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I’ve seen a lot of folks kinda upset over Hanzo not getting any special skins or items for yet another event, and I think I know why? I could be wrong, but maybe the developers don’t want to go out on a limb and give him anything because they think it’s not worth it. As in, they see so many people complaining about having Hanzo’s on their team, or people just not picking up Hanzo enough, and figure they shouldn’t bother giving him anything.

This also reminds me of a comment made by the developers a while back. I think Jeff Kaplan mentioned it (but I could be wrong) and he basically said if they keep adding more and more characters, they might “retire” certain characters who aren’t played enough. They won’t kill them off in lore or anything like that, but you won’t be able to play them anymore in order to make room for new characters. I think they might’ve scrapped this idea, but you never know if it’ll be something they reconsider in the future.

So if you want Hanzo to receive more skins and not possibly be put on the chopping block, consider the following:

  • Try your hand at playing him every now and again. If he’s not your cup of tea, that’s cool, but trying him out in Quick Play once in a while won’t hurt either.
  • Spread some positivity online about his character in-game. If you happen to be on the forums, maybe make a couple posts telling the developers you want more Hanzo content and tell them you enjoy playing Hanzo (even if that’s not the case).
  • Don’t get angry with people on your team who choose Hanzo. Plain and simple: try going easy on your teammates. Being more supportive of their Hanzo choice means more folks will feel comfortable choosing him. And if you see someone getting on your teammate about going Hanzo, try coming to their defense if you feel comfortable doing so.

I’m not saying Hanzo is at risk of getting cut or that we won’t see new items for him in the future, but just to be on the safe side, show him some more love and tell your friends to do the same!

I’m so emotionally wrecked right now. Like Lucifer was finally happy and he had found love and even if the rest of them don’t consider it real because of God’s plans, what they might be failing to see is that their relationship is real in other ways and maybe for once God does want Lucifer to have redemption??? Not to mention he just lost everything he had and got so angry and yet calmed into a intensified worry at the sight of Chloe being poisoned and the trailer for next week and AHHH - that last four minutes hit too many emotions too quickly.

Me Jan 15th: The leaked episode wasn’t fake *cries* I hate everything and I wish I was dead *cries again*
Me Jan 16th: Oh look all these theories, omg it makes so much sense, maybe there is a fourth episode
Me Jan 22th: I give up *cries* I hate mofftiss with all my strength *cries harder* I will never have hope again
Me Jan 23th: Oh look all these theories, maybe the game is not over yet…


Weightloss progression. Top (the green shirt) is probably the heaviest I’ve ever been but I was at least fit enough to run and be active. I had been that heavy previously but had no level of fitness. As awful as I look there, I’ve actually looked worse!!! About 170 lbs I believe.

Picture two top right. Blue shirt, hair down. About 145-150 lbs, which is was my plateau for the longest time.

Bottom 2 photos are today. About 137 lbs. and slowly losing. I’m not even sucking it in!! 😳 I probably (definitely) was in the first and second photo.

It helps a lot to see progress. I have NSFW photos for my ultimate before and after but I’m not there yet. These are my before and “during”.

Cameron’s performance tonight was so charismatic…he was so fucking on point! I thoroughly enjoyed watching him…he honestly plays The Joker so perfectly…his capability of switching up his behavior, demeanor, attitude, and emotions at the tip of a hat is so incredibly brilliant and I’m left awestruck thinking ‘what is this fucker going to do next?’ I noticed how he would draw out his words in certain scenes, his mannerisms, even when he would have these little 'ticks’

He’s the same Jerome that we knew and loved, but he’s different at the same time…much darker and dirtier-(The scene with Lee…dirty fucker) and it’s such a breath of fresh air!!!! I can’t wait to see where he goes from here!

All I can say is…
“Hang onto your hats, folks, 'cause you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

okay just imagine with me for a second. 

yoongi and jimin going on an adventure together during an afternoon off before the comeback. somehow they end up finding this store that sells an assortment of things including toys and collectibles. and as usual, yoongi goes to see if they have any cute kumamon things that he doesn’t have yet. jimin is looking around and catches sight of a jibangi and pauses looking from yoongi to the doll. and jimin being jimin, he starts giggling when he notices the resemblance of the the doll and yoongi. though he did attempt to be quiet yoongi looks at him with a raised eyebrow which just makes jimin laugh harder throwing his head back, attempting to cover his mouth with his hand. and yoongi asks what’s so funny and jimin grabs the doll holding it up for yoongi who still doesn’t understand. taking a few breaths jimin finally is able to say, ‘hyung, you look like jibangi’. yoongi was shocked looking from jimin to the doll and back again and jimin just can’t compose himself leaning forward against yoongi as he continues to laugh. yoongi takes the doll from jimin’s grasp and frowns his signature pout forming as he whines ‘how do i look like this thing?’ 

and jimin ends up buying the jibangi since ‘whenever i miss you i can cuddle jibangi.’ 

(yg grumbles under his breath as they leave the store ‘you see me every day why can’t you just cuddle me’) 

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I have a (stupid?) question about tags - I assume that people use tags to filter content (so they don't see anything they don't want to), but I have yet to figure out how to do that? Is there are a setting somewhere?

It’s not built in Tumblr. You can use XKit (I think it’s available for Chrome and Firefox in their respective stores), which has a blacklist function, or Tumblr Savior if you’re old-fashioned like me.

I think there’s a blacklist on mobile as well but I have no idea what it is.

sometimes we just get the sweetest asks that we have to share.

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it’s really wonderful seeing people try their best to figure things out! we love it.

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"You said that you and Davis had played together and that's it."

Little drabble, angsty but sort of what I hope to see happen in season 2, anyway…enjoy!

Originally posted by darlinginmyway

“You said that you and Davis had played together and that’s it.”

He doesn’t sound angry, if anything he sounds confused and maybe a little disappointed. 

She didn’t want to have to talk about this with anyone, let alone with Mike. She had hoped the book was closed on that part of her life and yet here she was, needing to explain, if not defend, her actions. 

Things had been somewhat awkward between them ever since the night at the bar; with her injury and him getting back with Rachel, they’d lost some of their easy back-and-forth. They were still friends, she still called him an old man sometimes and he still treated her like a rookie. But there was a thread of tension whenever they were alone, or if they realized they were standing too close, if the conversation veered into dangerous territory.

Like right now. 

The hairs on the back of her neck stand up and she wishes she didn’t need to have this conversation. 

“Yeah, we dated for a bit,” she avoids looking at him and she’s not sure why. 

He’s still with Rachel, she and Noah had ended things. She was only so good at pretending, it became more and more obvious to both of them that Ginny wasn’t happy. The break up had been amicable, she was grateful. 

She sees his hands fidget at his sides and a seed of annoyance blooms in her chest. Why did it matter?

He clears his throat once.

“I thought you had a rule about players,” his voice is gruff, low. Her eyes snap to his, brow furrowing.

“He’s was an exception I shouldn’t have made,” she shrugs uselessly, still retroactively irritated with herself for not sticking to her rule.

Mike chuckles sarcastically and shakes his head, his hands go to his hips and the small bloom of annoyance grows, she can feel her throat tightening and her hands begin to shake. 

“What, old man?” She asks impatiently.

“No, it’s nothing, Baker, it’s nothing at all,” he’s clearly holding something back and her hands ball into fists. She could easily accept his obvious lie or she could push. The sardonic smile he throws at her makes her crack.

“Out with it, Lawson.” She shifts form foot to foot, crossing her arms to ground herself.

“It’s just – well I think it’s interesting you could make an exception for Davis, but not –,” he cuts himself off and her stomach drops. 

She didn’t think he would go there. Ginny figured he’d call her a hypocrite for breaking her own rule, or stupid for dating a player to begin with. She looks away and takes a breath to calm herself down.

“Yeah, well, he’s the reason I take the rule so seriously now,” he squints at her, like he doesn’t believe what she’s saying; she shrugs again, “fool me once…”

Mike stays tense and silent, assessing her. He nods, taking a breath.

“Shame on me,” he whispers as he passes her, heading to the clubhouse.

Her eyes close for a few moments, she shakes out her limbs and turns to follow him.

They have a game to play. 

Just got back from running errands, have not checked my mail or my notifications yet.

But I saw a hawk while I was driving. It was flying low and literally swooped across the road right in front of my car.

Which, in my personal deity omen dictionary, means “GOOD NEWS COMING.”

So let’s see!

yknow what has always struck me as odd???

sherlocks a modern man, he works off a phone. john’s modern too, he works off a laptop. yet sometimes we do see john write on paper? the part in tfp some have pointed out is an outlier but he also wrote on paper when asking mrs hudson about sherlock’s bolt holes.

also we see in thob (the story based off the story sherlock narrates in canon if i recall) sherlock just….carries a little moleskine around? in his pocket? do we ever see that again??? interesting.


Day 24

Imagine Being Magnus’s Daughter

For My Followers

Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn and you are his humble daughter.

You both love lavish things, dancing till dawn, blue eyes, and each other. You’ve been with Magnus for at least hundred years of his life and your entire life.


“(Y/N) I have something to confess,” Magnus starts making you toss aside your book and stare him down. “I haven’t even said anything yet!”

“Last time you gave me that tone you told me you were marrying Camille,” you reply and cross your arms.

“Fair enough,” he agrees. “But I’m not marrying Camille so relax.”

“Then what is it?”

“I’ve started seeing someone,” he says and you tilt your head. Your father has only ever seriously seen one person and that was Camille.

“Who? Who has snared your freewheeling heart?”

“The shadowhunter, Alexander Lightwood.”

The shadowhunter? The dark-haired archer?

Magnus looks surprisingly nervous as he waits for your reaction.

“Wasn’t he getting married? Didn’t you go to his wedding?” you question suspiciously. “Dad are you his mistress?”

“No honey, I crashed his wedding. He actually left the altar and made out with me in front of all the guests,” your father responds and grins like a dope.

“Okay well do you love him?”


“Is he good to you?”


“Then I won’t throw a tantrum,” you decide making your father grin. “I’m glad you’re happy.”

“Thank you honeypot. What you think means a lot,” Magnus murmurs and embraces you tightly. “By the way he’s coming for dinner tonight.”

“Thanks for the heads up!” you snap and jump to your feet. “When will he be here?”

Just then the doorbell rings.

“Now,” your dad replied sheepishly and rushes k the door.

Scowling you wave your hand and change your clothes in a snap. A second burst of magic fixes your make up and places a thick glamour just as the shadowhunter walks in.

“Hello Alexander Lightwood,” you greet and offer a hand. “I’m (Y/N) Bane, my fathers told me so little.”

“You can call me Alec…He didn’t tell you about me?” Alec mutters and looks to Magnus who just shrugs.

“As you probably know my dear father has a way of saving information till it’s pertinent for dramatic flare. Anyway tell me about yourself Alec,” you invite and pull him into the kitchen.

Alec sits down at the counter and you snap to get the kitchen tools to start cooking by themselves.

“I’m a shadowhunter…uh I love your father?” Alec stammers nervously. “I’m not sure what to say.”

“That’s okay. I can talk about myself. I’m a hundred years old, I adore reading, I like to dance, and I don’t usually look like this,” you rattle off. Lowering your voice to a whisper you lean into Alec. “I have horns and red eyes.”

“Is it a secret?” Alec whispers back and you giggle.

“No it’s not I just don’t want to scare you off. My father is real enamored with you,” you answer.

“I won’t get scared off I promise you can take away the glamour.”

Raising an eyebrow you let the glamour fall and Alec doesn’t even flinch.

“I like you, dad I approve.”

“Yes!” Magnus cheers and kisses Alec on the cheek.

“Thanks (Y/N),” Alec says and blushes.

“Thank you for being a perfect match for my dad.”


Magnus Bane and Alexander Lightwood were married six months later. You were your fathers best man.

A few months after Alec adopted you officially and not long after that Max came into your life. You took to having a younger brother amazingly and affectionately refer to him as “blueberry.”

Overall the Bane-Lightwood family is perfect.


Requested, thank you

Hearing a knock at your door you jumped up from your couch and briskly walked towards the door. Opening the door you saw Jeremy standing there in his suit. “Where are we going?” you asked instantly. Jeremy laughed and shook his head. “Hello to you too” he smirked. “Sorry, hi, where are we going?” you asked again. “I’m not telling you yet, you have to wait and see” he nodded as he held out his hand for you to take. “Well am I dressed fancy enough to wherever we’re going?” you asked, taking his hand as you walked out of your house closing the door behind you. “You’re always dressed amazing Y/N, now let’s go” he smiled.

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I don't think they had sex yet, because Maggie would want to wait (Alex probably doesn't because she has missed out on YEARS of sex, well at least GOOD sex) but I think when she said "do you think people can tell??" She meant "do you think they can tell that I'm the happiest I've been since I got here? Can they tell I'm not as tense and strict?? Can they see the rainbows flying out of my face?? KARA THIS IS SERIOUS I HAVE A REPUTATION TO UPHOLD"

Agreed – SHE DOES HAVE A REPUTATION TO UPHOLD – I’m writing a fic of The Night Before right now with my take on how it went down (no… pun intended?) ;)

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I love your fic so much! You are, like, my reason for living!!! I just had a few questions I wanted to ask about the fic. How do the coaches feel about the Viktuuri rivalry? Yuuri seems to avoid talking to Celestino about Viktor and we haven't really seen that much of Yakov. Also, has Phichit made it to GPF yet? Does he still have his hamsters? How does Chris feel about Yuuri, seeing as he's really protective of Viktor? Thanks so much I love your fic, keep up the awesome work! :)

Celestino knows that Yuuri’s focus on Viktor is one of the things that drives him to be such a great skater so in that sense he is glad about the rivalry because he wants to see Yuuri succeed. But he does worry about Yuuri and how hard he pushes himself to achieve that goal. 

Vakov does not like Yuuri. At all. In chapter 9 he calls Viktor away from Yuuri and this is very deliberate. He doesn’t like Yuuri beating Viktor, he doesn’t like Yuuri’s attitude towards Viktor and he doesn’t like how Yuuri distracts Viktor from just focusing on being the best of the best and nothing else. He really really dislikes Yuuri. 

Phichit hasn’t made it to the GPF yet as this fic is following the canon timeline and Phichit didn’t make it to the GPF until the main skating season of the amine which is still a year from chapter 11. He also still has hamsters, although the original three are long dead. 

As for Chris, if you look at the ask I just answered this will give you more detail into Chris’ feelings. 

“I like it when you sleep, for you are the most beautiful creature I have laid my eyes on, yet you are utterly so unaware of it. Your quiet little snores get me ecstatic for that is one step closer to seeing your face in the morning. Oh how I love seeing your face in the morning. The soundless morning awoken by our vibrant love as if the world was waiting on us. Waking up next to you is like having your first kiss, exciting yet completely terrifying, but darling that moment is what I live for.”




a short report from that edge of existence where stars turn into anemones and myrmidons into mountains of scraps, and scraps into grackles’ wayward feathers

there is a creature, its countenance betrays for every impartial observer a peacock in it, but this is not entirely peacock, every partial observer could tell,

for it has a lot of human features as well—  

it comes from the nether to the keyboard, which is soft and is also made of feathers in its iridescence (follow my fingers):
                                                          bright blue
                                                          turquoise green
                                                          copper orange (can you see it yet?)
        [the feather’s                             yellow aglitter (what produces this glitter,
        breathing porousness,                                 I really could not tell,
        durable friability,                                                perhaps the movement)
        elastic laxity]                               velvet violet
                                                           from-purple-black (Russian

okay, I seem to not be able to connect two words together in English without Russian. however, take into consideration this: there are prefixes and suffixes in Russian that English does not have, and so in the world structured by Russian there are all kinds of colors that English cannot name, for instance: issinya-zeleniy: outoftheblue-green, or izzelena-cherny: outofthegreen-black)
                                         black (in short) emerging out of the deep purple
                                         and finally simply black (no hints, no interference(s)
                                                                                              no impositions of
                                                                                              one color upon
                                                                                              another, no 
                                                                                   spectral argument, no
                                                                                   psychedelic focuses,
                                                           nor rainbow disagreements)

this feathery creature with the human eyes (about the color of which I do not even want to begin to think) is coming to the feathery keyboard 
                                        to NOT type anything;

it enjoys (perhaps not really enjoys, perhaps it is completely indifferent) seeing others in their respected agonies of writing, in throws of misery and fits of power, as it were; it merely observes, surveys, monitors, examines, watches, scrutinizes, notes, inspects, and discovers.

a spherical observer in the protective vacuole of vacuum
in a shell
in a nutshell
in which there is a thimble
in which there is a needle
on which there is a swarm of loquacious angels, fluttering because they are pierced like bugs. since angels barely weigh anything (perhaps a megabit of stored information), there is virtually as many angels pierced with one needle as there are sand grains on any given beach. 

this curious creature
                                                      is an observer
                                                               critical theorist

in short,
                  a theatergoer of sorts