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Hi, i wonder if you can link a good skintone. and i love your sims. I draw a lot and actually have a lot of inspiration from your sims <3 <3 <3

A skintone or a skin overlay? Either way here’s everything haha.
I shared some skintone links HERE and HERE.
And about skin overlays/skins, oh boy. There are soo many of them. xd
By Milk Sims - 1, 2, 3, 4
By @estrojans - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I’m too lazy right noww to look for millions of themm so ANYWAYYY look through THIS and THIS tag on @sssvitlans. You will find soo many amazing things there. <3

edit: shitt. I saved this as a draft last night and forgot to also add this: DUDE. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THOSE DRAWINGS AND OMG THAT’S SO SWEET. ok. that’s all. xd


an urie kuki fanmix | listen

i feel evil creeping in by islands | mad world by gary jules | who will save you now by les friction | castle of glass by linkin park | female robbery by the neighbourhood | numb by marina & the diamonds | everybody wants to rule the world by lorde | devil inside (cover) by london grammar


I really can’t describe how UTTERLY excited I am to be seeing Taylor Swift live in just a FEW SHORT DAYS. (Ajdjfmdldnfiwnsk!!!!!!) It honestly doesn’t feel real, and I haven’t been thinking about it much, because every time I do, my eyes just fill with tears.

SO WHO’S WITH ME???? METLIFE STADIUM JULY 11TH!!!!!! Section 124, Row 32, SEATS 29-31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



One day I really hope I have a chance to tell Taylor how much her music has helped me through the years. From her first single to her latest album, I loved the girl with wild curls just like mine, and I loved the woman she grew up to be. We grew up together. While she performed on stages I slammed chords on my acoustic guitar and sang along with every verse, every word, every rhyme.

Taylor Swift saved my life. I have battled depression and borderline personality disorder all my life. I have constantly struggled with my romantic heart, artistic soul and wanting the kind of love that burns red. Too many nights I found myself crying until my eyes felt sore. Too many nights I drafted suicide letters, wondering if there was an easier way to stop my mind from working overtime. To me, there has never been a light at the end of the tunnel. There is only me. There is only my mental illness, which still plagues me to this day.

But there’s Taylor. Every year that I had a breakdown on the horizon, Taylor released a new album. It was like clockwork. Red allowed me to stare at my ceiling and cry, but it allowed me to ring in my 22nd birthday with hope in my heart and glitter in my veins. 1989 taught me how to shake it off. It taught me that my tears were not meant to bring me pain. They were storms I walked through, and I came out on the other end… clean.

I’m not even trying to be dramatic. I mean it when I say this music changed my life. I have struggled for over ten years with self harm, but instead of giving into that sad, sick urge, I could scream sing along to Should’ve Said No or Last Kiss or Forever and Always and I would feel whole again. I still do.

Hearing songs that have saved my life LIVE is going to be WAY TOO OVERWHELMING!!!!!!! But I’m so excited to cry HAPPY tears and I really just hope and pray that one day I can tell Taylor, face to face, that she saved my life. I can’t wait to thank her for simply being herself. Because thank you, Taylor. With you I have grown from a little girl in a dress to a woman, finally clean. Thank you.

taylorswift heheh