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dont interact if you harassed lauren zuke

like seriously. its a goddamn cartoon. its so horrible knowing that lauren was harassed off of twitter and now tumblr! for what? having a preference of a ship on a show that they were working on? jesus, idk man. i dont know much of everything about what happened to them but even after the comic thing they posted yesterday, i still saw people being rude to them.

how fucking heartless can you be?

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Hi Carrie, I'm an actor and this year I've got my first agent and i'm currently on my first professional tour with Dreamboats and Petticoats for Bill Kenwright. As this is my first proffesional acting job, i feel surrounded by people that are very used to this buisness, they're lovely and amazing people, but i just feel a bit overwhelmed and I'm also the youngest, haha. Do you have any advice? Thanks, Andrew


I know that feeling only too well! I was only 20 when I joined Les Mis. One of the cast babies and I felt very overwhelmed! Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know how things work or what’s going on. Everyone you’re working with had that first day on their first job and know how you’re feeling and therefore will be more than happy to help the newbies. Tours work very differently to shows in town and so even people who have been acting for YEARS won’t know the ins and outs of tour life if they’ve not experienced it before so you won’t be the only one trying to figure it all out. Secondly, you’re in that cast for a reason. Don’t ever doubt your place there. Even if you sometimes feel a bit in over your head. Thirdly, ask about putting your case on the truck! Sometimes they let you, sometimes they don’t but it’s so much easier to take your essentials in your rucksack on the train and to let your case be taken on the tour trucks from venue to venue. Saves you lugging it from city to city. Finally, REST! It’s SO tempting, especially near the beginning of a tour to go all out, partying hard and staying up till the wee hours to socialise. Take it easy. Pace yourself. Remember you’ve got a lot of time ahead of you for that! <3 

P.S. Congratulations on the job! You’re gonna do so well, I just know it! <3


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Hey um, I've been wanting to become an animator for years now, in fact I've been working on my own original cartoon! But I don't know how to move into the world of animation. I'd really appreciate if you could give me some tips! I love you art so much! It's got a fun creative style about it 😆

Well, I’m glad to hear you like my art!  Unfortunately I don’t have a very good answer for your question – it’s a taaaad broad, so it’d be helpful if you had more specific questions for me to answer.  For now, I’ll do my best.

Number one, as I’ve said before, WORK ON YOUR PORTFOLIO.  Keep drawing, CONSTANTLY.  Obviously don’t wear yourself out, but don’t let yourself slack off too much!  Draw with the intent of getting better, and try out styles you’ve never tried before, and keep searching for your own style until you feel like you’ve got it… and then, search some more.  You will never be done learning how to improve, and you’ll never be done improving either.

You’ve got a pet project, eh?  GOOD.  Work on it.  Develop it.  Keep it in your back pocket, let yourself fall in love with it, and whatever you do, DO NOT get too glued to how it is at any one time.  You’ve gotta let it grow and get better – and sometimes, what somebody else suggests might just be the missing piece you didn’t even know you needed.

As for breaking into the industry… it’s both as difficult as it’s made out to be and much easier.  Look for the studios that are actually doing the animation, not necessarily at Nickelodeon or Disney or Cartoon Network proper.  Those are… VERY difficult to break into, and nearly impossible for newcomers to the industry.  Look for studios like Copernicus, DHX, Mercury – those are the ones being commissioned by the bigger networks to actually make the shows you see on TV.  Very few of them are done in-house by the companies you associate with them!  We at Copernicus handle Pickle & Peanut for Disney and Teen Titans Go for Cartoon Network, for example, as well as a handful of other projects I’m legally not allowed to disclose.

Apply online.  Even while you’re in school, apply.  Even if you’re not ready to make the move, or even if you’re not sure you meet ALL of the requirements for the job, apply.  Even if you don’t know Toon Boom Harmony, APPLY.  (Some studios will teach you the program on the job, but you can always learn on your own!  And you gotta be willing to take that initiative!)

Look for which ones are recruiting at which times, which studios need what positions, so on and so forth.  Many of them are looking for fresh-outta-college students, believe it or not… and remember: YOU CAN MOVE TO WHERE THE WORK IS.  Even if it’s inconvenient, YOU CAN MOVE.  That has to be your answer.  Do you have transportation?  YES.  Use a bike.  Use public transit.  But you DO have transportation, and that has to be your answer.  Offer to work remotely.  Let them know you’re interested in whatever positions they have open, and keep track of where you’ve applied so that you can follow up later.

In the meanwhile, look for internships.  Make connections.  Share your art, improve your art, MAAAAKE CONNECTIONS good golly Miss Molly that is so important.  Talk to the artists online that you admire.  Chat up a few guests at conventions.  Talk to people about your interests and exploits – you never know who knows who.  Remember, your connections will come from the unlikeliest of places.  (Case in point: one of my friends is a former senior Disney animator who I met at a convention… while I was in costume, and while he didn’t even know about the convention.  His wife had called me and my pal @summer-of-the-shinx over for drinks, and we just found out about the coincidence that way.)

And seriously – DO NOT STOP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.  This industry is HARD on people – hard on the aspiring artists, hard on the workers, hard on even the seniors.  It’s not as easy as getting your foot in the door and then you’re in – it’s more like a series of doors, and you gotta keep looking for the next door and forcing your way through it.

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hello! i have a question but first i wanted to let you know how much i love your art xxx how do you think the eyes of a blind draenei would look like?

Aww thank you so much, Anon!  As far as blind eyes go, I’ve always pictured the glow being gone similar to this.

I probably shouldn’t have used Vaard I realized half way through, because he’s so pasty white it’s hard to get a decent glow lol so here’s a quick darker example that’s easier to see.

It’s just what I’ve always had in my head as far as night elves/Draenei when it comes to blind or damaged eyes.

A Reflection ~

Hello, it’s me Lola, I feel I need to share this all with you and to share some things about me.

I’ve debated about bringing this up publicly and decided it really is something I need to do. It’s about something that has been happening for the last few years, especially since I started sculpting dolls.

That something is the smear campaign about Atelier Momoni/myself as a person. Just in case you don’t know Atelier Momoni is me, one person, Lola, doing everything. This smear campaign is run by who I believe to be a very small number of people.

For the last 4 years there has been a considerable amount of complaints about how ugly my work is.
I have also been called c*nt or b*tch just for fun, even when the rules of those places don’t allow slurs. It’s a bit shocking since I never considered myself that popular to get this amount of attention.

Some of you may have your own beliefs about why I started sculpting dolls after many years (2004~2013) of only sewing clothes for bjd. I actually have been told that I should have just remained sewing doll clothes, and that I don’t deserve the privilege of sculpting because I am not from France.
The reason I started sculpting dolls is because I just had this need to. I wanted to, this reason should be good enough. But I also studied anatomy and took sculpture classes in University, so working with clay and human bodies wasn’t a fully unexplored territory.

I am a big fan of Alchemic Labo and Latidoll (I still have all my dolls) and I have been drawing since I was very young. I wanted to create something interesting, inspired by the things I like and representative of my own drawing style. So yes: my dolls will look like the things I love.

But why make dolls that already exist? I did not want to make a Unoa/Minifee look-alike, I just wanted to do my own doll, a smiling one with a not so rigid, symmetrical smile.

Sculpting dolls is something that I do with my own hands for the pleasure of feeling the clay. It takes long hours of learning and then extra hours of trial and error until I am happy with the result.
Like other artists, I am the most critical of my work and I always try to improve and get better to achieve what I have envisioned in my mind.

So please be sure that if my doll seems to you to have a ‘big butt’ it’s because I want my doll to have a ‘big butt’. If my dolls have what people are calling monkey ears, or they are too small or in the wrong spot, be sure that the ears look exactly how I intended them to look. If my faces look asymmetrical with a crooked smile be sure that I am aware of it, how many people have perfectly symmetrical faces? I made these faces with my hands and eyes. I’m not saying everything I do is perfect, of course not… I would be dead as an artist if I thought that I pooped out gold, but please realize I don’t fart out dolls and face-ups either.

Of course each one of us has different tastes, it’s not possible that everyone will love my work. But if you don’t like my work, you can unfollow or block me; All that hate is obviously something to try to put me down.  I’m not going to stop because you don’t like my stuff or because you are threatening to recast my dolls, a thing so illogical if they are so ugly, right?

In regards to the public posts about me being a poor seller, if you ever have a transaction problem with me and it can’t be resolved between 2 mature people, those two people being You and I, please go straight to PayPal and open a ce. It is the most logical thing to do. Obviously you will win, PayPal always resolves cases in the Buyer’s favor unless it is a lie and there is no case.

But please do yourself a favor and read the rules prior to ordering anything, I should not be at fault if you do not read them.

By writing this I just want to point out what is happening, I am not trying to call anyone out or display myself as a victim. Hopefully when others look up Atelier Momoni and read negative comments and feedback online, that they also see this info too. And don’t get me wrong, Opinions are like Butts, Everyone has one! You can have your own opinions and thoughts, I just want to point out, please get facts and better info before forming your own Butt, hopefully it’s just as lush as Momoni’s!~ Thanks!

I will say one more time, I am here to stay! And I wouldn’t have been able to get through these years without amazing support and patrons. Thank you for that support and your following me along the way! It’s been 14 years already! Time flies when you enjoy the journey! Here’s to many more wonderful productive years of creating more dolls, clothes and whatever else the future brings, I am so ready for it!! 💕

Pete's Coffee

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: In which a boy orders coffee and a girl makes them.

Part 4: The Black Tie

Side Note: This story is a story that will have five parts. Therefore, welcome to Pete’s Coffee.

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

Originally posted by rain-tea-coffee

“Ned I don’t know if this is a smart idea, I literally just found out her name and I don’t want to screw this up.” Peter spoke nervously to his friend walking beside him, as Ned listened quietly.

Peter had told Ned what happened the last time he was in the coffee shop, how you showed him how to make a Cappuccino, how you let him stay after the shop closed up, how you even sat down with him at the table and had a coffee with him, and then to top it all off, you finally told him your name.

“Do you think it’s obvious that I like her?” Peter suddenly questioned aloud, making Ned snort out in response.

“Dude, you go to the shop almost everyday, you become a stuttering mess, and you leave her huge tips, I think it’s pretty obvious.” Ned smirked slightly, as Peter let out a groan and rubbed his face.

“This is a mistake, what am I doing? Why am I taking you here with me?” Peter rambled, as they approached the one and only Pete’s Coffee shop.

“Did she name this place after you? Cliché.” Ned teased, making Peter’s cheeks turn a light pink, he never really thought about the name of the shop that way.

Great, now he was even more nervous than he was already, thanks a lot Ned.

Ring. Ring.

“Hello! Welcome to Pete’s Coffee!” A man from behind the counter greeted, making Peter’s brows furrow, where were you?

You normally worked every morning, hence why Peter always took a trip in the morning before school started.

Ned finally walked up to the counter, leaving a confused Peter behind him, before he realized he was standing alone like an idiot in front of the door.

Embarrassed enough already, he caught up to Ned at the counter, where he was ordering a simple Espresso and a breakfast sandwich.

“And for you sir?” The man looked at Peter, a kind smile on his face with a pen and notepad in his hand.

“O-Oh, right, yes, uhm, may I have The Black Tie please?” Peter spoke casually, it was a bit easier to talk to someone other than you, mainly because you made his heart beat so fast he felt it in his throat.

“What size would you like sir?” The man, whose name was Joshua questioned again, as he waited for Peter’s response.

“Right! Uhm, I’ll have a medium please,” Peter looked up at the menu, "Hey you guys added some new things to the breakfast menu.. nice.“ Peter commented, making Joshua laugh, nodding in response.

“Indeed we did, people have been loving our breakfast so we added a few new items, would you like anything?” Joshua questioned, looking between Peter and Ned, who was waiting for his order.

“Yes, actually, I-I’d love to try the Bacon and Cheddar breakfast sandwich please.” Peter smiled anxiously, his hands fiddling with one another.

“Alright, that will be fifteen dollars and thirty-six cents.” Joshua placed the order, as Peter handed him the money, before waiting with Ned for their food and drinks.

“I guess your girl isn’t working today.” Ned shrugged, glancing around the small shop, as Peter bit his lip.

Peter eventually nodded in agreement, coming to terms with the fact you just weren’t here, and it really bummed him out, he was looking forward to see you.

Maybe him asking for your name scared you, and that was why you weren’t working your normal shift.

Maybe you just didn’t like Peter the same way he liked you.


His train of thought got cut off by the sound of the bell ringing above the door, his focus now seeing who had entered, his eyes widening slightly.

It was you.

“Sorry! Sorry I’m late!” You muttered, looking at your coworker with a sheepish smile, as Joshua shook his head and laughed.

“It’s fine, just come back here and help create their order alright?” He smiled, as he motioned to the two waiting for their food and drinks.

Your face lit up at the sight of them, even if you did look like an absolute mess, seeing Peter made up for it.

“Hey Caffé Parker!” You smiled, walking over to him, making his heart beat speed up.

“H-Hey.” He stuttered, making you smile, you weren’t going to lie, Peter was adorable, and the fact you made him nervous was a bonus.

“Hey I’m Ned, Pete’s best friend.” Ned introduced himself, putting his hand out so you could shake it.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, nice to meet you Ned.” You smiled, shaking his hand before giving a small wink at Peter, before disappearing into the back to change into your work uniform.

“Damn, now I get why you come here, she’s gorgeous dude, and it’s clear she has a thing for you too.” Ned teased, making Peter roll his eyes as he sat down at one of the tables.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Peter shrugged, playing with a napkin as Ned sat down across from him.

You soon reappeared out from the back, your uniform on as you looked at what Joshua had wrote down, a smile on your face as you read Peter’s order.

“How original.” You mumbled, unaware that Peter could hear you due to his Spider-Man abilities.

You then helped create their order, before taking their drinks and food over to them.

“Okay so, I’m gathering the simple Espresso is for the lovely friend of Caffé Parkers,” You teased, making Peter smile nervously as Ned grinned, nodding, “And The Black Tie is for the one and only Caffé Parker?” You questioned, a teasing smile on your lips as Peter nodded.

“And here are your breakfast sandwiches, they’re really good just an fyi.” You smiled, before taking the tray and walking back behind the counter, explaining to your coworker why you were late.

“Seriously?” Joshua questioned in shock, as you nodded, leaning against the counter.

“I don’t know how it happened, one second I’m walking to work and the next I’m being stalked by some creep and then out of nowhere I’m basically being kidnapped, but thankfully I packed pepper spray and got away.” You breathed out, an anxious expression on your face.

Peter however heard all of this, his jaw clenching at the thought of someone trying to harm you and kidnap you in broad daylight.

“You alright dude?” Ned whispered, seeing Peter’s tense expression, making him snap out of his daze.

“Someone tried to kidnap Y/N, that’s why she was late, I knew I felt off this morning but I couldn’t place it, and now I know why.” He muttered, taking a bite of his sandwich.

Ned and Peter continued to stay at the shop until they were finished, Ned excusing himself to the bathroom, giving you a chance to talk to Peter.

“Hey brown eyes.” You smiled, making his face light up and his cheeks warm at your comment.

“H-Hey Y/N.” He stammered, a soft smile on his face as you sat down in the seat across from him.

“So I found out from a little birdy that you were looking for me this morning.” You smiled, making his eyes widen and his cheeks turn redder.

“I-I, Uhm, I mean, y-yeah?” He shrugged, a smile on his lips, making your face heat up slightly.

You quickly grabbed his cup, scribbling something on it quickly before handing it back to him, your hand gently moving a curl out of his face.

“See you around.” You winked, before disappearing back behind the counter, leaving Peter stunned.

“I leave for five minutes and I find you frozen like a statue, what happened?” Ned questioned, looking at Peter’s shocked expression.

You just gave him your number.

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How do you draw your art? I love your work!

I do… my best!

“How do you draw” is… a bit hard to answer.  If you have a more specific question I can try to answer! Also, I guess, here are some questions people’ve asked before that might help too!

Style? - http://shadeykris.tumblr.com/post/162866948513/hi-ive-only-recently-got-into-digital-art-and-i

Photoshop for Animation - http://shadeykris.tumblr.com/post/162750493313/which-app-do-u-use-for-animating-your-cuties

Animation… Tips? - http://shadeykris.tumblr.com/post/162725309529/animation-tips

Brushes - http://shadeykris.tumblr.com/post/161662457113/hi-i-wanted-to-know-if-you-could-show-us-your

TY. :D

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Who are some straight 1D bloggers you'd consider good allies?

@twopoppies @softgolfdaddy @jlf23tumble @tellmethisisnotlove @thekingisawoman (who is….debatably straight) @bayit @laynefaire @get-them-sneezes-out  are all people who I either know personally, or who have sought me out privately with questions about how they can improve the way they discuss stuff. These are all people I know who are DOING THE WORK of being a straight ally. I’m sure there are more but I really don’t follow that many straight people. 

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Why don't you ship Manorian?

Okay before I start because I’m seriously scared about getting hate: I’m sorry I don’t ship them , and I’ve honestly tried, but they just don’t work for ME, and this is all my opinion alone! I support manorian shippers! This is just me!

I think the biggest reason I don’t ship Manorian is because I don’t think they have a “romantic” relationship. This is totally fine, because I know some relationships start like that maybe? Now, I do need to reread EOS because I’m definitely not as big of a ToG fan as I am an ACOTAR fan, so I don’t really focus on that series as much. Reading EOS, I felt like they were kind of forced. I just never felt all warm and fuzzy while reading about them, and I didn’t think they went together very well :/ This is just what I thought and I really don’t want hate for this, because I love you all so much and I would never purposefully be rude or anything! Honestly, I’m just scared because apparently Manorian is a big ship now, and I’m just not on board with it :(  I hope this doesn’t change anyone’s views on me, and I will continue to try shipping them, but for right now I just can’t :(( Just please please please don’t hate me PLEASE

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I've read the faq and your posts about getting a binder without my parents knowing, but I was wondering about how I could wash + dry it. My mum works from home, so is at home pretty much 24/7, and my room is so small (literally 2 metres square), so there isn't anywhere I could hang it up to dry or hide it. There's also little to no room in my closet for the whole 'hang it up and cover it ' method of drying it, so I don't really know what to do. (Also, how often should binders be washed minimum

Kii says:

You should be able to handwash it in your sink. We have a post on washing binders here.  You can roll it in a towel and put it in a drawer to dry, but make sure to change the towel if it’s not dry after a day, so you don’t keep it rolled in a wet towel.

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I'm not fully defending Sams twitter because I don't know the situation in person, but I have to work with celebrities (if you could say that) alot in my work in advirtisement and most of the time the "celebrity" can be contractually obligated to post alot about the item/buisness/whatever product it is. I am leaning towards thinking this might be what's going on with sam and if it is, there is not usually alot someone can do to get out of those kinds contracts...MAYBE that's what's happening?

I do think that Sam has to contractually promote Outlander and Barbour. It just happens that everything is lining up at the same time. It’s the beginning of the new season after an unusually long hiatus, the first MPC event in the history of the organization and his signature collection is being released through Barbour. It’s bad timing, but hopefully all the investors are happy.

BTS Reactions: To you growing up an orphan.

A/N:  Thank you very much for readying my works. We all have hard times in life, I hope you stay strong. If you need someone to talk to, you can message me. I would love to help if I can.I  hope you like this reaction honey.Sorry for any mistakes made.

Requested by: Anonymous 

Request: “ Hi. First of all I love your BTS reactions. They always cheer me up, since I am going through a rough time right now. Anyways can you please do a BTS reaction to you telling them that you grew up as an orphan? Thank you! I love your content! 


He won’t know what to say, but the motherly side in him will show almost immediately. Jin will walk over to you and give you the biggest and warmest hug you have ever received. ”At moments like this I don’t know what to say, so I hope my actions show you how I feel.”he will pull back a bit and look into your eyes with a smile on his lips “ I promise to treasure you, because you deserve so much more.I love you.” Jin will do his playful air kiss and make you giggle.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

 Yoongi is a man of few words. When you tell him this fact about yourself, his eyes will be focused on you. You can see in them all the things he wanted to tell you. “Come here for a bit.”he will sit up on the couch. When you walk over, he will grab your hand and pull you onto his lap. “The moment I first saw you I wanted to give you the world.You are such an amazing person.Being through so much has made you into a strong woman. I promise to be by your side forever.”he will lean his head onto your chest “I won’t leave.”

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Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

 Hobi is a ball of sunshine and hope. When he hears that, he will notice the change in your voice and realize that this was not a comfortable thing for you. Hoseok will pick you up and twirl you around the room “Don’t think about that now. The most important thing is that I found you and that you have me. You know I love you right?”he will place you on the floor and hug you, looking down at your face “Do you want to go and get some ice cream?

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

 Joony will try to lighten up the situation by saying something smart, but when it fails, he will just let his heart speak in his place. “This is the first time I don’t know what to say.”he will place your head onto his chest “Do you hear that?It beats only for you.I want you to know that I will be here with you, holding your hand till the end.

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Park Jimin:

 Jimin is a very lovable mochi that has a big heart, he will run up to you and start leaving little butterfly kisses onto your cheeks, forehead, lips ,eyes. Everywhere he can. “Don’t be sad Y/N. I am here for you. I always will be. I want you to smile. I don’t want to see you sad. I promise to do anything in my power to be able to hug you everyday.” 

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Kim Taehyung/V:

 Tae will have a straight face at first, it might come as a slight shock to him, but he will snap out fast and smile at you lovingly. He will grab your hand and look at you “You have me. I know I act like a child some times, but you are the most important person to me. I will give you two times the love, not three times. As much as you need, so don’t worry.”

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 He will look at you “Jagi, you are a person with a very strong heart, but sometimes you need to lean onto someone as well. You are not alone, you have me. I am very strong too, so let me protect you from now on, ok?

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 Anony I know you are going through a difficult time in your life.You don’t know me and this might sound strange, but you have a very big family here.A loving and talented omma.

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A great and smart appa.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

A grumpy, but squishy angel .

Originally posted by frostbittensuga

A sunshine that can make your troubles melt away.  

Originally posted by jinful

And three AWESOME big/little brothers.

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Have you ever thought about making a YouTube channel? Possibly one about reactions to RWBY, people who dub your work, etc.

I’ve thought about it.

If I were to start up a YouTube channel, however, It’d be for animatics and story boarding. I’ve been putting it off because I’m knee deep in “I don’t know how to do animatics”. Doesn’t seem to be any good tutorials or information on them either so it’s a tad disappointing.

You all don’t want to see my reactions to RWBY and by the same vein ya’ll don’t need to see my face. Like…like ever.

You guys do know if you buy into this theory this twitter account is presenting, then you have to buy in to all the crazy shit they’ve tried to play off as proof. Which is so fucking vague, and unsubstantial, that anyone with a working knowledge of this fandom would’ve been able to do.

Just because it’s something we’d like to hear, doesn’t make it accurate.

Because she needs to hear that. She’s going through her own thing and there’s a reason why she separated herself and doesn’t want to be a killer anymore. And she’s losing herself, and I think Daryl realizes that. It’s a very selfless act. He tells her what she needs to hear to keep going. He does it for her. […] I think she can totally handle it. It’s just not what she needs. Everyone’s path is their individual path, and she needs to be away from it because she’s losing herself and that world, when your whole life is changed and your whole world is changed and the dynamics have changed, and you start to lose yourself — then what’s the point, you know? So I think that he realizes that she needs to hold on to something. She’s been working towards it and it’s been hard for her, and he sees how hard it is for her to even make the choice to do what she’s doing now. And selflessly, he tells her what she needs to hear because he cares about her and doesn’t want to drag her into something that she doesn’t want to be a part of.

Norman Reedus, Entertainment Weekly [online] (19/Feb/2017)

And the big question out of that scene that people are going to have is: Why does Daryl lie to her when she asks if Negan hurt anybody?

prince-of-egyptt  asked:

I'm thinking about a world that's a dyson sphere, but here's the catch: there are two different civilizations inside and outside the sphere. The problem is trying to figure out the transition in gravity when someone goes from inside the sphere to outside it. Any advice?

Cool idea. My first thought was a scene from Mass Effect Andromeda. (Check out that moment here to see what I mean, starts at the 1:45 mark.)

These characters didn’t know what was happening, but I imagine that if traveling between the interior and exterior of the sphere is normal, people would have come to expect a routine gravity shift. Going from the inside to the outside would, likewise, have an awkward gravity shift. Though, if the people of the world were accustomed to it, I don’t see why you couldn’t work with it however you wanted.

I do see some cool cultural repercussions from a world that is set up like this. 

Happy building!

I was doodling the other night, seeing if I have what it takes to do Inktober. And uh, I dunno.

Every October I want to participate, and I never do. I was thinking maybe this year, I should work on my tattoo deck. Do a card a night? Getting 31 cards done in a month would really get a good chunk out of the way! I don’t know if I could manage doing that much drawing though. 🤔

But I guess I could always try. Worse come to worse, I’ll at least get some of them done! Would you guys like to see them all as I go?

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I know that i'm supposed to stand up to people who make racist/lgbtphobic/ableist/etc comments and i want to but i can't argue with someone without having a meltdown, because i'm so b&w thinking that i get so worked up that "You're wrong!!" that i just end up melting down. Is it still wrong for me to not say anything about these comments? What do i do about this? I want to shut these people down but idk how

While calling out racist/ableist/sexist/etc. comments is an important aspect of social justice, there is nothing wrong with not doing so if you are not able to. There are many reasons that a person may not be able to call out these kinds of comments. For instance, I hear things in my workplace a lot that I’m not able to say anything about without risking my job. There are times when it may not be safe to call someone out for a variety of reasons whether due to threat of physical violence, potential loss of livelihood, etc. 

Many autistic people struggle with confrontation. Personally, I have a tendency to cry when in a confrontation or get overwhelmingly angry. It’s something I’m working on and I’m trying to get better at handling confrontation, but I still have a long way to go. That means that, for now, I’m not in a position to be calling out bigoted things. I’m not prepared for the confrontation that may follow. This is directly tied to autistic traits for me as it seems to be for you. There is no shame in acknowledging our limitations. 

Since it seems like you genuinely care about social justice, I would suggest trying to find other ways that you can fight bigotry. Maybe you can’t call out people when they make bigoted statements, but perhaps you can share things on social media that address bigotry. While many laugh at this form of activism, online activism has huge potential to change people’s minds and help people become more invested in social justice. Maybe you can volunteer with a local social justice organization in a capacity that utilizes your skills. There are so many ways you can help advance social justice without directly calling out every bigoted thing you encounter. 


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I can't stop binging and I don't know what to do. I've been making progress but I've ruined it all. I have o self control. Do you have any tips to not binge?

I’m sorry to hear about that lovely.

I keep myself busy. Sounds silly but it works. Get out and about. Go for a walk. Go to town and leave your money at home so you don’t buy food whilst out. Watch a film. Go meet friends. Write. Draw. Read. Find a new hobby. Take a nap.

Anything to take your mind off food!

Drink water till you feel full. Drink hot drinks to trick yourself into feeling full.

Chew gum. Eat healthy fruits. If you buy your own food, shop when you’re not hungry and stick to a list.

Stay safe lovely ♡

Commission Time!

I am a Professional Artist from an Indy Comic company known as BadCog Studios I am the colorist of that company Working on their Comic Outlaw Epic and couple others. I have been doing art for years and well I wish to make a more steady income. I also need new PC Parts. So I am offering my art skills. 

$15 for sketches
$30 for inks
$45 for flats
$60 for full colors
$75 if you want all 3 things

and for those who want to support but don’t have a lot of money. For $3 you can buy a mystery Doodle its a doodle will it have color will it be detailed who knows? It is a mystery -wiggle fingers- its like a mystery box!

Tips are also nice Ko-fi