i have weirdly strong feelings about this


I’ve been wanting to draw, but haven’t been able to draw any of the other R!kids (or robots lel), so i decided to do this R!human Mondatta??? Insofar as there’d be a reverse!Mondatta at all haha

He and Zenyatta have a weirdly strong family resemblance (despite not being biological brothers). He’s very down to earth while retaining the same natural charisma as Zenyatta, but if Zenyatta’s charm is like refined sugar then Mondatta’s is like just-cut sugar cane.

Then pair are almost never in each other’s vicinity, but when they are, Zenyatta starts to feel distinctly forged beside his brother’s authenticity (though they used to be more complementary when they were younger). Mondatta still cares a lot about his little bro and is a perennial worry wart when it comes to him. Tends to flip between this and incessant teasing whenever they come in contact (or the doubly irritating tease-worry combo).

I feel like Slytherins are those kinds of people who know tons of weirdly specific information about how to hurt people like

“What in here would be the best weapon if a killer clown attacked us right now?”

“Well if you simply put your hand on one side of the clowns head very steadily and hit the other side really hard you’d give them a concussion. You wouldn’t need a weapon.”



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I'm curious about your Miranda post, not a criticism just wondering. You said she is a well written and strong character but do you not consider her physical attributes part of her creation by her farther? I agree that the camera angles and focus on it are stupid as fuck though. Again, just wondering, its a fair point :)

If Miranda were a real person, then yes. Absolutely. If she wanted to wear skin tight clothing and show off her body then yes. But she’s a fictional character designed by a team of game developers. Just because she’s been given a “perfect body” by her father in game doesn’t mean Bioware needed to exploit it. They could have easily said she had been modified with superior looks in order to get ahead without shots like this in game:

Its entirely possible for a strong, fit, athletic woman to be attractive and flaunt her body without it seeming as forced and intrusive as Miranda’s design felt. I wanted to see her face when she talked to me, not a shot of her hips as she walked and talked. It made me as a player feel gross and weirdly disrespectful.

The same can be said about characters like Samara or EDI. Only they are never described as having a perfect body or being genetically perfect. If being genetically modified to perfection was the only reason Bioware felt the need to oversexualize their female characters, then this would be a very different conversation. But Samara is a woman who demands respect and actively rejects all of Shepard’s sexual advances, yet most shots of her accentuate her cleavage. 

As for EDI…EDI is a robot, described as a sex bot, and she is given actual camel toe.

Like. HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT??? Someone designed that?? Someone sat down and thought this was a logical asset for a ROBOT to have??? It seriously blows my mind.

(I’ve always thought it would have been much more effective if EDI had taken over the body of a deceased Geth unit. But that would mean we wouldn’t get the sexy robot companion, so that’s obviously not gonna happen.)

SIGH I sound a lot angrier than I am, to be honest. I just expect more from them. What they do wrong isn’t nearly as problematic as some other games I’ve seen (ie: God of War “I didn’t do it but I wish I did” trophy) but the fact that they make this incredible games sprinkled with some really sexist bullshit is just a little unsettling.

Thankfully they seem to be on the right track with Andromeda, at least from what I’ve seen from the devs on Twitter.

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Just out of interest do you dislike "First person: Present tense" in novels? if so is it because you think its limiting as a narrative technique OR is it just because of association? (as in Bad YA novels)


Let me try to explain why. Please don’t get offended because this really is ultimately rooted in personal preference but is also a discussion I’ve had with friends many times so here we go.

As both a (primarily) nonfiction writer and a student of English literature I consider 3rd person as something of a default where fiction is concerned unless it is motivated in some way. 1st person, therefore, is a form of stylism. Anything can motivate a thing. Coffee can motivate my bowels. Motivation is not fucking hard.

That said. 1st person is often not motivated so much as it is just fucking there, and first person present even more so, because trends? I mean, why first person present? What about your story motivates it other than that A) it is about a story that happens in a chronological order and B) it has a protagonist? Is the story entirely about fucking? I mean there’s you some shit that can deal with some first person present but for an entire novel?  Or is it a visceral experience that needs to be so visceral that we are explaining it in the present for like four hundred pages and not one of those pages involves fucking because YA?

Why? Why, no seriously tell me why is this protagonist-narrator is choosing to expound on their shit for like a hundred and twenty thousand words in there here and the now why god why? What stylistic or world or logic based reason is there for this to be happening constantly in the now? First person present, like, oh, I dunno, found footage films, is a form of stylism. Fucking motivate it or don’t use it!

I’ve heard the argument that The Hunger Games is in first person present because, y’know, she could die at any moment. I think this is a fucking stupid argument, because of course she couldn’t. What, are you just going to pull this up and “surprise, new narrator!” like if a thing happens? And have your probably teenage reader go “fuck this!” and throw it at the wall because change is bad because yes yes it is? At least the deeply inferior Divergent series expands on its repertoire of point of view characters before it does the spoilery thing, but A) it was somewhat set up that the point of view was going to shift and B) the present tense had fuck all to do with that shift. 

I recognize that sometimes present tense is the most effective tense. For novels, I think it’s mostly a cheap gimmick. It is stylism that is not motivated, for the most part. Hashtag not all first person present. 

So basically I consider first person present to be A) cheap because it is A.5) A form of stylism that is B) rarely motivated by the world or narrative and C) is based on a gimmick that is D) baseless because, say, if your character dies or stops telling the story halfway through the story then WHO ELSE IS GOING TO TELL THE DAMN THING. You change tense your audience ain’t gonna like it!

tl;dr - I consider first person present to be a form of stylism that is rarely motivated by the plot, characters, or the world in mainstream fiction.

I recognize also this is my (very strongly held) and do not begrudge anyone who disagrees with it, or necessarily consider you “wrong.” Opinions are fluid like that.

I also also recognize that probably 90% of my loathing of first person present is rooted in 50 Shades of Grey.

I also also also realize I have weirdly strong feelings about tense and point of view apparently.

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since nathan and ronan are written in the stars as Best Friends, what do you think of Adam and Gabriel being friends? The four of them together?? tell me ur feels xo

i have like so many emotions about this whole thing okay i’ll try not to go overboard but tbh i’m alread y go nE

  • so like here’s the thing gabriel would be absolutely mad for adam like yeah yeah nathan is his one and only soulmate but LOOK AT THIS BOY look at this beautiful strange enchanted boy he is poetry in motion he is a mortal angel he is literally the personification of the beauty of nature he demands to be looked at LOOK AT HIM
  • meanwhile adam thinks gabriel is the weirdest person he’s ever met but he’s got great taste in books and gab is super chill and easy to get along with i see no reason why adam wouldn’t like him, i think he’d find his company really relaxing and also his back muscles are a thing 

  • the thing about adam and gabriel is they are both very observant and intuitive. they can read people amazingly well. sometimes they use these powers to have deep meaningful conversations about the people they love and each other and sometimes they use it to talk shit about strangers while they sip coffee in a cafe and trade greek mythology headcanons like the pretentious lil fucks they are

  • nathan oh my god nathan would have the most adorable/embarrassing like 5th grade baby kind of crush on adam because like it’s not that he even really thinks of adam in a ‘i wanna touch ur mouth with my mouth’ kind of way but he just thinks adam is so cool and smart and Strong and he feels this weird sort of kinship with him even though they’ve lived very different lives they both know what it’s like to be surrounded by so much violence and undeserved hatred from very early ages and he kind of Looks Up To Adam which doesn’t really make sense but he just looks at him and thinks “goals” constantly and one time he tells this really stupid joke but it makes adam crack up laughing and it’s the first time he’s ever seen adam so unguarded and also HE made adam lauG?H??? and he’s just like “if you’ll excuse me….i need to go somewhere to scream” and ronan is like “i un d er s tan d” 

  • ronan appreciates gabriel’s reverential adoration of adam bc lbr as much as he can be a jealous little hard boiled egg we need 2 stop pretending like he doesn’t get off on adam getting blindly worshipped by everyone he graces his presence with like that’s his #1 kink. but other than that he finds gabriel mostly annoying and nathan is just like “first of all, fuck you, and second of all yeah i thought he was annoying when i first met him too, but seriously fuck you” 

  • once ronan unlocks gabriel’s tragic backstory he is shocked just SHOCKED because he never would have guessed someone like gabriel had all this shit happen to him or all the things he’s done and gab’s like “i mean i’ve had a lot of bad things happen in my life and i’ve done a lot of bad things but i think that overall life is beautiful and i am doing the best i can, i like myself as a person :))))” and ronans just like “that…..sounds….fake…..but …… o … k….” and gab’s like “you’re the same, ronan. you can’t see how good you are but one day you will” and ronan kind of wants to slap him but also like what a beautiful strong powerful musk ox now he’s looking at gab and thinking “goals” HOW EMBARRASIN

  • nathan and ronan, ronan and nathan, what can i say, they just roll around in the dirt together, something about being around each other brings out a weirdly innocent, childlike side of both of them and gabriel and adam have secret talks about how fukcening cute it is 

  • but it took some time to get to that point like when they first met they couldn’t stand the sight of each other and the only thing going through their minds was PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH but that’s also the same feeling they get when looking into mirrors so u kno now they know how to look at the familiar parts of themselves they see in each other and accept and even admire it and they express this through still punching each other but with love and respect 

  • ronan is believe it or not a fraction more mentally stable than nathan and because of this is sometimes is like “hey, maybe you should like not do that thing?” and nathan’s like “i sware on me mum if u ever try 2 tell me wat 2 fucken do i’ll bash ur fucken ‘ead in mate” and ronan’s just like *sigh, heart eyes* and proceeds to help nathan do the thing (like just imagine ronan even trying to teach nathan a proper boxing technique bc while nathan is certainly capable with his fists his fighting style is so raw and scrappy and nathan is just like “I !!! AM A WILD ANIMAL !!! U CAN ‘ T !! CONTROL ME!!! ” and ronan’s just like *heavy sigh* “alright, son”

  • consider this: massage circle

i must stop now or i won’t ever be able to

so i’d like to interrupt the anger over the tracklist to be angry about something far pettier






I guess there must be at least two photoshop artists because these are much nicer (though still weirdly attached). But at least they have coverts! And some sort of semi-feasible anatomical structure!