i have waaaay too much time

Canada: You have annoyed all of us with your Christmas music, your hallmark movie marathons, your ridiculous Christmas themed outfits and sweaters, you focused waaaay too much on just one holiday, you misused the mistletoe and-

Canada: It’s Christmas. So, America, in the spirit of family and giving… You have till midnight. 

America: Woo!!  

England: What have you done? 

France: I’ll get the presents~ 

so responsible. much adult.

today I…

- threw out the garbage
- drank my green smoothie and even made breakfast
- took my vitamins
- made myself a lunch burrito with lotsa veggies
- worked 6h30 hours here and there
- worked out 30 minutes
- made my budget (thanks to my sis)
- currently cooking supper

and still

- i woke up at 1pm because I could, and took a 1h nap a bit later
- my house is a MESS
- I have no clean clothes, they’re all over the floor
- I spent waaaay too much time on tumblr
- I ate too many mini-eggs
- The green smoothie was 95% ready I just had to mix it
- I often stopped working to go on tumblr and read fanfics
- I had planned to run for an hour- haha
- actually I threw out the garbage at 1h30 am, which was yesterday, but I had to do it because there was a weird smell
- I did my budget but actually my sis pestered me until I caved and she did it all
- I’m cooking my supper at 11h44 pm 
- I have to get up at 7am tomorrow for work I should already be sleeping

so… slowly getting there. 

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I have very quickly developed an unyielding love of Lori... Can you tell me more about her?

Lori is from what could be called the country side in the Galra nation. A small mountain covered planet, they have terrible reception (I have this hc about the original Galra nation where it was a solar system with many planets and the main Garla species migrated to different planets in the system and over time adapted and evolved differently to the conditions. so the further the planet is from the sun the more fur the species have. made a rough drawing)

I thought about this waaaay too much (s2 gimme info i must know)

back to Lori. She is the 4th oldest out of 7 children, has 3 parents, is an auntie. Courted one of the head generals of Galra’s military and the sous chef of the royal Galra palace kitchen. loves em.

Loves being the Red Paladin, but gets homesick a lot. She becomes really close to Coran quickly, seeing him as family, even brought him over to her planet to introduce him to her family.

During the war against Galra’s empire, Lori was able to penetrate through Zarkon’s forces and Lori’s last transmission was she was going to go and try to talk some sense back into Zarkon

and that was the last time she was ever heard of…



The Bridge, part 2

He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven. 

- Thomas Fuller

Part 2! Featuring a cameo by none other than @boreoboros‘ Zeke! Used with permission, no hyena nurses were harmed during the production of this comic.

I must apologize for abusing the white outlines in this comic. I thought it looked neat when I used it in eye/tooth but here I just went bananas and used it waaaay too much. I still think it looks good when used more judiciously, a lesson for next time I guess.

There’s more coming, but I’ll be out of town this week so I can’t promise there’ll be an update this weekend. Though I hope I’ll manage to squeeze one out. 

Remember that if you have problems reading the teensy text, you can view the images in full size by (for example) right clicking > open image in new tab. 

anonymous asked:

Hey. I saw someone asking for a masterpost and since I have waaaay too much time in my hands and have decided it is my mission to read everything that's ever been posted here because why not, I'm willing to help. Would you like that? And how could well work it out?

With over 10,000 posts, that is a lot of reading :) 

TBH I have no idea of how anyone could ever even start that at this stage. 


Hello! I hope bc of time differences, I haven’t missed the Topp Klass meetup ;;

I’ve been a Topp Klass since september ‘16 randomly, after I saw a post about the boys. I didn’t think I was gonna love them this much, but I have fallen in waaaay too deep. I love them so much bc they are so down to earth and crazy and talented etc. (I could ramble on about them all day tbh).

They are a group who def bring me a lot happiness and I relate to them on a spirituel level lmao. I also really love Topp Klass bc they show so much love and support for the boys and one another! So amazing

My name is Huda, and i’m from Denmark. I’m 19 years old and currently applying for Archaeology in Autumn (I love history, basically anything old). I’m kinda shy but once i open up, I’m quite goofy and quirky. I’m closest in personality to Hojoon ( ᐛ )و  

My bias is Sangdo, bc he’s such a sweetheart, and my bias wrecker is currently Pgoon. I love all the other members too, since it’s difficult to not love and appriecate all our talented boys! They deserve all the love in the world!

I do art, and I’m trying to do art for TD bc i wanna be able to do smth for the fandom i guess o(*≧□≦)o

Feel free to message, i love making new friends~~~ also sorry for rambling, HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE❤️️


12 Days of Fitz w/ @leofitznetwork- Day 4: Iain Appreciation 
  ↳ Always just remember that you can never know all; you’re always going to be learning; there’s always going to be something new. I don’t think you’ll ever have it all figured out.

Here’s a re-draw I did from a template piece by @croxovergoddess. I had waaaay too much fun with this one. XD It was meant mainly as a clothing practice for me (cause I’m no good with drawing clothing eUe) but I ended up really having a good time with drawing this. I feel like this is what Hiyoko and Yuuya would do in their spare time if Mr. Murderbeaks wasn’t so murderous. 

Anyway, ignore the random out-of-place blue lines eUe They’re just leftovers from my primary overlay.

Edit- Hiyoko’s wearin’ a sweater under that jacket. It might not look like it, but she is.


Have u guys noticed how much love are we getting from the boys ?
Yongguk used to not even care to show it
Himchan is just making my heart melt
And daehyun feat youngjae as usual…
But the maknaes have improved waaaay too much doing hearts and smiling all the time
Im just so happy to see them this way
I wish all the best in this world for them
My wish list this year has only one thing: B.A.P GETTING THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE FROM EVERYONE.

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Ok 1st I have Waaaay too many playlists so this is just from my largest and most played one. which is my Sad & Chill playist. i also have a broadway one that i play just as much, but no one wants that XD

1. Cheep Shots and Setbacks (Acoustic Version) by As It Is

2. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low (from the Live Straight To DVD Album)

3.Little Lion Man by Tonight Alive (from the Album Pop Goes Punk4)

4. Reluctant Heros by Nathan Sharp 

5. Therapy by All Time Low ( (。♥‿♥。) )

6. What Makes A Man by City and Colour

7. Voldemort by With Confidence

8. Jersey by Mayday Parade 

9. Head On a Plate by Bayside

10. Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail by A Day To Remember

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With that… another slightly random post.

Kids stuff often talks about following your heart and it gets used so often the depth of the phrase is dulled. But I firmly believe it is a true and wise decision. Trust your gut, follow your heart.

Right now my gut and heart are telling me that I’m leaning into my phone and tumblr waaaay too much. I’m not at a healthy place in a handful of ways and tumblr is making it worse.

Idk yet if I’m gonna take actual time off, or just for a few weeks, or permanently (I’ll let you know if that’s the case)

But I do need to delete the app from my phone. I don’t have enough impulse control or focus to have this be one click away every minute of the day.

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Name: Carrie
Nicknames: Kit/Kitty or Caz
Zodiac sign: aries
Height: 5′8
Orientation: all/none
Favourite season: autumn 
Favourite book: home by marilynne robinson
Favourite flower: tulips
Favourite colour: yellow.. or orange.. or both!
Favourite animal: uhh.. dogs.. snakes!.. cats?
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa? coffee does Bad Things to me but it keeps me alive
Average sleep hours: hah
Cat or dog person? both
Favourite fictional character: of all time? Buffy Summers. 
Dream trip: hmm.. just.. somewhere cold and beautiful and quiet
Blog created: uhh like earlier this month lol but i’ve been on tumblr for ages
Number of followers: 100
Favourite fruit: not to be That Guy but pomegranates 
Favourite scent: burning, damp earth, leather

i don’t know who it’s okay to tag!!  so please, do this and tag me and then i’ll know it’s cool to tag you in future.  or just like this..or something agh!


I’m Liz. I’m one of the admins of themaraudernet. I’m 14 (although I turn 15 in like 2 months and I’m so sick of having to say I’m 14) and from Sweden. I’m possibly the worst ever at introducing myself but let’s try this. I love the marauders more than can possibly be healthy and I have for about two years now. I won’t even get started on my love for them because I would be here rambling long after the end of the world. I like writing, reading, photography and my computer. I spend waaaay too much time on tumblr and I’ll probably answer messages in like 5 minutes if I’m not sleeping (which I do too little of) I love making friends but I’m rubbish at it. Like…actual rubbish. I can’t interact with people to save my life. And well I’m rambling and my mum is yelling at me because apparently you can’t wear pyjamas all day….

Reverse Role AU where…

Vendan Krishnan is the heir of a wealthy company, and his catty assassin-I mean body guard- I mean maid Mahogany has a hell of a time keeping him from getting killed (does he really need protecting though? Who knows…)

Personalities the same, just the job they do is different :> I have waaaay too much time on my hands. Gelled back Ven’s hair for no good reason :/.

Characters by Rebornica~

I saw scottlava paint a brilliant picture for Psychonauts’ anniversary and I had so many Psychonauts feels. I had also failed to recognise that he’s the art director of the game and I screamed internally. after following him for so long oTL

so i decided to draw Edgar of Black Velvetopia :u one of my favourite characters from the game.. (my all time favourite, I plan to draw soon 8))

Black Velvetopia is my all time favourite level though.. the colours on black is my ultimate favourite combo *__* hnng

Edgar Teglee©Psychonauts
art n stuff©moi :U


Preview: Dark Times…

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”

(( OOC: So… I’m actually the biggest nerd alive… and I reenacted the entire 31st of October scenario (mostly following what happens between Sirius and Peter)… while playing every role… So… yeah… I have waaaay too much time on my hands. I’ll be posting it in five parts tonight. :) Prepare yourselves for an abundance of angst. XD ))

what pisces thinks of the signs

aries - human embodiment of unnecessary rage
taurus - my beautiful rainbow dandelion sunshine child
gemini - have you matured since the third grade?
cancer - i think ur cute but keep it on the low
leo - mom af
virgo - cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
libra - maybe if i kill you i will absorb your charm and beauty
scorpio - i want to handcuff myself to you
sagittarius - meme generator
capricorn - you take everything waaaay too seriously
aquarius - how do you have so much chill but also no chill at the same time????
pisces - we are the best sign… that’s why they saved us for last


It’s safe to say that I am waaaay past the bar for this, but this is that thing I have been talking about. I had originally made this for my reaching 666 followers. But obviously that did not happen on time. And I never got a chance to do anything for my 777th and what would I have done for my 888th?? To be honest I don’t deserve all you new followers, my stuff is so mediocre compared to other badass awesome artists out there! XD; But I thank you anyway, for whatever reason brought you here. I am extremely grateful and I hope most of you stick around when I post original content as well.

So Orichalcos!Yuugi and Season 0!Yami who I have dubbed the Chaotic Duo lol Don’t look at this too hard, there are parts I’m not all that happy about and had some issues with lol And don’t try reading the hieroglyphics, it’s merely decoration XD It would be kinda awesome if I could read and write ancient hieroglyphics, but I think most of us feel that way(us super nerds anyway lol)

I’M FINALLY FINISHED! Now, I am just going to sit back and relax for a while. If I do anything else it won’t be till later and it will require very little effort lol