i have yet to read the kill order

Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) actually came around the next morning, because we lived near each other at the time, and he said, ‘Have you seen the new book? We’ve got a lot of work to do, mate.’ He was quite happy, and I didn’t know how to break it to him. So I said, ‘Have you actually read it yet, Gaz?’ ‘No, just clicked through it.’ A few days later I’m in makeup and he comes in, and sits down, and goes ‘Have you heard the news?’ ‘What’s that, Gaz?’ ‘It’s terrible fucking news.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘You know how everyone is talking about who dies in book five? It’s fucking me! This woman puts the poor bastard in prison for 12 years, brings him back for a few scenes, and then she kills him!’
—  David Thewlis (Remus Lupin)

13x05 “Advanced Thanatology”
The Burden of Living

I have to admit that I am not a massive fan about this rather disinspiring retcon of bringing Billie back as the new incarnation of Death when they had treated her as Death’s “protégé” since S11 already - but apparently needed yet another character to kill of in order to then clumsily find a reason to bring them back *insert long sigh here*. That said, while I dislike the overall quality of writing related to Billie’s return, I did enjoy the entire scene with her and Dean in her “reading room”.

Of course it hit all the familiar notes about the importance of the Winchesters in the universe, choices and destiny and our lives as stories (to which each character holds the pen) that have been prevalent throughout the show - what stood out to me most however was that Dean’s predicament, his depression and suicidal mindset resembled and called back to his MOC arc quite heavily imo. Billie, the one who never was a fan of the Winchesters being alive ending up the one to give Dean a “pep talk” on his importance to live (though as we see later on when Dean tells Sam that he lost his belief in their work being important, what she says holds very little meaning to him) and almost in an ironic fashion sentencing Dean to return and go back, to “keep living” feels reminiscent of Dean becoming immortal when bearing the mark.

And of course that parallel was played up rather heavily by making Billie appear to Dean with scythe and all and making sure to put it far from Dean’s reach - after all Dean killing Death was an integral part of the MoC storyline. It seems they are planning a similar supposedly “apocalypse”-like scenario as they had opened up with the removal of the mark freeing the Darkness with Billie emphasizing how this multiverse scenario thing is like a house of cards.

So given this episode and the focus on how Billie doesn’t need “some big Winchester knocking it all down” seems like what lies ahead for the rest of the season. And it will of course possibly serve and cause more tension between the brothers - after all Sam is hellbent on opening up some sort of portal to get Mary back. And I suppose this is also the reason Dean also tries to ask about their mom, but is cut off by Billie. For one, because he wants confirmation - even if it would hurt like hell to know for sure their mom didn’t make it, but it is of course something entirely different to know she is alive, but that they left her there without trying everything to get her back - while simultaneously knowing the risk of those two universe bleeding together.

Aside from that, seeing Dean standing there like this, just a shadow of himself, so tired and worn down, man it hurts, because the way Jensen expresses Dean’s utter defeat is just heartbreaking.

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Hiya! I really want to read Hunger Pangs, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding it on the UK amazon (I fear I'm in danger of being That Person who can't use google correctly). Please forgive me if I've jumped the gun and it isn't out yet, but your posts have made me very excited to read it!

It is indeed not out yet, I just have a lot of people who like to talk about it in the hopes I’ll trip and fall into writing them another AU fic on Ao3 :P 

I am hoping, HOPING to get the pre-order up for all the amazon sites by October. That is my hopeful deadline. Some people have very amazingly pre-ordered a pdf copy (and limited hardbacks) through my patreon in order to fund my ability to actually write the darn thing, otherwise I’d be struggling to pay bills and killing myself trying to do enough editing work to make ends meet and never have any time to write. I’m incredibly grateful for that support, the book simply wouldn’t be possible without it.

So yea. October for Amazon is the Goal :D

Imagine #17 Peter Maximoff (Request)

Requested by @fragcc: Could you do a Peter x human reader? Like, they’d meet at library and become good friends bc they like the same stuff and then after some time they’d start dating and he’d confess to her that he’s a mutant but she doesn’t care bc it’s her love… =]

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Not my gif

Words: 2263

Warnings: typos, fem!reader (though not necessarily, I think, I’m just not sure), SWEARS

A/N: So, I was in a really no-cheesy mood when I wrote this, I hope, y’all like it anyway! xoxo

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”, you muttered under your breath as your eyes fell on the empty space in the shelf, where your favourite book was supposed to be. Some idiot had been hogging it for the past two months and you had been counting the days until you would finally be able to read it again – for about the 56th time. And now here you were, on the day it was supposed to be back, in front of the shelf where it was supposed to be, and yet… Right at that moment, your glare could have killed a man.

And yes, you could have just bought a copy of your own, but that wasn’t, what this was about, you insisted. This was about order, structure. You wanted this copy and you wanted it now.

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hey i saw u were doing killjoys headcannons and I had this theory in my head about Korse. Theres a bit somewhere in the Nanana video where Korse is clutching Party's head and screaming at him, which isn't nice, but hey, hes not trying to murder him, and then there's the end bit where he tells them to keep running when he could of easily just killed them. This makes me think that Korse had a lot of run ins and fights with the killjoys and has grown to like/admire them. idk thought u might like

hmm that’s kinda interesting. personally, I think that the Fabulous Killjoys (esp Party) and Korse have a kind of Tom-and-Jerry-esque relarionship. but like darker and with more attempted murder and codependency. 

like I figure that as the Fab Four grew in notoriety, they ended up encountering Korse more and more frequently, so they kind of began this weird, dangerous relationship

Korse is fascinated with the killjoys, because he is absolutely incapable of understanding them, and what they stand for, and why they do what they do– he’s been so infected by BLI through the pills and the conditioning that he’s really unable to comprehend them. but for some reason, he WANTS TO. he hates them, he despises them, he’s loyal to BLI, but he WANTS TO KNOW WHAT MAKES KILLJOYS TICK. he wants to take them apart and look inside. literally. 

but he focuses more on Party just because. Party’s loud. and colorful. and he puts himself out there. Korse has come to think of Party as kind of a symbol, a representation of all the killjoys. so he focuses on the Fab Four.

now Party– he’s just an attention whore. he knows he’s got Horse’s focus, and he’ll be damned if he’s not going to exploit that. he’s a tease, he’s reckless, he gets a rush from every encounter with Korse. he thrives off of the idea of rebelling against BLI (“but i believe we’re the enemy”)– it’s all he knows, all he has to hold onto anymore– and, much like Party is a symbol of the killjoys to Korse, to Party, Korse is a symbol BLI and everything about BC that Party hates. he’s Korse’s enemy, he’s BLI’s enemy, he is THE enemy. it gives him something to believe in.

it’s weird, it’s unhealthy, but what isn’t, in the Zones?

and as for the whole not-killing thing– I figure that’s probably just something like Korse’s orders were to capture them alive, or that he was supposed to focus on securing the Girl’s capture. mostly, though, I just chalk it up to “It Makes For A Better Music Video Than Killing Them Would” and move on. my headcanons aren’t all necessarily canon-compliant! and they mostly focus on life before the videos and the comics, because I haven’t read the comics yet (whoops) so I have like no idea what’s going on with that whole thing

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Hi! So I was reading TWOIAF... and Maester Yandel writes that the death of Aegon and Rhaenys may have been orchestrated by princess Elia. But isn't it common knowledge that Gregor Clegane and Ser Amory killed them? Why would he write this?

Two points here.

#1: It’s not common knowledge. Ned Stark was there when the bodies of Elia and her children were presented to Robert by Tywin, he knows that Tywin ordered their deaths, and yet his narrative tells us he only knows the details of the murders through rumors:

Some said it had been Gregor who’d dashed the skull of the infant prince Aegon Targaryen against a wall, and whispered that afterward he had raped the mother, the Dornish princess Elia, before putting her to the sword.

Now, Tyrion says who killed Elia, and how, is common knowledge in Casterly Rock. But Casterly Rock is not King’s Landing, and it’s very much not the Citadel. Even Varys only has the story from his spies:

“My little birds tell me that Princess Elia cried a… certain name… when they came for her.”

And later, Tywin informs Tyrion that such information cannot be considered valid:

“Oberyn knows that Gregor was the one who…”
“He knows nothing. He has heard tales. Stable gossip and kitchen calumnies. He has no crumb of proof. Ser Gregor is certainly not about to confess to him.”

#2: Maester Yandel is an unreliable narrator. Whenever you read TWOIAF, you need to remember there’s an in-world author bias. Yandel was writing his book as a gift for King Robert Baratheon. (Although he took so long working on it that he had to erase Robert’s name from the dedication page*, put in Joffrey instead**, and then erase that and replace it with Tommen.***) It’s not a straightforward history – it’s meant to flatter Robert. And Robert’s relatives, including his rich and powerful father-in-law Tywin Lannister. Therefore, how could a historical record possibly include the information that Tywin ordered his men to murder Rhaegar’s children to please Robert, let alone that one of those men also raped and murdered Princess Elia? No, no, Yandel must be an unbiased reporter of history and give equal time to the far more reasonable whispers that Elia killed her children to protect them, or that Mad Aerys had them killed. And of course it’s simply tragic “that those who ravished and murdered Princess Elia escaped justice.” Yes.

*That part of the dedication page is sadly hilarious:

**The changeover from Robert to Joffrey also required a rework of the history to flatter the new king. This can especially be seen in the last section of the Robert’s Rebellion chapter, and the various sections describing the Greyjoy Rebellion. Paragraphs that must have originally praised Ned and Stannis for their generalship and their success in battle, were heavily edited to exclude them from the narrative after Joffrey declared them traitors. Their absence from the recorded history, and the awkwardness of the record without Ned and Stannis, is very deliberate. (Elio Garcia even said he hoped to use a different color of “parchment” for those pages, to show they had been edited, but it didn’t work out with the printers.)

***According to Elio, Yandel is currently hanging around in KL hoping to gift his book to Tommen. It’s anyone’s guess whether he will be able to, or whether he’ll still be there when another king takes over. And if it’s Aegon, Yandel will need to heavily edit TWOIAF yet again, to insert a pro-Targaryen bias into the RR chapter and write off the Baratheon dynasty as bad times all around. (If he doesn’t get executed for his treacherous book first, of course.) And then if Aegon goes down… well, Elio once said he hoped to release a revised edition of TWOIAF after all the books are done, with the secrets included instead of edited out this time– I would very much like to see that, and compare it to the original, one day.

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Please please pleaseee make the zoldyck family dinner thing into a series!! I'd love reading it! (btw have you guessed who this is yet?)

Here is part 2 Normal!Zoldyck Family AU ! :D (Part 1)

I sigh heavily, putting my head on the table in front of me as Father grunts out curt responses in the phone, his narrowed eyes never leaving mine. Why did Gon talk me into this? More importantly, why did I let Gon talk me into this? School isn’t a necessity for assassins. I’ve already been taught everything I need to know in order to execute a clean kill. He can read and write, do basic math… what more does he need to know?

According to Gon, a lot.

“You aren’t an assassin anymore, Killua! And even assassins should go to school! It’s important! And fun!”

The little brat just doesn’t want Aunt Mito forcing him to go to school against his will while I’m sitting around in his room eating chocolate and reading manga. But somehow he managed to convince me it would be fun, and somehow I managed to convince Mother and Father that it’d be a good idea and practical for me to learn as much as I can.

And now I’m in trouble because, as it turns out, apparently I don’t know everything. And apparently fights in school are strongly prohibited- whether you’re a hunter or not.

I scowl at Illumi walking by on his way to the dinner table. He said this would happen. He had me completely pegged like he always does and it pisses me off. That damn good-for-nothing-

“Yes, I will. Thank you for bringing this to my attention- Yes, you too.” Father hangs up the phone with more force than necessary and I find myself gulping. I’m his favorite. He won’t be too hard on me. He’ll be proud that I won the fight. “You’re grounded, young man.” 

“I- I’m what?” I say, gaping at him. I have never been grounded in my life- you know, besides torture and solitary. But that was always from Mother, never Father. Father’s disapproving glare doesn’t waver.

“You heard me. The only reason that you aren’t suspended is because I promised to take care of it. Two months going straight to school and straight back. Illumi will be driving you to and from school so you won’t try anything. Now give me your phone.” I continue to gape at him, unable to process how I, Father’s pride and joy, am getting punished by him.

“B-But I won! And he was totally asking for it!” I protest without thinking, earning a hard smack to the head.

“You’re the one who keeps insisting on being raised as a normal child rather than an assassin. And even if you were still an assassin, it wasn’t a clean fight and there were far too many witnesses. So you’d still be punished heavily.” Father’s voice is cold, a tone I’ve only ever heard him use on my other siblings. “Besides, this isn’t just about the fight. You’re failing two classes. That isn’t acceptable. If you want to keep going to school with your friend, I expect you to be a model student. I can’t have you embarrassing our family’s name for something else.” I flinch. Oh, so he’s pulling the whole guilt card.

“Yes, sir…” I mumble under my breath begrudgingly. “Can I at least text Gon and let him know I’m grounded so he doesn’t freak out?”

“You may.” Father hasn’t softened his stance, watching me like a hawk. 

I quickly type out a message telling Gon that I’m under lock-and-key and that I’ll explain to him what’s going on tomorrow at school. Once the message is sent I hesitantly hand the device over to Father who powers it down and slips it into his pocket. 

“Dinner table. Now.” Father says, no patience in his voice at all. I flinch and quickly scurry to the dining room, slipping into my seat. Somehow this punishment is worse than torture. Physical pain I’m used to. Actually being punished like a normal child- and by Father? Not a welcome experience.

“Ooh, looks like Kil isn’t Mr. Perfect anymore.” Milluki snickers as he eats. I glare at him but don’t comment because Mother’s glaring at me and Father’s in the room now. I’m pretty sure not even Gramps can help me out here. 

“What did Big Brother do?” Alluka asks hesitantly, looking at me with those big blue eyes and I suddenly feel worse about myself. What example am I setting for her and Kalluto.

“He’s been slacking off in his studies and being disruptive in school.” Father says, his voice still not pleasant.

“I told you this would happen. Kil isn’t responsible for something like school, nor is he prepared for a setting like that. It isn’t like it’s necessary anyway.” Illumi says, acting as if I’m not sitting right across from him.

“Well we knew we were running that risk. It’s unfortunate but what’s done is done. Hopefully he’ll learn to take responsibility and to actually make an effort. You can’t just skate by in life.” Father continues, still acting like I’m not in the room.

“Amen to that.” Milluki says, also not looking at me. My eyebrow twitches- that lazy bum is saying you can’t get by on zero effort?

“I’m more concerned over the fact that he was so careless in the fight. Breaking a boy’s nose is not the way that a Zoldyck handles a dispute.” Mother joins in. I look at Gramps for help but he just sits there with a pleasant look on his face, silently eating. Traitor.

“Agreed. He’s clearly losing his touch. And I’m beginning to think we should have taken more time teaching him other skills as well. After all, is an assassin really skilled if he can’t do something as basic as arithmetic?” Father says and I feel my face flushing with embarrassment.

“Perhaps I should help him with his homework and tutor him? I was curious and looked at the school’s database. I find it a little troubling that Gon has higher grades than him- by quite a good margin.” Illumi says, actually sounding slightly concerned. Wait. What? 

“Since when did Gon have better grades than me?! He’s an idiot! A complete airhead!” I whine, looking at Illumi in disbelief.

“Then what does that say about you?” His response is so simple that it leaves me speechless rather than mad. Okay. Fair enough. I set myself up for that one.

“What did you even get into a fight about anyway? You’re usually so calm when people try to get under your skin.” Milluki asks and I flush a little.

“Um, nothing.” Not my best response, because even Illumi looks perplexed.

“Not a very convincing reply, Kil.” Illumi says and I curse under my breath. Everyone around the table is watching me. Waiting for an answer. And I do- after a few minutes of stalling.

“Okay, fine. He was making jokes about me always hanging out with Gon. Like saying I’m gay and stuff. In front of everyone- and they were laughing. And Gon was right there and I kinda panicked…and punched the guy…” I’m not looking up because, honestly, the whole situation is stupid and embarrassing. And my family being ominously quiet isn’t really helping. 

“You were getting bullied.” Illumi finally says, his voice low and erased of emotion. That’s not a good sign.

“Um, yeah, I guess. But it’s not a big deal.” I say, hesitantly meeting the blank stare.

“It is too a big deal. You were acting in self-defense.” Father speaks up, his voice a little less cold but a little more angry. At least it doesn’t sound like the anger is directed towards me anymore.

“I oughta pay him a little visit. No one picks on my little brother except me.” Milluki growls. That’s weird. I’m pretty sure Piggy hasn’t stood up for me. Ever. 

“I cannot believe the school wanted to punish my baby and not the other boy. I should call them and let them have it!” Mother screeches. Yeah, this is weird. Illumi still hasn’t said anything and honestly that freaks me out. The last thing I need is my big brother taking out one of the most popular kids in school.

“S-Seriously, guys! It’s fine! I’m not even that upset anymore. I can handle a bully. I was really more defending Gon than anything- the guy was picking on him too.” I wave my hands in front of my face, trying to calm my murderous family down. I get an idea, seeing if I could use this to my advantage, though. “But… I haven’t heard from Gon since it happened. I’m really worried. Father, is there any way that I could-” 

“Absolutely not. You’re still grounded. If you want to be treated like a normal child, then you will. And don’t even think about complaining.” Father says, immediately calming down and continuing his meal. 

Well, damn.

Force Bonds, Sever Force Abilities and Wounding the Force: How it all ties everything together from Kylo Ren and Rey, Ben’s fall to darkness and Snoke’s Goals

I’d first like to thank @loveyournightmare​ and @theboywhocan11​ for the insightful discussions the past few hours, as it led me to delve further into research and thinking, hence the creation of this theory.

Be prepared for a long read.

Before reading this, it would be best to refer you to the following for relevant information:

The Jedi Massacre and the Jedi Killer <–PRIORITY READING

Reylo Meta Library 2.0 (see FORCE BOND)

For this theory, I have condensed certain aspects of those previous theories and have divided it into parts:

I.  The Jedi Massacre and the Jedi Killer

Let us begin with the purported Jedi Massacre. In this theory, which we will now coin the Sever Force Theory, Ben Solo does not actually kill his fellow padawans in Luke’s Academy. What he does is something worse: he uses the Sever Force Ability on everyone in Luke’s Academy, stripping them of their powers. To further expound, Sever Force is the ability to essentially cut a Jedi’s connection to the Force, thereby rendering said Jedi powerless. And so, having sealed his fellow Force users to a fate worst than death, Ben Solo gains the monicker ‘Jedi Killer’.

In the most extreme cases, using the Sever Force ability can actually create a Wound in the Force.

Think about Jedis as extensions of the Force. If you cut them off from the Force, that’s essentially amputating limbs of the Force, thereby wounding it. If this theory proves true, then Ben created a massive wound in the Force by severing connections of several Jedis at once from the Force.

It could very well be that Ben even severed his Uncle Luke’s connection to the Force, and so the once most powerful Jedi in the galaxy is now in essence ‘impotent’. This explains why Leia, for all her Force sensitivity, could no longer sense her brother and needed a map to find him. The same goes for Kylo Ren and Snoke.

Losing his Jedi powers may also be why Luke went into hiding, and why he searched for the First Jedi Temple. It could be in the hopes of finding a way to re-establish his connection with the Force, which is actually possible if you’re in an area that has a high concentration of Force energy (Kyle Katarn went to the Valley of the Jedi to re-establish his severed Force connection).

II.  Reylo Force Bond

Now, enter the purported Force Bond between Kylo Ren and Rey. It’s natural to assume that upon the discovery of this Force Bond, Kylo and Rey will be very confused when they could suddenly communicate with each other across vast distances, see visions of each other and feel each other’s emotions. Perhaps Rey will consult with Luke, who will consult with the Force Ghosts of Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin (if rumors are true), and that’s how we come to learn of the Force Bond. Kylo and Rey will of course want the bond severed, and since there are only three ways to sever it (death, change of feelings/kinship from both parties and Sever Force ability), this could be the reason why Kylo was allowed by Luke to go alone to Ach-To, in order to sever the bond he had formed with Rey. It helps that in Ep7, it’s established that Rey does not want any part of being trained in the Force. I think she may very well agree to losing her Force abilities, especially since Luke won’t be able to teach her at all, what with his lack of Jedi powers.

Now, there will be concerns that Kylo may very well kill his uncle, but I don’t think so. Luke, without his powers, poses no threat. In fact, Kylo Ren will need what little knowledge his uncle has of the Force Bond in order to effectively sever the one he has with Rey.

In comes more complications. I will be discussing the dynamic of Meetra Surik and Darth Traya/Kreia, as this is the most credible source we have yet of Force Bonds vs Sever Force Ability.

From my what I read up on Meetra Surik and Darth Traya/Reia (they had a very powerful Force Bond which Surik wanted to sever, and Surik was talented in Sever Force Ability), it seems Surik was actually not able to effectively or voluntarily sever the bond through the Sever Force Ability. The only reason she was able to do so was due to collateral damage. She had to cut off her own connections to the Force in order to protect herself and in so doing, rendered herself powerless, and her bond with Darth Traya/Kreia severed. Then, she was able to re-establish her connection to the Force, gaining back her powers as well as the bond she had with Traya/Kreia.

Later on however, during her final duel with Darth Traya/Kreia, Surik managed to sever the bond she had with her old master, but there doesn’t seem to be an indication that she used the Sever Force ability; only that she cut off her former master’s hand, and thereby ended their Force Bond. In this case, I do believe what happened was not the use of Sever Force, but it was the change of kinship/feelings between Meetra Surik and Darth Traya/Kreia. Cutting off her master’s hand was symbolic of the change of kinship/feelings between both parties, forever cementing them as adversaries instead of the former master/apprentice they once were.

Going back to the change of kinship/feelings as a way to remove a Force Bond, this can only happen if the feelings of the two individuals had when they first established the bond change at the same time (To break a bond, your feelings would have to change [sic] – Wookiepedia). In the case of Traya/Kreia and Surik, they established the bond as master/apprentice with sympathetic feelings, and ended it when they became adversaries with little to no sympathy for each other.

Applying to Kylo Ren and Rey, if we are to look further into the novels, their Force Bond was formed during a time Kylo Ren was drawn to Rey, and Rey was drawn to Kylo Ren. Their Force Bond was born at a time when they were drawn to each other, despite their status as adversaries. And by the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like those feelings of being drawn to one another despite their own misgivings will change anytime soon (light and dark, opposites attract), so this method of breaking the bond is out of the question.

Kylo’s Sever Force ability will then be the only course of action (Death is out of the question of course, especially since even with Death, they would feel that void forever). But what if in trying to use the Sever Force on someone as powerful as Rey, he is slowly creating another Wound in the Force? This could be what happens in the rumoured Ach-to Hut scene: Kylo Ren, trying to use the Sever Force to break his bond with Rey, only to have the hut disintegrate, and an overwhelming void come over them, then Luke (or even the Force Ghosts if they’re present) shouting for Kylo to stop when he realizes what was happening. Kylo, still imbued with the side of light, stops, confused and perhaps terrified as well, and that’s how they’ll begin a conversation about Wounds of the Force.

III. Snoke and the First Order Weaponry

We all have been trying to figure out who Snoke is and while Andy Serkis, the actor who plays Snoke and even Pablo Hidalgo have already stated that Snoke is a new character, fans are quick to point out his similarities to other Sith Lords such as Darth Plaguies (officially debunked) and even Darth Scion and Darth Nihilus.

Snoke, as we all know, leads the FO and has their superior military might and weapons at his command. He approved the use of the weapon on the Hosnian system and would have done it to the Ileenium System had the Resistance not been able to stop Starkiller Base.

Remember the Death Star blowing up Aldeeran? That created a Wound in the Force. Imagine the massive wound SKB must have created when it destroyed all those planets in the Hosnian System.

IV.  Snoke and The Wound in the Force

And here we get to everything that ties the previous parts together. If you notice, all of them have one thing in common: A Wound in the Force

  • Ben Solo using the Sever Force ability on his fellow Force users created a wound. 
  • Kylo Ren attempting to use the Sever Force ability on Rey to break their bond creates or almost creates a wound. 
  • The First Order destroying those planets creates a massive wound. 

Connecting all those together, and you can see what Snoke’s ultimate goal is: to Wound the Force. 

  • It is why he manipulated and used Ben, not only so he would use the Sever Force Ability to wound the Force, but also to ensure no other Jedi can stand in Snoke’s way.
  • It is why Snoke is using the First Order’s military, so he can create more Force Wounds should he wish it simply by ordering the destruction of more inhabited planets. 
  • It may very well be that Snoke knew Kylo Ren was secretly going to Ach-To, but allowed him anyway in the hopes that Kylo will use the Sever Force on Rey, creating another wound and decommissioning another would be Jedi.

If Snoke’s goal truly is to create a wound in the Force, he would hardly be the first to have the same goal. Darth Traya wanted to do the same, because she hated the Force and felt that it controlled all life and that beings do not have true Free Will because of the Force.

But what of Snoke? What would be his motives?

It could be as complex as Darth Traya’s. Or something very simple.

Here’s how Kreia/Darth Traya explained in (Wookiepedia)

There is a place in the galaxy where the dark side of the Force runs strong. It is something of the Sith, but it was fueled by war. It corrupts all that walks on its surface, drowns them in the power of the dark side—it corrupts all life. And it feeds on death.

―Kreia, speaking of Malachor V, to the Jedi Council

And further explanation (wookiepedia)

Wounds in the Force were created whenever a massive loss of life occurred. All life in the galaxy was interconnected and when a significant number of lives were suddenly ended, the Force sustained a localized injury much like a sentient who had lost a limb. The epicenter of the wound became a dark place, filled with the reverberating echoes of the pain, terror, and suffering of the life forms who had lost their lives. Wounds in the Force were most often centered in astrographical locations where traumatic events took place, such as Malachor V or Alderaan

From these, we can interpret that Force Wounds can become a source of power for the Sith. Simply explained, Snoke wants to wound the Force so as to make the Dark Side of the Force stronger, and perhaps because of that, more Force Sensitives will be inclined to go to the Dark Side rather than the Light. In this aspect, Snoke’s motivations parallels that of Luke’s: Snoke wants to re-build the Sith whereas Luke wants to rebuild the Jedi.

Further Implications

Taking all these into account, it could pave the way for Kylo Ren—once he fully understands what was happening and how he has been used by Snoke—to ally himself with Rey and the Resistance. There could be future construction of more planet destroying weapons. More space fights. Perhaps even a rise of Dark Side users because of the Force Wounds that had been inflicted. Perhaps even Rey herself, with her lack of training, will be corrupted by the influx of Dark Side energy. There’s so much that could happen but one thing’s for sure: if all the theories posited here come to light, then episodes 8 and 9 will be very dark indeed.

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Whats the latest news on the elseworld evil dick kills everyone thing?

You mean Nightwing: The New Order? I honestly have no idea ‘cause I didn’t pick it up yet, but I’ve actually seen a few good comments about it, so I think I’m gonna read it eventually (mostly because I saw a panel of Kory and she looks stunning, also I think I read she and Dick have a son? I sell myself easily you see)


Two more fic covers I made. “Breathe” is actually fairly short, but I made it a cover anyway. As per usual, have not read these yet, just needed covers so I could add them to my e-reader to read.

Breathe - by fine_feathered aka @supernaturalthreesome (18.5K)

Castiel is an assassin assigned to kill two men who have recently escaped from the shadowy organisation E.D.E.N. Little does he know that meeting them will lead him on a journey where everything familiar and certain is left behind and everyone has secrets.

Blackbird Fly - artsyUnderstudy aka @ficklelittletwister (163K)

Nearly a year after starting the fire that claimed the lives of Ruby Darvelle and Anna Novak, fifteen year old Sam Winchester returns home from his stint in court ordered rehab. Sam and his older brother, Dean, struggle to remake their own complicated relationship and the home they’ve lost in the wake of this tragedy, while a chance meeting brings Anna’s brother, the troubled and secretive Castiel, into their lives. Fighting with his recovery, Sam finds himself drawn to the strong and lively Jess, while Castiel and Dean find comfort in one another. As consequences of their past emerge and threaten to tear apart what they’ve carefully rebuilt, they are all forced to reevaluate who their family really is, and to what lengths they’re willing to go to keep it safe.


If you read these, please don’t forget to comment to the authors letting them know you appreciate their work and that you enjoyed it!


“I’m back, Ryuko”

“Welcome home sis!”

Satsuki visiting Ryuko in Kanagawa.

Ryuko is always happy when her sister drops by. Mrs Mankanshoku welcomes her too and would always make an extra portion of her Mystery Croquettes (Satsuki loves them, the first time we saw Satsuki being truly happy was when she ate the croquettes in episode 22, and like Ryuko she sincerely enjoys family dinners since she never had them). Then they talk all night about their current lives, about the past, about the future, anything really. And though Satsuki would never admit it, she’s really missing Ryuko but is too shy to ask her to live with her. But after Ryuko graduates from High School she finally musters the courage to ask her to move into her mansion (which is actually Ryuko’s mansion because they built it on the plot where the burned down Matoi Manor stood as she teared down Kiryuin Manor right after Honnouji Town was destroyed, burning the painful memories along with it). She asks Mako to move in with them too but she refuses, knowing that the sisters deserve having some private time together to bond. Now they are both studying at Tokyo University (along with Houka, Shiro and Nonon), Satsuki is majoring in politics and environmental studies and Ryuko is aiming to be a elementary school teacher. Mako is helping her Dad in his little hospital, Ira would often visit and help her. Uzu is still trying to beat Satsuki at Kendo (impossible task) and occasionally gives Ryuko Kendo lessons, refusing to fight her seriously until she learns how to properly behave in a Kendo match (Ryuko isn’t too happy about that, because who the hell needs rules in a fight?). Once every two months they would all come together and celebrate, forgetting studies and work, just enjoying themselves. Life couldn’t be better and they all earned it.

You seem familiar!

(this is for miachee‘s Demon! Marco Au thingie.)

A demon! Marco Au fic.

I am sorry to all who read this.

(quick note, I have not seen the episode blood moon ball yet so I have no idea what the hell’s bell is. So dimensional scissors it is!)


“So lets see! We are missing a few ingredients but I can pick them up from the underworld no problem!” Star said, grinning and closing the book she was reading. She was trying to do some sort of spell, Of which Marco had not been paying too much attention to, and she needed some things in order to do it properly and not kill anybody within a 500 meter radius.

“Lets go Marco!” The girl said, grabbing a very surprised Marco’s arm and dragging him.

“Wait what?! Why do I need to go?!” He yelped, wrenching his arm from her grasp as She got out her dimensional scissors.

“So that way you can help me gather the needed items! Duh!” She said like it he was suppose to have known that.

“But humans are not suppose to go the  underworld unless they are DEAD! I AM NOT DEAD!” He yelled.

“Oh yeaaaah!” She snickered. “Good thing you remembered!” She quickly got her book out again and flipped through the pages, trying to find some sort of spell to turn Marco into a demon temporarily.

“Aha! Found it!” She said grinning and reading the spell carefully before closing the book. “Okay hold still Marco or this will kill ya.” As she said that she was powering her wand up.

“WAIT WHAT.” He had no time to argue as Star repeated the spell out-loud. (haha I am too lazy to put the spell in.) Before Marco knew it there was a blinding flash. He shielded his eyes, flinching. As the light died down he uncovered his eyes.

“Did… Did it work?” He asked, promptly being answered with a tail slapping him in the face.

“OW! What the hell wa-” He cut himself short, noticing the thin blackish-brown tail with a pointed end. “IT WORKED HOLY CRAP MARCO!” Star was jumping up and down, grinning with glee.

“Okay but can I have a mirror to see what I look like?” He asked, watching the girl still jump with glee at the success of her spell. She nodded, quickly spawning a mirror. Marco looked in it and was surprised at how well the spell worked. He had a small pair of nubby horns on his head, four eyes oh god the second pair is looking in different directions, The tail that slapped him earlier, Pointed ears, Noticeably darker skin and tiny fangs poking just a little out of his mouth.

“The spell worked great. And I am still alive so good job Star.” Marco said, patting her on the back. She grinned at the praise.

“So how long does this spell last?” He asked her. Star just shrugged. “I have no clue to be honest.” She admitted. “The book did not say.”

“Well we best get moving to the underworld before the spell wears off.” He suggested. Star nodded and used the dimensional scissors to open a portal to the Underworld. Marco walked through it nervously while Star skipped in with no hesitation what so ever.

“Okay so first we need…” Marco was not paying attention to Star. He was too busy focusing on where they where. It seemed familiar, but that is probably due to the fact that Tom calls Star a lot, via her mirror so maybe he sent her a call here once? Either way, he felt like he had seen it before. He noticed some Underworld residents and was about to tell Star they had to get moving, only to realize she was gone. He looked around wildly before spotting her. He ran after her, worried she would get caught.

“STAR WAIT UP!” Marco called after her, but she did not hear him. He managed to catch up with her, gasping for air.

“I found the first thing we needed!” Star beamed, holding up some sort of plant. She grabbed a clear bottle and put the plant inside, corking it off and putting the bottle in her bag. Wait, when did she bring a bag? Marco shook his head, deciding not to question it.

“Okay next we are going to need… Some sort of bat thing.” The blonde said grinning. Marco was going to ask what it was but then realized the text on the page was a different language and that she was doing this by the pictures provided. She set off towards the west, with an already tired Marco following after her.

Marco was looking around the place while keeping up with Star. The place was not just hell fire and screaming souls thankfully, but more or less almost like Earth in terms of activity. People chattering, businesses and the such. The world itself was pretty okay in his terms. That is when Marco noticed Tom and stared pushing Star towards where they where going quickly.

“What the heck?” Marco put a hand over her mouth, still pushing her quickly. “Tom is here!” He hissed to her. Star’s eyes widened and she started running with Marco right beside her. When they got to where they where going Star looked around for the bats. Meanwhile Marco was looking out for Tom, who was walking towards their location. Not wanting Tom to see Star, Marco walked out casually. Tom of course, noticed Marco almost immediately.

“Oh! I was not aware of other demons being here!” Tom said, watching the other demon jog up to him. “Oh. Is this place private or something?” Marco asked him. Tom shook his head. “Nah but few other people go here since it is abandoned.  I go here so I can have some time to think.” Tom said. “Really? I can leave if you want.” Marco offered but Tom shook his head. “Nah it is okay. I would not mind having somebody to talk to.” Tom said grinning to Marco. “Well i would be okay with talking to you. My name is Ma-” Marco cut himself off. “Max.” He said, hoping Tom did not notice him pause. “My name is Tom.” The pale demon said holding his hand out for him to shake. Marco took his hand and they shook, Marco still nervous Tom would find out who he really was. “Say… You look kind of familiar. Do I know you?” Tom asked him. Marco started freaking out internally. “Nope! We have never met before!” Marco said quickly, sweating slightly. Tom noted how fast he replied, but decided to ignore it. “Well anyways… What do you want to talk about?” Tom asked Marco, sitting down. Marco sat by him and thought for a moment. “Do you like Snickers?” He asked.

Star grinned when she finally caught fur of the bat thingies. She looked around to find Marco and frowned when she did not see him. She shrugged and decided to just continue on since she only had one more ingredient to grab.

Tom and Marco meanwhile where having a hearty conversation about things they liked. Tom had no huge interest in earth things, but did show a liking towards their music. Marco noticed how there where a good number of things here that earth shared, but not too many.

Marco was going to go check on Star, when he noticed her walking someplace else. Marco was ready to bolt after her, but then remembered Tom was still with him. Tom noticed Marco looking at something, but had no idea what it was.

“Is something wrong Max?” Tom asked him, making Marco flinch slightly. “Oh nothing! I just thought I saw somebody I had recognized.” Marco said quickly. Tom just shrugged. “Happens to everybody at some point.” He said. Marco nodded and knew he should really go after her again soon.

He sat back down, worried suddenly about when the spell will wear off. Tom noticed that Marco seemed deep in his thoughts. “Are you okay?” Tom asked him, making Marco jump slightly.

“Yeah! I am fine. I am just worried about my friend.” He admitted. “She dragged me along to the underworld and we got separated.” He said, becoming more and more worried for Star.

“Well maybe i can help you find them.” Tom offered, surprising Marco slightly. This was the demon that tried to kill him a week ago? Marco thought it over and decided that yeah, he might as well. He nodded, standing up with Tom. Marco set off looking for Star immediately.

“Hey i never found out what species demon you are.” Tom said. Marco flinched slightly. He had no idea himself, Star had no told him. “To be perfectly honest, I have no idea.” He said awkwardly. Tom looked him over before shrugging himself. “I don’t either. Never seen a demon like you before.” He said.

Star looked around, holding a redish-black crystal. She put it in the clear jar and grinned. That was all the ingredients she needed. She went to go look for Marco when she saw him looking around with Tom nearby. She quickly signaled to him. Marco noticed, but Tom did not. While Tom was distracted, Marco quickly snuck away to where Star was.

“Why where you with Tom?” Star asked Marco when he reached her without Tom noticing. “I had to distract him from you.” He said. “Lets just get going before the spell wears off.” Marco sighed.

Tom looked back expecting to see Marco, but was surprised when he did not see him. He looked ahead and noticed Star with said demon. Just as he was going to go over there and asked what they where doing, Star pulled out dimensional scissors and drags her and Marco into the portal. He watches as the portal disappears.

He is going to have to call Star later asking who that cute demon was and more importantly, what he was doing with Star.

Mickalene Thomas unabashedly inserts black women into art history. Her work is flashy, opulent, and even kitschy, bordering sometimes on decadence but always veering toward exaltation. By portraying these women acting on their own contemporary desires in a canonical idiom, Thomas’ project enacts a double operation—both elevating her historically disenfranchised subjects while indicting their lack of representation in art history. Thomas’ work is actually quite complicated in this regard, in that it evinces a near constant reverence for her renowned predecessors, from Ingres and Manet to the cubist collages of Picasso, and yet clearly sees in them a wrong to be righted. I especially love this photograph, which to me reads as an ode to Michelangelo’s Pietá and perhaps Renée Cox’s brilliant restaging of it in the 1990s. With Mary replaced by a stunning silver-Afro’ed black woman and Jesus with another glamorous female (whose deathly repose she mimics with a dramatic, languid slouch), the implicit queer, racial, and feminist politics hardly need any explanation. Thomas reveals that we don’t necessarily have to kill our fathers in order to critique the very real exclusion their works perpetuated; she encourages us to read her works as critical, and yet they’re also visual feasts of extreme pleasure.

Mickalene Thomas, La leçon d’amour, 2008

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what is your fave Reylo fanfic of all time?

Oh my gosh this is a tough one! I actually haven’t gone through a lot of them enough to make a sure judgment. There are some that I am fond of, but there are a few right now that I consider my top favorites, that until now either makes me look back and swoon, or make me scream when I see updates.

Arranged in no particular order 

Fault Lines by Devil Betty (einfach_mich) *COMPLETE
- Modern AU. Heavy on family drama, wherein Rey, an orphan out of the system, is fostered by Han and Leia, only to encounter a nemesis in their musician son Ben. Warnings for underage sex (in the author’s country, 17 is the age of consent) and cousin incest. Great characterization, great smut, reminded me a lot of old VC Andrews novels I used to read. I’m not ashamed to recommend it because the family drama and dynamics are really awesome here and the characters pretty much stay true to form.

Imbalance by FC2000 *ONGOING
- Modern AU where Ben Solo is a serial killer by night called Kylo Ren, and his encounter with Rey, a scrap metal scavenger and ward of landlord Unkar Plutt. This is a really, REALLY dark tale, and the author describes the settings so vividly that it makes you want to take a shower, but that’s a positive point of it. The writing is very effective, the characters spot on, and as someone who enjoys true crime novels, the psycopathy of serial killers is very accurate. This is one of those fics with fewer comments and bookmarks but deserves so much more.

PREY by KagamiSorciere *ONGOING
- POST TFA fic with an awesome story. Characterizations, in particular of Kylo Ren is just so spot on and you really come to feel so much for the characters. Emotions are left ambiguous, which is exactly how I like it. This is one of those fics wherein it shows rather than tells, and that’s effective writing.

The Bargain by on_my_toes *COMPLETE
- POST TFA fic wherein Rey gets herself captured on the Finalizer, and Kylo Ren is given no choice but to follow Snoke’s orders. Warning for dub-con. Basically Snoke orders the two to ‘breed’ or Finn and Poe get killed. Has pregnant Rey. Great characterization, and I love the development that happens afterwards. Plus points for an ending I can look back on fondly.

That’s it for now. Like I said I cannot make a sure judgment because I have 50 or so bookmarked Reylo fics that I haven’t even finished reading yet, because our lovely fandom always comes up with awesome recs or awesome new fic concepts that it’s sending my head spinning. So thank you Reylo fam, for filling up my Reylo library!

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Sorry to bother you, I just noticed that you reblogged that Nightwing: The New Order photoset. You probably didn’t know this, but that series is SUPER problematic in that The New Order itself, the organization in the story, is heavily based in fascist organizations & could be considered fascist itself, yet they have Dick Grayson, a Romani guy, as the founder of it. You understand why it’s bad to associate a Romani guy with a fascist organization (ie many Romani were killed in the Holocaust).

You didn’t bothered me, and I hope I don’t come off as rude by saying this, but if I decided to never read anything problematic on a principle then I’d have to burn half of my bookcases.

I didn’t like the premises either and at first I wasn’t going to pick it up, but the book is getting good reviews, I asked opinions about it and I got good ones, and the few scans I saw around got me curious. Maybe it’s shit, maybe it’s not, but I’ll have to read it before I can actually say it, you know?

Milady and Redemption

I’m kind of bemused by people who think Milady could never have a redemption arc. Not so much the people who just prefer her as a villain, but the people who feel it just “wouldn’t work,” that she’s too morally compromised for it to matter.

Do these people feel the same way about characters like Black Widow in “Avengers” who presumably killed a LOT of people to get that red in her ledger? About characters like Xena, who straight up massacred people, often for fun, and became truly evil for a time before wanting to change? Do they think the same of Jaime, on GOT, or Stringer Bell (or a host of other characters, really, on HBO shows?)

I’m genuinely curious. I think a lot of it comes from her murder of a presumably innocent, uninvolved woman for a dress this season. But does that woman’s life intrinsically have more worth than a man she may have been ordered to kill by the Cardinal? Are all the men the Musketeers kill in service of the King evil?

I’m not trying to be hostile, I’m actually interested in people’s thoughts. Maybe it’s the books I’ve been reading (about real world people who are morally compromised yet still human) as well as the kinds of characters I tend to love (morally compromised ones like Nikita, Xena, Spike, Morgaine, Sethe, Cole, James Cole, and Callisto, who have done terrible things because some bad choices by others impelled them down the path, and others like Berkhoff — who starts out selfish and gains a conscience — and Omar, who has a code but still does bad things as well) but I’m really thinking hard about what it takes for someone to be redeemed.

Personally, I would LOVE a redemption arc for Milady, if done well. Because her circumstances, while fictional, are possible — someone who began in a world of crime, with no real choice but to engage in it, who found a way out, lost it, and turned to crime and darkness as a way of survival. For her to try to change would be a VERY interesting arc, and could actually draw on the struggles of people IRL, if the writers so chose.

I also think that might mesh well with Mamie’s comments that she doesn’t want Milady called just a “bad girl” who people enjoy solely for her evil. (Because, think about that characterization. WHY are female villains so beloved? Often, it’s because they get to do things women are denied — be sexual, be strong, be bold, have anger — and in the world of “The Musketeers” especially, I think it would be cool to see that explored).

Also, Milady was nothing more than a soulless seductress in the original novels, and while other adaptations have shown her as human, they all also have her as ultimately unredeemable (and killed). If the show wanted to do something bold and different for her? They could change that. And I would love to see it. 

Sith!Obi-Wan AU

((Because apparently I’ve lost my damn mind. Reblogging this is fine, but please don’t repost!))

Qui-Gon stared, horrified, as Obi-Wan’s familiar blue eyes flickered between their piercing color and the deranged yellow of the Sith.

“Master…” Obi-Wan ground out the word as if it were painful to say. “Qui-Gon, please…”

“Padawan, I-”

“Do not call me that,” Obi-Wan gasped, convulsing again as the Dark Side threatened to swallow him once more. “You lost the right to call me that when you abandoned me.”

“I never abandoned you,” Qui-Gon said softly, kneeling beside the sprawled form of his old apprentice. “I needed to train the boy. It was crucial.”

A cold laugh tore from Obi-Wan’s lips. “Was he worth it?”

“What are you talking about?” Qui-Gon asked, bewildered, reaching out to touch the side of Obi-Wan’s face.

The boy recoiled away from the caress. “The boy. Anakin. Was he important enough to the Force to lose me?”

“I have not lost you yet,” Qui-Gon said firmly.

Obi-Wan gave that terribly cold laugh again. “Oh, but you have, Master. You can see it as much as I can feel it, can’t you?” The boy gasped as he writhed in pain, the Dark Side slowly burning in him and claiming him.

Qui-Gon couldn’t help but shrink back a little. His padawan, always so full of light and life, was being swallowed by shadows.

His padawan had turned, and the order would expect Qui-Gon to kill him.

As if reading his thoughts, a wicked grin spread across Obi-Wan’s face, yellow eyes boring into his very being. “Kill me, Master. Isn’t that what they expect of you? To kill the creature on the ground in front of you?”

“I… I could never do that to you, padawan,” Qui-Gon whispered, feeling tears begin to rise.

“You already have,” Obi-Wan retorted, roughly shoving himself to his feet, swaying a little. “The day you cast me aside. This is just finished in body what was done in spirit.”

Almost against his will, Qui-Gon’s lightsaber flared to life at his side. Obi-Wan swayed again, then collapsed back to the floor, writhing and coughing. He opened his eyes and looked up at Qui-Gon, blue struggling valiantly to displace the yellow.

“Please… before I can hurt anyone, Master, please…” His voice was a strangled whisper, and the boy was crying now.

Steeling himself, Qui-Gon brought his lightsaber in front of him and placed the tip just over the boy’s heart.

Staring into the eyes of his apprentice and feeling his own heart shatter with the memories of everything they’d survived at each other’s sides, Qui-Gon flicked his wrist and watched the boy’s eyes widen and his mouth fall open in a soundless gasp.

Qui-Gon dropped to his knees and gathered the broken body of his padawan into his arms.

Struggling for air, Obi-Wan put one clumsy hand on his cheek.

“Thank you, Master… I … love you…” he managed before he went still for the last time.

Qui-Gon bowed his head and cradled the boy in his arms. He had lost another padawan, and the Order had lost a good Jedi.

But most importantly, he had lost his Obi-Wan, and only now did he realize that it was his fault.

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hii I know you guys have been around for some time, so I just want to know, for mods who were stucky fans since before catws aired, do you know any great fics that were written around 2011/2012, or even earlier (comic fics)? preferably fics that incorporate tws storyline even before it became a movie. I really want to get to know that early side of stucky fandom :))

I don’t think any of the mods here are OG Stucky fans, since CA:TWS kind of revolutionized the fandom on that end. However, I think I can still help you. This link will take you to the oldest fics on AO3 tagged as James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers. Go backwards through the pages and you’ll get to more and more recent stories. You can see the dates they were posted in the right hand corner.

In addition to this, I can give you a few fics that were written prior to CA:TWS’s release in 2014 and are still fairly popular in the fandom! Enjoy!

This City Bleeds its Aching Heart

The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.

Till I Wake your Ghost

There’s a kill order on the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers has been acting kind of strangely lately.


Steve gets curious and it’s Bucky’s civic duty to help him out.  There’s a chart.


Karin here! I’ve been a stucky fan since I got into mcu in 2012 when avengers came out. I didn’t have tumblr yet or an ao3 account and I only really joined the mcu fandom on here in like late 2013 but I’d been reading fics for a while before that. I for sure have some more of the older fics for you, these were some of my faves when I first dipped my toe in the ship:

A Gentle Thaw by godofpancakes (Vera_DragonMuse)

AU in which there was no Dr. Erskine and no serum, Steve never got the chance to go to war. The years pass and Bucky finally comes home, no longer the man Steve remembers.

but hey, you’re all right by beardsley

‘This is not my fault,’ Tony lies. ‘It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.’

'Thanks to your joke,’ says Coulson, 'we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We’re checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.’

Yes, this is the story where the Winter Soldier is a Russian mail-order bride. Everything goes about as well as you’d expect.

don’t have to know the words by midnightjuly (roadmarks)

Bucky’s injured, stranded, and bored, so the only logical thing to do is to mess with Steve. He doesn’t really anticipate Steve messing with him in return.

Find a map and draw a straight line by victoria_p (musesfool)

Bucky knows him better than anyone, but Steve’s pretty sure he doesn’t know about this.

Only Good Things by Jain

All of their neighbors think that Steve and Bucky are dating.