i have wanted pants like this since i was 12

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to be honest i think adhd is just a croc of shit, and the fact is that your are just more sensitive to people and your surroundings and have a more active mind. which actually makes you smarter than the average person and they like to give people like you who think a bit more, some medicine to slow you down and numb your mind. dont fall into that shit

fuck off

honestly, you’ve got no idea what having adhd is like. It’s not just being distracted all the time. ADHD means that your brain functions differently from most peoples’, (theoretically slower, since stimulants are the only thing we’ve found that help with it). ADHD affects your functioning, and has nothing to do with how smart you are. 

Forewarning: LONG POST. 

First off, let me give you an example of what my days are like. Today, for example. Today was a very successful day. my list of things that I had to do looked like this:

  • take medication
  • go to staff training (9-12)
  • shower
  • grocery shop
  • make snack for work tomorrow
  • do saturday chores
  • eat

My list of things I wanted to do looked like the above plus

  • clean my room
  • move all my makeup back downstairs
  • hem two pairs of pants (i have been meaning to sew these since i got them last may), my shirt and add some things to my overalls. 
  • pick up a zipper
  • chat with friends
  • call otterbox
  • call my academic advisor
  • tumblr
  • write
  • eat lunch and dinner
  • cosplay pictures
  • figure out what i have to organize for work tomorrow.

The next step I have to do is figure out what has a time limit. I have to take my medication when I wake up, and eat breakfast before staff training. I have to get all the things i need for work - a t-shirt, shorts, a towel, a whistle, and a bathing suit. I also need to put on sunscreen and bring my hat, my swimming glasses, and my sunglasses. I also need to remember that I’m taking the car, which means that I’m driving, so i need my wallet (which is in my purse) and the keys.

This is the amount of detail I have to go to to remember what I need for work - the same things I’ve needed for the past 2 years - and It’s what I go through every morning to know what i need. 

I remembered everything except my sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses, so I’m now burnt. (But only mildly). I also forgot clothes to change into, so i drove home in a wet bathing suit. That was the first thing that had a time limit. So far so good.

My aunt is home when I get home from staff training, and she asks me to pick up some dog poo soon. I agree, and immediately go to take a shower, so that I don’t forget or run out of time like I did on thursday after our first staff training and friday. Then I go upstairs, and call otterbox. Then I look at my computer and realize i should call my academic advisor. The call is busy, and I give up,  

After being distracted by talking to friends, I realize that it’s 2pm, and I need to go to the store before it closes. I don’t know when the store closes, but I guess it will be earlier than usual because it’s saturday and a food store , and I don’t know when my parents are home, but they want it done before then. My earliest guess for them coming home is 3. 

But before I can do that, I should clean up the dog poo. And since I’m doing chores I should clean the bathrooms. But before I clean the dog poo I need two plastic bags. And I don’t know where those are. After walking up and down to my room three times picking up various things that are not two plastic bags, i manage to get to clean up the dog poo. Then I come in and start cleaning the bathroom. Walking up to the kitchen, I realize that the only thing that’s stopping me from going to get the groceries (which was cleaning up the dog poo) is done so I should grab the list and debit card. 

Oh, and I need to grab grocery bags.

Oh, and the keys, and my wallet.

I get in the car, and drive to the store. I get the groceries, easy peasy, and then I figure since I have the car I should go drive to get the zipper. And since I’m in the store, I should pick up some thread. Oh and look around the store, because you never know. Oh look, glitter pens, those’ll be great for the kid I babysit. Oh and you can only find kool aid packets here, so I better pick them up. Oh, and going by the cake decorating section reminds me that I need to make a snack for work tomorrow.

 I make it home (I only lost the keys once! New record! despite getting in the car 4 times!), and put the groceries away. the bag of zipper, thread, glitter pens, and kool aid packets goes on the floor beside it, so that I can put those away. 

to put this in perspective, that was around 4? at 8:30 my mom put it on the table. 

So i was out for about 2 hours, and now I should probably let the dogs out because they’ve been in their crates for about five and a half hours, and I need to do that. But first, I have to check that it’s okay with my aunt who’s working in the backyard. 

I get the Okay, and let the dogs out. And then I notice the sewing machine, and I have these pants that I have been meaning to hem for a year. and I collected the other things I needed to hem, but I need the okay from mom to use some fabric for the overalls, so I can’t do those. Okay, I’m going to hem these pants, and add the sleeves for the shirt that has had them destroyed. 

Notice at this point that I still haven’t realized that I started cleaning the bathrooms and didn’t finish.

Done the sewing, and I put everything away. Okay, I don’t have anything else to do today, so I can go on tumblr! I got all the time sensitive done! I’ve hemmed pants so i can wear them on Thursday! I am so productive today!

At 6:45 the dogs start yapping at me, and I realize they probably want food, so I feed the dogs. Then I realize maybe I should eat, because I haven’t eaten since 8:30am, so I should do that. And I’m cold. My toes are numb, actually, I wonder when that happened. So i should change. And I should move the car, since my aunt’s car was blocking the driveway when I came home. And my computer’s almost dead, so I need to grab my charger. I go upstairs and get changed. Then I come downstairs and put some dinner in, then I walk back upstairs and realize that I wanted to get my computer charger, and plug it in. And then I realize that I want some tea, so I put on some water. My dinner is done, and I have to eat that immediately so that the dogs don’t get it. 

And I still need to put the car in the driveway.

I finish eating, and then move the car. Then I realize that my water has boiled, and I need to take it off the stove. I do that, and go back to my computer, where I’m eating my dinner. 

It is currently 7:30 and I have just realized I didn’t finish cleaning the bathrooms. Better do that quickly, but first I’m going to measure out my tea and stick it in a strainer and a mug so it can steep while I clean.. And then I clean the bathrooms. And panic and wonder if there’s anything else I’ve forgotten to do. 

BUt I”ve cleanred the bathrooms, and now I should move my makeup downstairs. Except then I remember I haven’t poured the water into the mug yet. 

So I do that, and then intensely focus on finishing making my tea. It’s only taken me an hour. At 8pm, I pour my cup of tea.

I still haven’t made a snack, I still haven’t cleaned my room or moved my makeup downstairs, or gotten ready for work tomorrow. I haven’t dealt with my burn or done anything to help the house run, but you know what, today was a successful day. I finished making tea.