i have yet to see you jerks do so

K-I-S-S-I-N-G - Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: You have yet to experience your first kiss when you are cast as Peter Parker’s love interest in the upcoming Spiderman movie. It doesn’t help that your character is the one who initiates the kiss and that you like your costar, Tom.

Word Count: 2500

A/N: I absolutely love Tom and Harrison’s friendship. In order to fit my idea for this imagine, I had to make Harrison kind of a jerk. So my apologies to anyone who would get offended over that. Harrison seems like a good person-please do not allow this fictional one shot determine how you see him.


“Rise and shine!” Someone shouted, their muffled voice ringing throughout your hotel room. You turned under your covers, planting your face into your warm pillow with a groan-not ready to start the day.

“Wake up, Y/N.” Another person insisted, knocking lightly on the door.

“Don’t make me come in there. Get up, you lazy butt.” The first voice threatened and the knocking got louder. You threw your warm covers off you and shouted back.

“I’m coming, Haz! No need to break down my door!” You replied. You yawned and rubbed your eyes.

“Hurry up.” Harrison stated.

“Take your time.” Tom said.

“No, hurry up. We’re going to be late.”

“We won’t be late.” The boys began to argue outside of your hotel door as you changed into decent clothes. You brushed your teeth quickly before combing out your hair.

“Are you ready yet?” Harrison asked impatiently. You opened your door with a tired smile. He sighed, “Finally!”

“We still have half an hour.” You stated, closing your door and beginning the walk down the hallway to the elevator.

“Y/N, I got you your coffee. Just the way you like it.” Tom said, handing you the hot cup. You smiled gratefully as you took it. He was always doing small things for you, such as getting you coffee almost daily as if he was your personal assistant.

“You’re a life saver. Thank you.” You replied, taking a sip of it. You kissed his cheek, missing how his cheeks flared as you did so. The elevator doors opened and the three of you stepped inside.

“Where are the others?” You asked.

“They’ve all got the day off. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all are sleeping in.” Tom explained.

“I wish I could be that lucky. So are we shooting mainly our scenes today then?” Tom was the star of the movie, playing Peter Parker aka Spiderman. You were portraying the love interest of Peter, which meant the two of you had a lot of scenes together. You both got along great and that chemistry transitioned onto the screen. You would even dare to say you had a developing crush on the dorky British actor. And oh how Harrison loved to tease you about it. He was like the annoying older brother that teased you and you would fire right back at him.

“Can we stop for breakfast on the way to the studio?” Harrison asked, “I’m hungry.”

“Hi, hungry. Nice to meet you.” You teased and he rolled his eyes.

“I really hate you sometimes.” He replied.

“No, you love me.”


After getting breakfast for the three of you on the way there, you were sat in the makeup chair, having your artist begin applying makeup to your face. A smirking Harrison came towards you from where Tom was talking to the director.

“What’s got you all smug, Haz?” You asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just figured out what scene you’re shooting today.” He beamed in excitement. You closed your eyes as your makeup artist began to do your eyeshadow.

“What scene would that be? Your cameo?”

“Nope.” Harrison replied, “Peter and Y/C/N’s kiss.” If your makeup artist hadn’t been working on your eyes, you were sure your eyes would’ve fallen out of your head. It’s not that you didn’t like the idea of kissing Tom, but it was that you had never kissed anyone before. A first kiss was something that little girls dreamed of and it had never happened to you. Now, you were being robbed of that experience because of your choice to become an actress. You knew you would have to kiss him eventually for the role since it was imbedded into the script that your characters would share one. It was even harder to think about the kiss because your character instigates it and not Peter.

“Really? The kiss scene already?” You questioned.

“Yep.” You could hear the joy in Harrison’s voice. Your makeup artist finished with your eyes and called it good. You thanked her and then grabbed your script, looking over the scene.

“Have fun with it. Shooting starts in ten.” He laughed even more smug than when he came over in the first place. A whole day of taunting was scheduled for you-you could just tell. You read over the scene again and again until the director called you into place.

“Don’t be nervous.” Tom tried to calm you down as your makeup artist applied one last touch of chapstick to your lips.

“That’s very helpful.” You replied sarcastically.

“It’s just like any other kiss, except you’re kissing me.” He stated and the confusion immediately spread across his face-wondering exactly what he just said and why. You two got into position on the set that was your character’s room.

“And action!” The director called.

“I need to go.” Tom said.

“Why? You just got here.” You asked, as Tom moved towards “your” bedroom “door”.

“I-I-I need milk.” He replied and you raised your eyebrows.

“Why are you lying to me?” You raised your voice a little.

“I’m not lying.” Tom stated in an unconvincing tone.

“Peter, we need to talk.” You said, standing from your desk.

“Maybe later, Y/C/N. I’m sorry-I’ve really got to go.” He put his hand on your door handle.

“Peter Parker, you listen to me right now.” You demanded and watched as his hand dropped. Your voice went into a whisper, “Are you Spiderman or is it a hobby of yours to get into fights and play with my feelings?”

“I-I-” Tom voiced. His voice and facial expressions clearly showing the internal conflict bubbling inside of Peter. “Yes.” He sighed, “But no one can know. Not Ned and especially not Aunt May.”

“How? How did this happen?” You asked, stepping closer to him.

“It’s a long story. Just stay inside tonight, promise?” He replied, meeting your eyes. You were supposed to pull him in for a kiss by taking him either by the shirt or the back of his neck, but, instead, you sighed and looked away.

“Cut!” The director yelled.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized, guilt and embarrassment eating you up. You felt guilty for ruining the otherwise great scene and you were embarrassed for letting your feelings get the better of you. It just didn’t feel right to you to initiate your first kiss with your cast mate in front of tons of cameras.

“Just take a breather. That was really good.” Tom stated. He was always the encouraging and supportive cast mate. If you struggled even in the slightest, he would be there to help you. You had spent several nights in each other’s hotel rooms, reading your lines and acting out scenes; but never once has this scene been brought up between you two.

“I’m good-I’m good. Let’s run this again.” You stated, trying to convince everyone, including yourself, that you could do it again. You and Tom went back to your original place to restart the scene.

“Action!” The director called and the cameras began to roll once more. The lines flowed from both of your mouths easily and then the important part came.

“Just stay inside, promise?” Tom asked. You inhaled a sharp breath before grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him down to you. The moment your lips locked, your mind became clouded with thoughts. Was this what kissing felt like? Were you doing it right? What was Tom going to think? Did he think you were good? Was it too much? Was it convincing? There was a loud laugh from off set, making the director call cut.

“Harrison!” Tom shouted, breaking away from you. You closed your eyes and dropped your hands to your sides to process what had just happened. You had just experienced your first kiss-now you could never go back.

“If you can’t keep your mouth shut Osterfield, you’re going outside.” The director said. Harrison nodded, trying to stifle his laughter.

“Two people kissing isn’t that funny.” Tom added. Harrison was ordered to leave because his laughter was not stopping.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized to Tom.

“Don’t be. You did fine.” He replied with a small smile.

“I haven’t initiated a kiss in a while.” You mumbled, embarrassed.

“You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. It wasn’t bad. I just didn’t kiss back because it’s not scripted for Peter.”

“Let’s roll this again!” The director shouted.

By the tenth take of the scene, you and Tom had to focus on not laughing. It began to stop being uncomfortable and awkward, but it was still an unusual thing for you. You pulled him in for the kiss as scripted and he started to laugh against your lips, making you burst out in giggles as well.

“Two people kissing isn’t that funny, Tom. Get a grip.” You teased while laughing all the same.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He repeated as he tried controlling his laughter.

The last time you and Tom had to do the scene was by far the strangest one for you. It was written that you would kiss him and then, after a moment, he would begin to kiss you back-right as you pulled away. But all of that did not happen for the last take.

The moment his lips hit yours he began to kiss you back. It surprised you at first, but you continued with it. You pulled away from him.

“Go get ‘em, Peter.” You said quietly, finishing the scene.


“I am so going to beat you.” Harrison said cockily to Jacob as the two began to play a video game in Tom’s trailer.

“Tom’s going to be so pissed at us for drinking all of his Dr. Pepper.” Laura laughed, sitting down beside Zendaya on the couch.

“Hey, you drank the last one.” Zendaya stated.

“I called dibs before we got here, so technically it was Jacob.” She replied.

“No blaming me for anything.” Jacob said, his eyes glued to the large TV screen. The girls watched as the boys played their game, waiting for the last of their cast mates to arrive. It was a common thing for the cast that had finished their filming to wait in someone’s trailer before going back to the hotel or grabbing a bite to eat. This time, they had all snuck into Tom’s trailer and (im)patiently waited for you and him to arrive.

“It’s always your fault.” Harrison responded. Their ears perked up as they heard the trailer door open.

“It was fine-I promise.” Tom said, walking into the room with you following him. He sighed as he saw the four others sprawled in his living room area.

“Really? You lot couldn’t just go to your own trailers?” Tom asked, kicking off his shoes.

“You have the biggest TV.” Harrison and Jacob replied simultaneously.

“Your couch is comfy.” Zendaya shrugged.

“My trailer is the smallest.” Laura stated. Tom rolled his eyes, “Can we go to dinner now?”

“No! I have to beat him first.” Harrison exclaimed. Laura got up from his spot on the couch and stood in front of the TV, blocking their view. You rolled your eyes at the boys who tried to see around her. You picked up the remote and turned the TV off, much to Jacob and Harrison’s dismay.

“You’re no fun.” Harrison pouted.

“I’ve been filming all day. I am more tired than you can imagine. All I want to do is eat and sleep.” You stated, standing by Tom in the doorway.

“Are your lips tired too?” Harrison teased making a kissy face at you. You took one of Tom’s throw pillows and chucked it at him.

“Aw, man. Was that today? We missed the kiss scene?” Zendaya whined.

“You didn’t miss anything.” You said.

“It was so funny. They were terribly awkward about the whole thing.” Harrison stated with a laugh, “Was there any tongue?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows at Tom, “Kissing burns 6 calories a minute. How many did you two burn today? How chapped are your lips?” He continued as the others began to laugh and Tom rolled his eyes, “What’s the flavor of Y/N’s lipgloss? Strawberry or vanilla?”

“Do it again.” Jacob encouraged.

“Yeah, do it for our friends.” Harrison taunted.

“Harrison-” Laura started, being the one who saw the upset look flash across your face.

“Can we drop this?” Tom asked, feeling slightly annoyed at his best friend.

“You guys go to dinner. I’ll just eat on my own tonight.” You said, turning and leaving the trailer with all eyes on you. Tom’s trailer was silent as everyone’s attention shifted to Harrison, who was now looking extremely worried and guilty. It wasn’t unusual for him to make slightly taunting jokes; normally you would give him sassy remarks. Laura and Tom made eye contact and she sent him a silent look that told him to go after you. Wordlessly, Tom left his friends and went to your trailer that wasn’t too far from his.

He knocked on your door quietly. He listened as footsteps drew closer to the other side of the door.

“Harrison?” You asked with a unsteady voice.

“The other one.” Tom replied. His heartbeat quickened as the door slowly opened. He felt a pain form inside him as he registered the red color of your eyes-you had been crying and it had been partially his fault.

“Can I come in?” He asked and you nodded, allowing him to enter. He shut the door behind him as you went back to your small kitchen. Tom followed you in there.

“Cereal for dinner?” He questioned, acknowledging the empty bowl, spoon, milk and cereal box on your counter.

“It’s all I’ve got.” You shrugged.

“May I join you?” Tom asked and you nodded, getting another bowl for him and a spoon. You two sat down at the table and began to eat the cereal in silence.

“I’m sorry for what Harrison was saying.” Tom spoke up, breaking the quiet air.

“It’s not your fault.” You replied, “I’m just sensitive about it.”

“Why would you be sensitive about kissing?” It was an innocent question-he meant no harm. You paused for a moment before answering.

“Because I’ve never been kissed. I’ve never been in a serious relationship and I’ve never kissed anyone. Today was difficult because I had to initiate it and I had no clue what I was doing.” You said in a hushed tone. Tom’s spoon clattered as it fell into his bowl.

“You-you’ve never been kissed-like ever?” He asked in confusion.

“That’s the meaning of never, is it not?” You replied dryly. “I already feel foolish as it is. I don’t need you, Harrison, or anyone else mocking me for it.”

“No-no-I’d never.” Tom stated, “I was just confused because earlier today when we were-ya know-kissing, it didn’t seem like you were that inexperienced.”

“So you’re saying I didn’t completely suck? Thanks.” You commented back sarcastically.

“That’s not what I meant. I mean, you still need practice, but it’s only because you’ve never done it before. You are a good kisser-I wouldn’t mind doing it again. It probably would have been better if I kissed back as well.”

“What did you just say? You wouldn’t mind kissing me?” You asked.

“Of course not.” Tom paused, “The truth is: I really like you. I was excited then and I’m excited now to have you play Peter’s love interest.”

“You know, I wouldn’t mind kissing you again either.” You replied with a shy smile on your face. Tom placed one of hands on the side of your cheek and drew you into him, planting his lips on yours.

You have probably kissed him at least twenty times today, but it’s different than those kisses. There is a spark in it and it’s filled with emotion and passion. It’s not acting, it’s real. You pulled away breathless, feeling your lips buzz.

“Now that was a kiss.” You said.

“And I plan on doing it a lot more.” Tom mumbled against your lips, locking them with his in another kiss.

Truth or Dare

- jonah marais -

A voice that I’ve heard all over social media for years screams through the Team 10 house. I smile to myself, realizing I’m going to meet Logan Paul today.

“What’s up?!” Logan yells.

He enters the main room, vlog camera in hand.

“Here’s baby brother Jake,” he shrieks, smacking hands with his sibling. He will no doubt add a loud slap sound effect to it later on while editing. I’m extremely surprised when five teenaged boys follow him in.

After a second of pondering, I remember them to be the Why Don’t We boys. Logan reached out to them after attending one of their concerts and they hang out together all the time now.

I don’t recall his name, but the tallest one standing in the back of the group locks eyes with me. I look away, praying he doesn’t notice my face flushing red.

“Yo, bro, I hope it’s alright if the boys hang out here while we record,” Logan says to Jake. He then flips the camera around, talking to his audience.

“Record what?! You’re gonna have to wait and see! Yaa YEET!” he shouts.

I have to hold back a laugh at how fired up he is during literally every second of the day.

“Yeah, the boys hanging out is fine. Everyone else in the house is out right now, so feel free to do whatever,” Jake tells the boys.

I’m hoping that he doesn’t remember that I’m here, but his eyes flick around the room and he spots me sitting on the floor against the wall.

“(y/n), come here! Wow, I feel like a total jerk for not introducing you yet.”

I’m hesitant in standing up, feeling the eyes of the tall - and very hot - stranger watching my every movement.

“Come on! Get up and over here!” he says, waving me over. I rise and make my way over to the younger Paul brother.

“Logan, boys, this is (y/n) (y/l/n).”

I send them all a closed smile and raise my hand in greeting.

Why are you so awkward?

“(y/n), this is my older brother Logan.”

I nod, even though I already know.

“And then you’ve got Daniel, Jack, Corbyn, Zach, and Jonah,” he recites, pointing to each as he goes along.


The boy grins at me when I make eye contact. Just like before, I look away, flustered.

“I pretty much made the team leave so that she could look around the house in a calm environment and see if she wants to join our little family,” Jake says.

The boys nod, understanding why I’m here, before Logan reminds his brother that they need to get a move on with recording the video they have planned together. Jake agrees and they move to the backyard. Logan pauses in the doorway and yells, “Yo, (y/n)?”

“Yeah?” I call, speaking for the first time.

“Always be aware of your surroundings. The guys lose control when they’re in the presence of a young girl.”

I hear him laughing before the door slams shut. A chorus of scoffs and chuckles sound from the group to my left. I look at them, wide-eyed. Most of them send me reassuring smiles.

“Seriously, don’t listen to what he says. We can control ourselves,” the one in the front with short brown hair and stunning blue eyes says.

He walks past me, probably going off to explore the house. The boy with a head of curly hair starts to follow him, but stops in front of me.

“Most of us can control ourselves. I would watch out for the baby-” he points to a boy with brown hair- “and the giant-” gesturing to Jonah.

He smiles and sets his hand on my arm, probably noticing the uncomfortable look on my face.

“I’m kidding. We’re all kidding. They’re really sweet; don’t be scared of them,” he says gently.

Then he walks off, leaving me with the youngest boy, Jonah, and Corbyn.

Corbyn and - I think his name’s Zach -start a live stream on YouNow so Jonah and I are left alone to sit on the couch. He begins talking to me, and little by little, I feel the outer shell of my shyness slipping away.

When the Paul brothers come back inside, Logan announces that he and the boys need to leave. I’m extremely disappointed by this; two hours was not nearly enough time to spend with the boy I just met.

“Dang,” Jonah says as everyone grabs their belongings and heads to the front door, “time passes too quickly. I wish I could talk to you more.”

I surprise myself when I say, “Do it, then.”

He looks confused by my statement.

I pull out my phone, open a new contact, and hand it to him. Catching on, he takes my offer in stride and enters his number, grinning.

“Don’t leak my number,” he says. I laugh gently.

“I won’t,” I assure him. “If I decide to join Team 10, don’t leak mine.”

About a minute later, we’ve said our goodbyes and Jonah joins his friends. I don’t look over to them, but I catch when Logan grabs Jonah’s upper arm, stopping him.

“You gettin’ it on with her, bro?” I hear him say. Jonah laughs and hits the older boy in the chest.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him lean forward and whisper something to Logan. I wish I could know what he’s saying.

The group walks out the front door in a mess of chaos and noise. They’re laughing and talking, hooting and hollering.

Just as I think the door is going to close, Logan shoves his head back in and grins at me.

“By the way, Jonah thinks you’re hot.”

He slams the door shut.


Over the next few weeks, Jonah and I talk over text almost every day.

From the moment I saw him, I was attracted to his sense of style, smile, and the overall charisma of his personality.

As the hours of getting to know him pass, I’m drawn to his humor, kindness, and care for others.

I’ve never been one to fall for guys quickly, but I fall in love with Jonah like I’ve known him my entire life.


Somehow, the Why Don’t We boys and I happen to arrive in the parking lot belonging to Logan’s apartment at the same time.

I’m shaking with anticipation by the time I get out of my car; this will be the first time I’ll see Jonah in person in a month and a half.

The boys stumble out of their car. I walk across the pavement towards them, awaiting the moment when the boy I love appears.

Finally, Jonah climbs out of the vehicle, shoving Zach’s shoulder playfully and telling him to hurry up. He’s laughing when our eyes meet.

He rushes to me, picks me up, and spins me around twice. I’m grinning and laughing like an idiot when he puts me back down on the ground.

“I missed seeing you,” he says.

I stare up at him, at a loss for words until someone nearby clears their throat. I pull away from Jonah to see all four of his best friends staring at us with expressions mixed between shock and amusement.

Minutes later, the six of us are sitting in Logan’s living room while he vlogs and explains the basic rules of the truth or dare game we’re about to play. Let’s just say, I’m not thrilled.

It doesn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. I laugh to the point where I’m crying so many times, I don’t think it’s healthy.

Jonah’s turn has come and gone several times without any mention of me or relationships, so I don’t worry when it comes again. That is, until Logan declares himself to be the one to think up the next set for him.

“Alright, Jonah. Truth or dare?”

The young man with the mess of blonde hair looks at me and I catch the glimpse of a smirk on his face.

If Jonah says dare….

Oh goodness-


I let out a silent sigh of relief, but then realize, you know what, this option may not be much better.

“Do you think (y/n) is hot?” Logan asks, no hesitation whatsoever.

Oh. My. Word.

My mouth drops open.

I expect Jonah to be embarrassed, but instead, he laughs.

“Yeah, I do,” he says.

The boys flip out, yelling, jumping over pieces of furniture, and running around in an eruption of madness.

Jonah doesn’t look at me as he laughs at his friends, probably on purpose. He knows me well enough by now that his attention on me would only turn me a brighter shade of red than I already am.

It takes a very long time for everyone to quiet down and when they do, it’s my turn.

“(y/n),” Corbyn says, “truth or dare?”

I shake my head.

“Truth,” I sigh.

“If you could date Jonah, would you?”

The room drops into a silent spell. My throat swells and my heart rate quickens. I clench my fists and train my eyes straight in Corbyn’s direction.

“Yes, I would.”

I’m not surprised when the room spirals into chaos once again.


Night has fallen by the time the boys and I leave Logan’s. I walk across the parking lot in the dark, hearing the sounds of the boys getting into their car.

“(y/n)!” I hear. Jonah. I turn around just as he stops jogging, reaching me.

“What I said back there… I hope that didn’t offend you or anything. I didn’t mean to degrade you by saying you’re… well, hot. You are. You’re beautiful, but you are so much more than just that. I also really hope that if you don’t feel the same way as I do-”

“Wait, what?” I cut in, taken aback. “You… do you have feelings for me?”

“I have since the day I met you.” I can die happy now.

“Me too, Marais,” I say.

“So, about what you said earlier… if I asked you out on a date, would you be interested?“

“I wouldn’t just be interested, I’d say yes,” I say, grinning. He’s grinning too when he grabs my hands.

After a long time he says, “I really want to kiss you right now.”

I slowly slide my hand behind his neck, bringing him closer.

“Then do it,” I whisper.

Unleashed Pt 2

Season 3a Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

 Word Count: 2,016

Warnings: PTSD

   During chemistry, Harris talked about momentum, but I was more focused on Isaac, who was sitting next to me and practically quaking with rage. Stiles was at the principal’s office waiting to talk to his dad. The one time he was there and wasn’t in trouble.

   “Give me a chance to figure it out before you do anything,” Scott begged Isaac. While Danny was defining inertia, Isaac interrupted him, asking to go to the bathroom.

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daydreaminglikeabadass  asked:

tanunatsu + 91 if you're still taking prompts? ur writing is so warm aaa thank you!!

writing prompts
91: “can i hold your hand?”


The room is painted orange with dusk, fading sunlight slanting inside past the long white curtains at the window. Nishimura rearranges Natsume’s blanket one more time with a fussy yank before hurrying to the door without looking anyone in the eye, and Kitamoto lingers after him just long to touch Kaname’s shoulder in parting.

“You heard the doctor,” Kitamoto says quietly. “He’ll be fine.”

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Joshua (G)

Request from: Jisoup Anon
Prompt: Studying sucks, unless you have pizza and Hong Jisoo.
Word Count: 1385… sorry ><
Genre: I tried to fluff… sorry ><
Ello friend! Sorry, it’s been long. I suck at writing, and I especially suck at writing fluff, so I had Scooped to help a little with the fluffy fluffy parts. I hope it’s readable at least hehe. Byeee~ 
junnie :>

(If you’re slacking, here’s Joshua staring into your soul telling you to do your work.)

Originally posted by supersuperroa

Another day… another exam… another subject to study for. It’s annoying.

And it’s starting to piss you off because spring break has started and you’re missing out on all the fun.

Your friends are either out on shopping sprees in the day or partying and having sleepovers in the night. Some are even petting polar bears and dancing with penguins on the other side of the world. Holidays has even started for your boyfriend, Joshua, even though he takes three more subjects than you do.

However, here you are burning the midnight oil for the paper in two days. At times like these, you absolutely regret signing up for additional subjects during the holidays. Everyone tried to talk you out of taking classes during the holidays but, being the stubborn kid that you are, you refused to listen. Completing more subjects beforehand means that you have less subjects to worry about after spring break is over. But this also means that you have to sit for six exams before you can enjoy spring break. What’s worse is that you have less than two days to prepare for each paper. Luckily, the paper that’s coming up in two days is the last, but also the hardest one.

“Hey, I brought food!” you heard Joshua calling out behind the front door of your tiny apartment. Knowing that he had his own keys to enter, you didn’t even bother getting up, let alone glance at him once.

“Jagi, you there?” Joshua called again as he removes his shoes and heads off to find you.

“Mmm…” you hummed, not fully paying attention to your boyfriend who was now standing in front of you.

“Hey jagi, come eat first,” Joshua instructs as he tidies your mini study table, placing the box of pizza in front of you.

You don’t have much time left to finish studying 20 chapters for the exam, let alone having the time to even think about eating.

“I’m not hungry. Can you move it away?” You nudged the pizza box away, retrieving the papers from his hands.

“You can study after we finish the pizza okay?” Joshua smiled sweetly. If it weren’t for your exams, you would’ve gave into him as soon as he entered your apartment.

But passing the exam was important to you and since it was the only obstacle hindering you from spending the greatest spring break ever with your boyfriend, you wanted to get it over and done with. Also, you felt that Joshua should’ve known how you felt, and leave you alone to study.

Joshua placed the box down on the counter, grabbing a slice to bring it over to your desk. “Just one slice. Here let me feed you.”

Fed up with his constant pressing, you unconsciously smack his hand, causing the pizza in his hand to fall on the floor.

“Joshua leave me alone! Just eat by yourself!”

You didn’t even bother apologizing or cleaning up. Studying was your top priority there and then.

Joshua stared at the slice of pizza lying on the floor.

“So much for caring,” Joshua sighed, picking up the pizza slice and putting it in the trash, along with the rest of the uneaten pizza. He left your apartment afterwards without saying another word.

You were being stubborn, and you knew it. Joshua was only trying to take care of you, like he promised, since the very beginning even before you two were an item. And yet you still had the cheek to push away his care and concern just like that.

You immediately regretted, but passing the exam was still important.

“Ugh, why am I such a jerk.”

As soon as the bell rang, everyone rushed out from the classrooms, in attempt to leave the school quickly so that they could enjoy their spring breaks. You walked behind with your friends who were busy discussing about what they wanted to do during their holidays.

“Can’t wait for my London trip!!”

“My family’s taking a road trip down to the lake”

“Finally have the time to see my grandma”

“No more studying!! Yassssss”

“KDramas all day err day, goodbye world”

“What about you y/n? How are you spending your spring break?” One of your friends asked when they see you spacing out, “Are you gonna hang with Joshua?”

Your thoughts went back to two days ago when you were being stubborn and how he left without saying much. The both of you did not even text each other during these two days, which was very unusual as the two of you used to text each other about anything and everything the entire day.

“Oh, uh, maybe not.”

“What’s up? Did you two fight or something?”

“Erm, kinda, but it’s nothing much. I just think he has better things to do besides hanging out with a killjoy like me.”

“Who dares call my girlfriend a killjoy?”

That voice. That sweet voice. Ahh, there’s no wonder he’s one of the main vocal of Seventeen. That sweet voice that made you fell for him even harder the first time you met him. That voice that you’ve missed so much after not hearing it for two days.

The group of you turned your heads to the voice, and you find yourself coming face to face with an angel from outer space.

Everyone else started giggling and whispering among themselves whereas you just stood your ground staring at your boyfriend, clueless as to why he was there. “Remind me again how you managed to find an angel”, one of them nudged you and whispered.

Joshua started walking towards your group, stopping right in front of you. His lean structure towers over your small one as he puts an arm around your shoulder. You turned to look up at him, but he was looking at your friends instead.

“Excuse me ladies, but y/n has to go right now.”

Before they got the chance to reply, Joshua gave them his killer smirk and intertwined his hand with yours, guiding you out of the school. Your head was filled with questions and your heart was thumping out of your chest after that knight-in-shining-moment, but all you could hear was the squeals coming from your friends as Joshua pulls you away.

Sigh, what a prince he was.

“Joshua,” you muttered suddenly, abruptly coming to a stop. You turned to face him, looking into his gentle eyes. “I’m really sorry about that night. I was really stressed and i wasn’t thinking clearly. Sorry for dropping the pizza. Sorry for making you throw the pizza away. Sorry for not spending time with you. Sorry for making you sa-”

Before you could finish, you felt his hand at the back of your head as he pulled you closer so that your lips are millimetres apart. He paused for a moment, staring deeply into your eyes before closing them and leaning in to lock his lips with yours.

It has been quite long, actually, since you’ve kissed him. The last time was probably before your exam periods started, which was probably a good month ago.

You kept your eyes open, surprised by how he reacted to your apology. You expected him to lash out at you for treating him so coldly, and yet here he was being such a lovely sweetheart his fans know him to be. Joshua was always known for being the gentleman of Seventeen, and you can totally agree with that statement. “What a beautiful human being. How could I have ever deserved you?”, you thought to yourself as you look at his long, curled eyelashes with his nose slightly nudging your cheek, deepening the kiss.

Joshua pulled away a few moments later, giving you a smirk. “I was never mad at you, silly. I understand what you had to go through, and no matter what I’ll always be there for you when you need me, ara? So please, stop apologising…”

“Is kissing your way of telling me to shut up then?” you retorted, throwing a light punch on his chest.

“That,… and I’ve missed you,” Joshua slides his hands around your waist, holding you tightly against his body, “Why jagi, do you mind?”

Your hands slid around his neck as you smiled up at him, “No, I wouldn’t mind at all.”

[Credits to respective gif owners]


Imagine an AU where everyone only gets their ‘soulmate mark’ at twenty. Imagine being older than the turtles and April so when you get your mark you find out your soulmate is Mikey but there’s a huge problem, has already in a committed relationship with April.


PART 3 of 4. –Angst, angst, and more angst!

You waited patiently for Leo to show up on the top of your large apartment building. You shivered as the cool air blew around you causing you to tighten your arms across your chest, using you own body heat to warm you. The cool air caused your already puffy red eyes to sting even more than they already were.

You had finally managed to stop your tears and gather your composure before making the long climb to roof of your building. Now you waited, sitting on the ledge of the tall building, your legs dangling over the edge. Your eyes watched the cars that zoomed up and down the roads, occasionally a loud honk filling the night. You had grown to love the sounds of the city but now you were seriously debating on leaving the city behind you. Mikey didn’t want you and you knew your little outburst and love confession ruined any chances of regaining your normal friendship status with Mikey. Everything was ruined and to be honest, you didn’t know why exactly you called Leo of all people but you did. Perhaps it was because out of all the brothers, Leo was level headed and held some deep insight on feelings and could possibly find a way to shine some light on your dark depressing situation.

Ten minutes on the dot had passed and you heard the familiar loud thump behind you that jerked you away from your thoughts. “I thought you didn’t like sitting on the edge?” Leo spoke coolly from behind you as he took a seat next to you.

“I don’t. I just, I dunno. I like the view.” You stumbled over your words before glancing up at the fearless leader. You watched Leo’s features harden as he eyed your tired looking appearance. “He found out.”

Leo’s eyes widened as he began to piece things together. Apparently it didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped by the look of your tear stained face. “What happened, Y/N?” Leo’s voice was as kind as you expected and in a gesture of comfort, he reached out and took your hand in his. His large green fingers enclosing over your hand, almost swallowing up from view completely.

Taking a shaky breath, you tried your best to tell Leo every detail about the incident without losing yourself in sob again. Hearing that Mikey left you a crying heap on the floor causing Leo to inhale deeply, he was trying to keep his cool but he never imagined his little brother could ever leave someone in such a state. Mikey wasn’t that heartless. Actually, Leo always knew if Mikey ever saw anyone crying that soon he’d also be a mess of tears himself. Mikey was the sensitive one, so Leo couldn’t understand Mikey’s sudden cold shoulder.

“He didn’t even say anything?” Leo asked, his jaw clenching as he quickly spun around and began pacing the roof, much like you did in the lair.

“No, he just left, probably down to April’s.” You felt your stomach churn at thought of what Mikey and April were doing.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Mikey doesn’t leave like that.” Leo thought out loud to himself as you slowly rose to your feet and hopped down from the ledge “I should go talk to him, see what’s up.”

For the second time that night you felt all the color drain from your face. The thought of Leo confronting Mikey on your behalf made you feel sick. “No!” You gasped, rushing up to Leo with wide scared eyes. “You can’t tell him I told you, if he’s already mad at me and you tell him that I told you what happened, he’ll hate me forever! Plus I don’t want you getting involved in this mess.”

Leo snorted with a smirk and placed both his hands on your shoulders to try and calm you down. “Alright, alright. I won’t tell him you told me, but Y/N….. I am involved. Mikey can’t just turn away his soulmate, he’s always wanted a soulmate.”

“No, he wants April to be his soulmate. I’m not her. I’ll never be her. She’s perfect and she’s perfect for him. What could I possibly have to offer Mikey that she can’t? Other than this stupid mark.” The wall you had been trying to build up to keep tears at bay suddenly burst like a faulty damn and tears once again filled your eyes and a few spilled out and ran like tiny hot waterfalls down your cheeks.

Leo sighed sadly and reached up to wipe away your tears with his thumb before pulling you into a tight embrace. You felt so small in his arms but yet, safe so you allowed yourself to break once again. Your cheek pressed against his plastron. “It’ll be okay, Y/N. I’ve got you.” Leo finally spoke after a moment of letting you have your moment of weakness.

“Yea, ya sure do, bro.” Both you and Leo jumped and jerked your heads towards the fire escape to see Mikey standing there, leaning against the railing with an angry look replacing his normally carefree expressions. “I wasn’t even gone for an hour before you swooped in and played hero.” Mikey’s voice was likw nothing you had ever heard before, almost like you could see the venom dripping from his teeth.

“The hell you talking about, Mikey?” Leo frowned pulling away from you and taking a step towards his brother. “What’s the matter with you?”

“I’m talkin’ ‘bout you putting your hands all over my soulmate, dude! I’m talkin’ 'bout you steppin’ all over my territory!” Mikey snapped, actually snapped viciously at his leader. You knew the turtles could be territorial over things they viewed as their own but you thought Mikey didn’t want you because of the way he left you so in your mind his anger towards Leo was completely unwarranted.

Leo puffed out his chest defensively now looking much larger than the smaller turtle. Before Leo could respond you heard two more loud thumps behind you and when you spun around you saw Raph and Donnie walking up towards their brothers. “I’m not 'stepping’ on your 'territory’, and just so we’re clear, soulmates don’t automatically make them your territory, little brother.”

Your face flew into your hands and you backed away from the turtles but stopped when your back hit Raph’s plastron. Sensing your discomfort, Raph drapped a large arm over your shoulders. A gesture he always did when you were close by, at least this time he didn’t make a height comment. “Anyone care to explain what the hell’s happenin’ here?” He asked in a rough voice.

“Yeah, normally it’s Raph and Leo butting heads, not Mikey and Leo.” Donnie added, tilting his head to the side but not before earning a small punch on the arm from Raph.

You groaned, soon everyone would know your horrible situation and that you caused this brother against brother blowout. “I’ll tell ya what’s happening. Y/N has been hiding the fact they’re my soulmate and when I get back Leo’s making a move on /my/ soulmate.”

“You left them a crying mess after you found out, what kinda soulmate does that? I was just coming to see them! Don’t be an idiot Mikey!” Leo snapped back.

“So…wait! Mikey is Y/N’s soulmate? What 'bout April?” Raph asked as you felt your knees try to buckle. Your face grew hot with embarrassment and shame the longer this went on.

“Yeah that’s me, the idiot. I’m an idiot for freaking out when I found out my Angelcakes wasn’t the one I was supposed to be with. I’m sorry if that hit me like a truck full of Foot-Ninjas.” Mikey hissed ignoring Raph.

Unable to hear anymore you finally spoke up with a loud but shaky voice. “Stop it!” You screamed out taking all four brothers by surprise, even Raph took a step back from you. “I messed up alright?! This isn’t Leo’s fault, Mikey. I texted him to meet me because I was freaking out too! I’m not gonna be the reason things end up strained with your brother! Not over me, not because of this stupid mark that I didn’t have any control over. Trust me, if I could give it to April I would, for you I would!” You snapped, losing all control over your emotions, your sadness sparking into a small angry fire. Each turtle looked at you with a shock expression, well, all three. Mikey looked at you with what appeared to be a hurt expression the moment you said you’d give up your mark. A long silence fell over the rooftop, all eyes were on you but no one moved a muscle, almost as if they were scared you’d snap once more or even lash out this time. Normally you were as level headed as Leo but right now you seemed to be showing your hotheadedness, just like Raph.

“I’m gonna make this easy for you and April, I’m leaving. I’ll leave and you can carry on with April without worrying about running into your pathetic soulmate.” Your felt almost lightheaded, the thought of leaving your soulmate making you feel sick to your stomach.

“Y/N, you know the further you get away from Mikey, the harder it’ll be. You can’t change the universe and the universe is always going to pull you towards Mikey.” Donnie spoke up placing a gentle hand to your shoulder. “It’d be different if you didn’t already know him but you do, the connection on your end has been formed. You can’t leave him, not without dealing with a lot of discomfort and heartache.”

You glanced up at the purple clad turtle and offered him a broken smile. “I can take it, Donnie.” You weakly tried to reassure your friend. With that you pulled away from his grasp and headed towards the fire escape, your eyes drifting downwards to avoid Mikey’s intense blue eyes. “Excuse me.” You asked, shivering as a cold breeze blue over you.

Mikey frowned and took a small step towards you. “Sugarplum, look at me.” Mikey finally spoke to you. When you stiffened and didn’t pull your eyes up, he closed the gap between the two of you a d cupped your cold cheeks in his large hands.

You froze looking up at Mikey, your tear filled eyes meeting his. “W-What?” You asked. Your stomach doing flips at how close Mikey was to you, this time you shivered, but not because of the cold.

“Sugarplum,” He started, completely forgetting that his three brothers were watching this intimate moment between the two of you. Although, with them right there it didn’t stop him from opening his mouth to speak…..

TBC!!!!! ONE MORE PART TO GO. WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?! 😈 again, sorry for any mistakes.

Make Me

Writing Prompt #3 “Make Me” requested by another lovely anon. Hope you like it hun :) 

Contains: language, teasing, slight noncon 

You bit your lip hard, fighting the urge to roll your eyes. You and the other Saviors had just returned from Alexandria, trucks just full of goodies. Once everything was unloaded and sorted, Negan “requested” that you accompany him to help with the inventory. Of course he did.

Letting out a sigh, you follow him to the storage unit, heart frantically beating with anticipation. For over a month now, The Savior leader had tried to persuade you to join his little menagerie of wives. And while he made an incredibly tempting offer, you just couldn’t set aside your pride to accept his proposal. You worked your ass off to get the high position you were in now. Ranking just under Simon and Arat, you answered to no one but Negan. You had respect among the Saviors and had all the tools and skills necessary to survive in this shitty world. Why the HELL would you throw that away just to sit around and do nothing except occasionally get a piece of Negan?

It wasn’t as though you hadn’t thought about that particular perk before. Several times in fact. The couple of men, you HAD decided to fuck while you were at the Sanctuary got the job done sure, but they didn’t hold a candle to what you imagined fucking Negan would be like. Then again fantasy was always better than reality, right?

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cable & deadpool #001-002 ( 2004 )

  • “ look out, buttercup!”
  • “ nice haircut, ___”
  • “ hello? is anyone there?”
  • “ i’ll pass.”
  • “ it pays a lot.”
  • “ so… how much money?”
  • “ guns n’ ammo are easy to come by. even in france.”
  • “ i’m itchin’ like nuts – you mind if i take my face off?”
  • “ you must be yourself before you can be one.”
  • “ yeah. okay. don’t do that. preach. don’t. i WILL gouge eyes and stuff.”
  • “ so you ain’t freaked out by this?”
  • “ okay, now see, I’M grossed out!”
  • “ keep the motor runnin’ in case this place freaks me out too much.”
  • “ okay, first of all, i haven’t taken the job yet.”
  • “ am i on star trek or somethin’ – ‘cause i can do the shatner-roll if i have to.”
  • “ doctors say it ain’t contagious.”
  • “ sounds rough.”
  • “ i was EMPTY inside. as are so many of us. as are you.”
  • “ madness or genius?”
  • “ hah! you ARE humorous.”
  • “ a regular riot once you get t’know me.”
  • “ exactly what is this job?”
  • “ jerk.”
  • “ i must be hungry.”
  • “ you haven’t eaten any of your food.”
  • “ i wanted to get to know you.”
  • “ don’t get agitated. i wouldn’t like you when you’re agitated.”
  • “ what choice did i have?”
  • “ you could have learned to control your abilities.”
  • “ i don’t cause, i END.”
  • “ do i get the story?”
  • “ so, is this going to be, like, a testosterone thing?”
  • “ i’m here to help.”
  • “ ah, c’mon! you got my shoes!”
  • “ sorry. i feel terrible! how come this stuff we swallowed isn’t affecting you?”
  • “ notice anything strange yet?”
  • “ i can’t find my keys!”
  • “ look where you always lose them!”
  • “ idiot. every day, same thing.”
  • “ how about you try earning some money?”
  • “ oh, have you been earning money? i hadn’t noticed!”
  • “ aagh! i’m hit!”
  • “ say you love me. say it.”
  • “ whud time– ah-hmhhm… what time is it?”
  • “ time for you to help me.”
  • “ so, i was HIRED to find this stuff, ___. what’s YOUR excuse?”
  • “ so basically, it’s a very dangerous weapon.”
  • “ i prefer not to be so cynical.”
  • “ and exactly how would that be a good thing?”
  • “ believe whatever you want.”
  • “ so since my job is ‘bring back safe and sound’ an’ yours is ‘search and destroy,’ i guess kicking your butt is inevitable?”
  • “ don’t make me laugh while i do this.”
  • “ no, because this stuff is going to kill you in fourty-seven seconds.”
  • “ i know. relax. i can take the pain away.”
  • “ ‘systems don’t work, people work.’ i only wish i could be sure that people really DO work.”
  • “ you have no clue what changing a world REALLY requires.”
  • “ youth doesn’t excuse stupidity. but it does give you a second chance to get it right.”
  • “ where were you an hour ago?”
  • “ all that soda, y’know. then there was this soccer game on, an’ someone left a crossaint basket out, with all the little jellies and… ah, i can talk ‘til you’re all blue in the face– and soon, you will be!“

Nana’s P.O.V.

*looks straight into the camera*
Get closer, zoom in. What do your eyes see?
I’ll tell you, you don’t see any innocence in me do you. You may see it in public, but behind closed doors is a different story. You see I’m the type that tends to hide my true colors when I’m around others, people try to get the wild me to come out but it never works.
The innocent me is very sweet, loving, and caring for others in need.
The other side of me well..take a look at me. People do say the innocent people tend to be more freaky, and you know that is exactly true. I’m one of those innocent people, this is what I normally do when I’m alone in the house by myself.
Right now I’m in need of some company, but since no one is here at the moment. *flips my hair back and rubs my boobs together sticking my tongue to lick them* this part of me is very sensitive, sensitive perky titties. I like for them to be pulled on by the mouth and for my nipples to licked and bitten. I want you to explore my body and find my weak spots, can you do that?
*feels my body with my hands as they go down to my panties* oooop stop right there hehe. You thought I was gonna let you just yank them down? No no sweetheart before I let you see anything under here I want you to do something for me.
Pull those pants down and let me see that huge cock you have hiding from me and I want you to use your hands on yourself and jerk off for me…….
Hehe that’s good, you’re doing so well. Are you getting hard yet? Ooo I bet you are.
*slowly lowers my panties taking them off throwing them to the side on the floor*

To be continued…

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anonymous asked:

Not trying to be rude, but why do you get so salty about new musical adaptations about things? I see you say "why is this a thing" and "who asked for this" about stuff a lot, like the spongebob musical and now the new one for Kristin Chenoweth, and it just seems so unneccesarily negative, especially considering you haven't even seen them yet. You're obviously free to have your opinion, I just don't get why your knee jerk reaction is "who asked for this"

Because I can count on one hand the number of times the “Hey, let’s take (random moderately successful and/or nostalgic movie) and make a musical out of it!” trend resulted in something that I truly enjoyed.  (I am excluding movies that were already musicals to begin with, along with older, more thought-out adaptations like Nine and A Little Night Music.) You’re right, I can’t and shouldn’t judge until I see the results, but from where I sit something like Death Becomes Her: The Musical has a long way to go to overcome the “why musical” hurdle.

If Walls Could Talk

Part 2: Don’t Kill Anyone Today.

Summary: Ashley and Jensen’s date doesn’t go exactly as Nicole had hoped.

Word Count: 2315

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! It will be five parts total, and I’m having way too much fun writing this. Yet, here we are. Enjoy!

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The BTSF (BTS x Mystic Messenger) [2]

Downloading a cheesy looking app turns out to be a lot more dangerous than you think…

Chapters: | 1 | 2 |

A/N: Yay! Here is the lovely chapter 2~ Hope the wait was worth it!

Word Count: 1k

Genre: Au, Humor

Pairings: BTSxReader

     As soon as ‘Hobi’ left, the rest of them begin to overwhelm you with questions.

[Monnie]: …

[MemeKook]: So… Y/N

[MemeKook]: How did you even get added in here??

[Jinnie]: I was about to ask the same.

[Jinnie]: Hobi made sure that not just anyone could get in..

    You blink at the screen, thinking about how the hell you’re supposed to reply. But before you can answer, someone else texts first.

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anonymous asked:

In the pacifist route, doesn't Asriel state that Chara wasn't a nice person to Frisk? Does that mean that Asriel didn't like or trust Chara at one point, I mean I don't blame him or anything but, why is it so different now?

Well, in my opinion, “not the greatest person=/= bad person”.

Keep in mind that it seemed to be that Asriel idolized Chara to one extent, and then in a pacifist run he ironically does that with Frisk despite not knowing them at all, one can even be a jerk throught the entire run and yet ”Chara is a bad person”? it makes no sense.  Why would Asriel care so much for Chara anyways? He still watches over their grave, he still stated that Chara was the most important person, 

 His quote would  be more like”I used to see Chara as a role model, but now I think you should have been the one, to make sure that I would do the right thing”. And it is a reflection on what MK does with Undyne, they used to idolize her, to follow her way and try to imitate her, but then they realised that maybe Undyne’s way of seeing things weren’t the best, now that they found”someone much cooler nyehehe” and that she was”mean”, and yet, nobody thinks Undyne is a bad person. 

 And you see this all the time”I would never doubt you Chara!” “we’ll do this together,, we’ll free everyone”, it seemed to be that Asriel looked up to Chara for strength and guidence,  making the relationship between the two kids unhealthy once the suicide plan to break the barrier came up. Chara became pushy, and Asriel would barely question about it, as he used to see them as that role model, as a big sibling.

 To me, at the end of the pacifist run, Asriel just realises that Chara was not perfect, but he still cared deeply for his sibling. 

However, hearing this affects Chara greatly in this blog of course :) 

Reward and Punishment

Pairing: Klaus/MC

Requested by: Anon.

Summary: Not having much intimate time because of the Professor’s large conference that Klaus had to organise, Asana has an incredible urge that she can’t starve for much longer. After receiving an A on an exam she steals her reward first, but Klaus teased he’d be unsatisfied with anything below an A+ and punishes her for taking a bigger than necessary reward.  

Warnings: NSFW. Characters are of legal age. Read at your own discretion.

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BOY WITH HORMONE [ Kim Taehyung x Reader ] (ft. BTS) Pt. 6

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 13.5 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Length: ;)

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class and because of this you end up being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearingggg

Part 6/?

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

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Rooster Teeth in the last 13 years

You started out small and in a spare bedroom, but you’ve grown to be this amazing family filled with thousands. It’s incredible to think that in the last 13 years you’ve created:

  • Multiple Machinimated shows
  • Commercials
  • Cartoons
  • Podcasts
  • Charity Events
  • Live action shows
  • Multiple Mini Series
  • Soundtracks
  • Documentaries
  • Your own website
  • Your own online store
  • Online memes (looking at you Blaine McPrincess Purposer and Michael McRib Slayer)
  • Achievement Hunter
  • Funhaus
  • ScrewAttack (ok adopted but still)
  • Game Kids
  • A multi-player game type
  • A phone game
  • An actual video game
  • A convention
  • A convention AUSTRALIA EDITION

And that’s just some of the BASICS of what you do, I haven’t even gone into detail yet!

The point is you’re a teenager now, so it’s time to see what you do and where you go from here. You have some major life-changing choices ahead of you, so make sure you pay attention as we cheer you on like the sappy family that we are. So go jerk off in your room real quick because your Sweet 16 is just around the corner and I plan on being there to see it. Just make sure you keep your porn on low audio ok?

Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth <3