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@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.


We can still activate 3x bonus and finish her off in an epic finale! Robin can do this! He can stop another waifu from winning voting gauntlet! If someone can stop their streak, it’s him!

here’s what I think about the TW sterek saltfest I currently see on my dash, without delving too much into the past issues of this type of thing:

they’re waaaay too late to use sterek as a marketing ploy, and this is a desperate grasping at straws that is going to lead to failure

1. stiles and derek have been off the show for a while. the current fans aren’t all that invested in them, considering TW having current fans as a possibility

2. sterek fandom as an entity has long memories, and sterek as a fandom adapted quickly to the idea that fandom has little to do with the show a loooong time before the characters were written off it.  I remember desperately waiting for season 3 to stop airing so fandom would stop complaining about the show every week and go back to creating fix-it stuff.

so, 3. this won’t bring those old-guard sterek fans back and make us watch it. we MAY pay just enough attention to write canon-divergent / modern aus around gifsets we see on the internet, BUT even without getting into BETRAYAL and HOW DARE THEY re: their continual treatment of the fans, it’s hard to really feel excited about it, because we were always there for the characters and not the show itself, and I sincerely doubt things have changed for the better in their treatment of said characters.

it’s more like “jesus christ can’t derek hale catch a break?”

Send my muse one of the following texts to see how they react:

[text] I can’t take you seriously when you’re using that many emojis. 
[text] Im not drunk eveyone is just blurry
[text] Could you be anymore dramatic? 
[text] You need more friends… or a therapist… 
[text] All you do all day is sit around and google pictures of baby animals! 
[text] I just miss you. That’s all. 
[text] New rule.. every time you say his name I get to punch you.
[text] You’re going to hell for sure now. 
[text] Why is there a life size cardboard cut out of Harry Styles in my bedroom?
[text] I really don’t care… 
[text] Oh no, I’m not doing that again.
[text] I’ve seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy like 3 times. I practically have a PhD.
[text] Do whatever you want. I don’t even care anymore. 
[text] Can’t talk now.. too busy eating ice cream and watching House Hunters International. 
[text] We’re not watching Frozen again. 
[text] I have no idea what you’re talking about… 
[text] You’ve got waaaay too much time on your hands. 
[text] Are you trying to bribe me with sex? 
[text] I just don’t think moving in together is a very good idea…
[text] Because you’re pissing me off! 
[text] You left your sweatshirt here. It’s mine now. 
[text] I need to tell you something but you have to promise not to get mad. 
[text] What did I say about sending me pictures like that while I’m at work? 
[text] Wait… are you serious?
[text] I accidentally just called my mom a bitch to her face and now I have to run away.
[text] I’m just saying that you look a lot better without clothes on!
[text] I know that we don’t always get along but I really do miss you. 
[text] Pictures or it didn’t happen! 
[text] I’ll accept apologizes in the form of food or sex. 
[text] I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry please just pick up the phone.
[text] That’s really inappropriate… 
[text] I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or proud… 
[text] You’ll never guess who just texted me. 
[text] I hate my life right now about as much as Robert Pattinson hates Twilight.

This is my favourite JJ gif like hOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THAT LIL SMILE i legit have a crush on him like hwat Yes i do realize that the gif isnt playing

RFA + Minor Trio find out MC is a Ghost

Hey guys! Here’s the last Halloween hc for this year, written by the awesome @rainydayswriter and yours truly ^^ We hope you guys had lots of spooks today or will have lots of spooks, depending on where you are! We hope you enjoy this despite the heavy angst ugh i’m so sorry guys that was my fault ;;; thank you so much to @rainydayswriter for injecting some happiness into these and have a Happy Halloween!

Warning: Angst ahead ;A; 

“You’re gonna suffer, but you’ll be happy about it.” -Ron Weasley


  • “I think my dorm is haunted.”

  • Everyday he logs into the chatroom to tell everyone the weird things that are happening around his dorm room

  • Lights flickering on and off

  • The chair scraping against the floor as it moves on its own

  • “Seven I’m telling you!!! My guild members all told me that they can hear a girl laughing whenever my mic is on!!!”

  • Will probably sleep at another member’s house for a while ;;;

  • And when he returns he’ll see you typing scary messages on his computer

  • Let’s face it, there’ll be a lot of screaming and tears from Yoosung

  • But when he calms down you two start talking and he finds out you’re not such a bad person ghost after all

  • “Did you have to scare me that much, MC? I was terrified you know!” ;;;; poor kid ;;;

  • Spends his days playing LOLOL, going to school and hanging out with you most of the time

  • And it was great at first because for the first time, he got to play pranks on other people

  • You told him the answers for his tests it wasn’t cheating okay, you just told him enough so he could pass ;;;

  • You guys have so much fun together that you find yourself more and more attracted to him

  • But you realize he’s spending waaaay too much time with you instead of his friends

  • Instead of real people

  • He doesn’t even log in to the RFA chatroom anymore

  • And you tell him to live his life and just forget about you but he confesses his feelings for you and why is the world so unfair and cruel to him?

  • First Rika, now you? He’s so deeply and madly in love with you and he doesn’t know what to do okay

  • You guys cry together for the rest of the night

  • And you realize…he has to let you go

  • It will be painful –you would say goodbye but he’d beg you not to leave him

  • There will be a lot of tears and begging and arguing but in the end, you make him understand that you’re already gone, that he can never have a future with you

  • And he’s such a bright kid with so much potential

  • So you leave

  • Yoosung will be a zombie for months –all the RFA members try to help him but they can’t bring you back anymore

  • He starts recovering after a while, thinking you’ve gone to a better place and his grades start to improve

  • When he graduates he’s surrounded by the RFA members and his friends

  • He’s so happy that doesn’t notice you watching him with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes


  • How can a ghost look so breathtaking?

  • When he first found out you were a ghost, he couldn’t believe it because aren’t ghosts supposed to look scary and bloody? ;;;

  • He’s surprised that he could touch you but he’s relieved that he can

  • Fans and paparazzi would go INSANE trying to figure out who Zen’s girlfriend is

  • You guys will just laugh it off and you’d even scare some of the paparazzi stalking Zen

  • Date nights are something else

  • “One ticket, sir?”

  • And he would almost argue that the guy was being rude because the most beautiful woman on the planet was beside him

  • But then, nobody else can see you, can they?

  • He’ll hold his tongue and pretend everything’s okay

  • But you see the weight it puts on his shoulders, and you’re so grateful to him for accepting you as is (ie. dead)

  • You always have the best seat in the house during his performances (aka hovering above the crowd lol)

  • But whenever you see women looking at him and Zen ignoring everyone, you start to feel guilty

  • Because those women were all alive and you weren’t; you may love each other, but your love can only go so far

  • And day by day you feel worse seeing Zen fawn over you when you can never give him a child who would inherit his good looks

  • So you sit down with him one night and discuss it with him but he immediately stops you

  • “MC, for a long time I’ve been in relationships where they just wanted me for my fame and my good looks. You’re the first person I’ve met who loves me for me. I want to spend my life with you. Someday, we’ll be together, my princess. Please stay with me until then.”

  • You agree to stay and you guys are happy for quite sometime but you still can’t shake the feeling that you’re holding him back

  • “Hyun…I need to go.”

  • “Go? Go where? Let me grab my ja–”

  • “No, Hyun. You can’t come with me.”

  • Dread and fear fills him

  • And you’re both crying because you both love each other and he doesn’t want you to go

  • But in the end, he makes you a promise

  • “My princess, I can’t stop you from leaving…but please wait for me. I will surely find my way back to you again.”

  • And after a successful career and a long and fruitful life, you’re there waiting for him with a smile


  • She only saw you when it was absolutely pouring, at the back of the coffee shop on her way to or from the office

  • You quickly became her confidante, someone she could rage to about her boss or gush about Zen’s work

  • It became a routine, since you were always at the same place at the same time

  • You don’t talk much about yourself, but she takes note of every little detail you give

  • And soon it all kind of adds up

  • There was an accident not too far from the shop, with one single fatality, someone at the wrong place at the wrong time

  • And her heart just;;;;

  • Breaks

  • She wants to help you, because you’ve been such a comfort to her, but she doesn’t know how

  • But you tell her that just spending time with her is more than enough

  • Her heart is bursting with tears

  • Spirits are usually caused by lingering regrets or emotions right?

  • Jaehee suggests leaving the coffee shop one evening, taking a walk

  • Cautiously, you accept, letting her lead you around at first before you take over, pointing out places you frequented when you lived, where you had worked, your favorite store, the people you had met, the plans you had made

  • She listens, beaming the entire time, urging you on

  • When at last, you find yourself back at the coffee shop, which is now closed for the night

  • “This was the plan all along, wasn’t it Jaehee? To say goodbye properly.”

  • She takes your hands and promises to think of you every day, and that she truly believes she’ll meet you again some day

  • You hug each other for a long time before you pass on


  • It’s so fun to be invisible in a CEO’s penthouse and office

  • You cause a lot of trouble before getting caught by the one and only Jumin Han

  • He seems so dull, but he takes the whole ghost situation impressively well?

  • Asks you why you’re causing mischief at C&R of all places

  • And you reveal your death was a result of a poorly managed project that links back to his company

  • He’s stunned and ashamed

  • But you watch in surprise as he promptly tasks Assistant Kang with appointing an investigation team

  • And as you spend more time haunting his apartment with him you two begin to fall in love with each other

  • He’s so tall but that isn’t a problem when you can just float to give him proper ghostly kisses

  • Elizabeth the 3rd goes absolutely bonkers chasing you around, and the pictures Jumin attempts to take are so confusing and a mess of blurs and the rest of the RFA are so confused

  • Reads up on spirit lore so that he doesn’t accidentally hurt you with iron or send you away somehow

  • Requests that you not play tricks on his staff, including but not limited to his maid, his guards, his chef, his stylist, his nutritionist, Elizabeth’s stylist, Elizabeth’s nutritionist, Jaehee ;;;

  • But he would LOVE it when you scare the hell out of his father’s new girlfriends like he would have such a hard time keeping that smirk off his face

  • Everything is actually good with Jumin; he doesn’t mind being with you and often reminds you that you are the love of his life and he doesn’t care if you’re dead –he loves you all the same and he just wants you by his side

  • Nothing can harm you, no other guy can have you and you’re with him virtually 24/7 –he’s the happiest man alive

  • Until the day his father sets him up with another woman

  • They need to secure the next heir to C&R

  • And you can never give him that

  • He refuses his father, saying he doesn’t care about heirs but it’s too late; you realize you can never give him a future –no marriage, no baby, no growing old together because you’re dead

  • At the same time, the investigation of your death comes to a close, with consequences being given to those involved in the project

  • So there was no reason for you to hang around his penthouse anymore..right?

  • Even though you loved him, you know you can never be together

  • Jumin would tell you over and over again that he only wants you and needs nothing else but you but he can see he’s already losing you

  • And the day you leave him is the day Jumin Han becomes the perfect puppet of his father


  • Hates making you upset for many reasons, which includes the fact that you can fry his technology with a mere thought

  • Neither of you exist in the world, but you exist to each other and that’s all you can really ask for

  • Think of all the pranks you can play on Yoosung

  • You leave messages in blood everywhere, reminding him to eat right and shower and clean up his workspace a little

  • It’s a little startling at first, but he finds himself looking forward to finding them

  • And looking forward to hanging out with you

  • And it takes him a while, but he eventually realizes he’s in love with you

  • Because you’re so much fun to hang out with and you get all his jokes and his puns

  • And he wants to spend his life pranking people with you

  • But remember his route, when he pushed you away so much?

  • This time, you’re the one who pushes him away when you realize that Saeyoung never deserved this

  • You’ll help him escape the clutches of his agency, help him start a new life

  • But it’s a life without you in the picture

  • “MC, please, don’t do this. I love you!”

  • “Saeyoung, you don’t mean that! I can never give you the future you want. You and Saeran deserve so much more

  • “MC, please. Please.”

  • He would actually get down on his knees and beg you to stay

  • But it isn’t right and you both knew it

  • So when you move on, Saeyoung shuts down

  • And Saeran does his best to comfort his brother but Saeyoung is a hollow shell for a long time

  • Until one day he brings out 707 again and starts making jokes and saying nonsense and Saeran is both relieved and even more upset that his brother’s coping mechanism has kicked in; he knows Saeyoung is still devastated inside

  • Saeyoung asks Saeran to come with him to the cemetery and when they get there, Saeyoung stops in front of a tombstone with your name on it

  • And he starts crying again

  • “She was the one I wanted to take to the space station, Saeran.”


  • The famous photographer V seems to have a new muse in his recent works

  • The problem is he never means to

  • You just sort of show up in his photos

  • A hand caressing a flower here, the back of your head there, always just out of frame, making it impossible to get a good look

  • He doesn’t know what to make of it

  • So he posts the photos in the chatroom and it scares the hell out of Yoosung

  • Seven makes it 100 times worse and talks about all the signs of a haunting

  • “Better check your phone, V, make sure there aren’t any pictures of you while you’re sleeping.”

  • There aren’t but he finds dozens of black shots in his camera roll? Like his phone’s camera had gone off in his pocket or something

  • Right?

  • It isn’t until his equipment battery drains alarmingly fast that he tries something new

  • “Can I have a proper shot of you?”

  • And he uses his phone to take a few pictures around him

  • And in the very last one you’re there, a full-bodied apparition, staring right into the camera  

  • His heart stops oh God what is this Seven was right

  • You finally reveal yourself, a little embarrassed at being caught

  • But really if you could haunt anyone wouldn’t you choose a darling like Jihyun?

  • He’s so curious about you, but at the same time is reluctant to bring up any bad feelings or memories you may still be harboring

  • Being an empathetic being, you can feel a sort of sadness buried deep in his heart

  • You help him take photos sometimes, since you don’t have to worry about getting hurt and you have access to all these weird angles thank you floating skills

  • You still photobomb any selfies he takes and take shots of him when he isn’t paying attention

  • RFA is confused as to why is V suddenly posting enough pictures to the messenger to rival Zen‘s selfies???

  • Deep discussions at the dead aha of night

  • If there’s an afterlife, why did you decide to stay behind?

  • “I had a feeling that there was something I needed to do.”

  • “And that involved sneaking into my work?”

  • He’ll never stop teasing you for that

  • As you get to know him, you grow more and more adamant about him moving on from the past

  • Ironic coming from a ghost

  • He seems determined to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders

  • So you finally tell him about when you were alive and your untimely departure from life, and that holding on to what cannot be is what kept you here in the first place

  • While it has a silver lining and let you meet him, nothing good comes from never letting go of guilt and pain

  • This man is so moved

  • You believe in him so much???

  • “I’ll try, MC, thank you.”

  • “You’d better or I’ll drain every camera battery from here to the United States.”

  • Can you actually do that???

  • You urge him to reconnect with the RFA for his own sake

  • Being alone is fine and all but isolation is something else entirely

  • Take it from a spirit who hadn’t had a real conversation with anyone in years

  • He reconnects with the RFA and when you finally see him surrounded by the people he loves you see a bright light

  • As V turns his camera to you, you smile at him and wave goodbye before moving on


  • As a ghost, you were basically nonexistent to the living unless you made a racket

  • It was a very lonely type of existence

  • Until Saeran came along, and was able to see and hear you

  • Turns out he was almost as isolated as you, though more by choice stemming from his past

  • For once in his life, somebody understands him and accepts him for who he is

  • Aside from his brother at least

  • He looked forward to every minute spent with you and he wasn’t afraid to show you his true self; you didn’t judge him and you weren’t scared of him

  • He couldn’t hurt you physically and he enjoyed your company so there was no reason to hurt you with his words or push you away

  • But he would never hurt you –because he’s already fallen for you

  • You’re his guardian angel

  • Saeyoung would always wonder why his brother stays in his room for most of the day but he didn’t pry

  • So Saeran enjoyed his days with you

  • Until you started talking nonsense about how he should live his life and spend time with his brother more, be with other people

  • He had no future with you and you only wanted the best for him

  • “How would you know what’s best for me?!”

  • “Because I love you, Saeran! This isn’t the life your brother envisioned for you!”

  • “I will do whatever I damn well please with my time on this earth!”

  • “Saeran–”

  • “I love you! Can’t you see that? I love you, MC! I don’t want to live in a world without you!”

  • You realize that the only way for him to move on is if you remove yourself from the picture

  • And you did

  • Saeyoung was startled when his brother started screaming and breaking things and nothing he did could comfort his brother

  • Why was he destined to suffer? Why did you leave him? You said you loved him –was that just a lie?

  • Eventually Saeran gets tired and Saeyoung holds him as he cries

  • Saeran would have a hard time loving someone again

  • And Saeyoung would always hear him crying in his sleep

  • But eventually, everyone in the RFA would help him move on and Saeran will learn to smile again

  • He still misses you though, and there will always be a special place in his heart for you


  • He’s not scared of you

  • In fact, he asks for your help ;;;

  • His missions are now a piece of cake thanks to you

  • There’s an enemy waiting for him in the next corner? You tell him immediately since he’s the only one who can hear you

  • Surprise CCTV cameras? No prob, you can scramble the wires by passing through them!

  • Your presence calmed him and he felt like everything would be okay as long as you were with him

  • After all, if you were dead, no one could find you, no one could harm you and no one could take you away from him

  • But that’s the problem

  • You’re already dead

  • He’s in love with a dead girl

  • And how selfish could he get, holding on to you when you should’ve moved on a long time ago?

  • He would push you away, telling you to move on or go “haunt a different house, I don’t care”

  • But he does care

  • He cares so much

  • That’s why he needs to let you go

  • And when you’ve had enough of his tricks, his harsh words, his insistence that he never loved you, you finally leave him and move on

  • And he would drown himself in alcohol and smoke everyday

  • Vanderwood never thought he was capable of love before he met you, but your absence will haunt him, along with his regrets and his sorrows

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My opinion on the Dream Daddies in Hogwarts houses

Brian: Gryffindor.
He’s extremely competitive, and waaaay too sure of himself despite having a soft side for his daughter. Much like James Potter, I think he was an asshole in high school and when he started his family he showed a change.

Mat: Hufflepuff
He’s Mat. He’s the purest and kindest soul in this whole game.

Craig: Hufflepuff.
Even though he seems like that jock-ish Gryffindor type, I feel like his loyalty to his friends, Dadsona, and family This house suits him.

Damien: Ravenclaw.
He’s so passionate about the history and culture of a specific time period. He took the time to research and build his life around this particular style and made it his life.

Robert: Gryffindor.
There are usually two types of Gryffindor’s. The ones that fuck shit up, Seamus, Ron, etc. and the jocks. I feel like Robert is a combination if the two.

Hugo: Ravenclaw.
His sons name is Ernest Hemingway he’s a huge literature fan, and like any other house he has an affinity for violent sports.

Joseph: Slytherin.
He’s a fucking snake.

anonymous asked:

How would the team react if the s/o of Tsukishima, Kageyama and Yaku came in during one of their practices and just started tickling them in front of everyone?

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
If you got my “tickling in the middle of practice” request can you add Akaaaaaaaashi and Kenma to it? Thanks!

LOL, I love how you drew out Akaashi’s name, Anon! And I did these as headcanons cause I felt I could get a lot more out of them that way!

Hope you enjoy!

Tsukishima Kei

  • Literally, everyone would see them coming before Tsukishima did. They’d pop into the gym with this giant grin and gesture for them to be quite as they tiptoe across the floor to them, hands ready to pounce at any given moment.
    • Like, this is one of those things that constantly keeps happening. I’m sure the team is always in on it and everyone has gotten to the point where they distract the tol bean as his significant other makes their move!
  • Tsuki is always surprised by it. Every. Single. Time. He always lets out an audible gasp as his body twists in an attempt to get away from the hands assaulting his sides, eyes wide and their name coming from his mouth in complete betrayal!

Kageyama Tobio

  • I can totally imagine this child being in the middle of serving when they come up behind him and just start full out ATTACKING his person with tickles. He drops the ball and practically screams!
  • I promise you his immediate reaction is to yell at Hinata for it, even if the accused baby crow is standing at the net in front of him.
    • “Baka, Hinata! What the hell are you doing!!?!!” As he’s struggling to grab at the hands at his sides. Hinata would be 100 percent offended, like, “Da faq, Kageyama? I’m way over here!”

Yaku Morisuke

  • I feel like Yaku is the type of person who is always aware of who is in the gym at all times, so there would be no sneaking up on him. They’d just casually walk over when they’re having a water break or something.
  • As soon as his head tips back, that’s there moment to pounce! Just reach over and watch the water go flying from both his shock and the sudden bursts of laughter that come from him!
    • Kuroo saw it coming the whole time and just smiles knowingly as Yaku calls for help from his teammates. He probably made a bad joke about it beforehand, like, “oi, Yaku, you’re just tickled by [Last Name]-chan, aren’t you?” (I thought this was waaaay funnier at 5:00 AM then i’m sure it actual is)

Akaashi Keiji

  • I just have this feeling that this tickle attack was planned out waaaay in advance by his significant other and Bokuto. Like, seriously, way too much effort was put into this ‘random surprise attack.
    • And really, I feel like Bo just couldn’t keep a proper oblivious attitude. He’d probably be all giggly just thinking about how funny it’s gonna be where it happens!
  • Akaashi’s smart so he’ll know that something is up, but he doesn’t really know what that is until it’s too late! He just seems like the type that would instinctively HIT the person attacking him, so they should be careful! And he’d feel so bad afterwards!

Kozume Kenma

  • This child is so freaking observant he’d just know what’s up when they walked through those gym doors. He’d see the smile, the mischief in their eyes and his guard would instantly go up, not allowing them to get behind him or an open opportunity at his ticklish tummy.
  • They’ll get their chance though, I promise! All they gotta do is recruit the help of Kuroo and the rest will go down as one of the most amusing days of volleyball practice in history!
    • Kuroo would just casually wander over and before Kenma got the chance to get suspicious, he’d take the small cats wrists and pull them away from his body. “Now’s your chance!” So they better take full opportunity of it!
{ five’s company // ch. 5 }


You were nervous.You hoped Jefferson wouldn’t notice.

You were sure he had heard of you. Maybe Laf slipped your name into one of his conversations or something along those lines. Alex had pictures of you on his desk, but this would be the first time you two had met. 

You’d played this scenario out over and over in your head. You practiced this in the mirror at least twenty times. You asked Laf to help you pick out an outfit for you. He jumped up at the idea, going through your closet excitedly an pulling out different combinations. 

You settled on a baby blue dress that Laf had bought you one Christmas. It fit like a dream. That with your black coat, nice diamond earrings, black heels, and you hair curled nicely made you look and feel pretty. Laf did your hair since he didn’t have a morning shift and sent you off with a big kiss for good luck.

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for speaking against the Sam (or Cait) trash-talking. I think this weekend showed us the genuine Cait & Sam & I'm thrilled you got to experience them first-hand. His comment about being given a "list of answers to hard questions" & their reluctance to say the wrong thing showed that something's going on bts & it's taking a larger toll on Sam than Cait (which is probably what he intended). We can't begin to know what is going on bts, but I do believe he's as kind & decent as Cait is.

I keep going back to literally everyone who has worked with Sam or met him or talks to him for any length of time commenting how gracious and genuine and lovely he is. And, of course, all the good things Cait has said about him. I feel like at this point some story about him being a jerk would have come out if he was truly a jerk. I mean I met him for literally 10 seconds and he was fucking exhausted at that point and still took the time to smile and joke around with me and thank me for coming. I can’t expect much more! And yes I agree 100%! I think the fact that he said anything shows that it’s starting to get to them a bit. They don’t usually talk about the stuff they’re told BTS, probably for good reason, and I’m sure there’s way waaaay more than we’ll ever know about. I’d be frustrated too!

Nessian librarian/professor Part3

Ship: Nessian
Type: Librarian/Professor AU
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,091

Honestly, I still can’t believe that I’m turning this one ask into a series lol It’s been really fun exploring these characters, and I hope you enjoy! 

S/O to my peeps who’ve encouraged this story to grow @tintinnabulary@thatreaderfangirl @dr-woodsprite @luna-colorata @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @ancientrosetta @pharaohleviphantomhive @mara84aelinrowan @rowanismybae @acourtofpainandfeelz @foreverlovingthenightskies 

(PS I changed the the head librarian’s name to Miss Amren bc I’d like to have some Amren vs. Nesta fun next chapter….) 

Part1  Part2 

They’ve been successful dating for exactly one week.

There’s certainly been more heated kissing.

But nothing more.

She could tell he wanted to be with her on a more physical level, but she just…wasn’t ready.

He seemed to understand that, but should she still talk to him about it?

They haven’t exactly had that conversation yet.

But maybe he’s the type of guy who’s looking for easy and no strings attached relationship, so there would be no reason to tell him.

Maybe that’s what she wants too.

The last time things got serious with another male, it didn’t go well.

Those experiences with Thomas changed her.

She used to be soft and kind.

Always quiet and kept to herself, but kind nonetheless.

But now – but now she was nothing but layers upon layers of ice.

Forming walls around the deepest parts of her soul.

She’s created so many walls around her heart sometimes it’s a shock to find it still beating.

Being aggressive is how she learned to cope. Tricking herself into thinking that if she put on a steel exterior that no one could ever hurt her again.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she spotted him walking her way.

She straightened her top hoping her secrets weren’t plastered across her face.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

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kassellie  asked:

How would the 2p!allies man caves be like and what would they have?

Ooooh, good question!! I hope you enjoy!~Admin Sarah (Admin Sarah puts waaaay too much time into looking stuff up for these…buuuut, i think this turned out pretty good!!!! So worth it!!)

2P! France: 
Francois would have a literal cave; it would be in his basement, and it would be a rather dusty and run-down place. In one corner he’d have a wine rack or two, as well as a few ash trays in random places around the room. The furniture would mostly consist of an old and worn-out love seat, small coffee table, a decent TV where he can watch porn, and a stack of porno magazines hidden under the love seat so Oliver doesn’t find them and throw them out.

2P! Canada:
Matt would have a rather small man cave, though it would be pretty good looking and well put together. It would mostly be clean, minus a beer can here or there, and some mud tracked in from Kuma. The furniture would be handmade by him, and it would be somewhere where he’d spend most of his time. He’d typically fall asleep on a sofa while working on another woodworking project.

2P! America: 
Allen wouldn’t have a man cave..Allen would have a “crib”. It wouldn’t be too flashy or have a lot of furniture, but it would be a safe space for him. There would often been a few empty beer bottles laying around the room, as well as a few cigarette cartons that didn’t exactly make it to the trash can. In one corner he’d either have a table with a few chairs where he and his friends play poker, or a pool table. The nicest thing in there would be the speakers to blast his music; his neighbors aren’t pleased. Not to mention, that’s typically where he’d fall asleep. It would also be connected to his garage, since he’d spend a lot of time fixing up his motorcycle or car.

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I won’t say that mixing rap and country music is impossible. The Justified opening song appeals to me way too much for me to make those claims.

However, I will say that it’s playing with a potentially very awkward fire. That Justified theme has the benefit of being attached to a show that I love, and also being thirty seconds long in its TV incarnation. There are way too many country/rap songs that don’t have critically acclaimed drama shows to grip onto. Waaaay too many. And that honestly might be why they all sound like someone’s desperate belly flop onto a pile of demographics.

No matter how much producing time gets put into them, they all feel like a guy burst into another guy’s office to tell him that he was stupid for not seeing this money-making opportunity sooner. “Don’t you get it? If we can get it to play on 102 JAMZ AND 104.1 NEW COUNTRY, we’ll be rich, you fool. I once was blind, but now I see.”

The undisputed champion of these still remains Pitbull showing up on Jerrod Niemann’s “Drink To That All Night.” Jerrod’s Nashville robot meets a Pitbull that can’t be bothered to even stick to the original point of the fucking song, and, depending on your attitude, it all either sounds like a party or what you’d hear if you had a stroke behind Cracker Barrel.

5 Desperate Pop Culture Crossovers That It’s Time To Retire

So many people have been talking about and drawing @therealjacksepticeye in that Dream Daddy crop top, so when he posted his latest Instagram photo showing it off a bit more, I decided I should take a turn drawing him in it. Dude’s got a lot of confidence for doing that, and I respect the hell out of him for it. Plus, I’m sure a lot of people were waaaay too happy to see it :P lol

This was my first time drawing a reflection in a mirror, so that was exciting! I didn’t want to add too much detail, as to not take away from the actual image of Jack, but I think it turned out okay nonetheless!
Also, this was my first time drawing Jack in those flamingo shorts, so that’s always a win! Haha
Anyways, I hope you guys like it!

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So…I hope you’ll im me…or send anons or whatever! I just want to get to know everyone! You all seem like lovely people so yeah…that’s all. Thank you again so much!
As a thanks, face reveal on Monday! cx

Bodyguard with the same body

No but Tony keeping up the “Iron Man is my bodyguard” secret identity (which is actually very clever and was used in the comics for a while) and coming up with clever and witty remarks whenever someone gets suspicious or dropping subtle hints.

Steve: “Aren’t you spending too much time with us? What about your job as Tony Starks bodygaurd?”

Iron man (Tony): “Are you kidding? I spend waaaay too much time with Tony Stark as it is.” *because he can’t stop being Tony*


*someone or a villain asks why Iron Man works for Tony Stark*

Iron Man (Tony): “I work for Tony Stark so well because we have so much in common. Hell, it’s like we’re practically the same person.”

And finally. When Tony doesn’t have time to find a good place to suit up and reveals himself. Nobody is surprised because Tony Stark is canonically the ABSOLUTE WORST at keeping a secret identity.

anonymous asked:

UGH does anyone else hate it when you check someones ID and their younger than you but when they leave the say stuff like "thanks honey" or "thankyou sweetie" its mostly girls (i am a girl too) i look very young and one time i did not hold my tongue i got a "thankyou sweetie" and i said i am 32 yo...when i caught myself i was like OH NO! they looked at me kinda sad cause they were 23 with kids and looked waaaay older than me:/

Personally I don’t mind it much but I can see how it could upset someone else. I try hard not to call someone those when I’m shopping since they’re strangers. At work, though, I have gotten to care for the residents and think of them as family at this point. I spend 36 to 40 hours a week taking care of them, so I do tend to call them sweetie and hun. None of them seem to mind it and do the same with me. One resident told his mom that he liked me because I’m so nice and I’m a sweetheart. Most of them are older than me. These aren’t strangers, though, so there is definitely a difference. And most of the time the complaints about this are because it’s coming from some creepy customer hitting on the cashier. That is totally not cool. -Abby

Canada: You have annoyed all of us with your Christmas music, your hallmark movie marathons, your ridiculous Christmas themed outfits and sweaters, you focused waaaay too much on just one holiday, you misused the mistletoe and-

Canada: It’s Christmas. So, America, in the spirit of family and giving… You have till midnight. 

America: Woo!!  

England: What have you done? 

France: I’ll get the presents~