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Type-Moon MC Guide 2015 (Part 1)

Here’s a list of the main characters of each Type-Moon series and subseries. Included in the list are the protagonist, the deuteragonist and the tritagonist of their respective series. The names are in western order (first name-last name).

Note: Due to the sheer number of Fate titles and characters, the list will be divided into two-three separate posts, with this one focusing more on the older Type-Moon works. Fate will be in a separate tab as will the special and more recent titles.

Edited and updated:

Angel Notes or Notes: 

Protagonist: Gun God/Godo

One of the earlier MCs of Type-Moon, Gun God, or Godo, lives in a post-apocalyptic Earth that’s set centuries after the world has ended, and when it was ruled by beings known as the Aristoteles, or the famous Types. Godo, as the last living remnant of humanity, attempts to survive and avenge his deceased family by using his signature weapon Black Barrel, which has the power to kill the Aristoteles.

He is a twisted man who knows neither happiness nor pain, and only fights the Types in his pursuit of revenge and survival, despite having forgotten his memories already.

DDD (Decoration Disorder Decoration):

Protagonist: Arika Ishizue

The main character of DDD, Arika Ishizue is a young man possessed by a demon some time ago and thus has developed a twisted personality over the years. He loses his memories day by day, and by the time he meets and works for Kaie Karyou, his disposition can be described as apathetic. His motto in life is “I want to live as easily as possible”, in short, he’s regularly short on money, much to Kaie’s annoyance.

See how he’s missing an arm there? Yeeahh…his younger sister ate it. He’s the MC, but it seems that Kanata Ishizue, his imouto who is also demon-possessed but has acquired the Agonist’s Syndrome, is much, much more popular than he is. Good reason too (hint: she appeared in Type-Moon’s April Fools Day game in 2013 as the Snake, go check her out).

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of SInners:

Protagonist: Shiki Ryougi

Deuteragonist: Mikiya Kokutou

The plot follows the lives of Shiki Ryougi and Mikiya Kokutou, two polar opposites who meet on one fateful, snowy night. Working under Touko Aozaki, the two solve the paranormal events and murders going on in the city of Mifune, all the while piecing together the puzzle of the mystery that is Shiki Ryougi.

If you’ve followed the novels, their positions in the story are clearer. While Shiki is consistently the main focus of the series and therefore the one the story follows and the one who primarily moves the story forward, Mikiya is the one who narrates a good chunk of the events in all the novels in first person. Shiki got to narrate too, but not quite as much as Mikiya (she mostly got the 3rd person narrator treatment instead).

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on a Holy Night):

Protagonist: Aoko Aozaki

Deuteragonist/Tritagonist: Alice Kuonji and Shizuki Soujuuro

The story follows Aoko’s exploits in high school and how she deals with her double life as a Magician (not a mage, they’re very different) and as an ordinary (okay, that’s a stretch) high school student. She’s joined by her childhood friend and mentor, Alice (who, incidentally, goes to Azaka’s school, Reien Girls’ Academy from Kara no Kyoukai), a witch who specializes in fairy tale-themed familiars and Shizuki, the new transfer student who came down from the mountains to live in Misaki City. If you know a certain teacher whose name is similar to his, then you should know that he’s more than what he seems. Alice and Shizuki flip-flop between being the deut and the tri in the story, depending on who gets more focus in the chapters, but personally, I think Shizuki’s the deut here since I’ve noticed he’s got more screentime than Alice in Mahoyo.

Tsukihime/ Tsukihime Rebirth:

Protagonist: Shiki Tohno

Heroines (Different from the deuts and trites): Arcueid Brunestud, Ciel, Akiha Tohno, Hisui, Kohaku (and maybe Satsuki Yumizuka if she really is relegated to heroine in the remake.)

Before there was Shirou Emiya, there was the badass known as Shiki Tohno. Of course, if you’ve got almost the exact same powers as the biggest badass MC of the Nasuverse (the other Shiki I mean, see above), then you’re guaranteed to be a badass one way or another. Oh, and see the list of heroines above? Yeah, there’s pretty much a reason why the term “The Tohno Gland” exists. And there’re more of them in the spin-off games and side materials too! 

While there’s no such thing as a canon route in the Nasuverse (all routes are canon, therefore, all heroines are canon), the closest thing we have to a main heroine is the bubbly and ditzy, and sometimes psycho, vampire princess Arcueid for being the main and default choice in the VN, as well as her overall importance in Tsukihime and its other spin-offs (plus, there’s the fact that she was cloned after the being that has the company’s name, so…). Curry-senpai I mean, Ciel, the curry loving executor is the heroine of the 2nd route and while she appears in all the routes unlike Arc, she isn’t that important overall and may or may not play a role in the last 3 routes, unlike Rin in FSN, which I’ll cover later. Akiha, Shiki’s adorable, half-oni, tsundere, younger sister is the heroine of the third route which is very different from the first two routes in terms of plot (this is reflected in the last two routes, both of which follow Akiha’s route’s path but with some deviances and expanded material). She follows Ciel’s trend of appearing in all the routes, but unlike her, while she doesn’t play much of an important role in the first two routes, her significance is stretched in all three of the routes where the Tohno background is elaborated on. Hisui, the quiet, personal maid of Shiki is the 4th route’s heroine and boy her route is one, big, depressing doozy (it’s much, much more depressing than HF, which is saying something, when you get her route’s True End. This is why almost everyone prefers the Good End better). Kohaku, Hisui’s older twin sister and personal maid to Akiha, is the hyperactive (well, she was flanderized in recent installments while in the original, she was much more subdued. But hey, new Kohaku is fun) and a bit (er) psychotic heroine of the 5th route. Elaborating on her without mentioning the heavier elements of her and her sister’s backstories is a huge spoiler. Plus, there’s the remake which they might use to alter or retcon their backstory so for now, all we can do now is wait.

This ends part one. The special series comes next.

You seem familiar!

(this is for miachee‘s Demon! Marco Au thingie.)

A demon! Marco Au fic.

I am sorry to all who read this.

(quick note, I have not seen the episode blood moon ball yet so I have no idea what the hell’s bell is. So dimensional scissors it is!)


“So lets see! We are missing a few ingredients but I can pick them up from the underworld no problem!” Star said, grinning and closing the book she was reading. She was trying to do some sort of spell, Of which Marco had not been paying too much attention to, and she needed some things in order to do it properly and not kill anybody within a 500 meter radius.

“Lets go Marco!” The girl said, grabbing a very surprised Marco’s arm and dragging him.

“Wait what?! Why do I need to go?!” He yelped, wrenching his arm from her grasp as She got out her dimensional scissors.

“So that way you can help me gather the needed items! Duh!” She said like it he was suppose to have known that.

“But humans are not suppose to go the  underworld unless they are DEAD! I AM NOT DEAD!” He yelled.

“Oh yeaaaah!” She snickered. “Good thing you remembered!” She quickly got her book out again and flipped through the pages, trying to find some sort of spell to turn Marco into a demon temporarily.

“Aha! Found it!” She said grinning and reading the spell carefully before closing the book. “Okay hold still Marco or this will kill ya.” As she said that she was powering her wand up.

“WAIT WHAT.” He had no time to argue as Star repeated the spell out-loud. (haha I am too lazy to put the spell in.) Before Marco knew it there was a blinding flash. He shielded his eyes, flinching. As the light died down he uncovered his eyes.

“Did… Did it work?” He asked, promptly being answered with a tail slapping him in the face.

“OW! What the hell wa-” He cut himself short, noticing the thin blackish-brown tail with a pointed end. “IT WORKED HOLY CRAP MARCO!” Star was jumping up and down, grinning with glee.

“Okay but can I have a mirror to see what I look like?” He asked, watching the girl still jump with glee at the success of her spell. She nodded, quickly spawning a mirror. Marco looked in it and was surprised at how well the spell worked. He had a small pair of nubby horns on his head, four eyes oh god the second pair is looking in different directions, The tail that slapped him earlier, Pointed ears, Noticeably darker skin and tiny fangs poking just a little out of his mouth.

“The spell worked great. And I am still alive so good job Star.” Marco said, patting her on the back. She grinned at the praise.

“So how long does this spell last?” He asked her. Star just shrugged. “I have no clue to be honest.” She admitted. “The book did not say.”

“Well we best get moving to the underworld before the spell wears off.” He suggested. Star nodded and used the dimensional scissors to open a portal to the Underworld. Marco walked through it nervously while Star skipped in with no hesitation what so ever.

“Okay so first we need…” Marco was not paying attention to Star. He was too busy focusing on where they where. It seemed familiar, but that is probably due to the fact that Tom calls Star a lot, via her mirror so maybe he sent her a call here once? Either way, he felt like he had seen it before. He noticed some Underworld residents and was about to tell Star they had to get moving, only to realize she was gone. He looked around wildly before spotting her. He ran after her, worried she would get caught.

“STAR WAIT UP!” Marco called after her, but she did not hear him. He managed to catch up with her, gasping for air.

“I found the first thing we needed!” Star beamed, holding up some sort of plant. She grabbed a clear bottle and put the plant inside, corking it off and putting the bottle in her bag. Wait, when did she bring a bag? Marco shook his head, deciding not to question it.

“Okay next we are going to need… Some sort of bat thing.” The blonde said grinning. Marco was going to ask what it was but then realized the text on the page was a different language and that she was doing this by the pictures provided. She set off towards the west, with an already tired Marco following after her.

Marco was looking around the place while keeping up with Star. The place was not just hell fire and screaming souls thankfully, but more or less almost like Earth in terms of activity. People chattering, businesses and the such. The world itself was pretty okay in his terms. That is when Marco noticed Tom and stared pushing Star towards where they where going quickly.

“What the heck?” Marco put a hand over her mouth, still pushing her quickly. “Tom is here!” He hissed to her. Star’s eyes widened and she started running with Marco right beside her. When they got to where they where going Star looked around for the bats. Meanwhile Marco was looking out for Tom, who was walking towards their location. Not wanting Tom to see Star, Marco walked out casually. Tom of course, noticed Marco almost immediately.

“Oh! I was not aware of other demons being here!” Tom said, watching the other demon jog up to him. “Oh. Is this place private or something?” Marco asked him. Tom shook his head. “Nah but few other people go here since it is abandoned.  I go here so I can have some time to think.” Tom said. “Really? I can leave if you want.” Marco offered but Tom shook his head. “Nah it is okay. I would not mind having somebody to talk to.” Tom said grinning to Marco. “Well i would be okay with talking to you. My name is Ma-” Marco cut himself off. “Max.” He said, hoping Tom did not notice him pause. “My name is Tom.” The pale demon said holding his hand out for him to shake. Marco took his hand and they shook, Marco still nervous Tom would find out who he really was. “Say… You look kind of familiar. Do I know you?” Tom asked him. Marco started freaking out internally. “Nope! We have never met before!” Marco said quickly, sweating slightly. Tom noted how fast he replied, but decided to ignore it. “Well anyways… What do you want to talk about?” Tom asked Marco, sitting down. Marco sat by him and thought for a moment. “Do you like Snickers?” He asked.

Star grinned when she finally caught fur of the bat thingies. She looked around to find Marco and frowned when she did not see him. She shrugged and decided to just continue on since she only had one more ingredient to grab.

Tom and Marco meanwhile where having a hearty conversation about things they liked. Tom had no huge interest in earth things, but did show a liking towards their music. Marco noticed how there where a good number of things here that earth shared, but not too many.

Marco was going to go check on Star, when he noticed her walking someplace else. Marco was ready to bolt after her, but then remembered Tom was still with him. Tom noticed Marco looking at something, but had no idea what it was.

“Is something wrong Max?” Tom asked him, making Marco flinch slightly. “Oh nothing! I just thought I saw somebody I had recognized.” Marco said quickly. Tom just shrugged. “Happens to everybody at some point.” He said. Marco nodded and knew he should really go after her again soon.

He sat back down, worried suddenly about when the spell will wear off. Tom noticed that Marco seemed deep in his thoughts. “Are you okay?” Tom asked him, making Marco jump slightly.

“Yeah! I am fine. I am just worried about my friend.” He admitted. “She dragged me along to the underworld and we got separated.” He said, becoming more and more worried for Star.

“Well maybe i can help you find them.” Tom offered, surprising Marco slightly. This was the demon that tried to kill him a week ago? Marco thought it over and decided that yeah, he might as well. He nodded, standing up with Tom. Marco set off looking for Star immediately.

“Hey i never found out what species demon you are.” Tom said. Marco flinched slightly. He had no idea himself, Star had no told him. “To be perfectly honest, I have no idea.” He said awkwardly. Tom looked him over before shrugging himself. “I don’t either. Never seen a demon like you before.” He said.

Star looked around, holding a redish-black crystal. She put it in the clear jar and grinned. That was all the ingredients she needed. She went to go look for Marco when she saw him looking around with Tom nearby. She quickly signaled to him. Marco noticed, but Tom did not. While Tom was distracted, Marco quickly snuck away to where Star was.

“Why where you with Tom?” Star asked Marco when he reached her without Tom noticing. “I had to distract him from you.” He said. “Lets just get going before the spell wears off.” Marco sighed.

Tom looked back expecting to see Marco, but was surprised when he did not see him. He looked ahead and noticed Star with said demon. Just as he was going to go over there and asked what they where doing, Star pulled out dimensional scissors and drags her and Marco into the portal. He watches as the portal disappears.

He is going to have to call Star later asking who that cute demon was and more importantly, what he was doing with Star.

Hanji: We have to kill the two that destroyed the wall. Reiner and Bertolt.

This was the hardest part of Chapter 76 for me to read.

I can’t help feeling sorry for Reiner & Bertolt in moments like this. They appear to be taking the entire blame for destroying Wall Maria. However, a reminder that they were both children when this destruction took place, and most likely following orders from a higher power in their Homeland.

Additionally, Reiner & Bertolt are still only in their teens; yet the Survery Corps have plans to make their lives very short. From an emotional point of view, I can’t help but feel it’s unfair that their lives are to be cut short. I imagine that of the time they have been alive, most of it must have been quite miserable.

As if to make the sadness in these panels worse, you can see how Connie, Jean & Sasha have their heads hung low; and Connie even seems to be looking away. It must not be easy on them to make plans to kill others who they used to consider as comrades.


[spoilers for season 4]

Ok, so I get that OITNB wanted to have a plotline about police brutality and Black Lives Matter. And I get that killing someone in an Eric Garner-style way and then leaving her body lying there for hours afterwards until the inmates rioted was an effective way to do this.

I even get that, in order to give this storyline maximum impact, the dead character had to be black - having a white character killed by accident would have been a bit of a cop-out (I don’t know enough about US racial politics to comment on how it would have read to kill a character who was a non-black PoC).

But did it have to be Poussey? Did you have to kill yet another wlw???

And did you have to go out of your way to make the guard who did it as sympathetic as possible? I mean, I suppose I understand that you’re trying to make the point that all this is the fault of ‘the system’, but you know what, it’s also the fault of specific individuals, and saying ‘oh but he’s basically a good guy who just made a mistake’ just undermines the righteous rage of the inmates.