you’d told him to sit, hands outstretched towards your tummy, and one would think you were made of glass with how cautiously he moves around you. his touch is delicate when he finds the material of your shirt with his palms and curious fingertips, and even though there’s no bump there yet, nothing to feel, it’s like he’s can. the baby is smaller than a peanut at this point, too tiny to even be anything, but to him it’s everything —  ❝ we’ve really got a baby in here? ❞ your quiet affirmation is all it takes to have him falling to his knees in front of you, staring wide-eyed at the very place that will be carrying life, creating something wonderful, bringing the future into the world. yoongi doesn’t bother trying to stop the tears brimming in his eyes or the way they fall messily down his cheeks, because he couldn’t even if he tried — he could still remember, could still feel, the period in his life where everything felt desolate and pointless and miserable, and it’s hard to forget every nasty thought that ate away at him at every waking moment, telling him he’d never amount to anything and how easy it would be to just put a stop to it all. but, now… now, looking up at you with that beautiful smile, he can see there’s a reason he stuck around.

it’s probably the most serious you’ve ever seen hoseok, and whatever you might’ve expected his reaction to be, it wasn’t this. after telling him to sit down for the big news, he immediately drags you down with him after listening to you, and drags you in real close — this is all beyond terrifying, and it’s a lot to take in all at once, so for a moment he just sits there with his nose nuzzled into your temple. during that silence, he doesn’t wonder where he went wrong or what you could’ve done differently, but instead imagines how the future will be and all the possible ways you could handle this. just as his hands squeeze your sides and pull you in even closer, suddenly he can see this exact scenario playing out in his head, but with a little munchkin between you — they’d wiggle around and giggle and make disgusted noises when he starts kissing your cheek one too many times, before he starts doing the exact same thing to them. they’d have your laugh and his smile and it’d all amount to sundays in bed and holidays spent together and him knowing there’s one more special person cheering him on. the very idea tickles him just right, and you can feel the way his smile grows against your skin, and before you can even question him he’s whispering against you in a tone that positively radiates pure, unadulterated joy. ❝ i think i’m already in love. ❞

namjoon’s reaction wouldn’t be immediate — much like seokjin, he’d try to remain as calm as possible so as to not make you panic, trying to view it from a realistic point of view while also accepting the fact that it’s happening, there’s nothing he can do to change it, and the wheels are already set in motion. unfortunately, he’s so dead-faced about it that he ends up making you panic anyway, and somehow ends up being the one to force you to sit down and breathe. with both hands cradling your face, he’d assure you that he doesn’t see this as a bad thing, even if it might cause some trouble along the way ( ❝ hey, it’s okay, alright? it’s okay. look at me — we’re gonna be fine. ❞ ), but in fact sees it as a good thing. if there’s anything namjoon is good at, it’s talking, which is exactly what he does until your breathing returns to normal and your heart beat steadies. he tells you that he knew this would happen — sure, he thought it would happen after he finally got up the courage to ask you to marry him, but then all greats things come unexpectedly — and that, while he knows it isn’t seen as something socially acceptable he’s fine with that. oh, and, yeahthis is the moment he decides to tell you that he might’ve been thinking about proposing for months, now. the very second you caught on is the second he’s ruffling his hair nervously and laughing it off:  ❝ not so sure which one of us had the biggest news anymore, huh?

jimin is and will always be openly emotional, and that rings true in this scenario — at first it’s brow-knitted confusion, before falling into wide-eyed, jaw-dropped shock and finally coming to a halt somewhere inbetween elated and terrified. your immediate answer is  ❝ what? ❞ and  ❝ are you sure? ❞, both of which, when answered, don’t seem to help the situation any. in that moment it seems his entire life is flashing before his eyes, and suddenly it feels like everything has been leading up to this — he isn’t sure if he’s supposed to be more happy or afraid of what that means. he’s quickly dragged out of that thought process, though, when you softly call his name so warily that one would think you were about to cry ( in all honesty, you probably were ). when he looks at you he can see the fear of rejection in your eyes, he can see his own expression mirrored on your face, and that’s all it takes — he’d say anything right then to wipe that look off your face, so he says okay. okay. we can do this. if he were to be honest, he wasn’t quite sure if you really could — with his career taking over most of his life and you with school and your own job, it was hard to figure out where anything else could possibly fit in. still, he tries — he tries. he tries to see the bigger picture, does what he can to work with this new addition to your relationship, even supports you when you start to doubt it all on your own, because something in him told he had to. it isn’t until your first sonogram, when he’s holding your hand so tight and neither of you even dare to breathe when the image finally comes to life on the screen — it’s fuzzy at first, and the shapes don’t make any sense, but as soon as the doctor points it out it’s as if everything falls into place. and, that’s it. that’s what he’s been doing all of this for. something shifts in him and tears brim in his eyes and he’s lowering his head until his forehead touches yours and all he can do is whisper for fear of his voice completely breaking ( it’s real, god it’s real ): ❝ that’s our baby. ❞

it’s difficult, at first, for taehyung to accept the truth — it’s not anything against you, or even anything against having a child with you, but simply that it is and will be life-changing for the both of you. he’s with you while you take several different pregnancy tests, and even for your first official visit with a doctor ( and, well, every visit after that ), until finally there can be no doubt: you’re pregnant. for a while, that phrase sits funny in his chest, like he still can’t entirely believe it. it wasn’t about whether you two had been careful, or who might’ve made the mistake, but rather the fact that you’re really pregnant — you’re pregnant with his baby. you’re going to have a child together. the idea is so farfetched that he could laugh! just a few years ago he was picturing a life on a farm with early mornings and dirt under his fingernails, all of it leading to a picture perfect family with children that inevitably followed in his footsteps and the generations could continue on like they were meant to. now, he stood on a different stage every night and the future was so bright that he couldn’t make it out anymore — it wasn’t that he couldn’t see kids there, it was more that he didn’t see where they fit just yet. it all comes down to one night where neither of you can sleep, his arms wound around you tight and the steady thrum of his heartbeat against your ear. you finally ask him the question you’ve been dying to ask him: do you really want this? his answer is, strangely, one he’s been dying to give you:  ❝ yeah. yeah, i do. ❞ ( maybe it’s a not-so picture perfect family, and maybe the kids don’t follow in his footsteps, and maybe he’s okay with that ).

❝ can you… can you give me the night to think about this? ❞ it’s the first thing he says when every question he asks is answered with the obvious — yes, you’re really pregnant and no, you’re not kidding. jungkook realizes this isn’t the best way to handle this, especially not when you’re left to your own anxious devices, probably diving right back into every unhealthy coping method you’ve got in your arsenal, but it’s the best he can give right away. this isn’t something he ever thought he’d have to deal with, at least not for a couple of years, especially now, but you’d just laid it on his lap like nothing could be truer — to say he’s terrified would be an understatement. he doesn’t sleep that night and spends most of that time mulling over every possible option, every single scenario, trying his best to figure out what would not only be best him, but best for you… and, eventually, best for the baby. the word resonates within him — baby. it’s the nickname he’s always used for you, something endearing that always brings your face to mind, and suddenly he’s thinking of late-night phone calls and impromptu skype sessions and little handwritten notes left behind when one of you had to leave before the other woke up. he’s thinking about every time he’s stood in front of a camera, knowing you’re watching from the other side cheering him on. he’s thinking about all the times you’ve cooked dinner together or had movie nights or slept in late. he’s thinking about all those things put together with someone especially made for the two of you — someone who would be born to do all those things and more. it’s all of this that has him at your doorstep at nearly five in the morning, out of breath and sleep-deprived and so entirely honest when he says  ❝ i want this. ❞

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Could you do something with Moira's mute S/O talking to Moira and admitting that Moira is the first person she's ever talked to? Thx!


When Moira came outside searching for you, she had little hope of finding you after looking top to bottom of the base. Despite the fact that you had yet to speak to anyone ever, Moira couldn’t help calling out your name. She knew you would not answer, but she hoped that maybe you‘d come out of wherever you were hiding.

The two of you had a bit of an odd relationship. It was hard to say fully whether or not the two of you were dating, though Moira often liked to think that you were considering how you held her hand most of the time. But it was entirely possible that it was solely for comfort and companionship. Even if she did try to awkwardly flirt with you…and even if you gave her that adorable smile back….

Despite the fact that you didn’t speak much, Moira thought she knew you pretty well. Though she isn’t very good at socializing with others, she somehow learned to read your gestures or facial expressions and prided herself on being able to guess your thoughts on topics based off those.

Out of the corner of her eye, Moira saw a figure by the trees. It was snowing lightly outside, and there was the barest layer of white covering the ground. It was almost magical, she thought, before shaking such a silly notion away. After all, magic was a fairy tale and science was a truth.

Walking over, Moira frowned. “What are you doing out here, y/n?” she asked, crouching beside you.

You were sitting there in a blouse and shorts, your knees up with an sketch pad in front of you. Moira could see the look of concentration, but a flick of your eyes told her that you had heard her but chose not to yet answer.

For a moment Moira thought of leaning over and looking at whatever you were drawing, but she also knew that she hated when people looked at her unfinished project prints. So instead, Moira let out a sigh, ran a hand through her bright red hair and took a seat beside you.

“You’re going to catch a cold,” Moira said after a moment, leaning against the same tree, slightly turned away. After a moment she shrugged out of her lab coat. “Use this. It’s not the greatest but its warmer then what your wearing.”

Handing it over, she noticed you pause out of the corner of your eye. It was cute how your face turned a bright shade of pink. Putting down your pencil, you tentatively took the coat and put it on. It was much too big on you, but you seemed content to wear it anyway, snuggling into it a bit.

Moira tried not to smile, or more importantly, to care about how adorable you looked as you tried to push up the sleeves. Before you, science was the goal she lived for. It was all she had wanted. And then you came along and made her question all of her careful logic and what Moira cared for most.

“Thank you,” said a soft voice, and Moira froze.

Slowly, she turned toward you. Moira’s expression was a mixture of wonder, confusion and amazement. Surely she must have imagined it, she tried to think logically as you stared down at your notebook….and yet…

After a moment you blushed and looked back up at her, chewing your bottom lip. “….Don’t stare,” you murmur, looking away. “I…Um…I f-find it h-hard t-t-to t-talk to p-people but…I-its….its e-easier with y-you..”

When Moira didn’t respond, you appeared to look a bit nervous, fiddling with the pencil in between your fingers. Moira couldn’t stop staring though-this was the first time she had ever heard you speak. Honestly, she was positive no one else had ever heard you talk either.

“I..I’ve never heard you speak before,” Moira said, leaning closer and wondering if this was all some kind of hallucination. Was it possible? She wasn’t known to just hallucinate…

After a moment, Moira could have fainted and died right there from happiness when you inched over and shyly leaned your head back against her shoulder, starting to continue to draw. “I…P-People just m-m-make m-me nervous,” you murmured, looking away. “I-I-Its e-easer n-n-not to t-talk…”

Moira was about to comment again when she caught sight of your drawing on accident. It was a picture…of…of her? Surely Moira was making a mistake, but it had all of her characteristics. It was a sketch of her standing in the snow with her arms out, and a snowflake landing on her tongue.

“Y-you….you drew me?” Moira asked, her voice weak and she stared in awe.

Looking away, you murmured, “I..I m-m-mean….yes? I r-really like y-you, so…” You may as well have told her you loved her and wished to marry her, because right then her heart burst and she had plans for just that.

Wrapping her arms around you, Moira refused to let go as she clung to you, resting her head against the back of yours as you continued to draw. You had kind of expected something like this. Just as she could read you, you could easily read Moira.

“I’m never letting you go,” Moira mumbled, sniffling and she just held onto you, determined to keep her little muffin safe.

A small smile touched your lips and you leaned back into her, deciding you could handle her coddling you. “S-Sounds good to me,” you murmured, and the two of you remained out there among the snow for quite some time.

The New Kid (Part 2)

Billy x Reader

Summary: Your tutoring session with Billy gets a little hot. You also decide to go to a party that you know Tammy is going to be at and you know damn well how that’ll play out.

A/N: Thank you to everyone who is reading my story! I’m going to make this a several part series so don’t you worry! My requests are open just so you know! You can submit anonymous requests to my personal account at @residentevilxo :)

Warnings: More flirting. Thats really about it.

Word Count : 2683k

On your way home, Billy places his hand on his stereo to turn on some Metallica. With each street that passes, you become more observant of his Camaro. The leather interior smelled fresh, his car was very clean. You could tell that Billy worked his ass off for this car and it was his baby.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Billy catches you admiring the blue beauty.

“Yeah, she is” you reply with a faint smile. He returns his eyes to the road but yours stay on him. Sure his car was beautiful but you had a beautiful sight right in front of your very eyes. You had no idea that your day was going to be this crazy. You’re about to “tutor” Billy fucking Hargrove. All the girls swoon over him, yet here you were riding in his car on the way to your house. A dream come true isn’t it?

Billy’s eyes are scanning the road when he finally tells you, “I have to stop at the store real quick, I wont be long princess.” You wondered why he hadn’t asked you where you lived yet which made perfect sense as to why he hadn’t asked you what your address was yet. You nodded in agreement as you all pulled into a convenience store parking lot. You couldn’t wonder what he needed to get. But you didn’t ask. He exited the car and you turned the stereo up a tad as max stared at your hand. She knew had she pulled a stunt like that Billy would kill her. You switched the station to a local radio station that was playing Tears for Fears song “Shout” and you were all about it.

You turned to the girls in the backseat pretending to hold a microphone to your mouth and started singing along. “Shout, shout let it all out! These are the things I can do without. Come on, I’m talking to you so come on!” The two girls laughing but that all came to a halt as you three jumped at the sound of Billy opening the door.

“Jesus!” You jumped. Billy leaned down with his arms against the roof of the car, looking into your eyes with a confused look on his face. “Where’d my music go?” He asked. You weren’t able to read his reaction so you looked at him like a deer in headlights and decided to lower the volume to the song you were just jamming to. He laughed and got in the car, smacking a pack of Marlboro Reds on his palm. “So princess, where to?” He winked. You gave him your address and you were on your way.

As you arrived on your street, you pointed out your house. He pulled into your driveway, and you could hear Jillian and Max giggle to each other. You turned back at them and smiled. You were so happy that Jillian found someone she could bond so greatly with. You stepped out of the car stretching your arms above your head. Your belly button poked out to reveal a cute diamond belly ring, which your mother had no idea you even had. It was one of the many things you kept from her.

You shoot Billy a look as you nod your head at him, signaling it was time to get your “study” on. You walked in the front door to your surprise, your mother wasn’t home. She normally is off on Thursday’s, so your mind automatically went to her going food shopping. You made your way into the kitchen with Billy following not far behind. “Would you like a drink?” You offered. The look on his face made it seem like he was thinking really hard about his answer, but somehow it truly didn’t take you by surprise. “Whiskey?” He responded jokingly. You giggle rolling your eyes, shooting him a “seriously?” look. “Im good princess” he added.

“Jill, why don’t you guys put on the tv or something?” You suggested as you made your way to the foot of the stairs. She nods to you and Billy adds, “Behave, Max.” Max looks at him with a sassy face and retaliated with “No Billy, YOU behave.” As if she knew exactly what her brother was thinking. Your cheeks got red as you looked over at him. He put his arm out in front of the set of stairs to say, “after you.”

You made it to your bed room, closing the door after Billy. He looked at your decor as he took in the sweet scent of peaches and cream. It was a very welcoming and flirty scent. He walked around your room surveying your walls taking note to a “Pet Shop Boys” poster hanging right above your bed, along with a photo of you, your sister, your mother and what seemed to be a man scribbled out of the photo. “Who is this?” He pointed at the man, but you ignored his question because that was not a story you wanted to share.

“So, let’s get started” you answered. Billy noticed you didn’t want to talk about it, and he wasn’t about to bug you over it, not yet at least. You two sat on your bed facing each other fiddling with your pencil. Billy looked up at you, placing his hand on your knee. “It’s okay, you can talk to me if you wanted.” This was extremely new behavior for Billy. He was a grade A asshole to girls, even Max but for some reason, your presence calmed him. Your aura made him feel at ease and he wasn’t exactly sure how to deal with those feelings. He’s so used to feeling angry at everything but he wouldn’t want to scare you away.

You took a deep breath but avoided eye contact. “You can trust me, princess” he said warmly. You looked up at him with a uneasy expression. The thought of your father made your stomach turn. Whenever he pops into your head, it was hard enough but speaking about him? You would rather gag yourself with grenade. “Listen, Billy. He isn’t important… and since when did I say you could call me princess?” You said slyly. He raised an eyebrow as he responded “You don’t like your nickname? Would you like me to call you something else?” Your faces moved closer to each other. He places his hand along the side of your face, running his thumb over your bottom lip. Your stomach felt like you were renting out a hotel to butterflies. He looked at you in the eyes and then asked, “What about kitten?” He smirked.

You two were shortly interrupted by Jillian opening your door letting you know that mom needed help bringing in some groceries. You rolled your eyes to Billy. He looked at Jillian and said “We’ll be right down” and smiled. She made her way back downstairs as you and Billy got up off your bed. You fixed your skirt and he looked in the mirror as he was playing with a curl that was draping over his forehead. You two quickly ran down the steps to be greeted by your mother who’s arms were filled with paper bags.

“(Y/n), who is this?” she asked looking at Billy. “Mom, this is Billy. He’s new to Hawkins and I’m helping him catch up.” You answered. She shot you a “wow, not bad” look. You and Billy went outside to the trunk of your mothers car and noticed there were only two bags left. You both grabbed one and closed the trunk. You made your way into the kitchen, placing the bags on the island. Billy reaches his hand out to your mother. “Hi, I didn’t get to formally introduce myself. The names Billy.” Your mother looked at you while shaking his hand. You knew Billy was a charmer because obviously he charmed you but right now he was trying to score brownie points with your mom.

“I am so thankful for (y/n)’s help. She’s such a smart, hospitable young lady. She’s truly a life saver” he spoke in a warm voice. Max looked at Billy with a face that only made you fight back your laughter. She looked at him like “boy what the hell?” And it was priceless. “What Max? Is there an issue?” He asked raising an eyebrow. “Is this your sister, Billy?” Your mother asked. “Yes, yes she is. She’s my step sister actually.” He replied shooting max a look. “Okay, I think we should get back to tutoring” you added as Billy nodded in response.

While the two of you ended up in your room again, Billy was just staring at you. “What?” You said confused. “You going to Carols party tomorrow night?” He asked. You were laughing inside because Carol was best friends with Tammy. You only knew how that would play out if you showed up. “Billy, I’m almost 100% sure Tammy is going to be there…” you responded standoffish. “So? What’s she going to do? Pour punch on you?” He answered letting out a laugh. You rolled your eyes at him. “Come on (y/n) it’ll be fun. You should come.” He pleaded. That was the last place you wanted to be on a Friday night but Billy obviously wanted you there.

It began to get dark outside when Billy looked at the clock on your wall. “Shit!” He muttered. You furrowed your brows at him wondering what was wrong. “He’s going to kill me, I have to go.” He sighed. “Whats wrong Billy? Who’s going to kill you?” You really wondered what he meant. “Don’t worry about it, princess. I’ll see you tomorrow in school.” He shoots you a wink and he makes his way to collect Max. You didn’t want to press him since you weren’t so forthcoming about your dad, so you let him go.

It was 9 pm and you were tucked into bed. Your mom made baked ziti for dinner which happened to be your favorite. You divulged your day to her from Billy in class to Tammy pouring milk all over you. You were just happy the day was finally over. Did you want to actually go to this party? No way. But Billy seemed adamant about you going and you didn’t want to disappoint. You pondered all the possible scenarios in your head as you drifted to sleep.

You woke up feeling recharged from the draining day that was now past you. You picked out your outfit for school, applied the bare minimum of makeup, and made yourself toast. Your mom had already left for work so no fancy pancakes today. You wanted today to be over and done with because you only knew what tonight entailed. You decided to go to the party. Only because Billy really wanted you there and the thought of being at a party with him was the only reason you looked forward to tonight.

Steve and Nancy picked you and Jillian up as usual. The ride in was the same as yesterday, lot’s of synth pop. And it kind of made you feel more comfortable. Entering the school you make it to your locker, not seeing a sign of Billy yet. “Come on Billy where are you?” You thought to yourself. When all of a sudden two hands wrap around your eyes. You jump a little but then recognize the scent. Billy. You turn around to be welcomed by his warm face. “I never got to thank you for last night, I think I actually understand the work now.” He said jokingly. “Good, now you wont need my tutoring sessions anymore” you played along. He didn’t want them to end, not because he enjoyed learning but it was who was teaching him.

The rest of the day dragged on, but luckily it was over. How wonderful for you. You walked out to the parking lot where Billy had been smoking a cigarette waiting for Max. He shoots you a look and signals you to come over to him. “Yes Mr Hargrove?” You asked playfully. “You decide if you’re coming tonight?” He questioned. “Yeah, I uh.. I’m coming” he lit up inside but didn’t show it. He wanted to play it cool. “You need a ride?” He asked as Max and Jillian approached. “Sure, why not?” You agreed.

You arrive to your house as Billy leans over to you. “Ill pick you up at 8.” You cannot believe you’re doing this… “okay, I’ll see you then.” You smile, leaving the car. You make sure your home work is all done since you like to have your weekends to yourself. It was 6 pm and your mom called you down for dinner. You make way into the kitchen to be welcomed by the scent of Rateatoullie. You loved vegetables a lot so this dish excited you. Not only that, you knew it wouldn’t bloat you for tonight which was always a plus.

You sat at the dining room table tonight, discussing your day with your mother and sister. “So, (y/n). Any plans for the weekend?” She pressed. “Yeah actually, I’m going out tonight.” You responded. “Where you going?” She curiously asked. “To a little get together a few friends are having.” Lies. “Oh okay, with who?” She wondered. “Billy, actually.” You chuckle. “You know, he likes you. I can tell.” She stated confidently. “What? How do you?” You confusingly asked her. “His eyes. They were glued to you. And he didn’t stop smiling at you for a second” she claimed. Maybe she was right? I mean why would he act like that toward you if he wasn’t interested? Who knows…

It was time to get ready for this party tonight. You stared at your closet pondering what to wear. A little red dress caught your attention, pulling it out of the closet you knew you had to wear it. This dress hugged every curve of your body. The dress had a cute V neck cut just enough to show some cleavage and cut down mid thigh. You put it on, looking at yourself in the full length mirror you had propped up against your wall. You turned to the side checking out your figure as you nodded.

You spent some time on your makeup. You added a cat eye, and whipped out the pair of false lashes you had saved for a special occasion. You applied them carefully as they rested against your lash-line. You decided on a dark red, almost burgundy lipstick tonight. You wanted to make a bold impression. You threw on a tight leather jacket and some black heels. You took one last twirl in the mirror and then decided on what perfume you wanted to wear.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent really caught your attention. This perfume made you feel unstoppable. It made you feel powerful. It made you feel sexy. You sprayed two spritz on your dress, one on your wrist rubbing both of them together and finally some behind your ears. You smelled and looked like a vixen and you were ready to see Billy. Moments later you hear your mother calling you from downstairs.

It was like one of those cheesy romance movies where it was a slow-mo of the girl walking down the stairs. You noticed Billy standing by the door with your mother. He was dressed in a black leather jacket with absolutely no shirt. He came inside your house with no shirt on? He’s literally talking to your mother with no shirt on. This kid…

You couldn’t take your eyes off his abs. He was completely ripped.

“Wow (y/n), you look great” Billy complimented you with a deep, husky voice. Making you blush, you reciprocated the compliment back to him. “Please be safe and have fun! I don’t care what time you come back but please come back in one piece please” your mom pleaded. You and Billy both nod and exit your house. He opens the passenger door and escorts you in. And just like that you were off to the party.

Soft Touch

John Kennex x Reader (unless I’ve missed anything -if I have please let me know- this should be gender neutral)
2,641 words
Beta: @outside-the-government, the shiniest of gems

Soulmate AU. Your life is shades of grey. Colours show where your soulmate has been/touched, and it is only upon your first kiss that you see all.

Originally posted by urban-trek-thru-middle-earth

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The Cute Guy from the Daily Planet

@lady-of-fandoms: Could you do something where Krypto somehow keeps finding the reader, and Clark is never far behind, and its all silly and cute, but…
Genre: Fluff.
Words: 1,375

           "Oh! Hello again,“ There’s a white dog that always seems to follow you when you pass the Daily Planet. You rub under his muzzle and his tongue hangs out, "Alright, you little mutt,” he wags his tail at you as you tease him. You finally have the time to take a look at his red collar, “What’s your name?”

           You find a Superman tag tucked into his collar. You turn it around and read the words, “Please return to.. Clark Kent.”


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anonymous asked:

If sassy Noct was forced to give a speech at a wedding. What would he say? He can dislike the couple too.

You force Noctis to give a speech when he absolutely doesn’t need to? You regret it greatly.

Noctis: Friends, family, people of questionable relation. We are gathered here today to mourn the tragic loss of this married couple’s status as single people.

To shed tears as they commit the greatest mistake not seen since my dad forced me to be sober for my freshman year of high school. Let us accept that the husband has now shackled himself to a woman who can’t shut up about her furniture. and let us accept that the wife has shackled herself to a man who can’t cook for shit.

Though I have only known the husband for 2 hours, I can say with confidence, that I am glad I am not a woman, for he would certainly stare down my dress. And I am ashamed to be a man, for the wife has not stopped looking at my ass since I started this speech. Yes. I noticed. I would be fool not to notice. I mean, she obviously realized that she made a mistake in marrying the fool but since I’m not interested, she chose 5th best. 1-4 belongs to me, myself, Prompto and I. But I digress.

Despite their choices, here we all sit, wishing to be anywhere BUT here. Yet we have graced the…beautiful couple with our love and support for this…wonderous…day.

Though we accept these things solemnly, let us rejoice my friends. Rejoice with a toast over the simple fact that this stupid wedding will soon be over, and we can all go back to our miserable lives.

May they live a long happy life together, because then I will never have to deal with this stupidity ever again.

Gladio: Oh my god.

Nyx: That Argentum kid is gonna be so upset he missed this. I wonder if anyone recorded it.

Cor: Ulric no.

Monica: The king looks rather pale…and is also covering his face in his hands.

Crowe: I have a feeling we’re gonna be bailing soon.

Gladio: Can I switch with my dad and be Regis’ Shield? Please?

Cor: Absolutely not. Clarus has enough of a headache with the king. We don’t need him going on a murderous rampage because of his son.

Gladio: Damnit.

Cor:… and where did the prince get that flask…?

(Let Noctis give the speech they said. It’ll be fine they said.)

Of Flames & Waves | Part I

Well, I watched Justice League last night and yeah…*sigh* Hope you enjoy.

This is my first time writing for a DC fandom, so… please bear with me. I’ll try to keep the characters as much in character as I can. Anyways, I’d love to hear what you think :) I might turn this into a multichapter fanfiction.

Pairing: Arthur Curry/Aquaman x You
Warnings: None in this chapter.
Description: Ah, I wanna keep this short and don’t give too much away, so let’s just say; the League is looking for new recruits and you have some abilities that might come in handy.

You could already hear the familiar noises. Cheery people, laughing children, the usual hubbub before a show.

Your eye-makeup sparkled as you looked at yourself in the large mirror. The colors of your costume matched your lipstick and the headband in your curled up hair. You looked stunning as always; perfectly dolled up for an important show. Your legs looked smooth and long; thanks to the tight fitting thighs, and the heeled boots added a smoldering elegance to  the formfitting costume that you wore.

You sighted as the gutwrenching feeling of anxiety and doubt returned; just in time. You cracked your knuckles nervously as you inhaled slowly; your eyes closed as you concentrated.

“It’s just a routine. Nothing bad will happen.”, you mumbled to yourself and exhaled just as slowly.

The thick velvet curtain to your dressing room was shoved aside harshly.

“Your act is up in fifteen.”, Howard, your director, informed you.

You did not turn around, yet you could feel his censorius gaze surveying you.

“I expect nothing but utter perfection from you tonight, doll. No slip ups.”

You dared an icy stare over your shoulder.

“That’s the plan.”

“Master Wayne”, Alfred said as he entered the Meeting Hall. Five pairs of eyes, plus the one of a Cyborg, turned to look at the older man. Some curious, some confused. The first meeting of the League after the defeat of Steppenwolf was truly off to a great start.

“Alfred”, Bruce answered and contained himself to roll his eyes.

“I am sorry to interrupt this important meeting”, he excused himself with a theatralic bow of his head. “but I’m afraid you forgot about your plans for this evening.”

“Plans?”, Diana inquired as all members turned to face Bruce Wayne. “What plans?”, she asked a second time; a warm smile on her face.

Bruce ran a hand over his face. He hadn’t forgotten about his appointment; he had simply hoped he wouldn’t have to attend to it.

“Yes, I remember.”, he muttered; the frustration obvious in the tone of his voice.

“The Bat has a date, huh?”, Arthur teased, wriggling his eyebrows. Next to him, Barry snickered. He stopped when Bruce gave him the stare.

“A charity event for the Gotham Children’s Hospital. It’s held in, ah, in a circus.”, Bruce explained  and watched as both Barry’s and Diana’s eyes lit up like kids on Christmas Eve.

“That’s so awesome!”, Barry exclaimed, however he soon became embarrassed for his excitement as the men of the League couldn’t help but smirk at him.

“Would you mind if we join you? Bruce?”, Diana asked; her bright smile never leaving her face.

Bruce groaned internally, yet he couldn’t resist the Wonder Woman herself. He sighted.


“I can’t. I have plans with Lois.”, Clark chimed in. “Even though I would love to go. It’s a great event.”

“I’m not going either.”, Victor said, scratching the metal where his neck should have been. “I, uh -”

“No need to explain yourself, Victor.” Diana patted his hand encouragingly. “We understand.”

“A circus? I suppose there won’t be any booze?”

Bruce raised an eyebrow at the tattooed Atlantean. “It’s a children’s charity event, so - probably not.”

Arthur pondered for a few seconds and proceeded to slam his fist on the mahogany table with a hearty laugh, startling Barry next to him.

“Ah, what the hell - why not!”

idk if this counts as tendershipping but i can’t stop imagining yami bakura having to chase off random spirits and demons ryou keeps summoning because he’s so curious about the occult and has 0 self preservation instincts. like back before ryou became aware of yami bakura’s existance.

like ryou’s staring at the candles and the dead pigeon wondering why nothing’s appeared yet while yami bakura has to make awkward small talk with a dullahan.

don’t want you around

he always fights, so violent and loud. your insides bleed as he scratches everything he can reach from within his corner of your shared mind. he fights, screams, over and over again. it’s truly a wonder he hasn’t collapsed beyond repair. you cannot help but resent him for his strength. 

red welts cover your arms, hands tugging at the skin as the war wages on within this human shell, the prison not meant to hold you both. he tears at any walls he finds and you have grown tired. his screams pierce you in familiar ways, his threats repeat themselves, get boring and dull. and yet you continue to hold onto your part of this shared cage, forcing him back again and again.

because you refuse to give it up, the things you fought so hard to put strings on that only your hands could guide. you refuse to let him win, with his piteous hope and love and warmth. it sickens you, how he kicks at the walls meant to keep him still, how he exhausts himself trying to make you leave.

he really wants you gone, you know that. his hoarse cries for help, for a way to gain back control made it clear. yet you never thought to get rid of him. why? 

because you like the way he screams, right? how he tries so desperately to win. win something he already lost when you first gained enough control to guide his hands to his own neck. you like the way he fights back. but he’s grown predictable. you hate it.

“you don’t want me around huh?” you whisper, staring at the mirror and smiling when the screams increase. “want me gone, barely a memory?” 

he’s crying and you know it’s because he doesn’t see himself when you let him look through eyes that once were his. he sees you, black eyes replacing brilliant blue, blood dripping from your lips and chin as you continue to clean yourself of your last victim’s remains. he sees red fingerprints lining the stark white sink, he sees his own collar bone peeking out from underneath his skin where that pesky human scraped it free, he sees your smile. and he cries

you’ve grown tired, but not tired enough. not yet. his cries still feel exhilarating, almost as wonderful as the heart of your victim stopping in your hands. and you laugh, because you’re not done with him. he may have grown predictable, but you’re always up to try something new, aren’t you? 

you tilt your head, staring back at yourself with satisfaction. inside, he is weakly slamming himself against the barrier. pathetic, isn’t it? you raise your hand, index and middle finger forming the barrel of a gun. 

“night, night, jackaboy,” you hum, and pull the trigger. 

(@no-strings-puppet, @fear-is-nameless i never got around to thanking you for the lovely comments you left on one of my older drabbles, fracture, so here, i hope you enjoy this just as much if not more)

In-Between Lovers

Summary: Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak are different sides to the same coin. They are in a rather sticky predicament, both are hopelessly in love with their best friend. One problem, their best friends are dating. Stan and Bill seem happy and in love, flaunting their relationship for everyone to see. It just isn’t fair, not one bit. So the two come to an agreement, deciding that there is no point in suffering alone. They aren’t dating, no never that, it’s only physical and it’s only to ease their broken hearts. Nevermind that they get along so well or that their lingering touches burn their skin. No. It’s just an agreement, an understanding if you will, this isn’t anything more than a means of forgetting. Right?

A/N: Tada!!! It’s here! Thank you so much to @reddiesetandgo for proofing this!! It helped me so much, I am so terrible at this stuff! Enjoy loves.

Word Count: 3797



Part: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) 10

“You’re here with KWCH’s number one team, the oh so lovely J Embers and the equally attractive-maybe even more so-Trashmouth! We are taking your questions now so go ahead and ask us anything, baby! Caller twelve, please go right ahead.”

“Hi, first off I love you guys! You are the best and uh-secondly I wanted to ask if you were still hooking up with Doctor Sexy, you haven’t talked about him all that much and I was wondering if you’ve stopped seeing him or something.”

“Yeah, Trash, what is going on with doctor sexy?”

“Well, just so both of you know, I have not stopped seeing Doctor Sexy. Things are a little more complicated and I won’t get into all the dirty little details but I’ll have you know that I just saw him the other night and he’s doing just fine and dandy! Next caller!”

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