i have waited 3 years

5 minutes into slaying titans and he gives you this look


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

I finished always and forever, lara jean…I’m gonna need a solid month to recover literally don’t speak to me don’t look at me don’t breathe in my direction I’m emotionally COMPROMISED



Thank you, Joku and Dream! Even though Fatal is being fussy I’m sure he appreciates the well wishes XD

Here’s to hoping that everyone’s dreams come true this year! :’D

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I am going to write Ravenna and Lucien kissing today if it’s the last thing I do.

Empty House (Youngjae) Pt.2

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Part 1

Request: Yes, I agree with that anon. You should write another part to the Youngjae scenario! (: Part of me wants Youngjae to suffer because he didn’t trust the girl and now they’re no longer together, but I’m leaning more towards Youngjae and the girl getting back together BUT maybe she shouldn’t forgive him so easily? Like, make him work for it but then eventually they get back together and he proposes and they live happily ever after! (:

Omg yessss! A part two of Empty Home!!

You stood in line at the supermarket your eyes glued to your phone as you were finally up to the counter. You set your basket down on the counter and listened to the bottles clank against one another. “Are you having a party?” the young cashier asked. You chuckled “this weekend would have been my 5 year with my boyfriend. But it won’t be. I plan on getting drunk” you tell her as she smiles. You were doing much better as the months went on. Not that you didn’t miss Youngjae. It’s just you gave up on being sad over the past and decided to worry about you full force.

You paid and headed out of the store bumping into someone. “Sorry” you tell as you looked at them “Daehyun” you say smiling. He offered one back as you two hugged. “Ah noona you look good” he says “amazing what 30 pounds of makeup does” you joke as he smiles larger. You two stood there for a moment as he could tell what you wanted to ask. “Youngjae is doing okay. He’s still verysad about you two” he told as you nodded sadly. “The boys miss you. Youngjae isn’t the only one who beat himself up for his stupidity. We did it to him as well. He realized when he got back to-you’re crying. Shit sorry” he spoke as you shook your head. You waved your hand as you let’s out a light laugh"it’s fine don’t worry. I just leak sometimes" you say trying to stay happy. “You don’t need to fake it” he says “we’re in public” you say as he remembered “oh yeah” he said as he felt his phone go off. “Your number isn’t different right?” he asked as you shook your head no. “Can I text you later?” he asked as you nodded. “Good. I’ll see you around” he told as you waved him off.


You didn’t even bother getting a glass. You popped the bottle opened and sat down on the couch and drank from it. You laughed at your self as you felt goofy but you were enjoying the wine too much to care. You managed to down half the bottle before your phone went off. “Hello” you coo as your speech was already going down the drain. “Y/N?” you hear as your eyes widened “you’re not Daehyun” you say taking a large gulp. “No. I guess you deleted my number” he says as you make a sound laying back on the couch.

“I miss you” he said as you needed another drink just to talk. “Yeah?” you said feeling more courage “I don’t miss your accusations. Or your bad ton. Or your handsome face, your lips-” you voice kept getting softer. “You’re killing my buzz” you tell him as he chuckles. “Don’t drink too much” he spoke softly. “I love you” he whispered as he ended the call leaving you in a dazed state. “Fuck” you yelled as you simply brought the bottle back up to your lips.


Youngjae sat at your favorite coffee shop hoping to catch you. He had a facemask, sunglasses and a hoodie. So he looked like the typical idol trying to hide his face. He smiled under his mask as he caught sight of you entering at the normal time you did. But it soon dropped a the overly attractive male barista handed you a cup. He actually put his number on your cup saying ‘I have waited 3 years since you started coming here to give you my number’ you gave a soft smile as you looked at it. “Thank you but I’m not ready yet” you say as the male’s smile dropped “its fine no I get it don’t worry” he said as you felt embarrassed.

You decided to head out feeling to awkward to stay in the shop. He quickly got up and followed after you. “Stop” you call as he froze. “Don’t stalk me Youngjae” you say straight forward as he pulled his mask down. “I wanted to talk before that guy gave you his number” he said “were you going to call me a slut again?” you asked as you took a sip. “I didn’t mean that” he said right away. “I was angry. Do you know what it’s like to think your relationship was happy. Then find out that after 5 years you still had your ex boyfriend’s number saved under his name. I know I sound like a horrible guy but I was jealous. I don’t mean I should be the only guy you should text but I thought exes were the ones we wouldn’t text or even save in our contacts” he spoke. As you looked down. It did start because you kept your ex’s number in your phone. It became a contact that remained untouched for nearly 6 years but it was still there. Even when you said that you deleted it, it was still there.

“I don’t have his number anymore. He really tried to get me back after the news articles came out but I blocked his number” you said as you awkwardly played with the plastic top of the cup. He stood there for a moment before he sighed. “I miss you” he said honestly. “I can’t live with how it ended. You can hate me still but I wanted to attempt to at least get us onto talking terms” he said as his voice cracked. “I just want you back in my life” he told you “I need you back in it” he finished as you looked at him. “Youngjae” you whispered “please let me back into your life” he begged as you found yourself nodding within seconds of the words leaving his mouth.


It was very awkward, the friendship. Nothing felt weirder than sitting next to your ex and not being able to say anything. Emotionally all you two wanted to do was hold each other and be close again but it was awkward.

“Y/N” Youngjae spoke as you two were at your apartment. You turned to see him down on one knee “we can’t be friends” he said as you looked confused “it’s too hard to be friends with someone you love so much” he spoke as he pulled a box out. “I’ve been planning this since our fourth anniversary but I don’t give a shit that it’s not perfect, its the best time for me to do this. Just please say yes” he spoke. As he opened the box revealing the ring “marry me. Let’s get passed the awkward shit that took too long for us to get together in the first place. Be mine forever, beat me up when I’m an ass, swear at me, do all the things we lectured each other about in public. But do it as my wife” he says as you got down in front of him.

“Yes. Skip the dating” you say as he smiles as his eyes watered. “I know it won’t be the same right away but I know we’ll get passed it and end up happy. Right?” he asked as you nodded. He slipped the ring onto your finger before he pulled something out from under his shirt “I’ve been wearing this everyday since we broke up” he whispered taking the necklace off and slipped it over your head allowing it to grace your neck again. Your hand instantly grabbed it like it used to. he leaned forward and pressed a kiss onto your lips as he soon cupped your face sinking into the kiss more.

Thoughts On... Alone for a While

You mean we have to wait 10 MONTHS!!??

sure love experiencing attraction towards someone once every 5 years and then they’re ALWAYS unavailable :) :) :)

hello friends!!!! ok so i’m gna try something new here and start taking requests if there’s any!! since i have a lot of time and i just finished a gfx for seventeen’s 2nd year lol bUT YES if y'all want some mediocre gfx from yours truly, send me an ask and i’ll get right to it :’)