i have very intense feels right now

I feel some skam fans need to know this right now in case they’re having doubts about Even’s feelings for Isak.

I suffer from mental illness, not bipolar like Even but OCD, Severe Anxiety and spouts of depression.

My mom on the other hand has bipolar 1, and by proxy I’ve had firsthand experience with its effects.

So right now because of the intensity of Even’s manic episode they probably have him on Depakote or Haldol to rebalance him. I don’t know how it works in Norway, but in the US doctors usually recommend a 72 hour hold.

But that’s off point, what I really wanted to talk about is his feelings for Isak. No, bipolar can not make you gay if you’re wondering, yes there is hypersexuality but you’ll only act on urges you’ve always had with very few  inhibitions.

So what that means is Sonja is wrong, Isak is not a “sick Idea he has right now”. Maybe Even never acted on same-sex attraction before but he’s always had it and bipolar didn’t just change this.

So I hope this helps squash a few of your worries! <3

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ooc: Hey guys! So I noticed there was a month long gap in between my latest post and the one before it. 
The thing is, I didn’t even know it was that long. I thought it was a week at most. Time is moving very fast for me right now!
I have a feeling that is going to happen a lot in the next six-seven months. 
I already made a post about this I think two times already, but that was in the beginning of the summer. I thought I’d explain again really quick!

This year is my senior year at college, and since the beginning of Junior year until this upcoming March, I’m going to be working very intensely on my thesis project- for me, it’s a short 3D animated film! It’s going to be taking up pretty much my entire life until it’s done. So please understand that I won’t be able to update the blog as much as I would like to! 
(I have a thesis blog that I’ll be updating more now that the semester has began. Follow for cool 3D things and film progress updates!)

I finally got that deaged arc finished up so I can make more quick posts and hopefully some holiday posts, but posts might come far and few in between and I’m so sorry about that!

So there ya have it! 

Not deleting, not an official hiatus, just…. slow updates! 

Can I just talk about this picture for a second?

Their hands are very close. Like practically touching. 

You know sometimes when you sit next to someone you like, and you can feel that both of your hands are close, but neither of you have the guts to do anything about it? 

Imagine that’s them right now…

Imagine during the match something intense happens and they brush hands during their excitement.

Imagine after some time, Tsukishima slowly links pinkies with Yamaguchi.

Imagine Yamaguchi gladly accepting this gesture, then wrapping Tsukishima’s fingers in his own.

Imagine them both thinking about nothing but their hands, but pretending to be focused on the match.

Imagine their hands both sweating profusely, but neither says anything.

Imagine that after this moment, it’s hard to find them without their hands linked- on the bus ride home, walking to practice, and even during school hours on the way to class.

guys i hope you all missed pip and gogol’s guides to shipping, just hit up sam/frodo

Pip: I have to express something to you that i cant express to anybody else
Gogol: oh boy!!
Pip: having listened to lotr all the way thru now i know that i do actually want sam n frodo to Do It but i only want them to Do It under extremely horrible very specific dubcon circs and then like, never speak of it again
Pip: annnnnnnnnnnd
Gogol: oh yeah no totally.
Pip: no one else wants this :(
Gogol: it needs to be like sam’s Guilt For LIfe/creepy subliminated “i did it for him” vs, like, frodo’s intensely mixed and in no way complementary feelings
Pip: right plus ideally like, sam isnt even sure if frodo REMEMBERS
Gogol: yes
Gogol: or, if he remembers,
Gogol: if he knows that it’s a memory,

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Looking for OC loving rp partner(s)!

Name: Ren
Age: 18
Timezone: Central Time Zone UTC-06:00
About Me: I adore character design and story building and as a result I have TONS of characters who I ADORE. I only have 1 rp partner right now and he’s super sporadic with replies, so I’m trying to find someone more consistent who shares my intense love of ocs! (I would seriously prefer someone who is Enthusiastic about OCS, not just someone looking to rp whatever, just because of mental stuff, I hope yall understand- yknow how it feels when you’re really excited about something and people are just like “yeah uhuh”)
Fandoms or Originals: OCS only please!
What I’m Looking For: PARAGRAPH format- you don’t have to have very long replies (though that’d be cool too, and I know I get lengthy sometimes!) just the general format.
I’m a trans guy who likes guys so most of my characters are cis mlm– I’m uncomfortable w female anatomy because of dysphoria stuff so while I do have designated fem characters and would RP them I wouldn’t do any sort of NSFW with them. (I would however like someone who is open to nsfw with the bois! we can discuss that case by case and establish comfort levels)
I would prefer someone around my age (18) just to keep comfort and anxiety levels chill.
I enjoy ship-centric rps
I love cute/fluff type stuff but also angst and nsfw (eyes emoji) so someone who is dynamic in rp interests would be wonderful, but that’s why I’m super open to having multiple rp partners c:
I’d prefer a method of rp that has some sort of log and that is accessible through both mobile and laptop- mobile for consistency and laptop for typing convenience- Email, Discord, tumblr messenger maybe??? I don’t have skype on my phone so that would delay replies on my part if someone preferred skype. if people do google docs that’d be chill too, the log would be fantastic!
Contact: Message me at thursdayfalling.tumblr.com and we can decide from there if we wanna rp and from there where to move! (I’m pretty chill with sticking to messenger tbh I just don’t know how good the log is)


◄ Not this time - Ahsoka & Anakin/Darth Vader


It’s very simple video.. All those intense feelings, emotions.. This season really showed us - guilt, sadness, anger… I’m truly amazed by Ahsoka and after the final I started to respect her and her actions even more. I don’t have much time now, but I wanted to share with you this spectre of emotions that I felt during the whole season. This is why the video is so simple, with minimum video FX.

Don’t be sad - Right now I’m working at really big Rebels project that will do justice to all the characters and storylines from both seasons.

Fandom: SW Rebels, The Clone Wars
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 12
Backup: http://www.youtube.com/user/NastasiyaFun
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kuznenastasiya
Tumblr: http://nastasiyafun.tumblr.com/

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*slowly raises hand* I respect your tendency to create muses and then delete them. I honestly can't see how it can be annoying to anyone and I've been following for awhile now. As a person who has worked on things that involve multiple characters, some things stay and some things go, but in the end the product is still enjoyable. Please don't feel bad about adding muses only for them to not last long, especially since it helps to ease your anxiety!!

           thank u !! i don’t know, if they had found it annoying, i would have much rather they unfollow me instead of sendin me a rude anon abt it. ur very right. i have a habit of gettin rly intensely involved w smth and then lovin my interest in it,,, the anxiety of portraying a character incorrectly causes me 2 remove them, and it eases that heavy burden on my shoulders,, thank u for understanding and respecting it, it means a lot 2 me <333 

cheesedoodlesurprise replied to your post “Holy shit I’m getting to point I’m kinda terrified what is coming up…”

Hopefully it keeps up being good. I don’t think it much as a mass effect game but as a basic game the story is compelling enough. In the middle of the Jaal stuff right now (having to work a 11 hour shift at 6 is awesome and fucks my gaming in the pooper)

The story keeps getting hand over fist more intense. I have been nothing but blown away. I slept like 3 hours in 24 hours because I can’t get this game out of my head.

And I very much disagree with you about it not feeling like a Mass Effect game. I think it feels like more of a Mass Effect game than ME2 and 3. It brought back that sense of exploration that ME1 had. Instead of being a glorified shooting gallery that ME2 and 3 could be. I’ve said it before, this game feels like a love letter to ME1. And I’m going to get lynched for saying this because depending on where the story goes from where I’m at, I think it might be better than ME1. Yes, I said that. Get your pitchforks and torches. And I know I like it better than ME2 and 3. 

It will never replace the spine chilling moment when Sovereign revealed himself on Virmire, nor the jaw dropping moment when Saren to take his own life. Those moments will always be special. But mainly because it was the first time we were introduced into this universe. We had no idea what to expect. We might not know exactly what twists ME:A will pull on us but after 3 other games of this series we know we are going to get surprised. Nostalgia gives you some major rose tinted glasses and you forget how boring ME1′s combat was. Or how “camera one, camera two” the cut scenes were. Or how that exploration I mentioned was basely a flat texture over some randomly generated hills and spiked peaks. ME:A has it’s problems, yes I’m not denying that. But it’s very much a great Mass Effect game.

Though I have to say, I just had a major revelation that I did not see coming. I had a theory about SAM that turned out to be way off base in a very unexpected way.

I’m hooked, bad. I’ve already cried like 3 times in this damn game. And as soon as I finish this Ryder, I’m torn between doing her new game plus or making a new game and playing as her brother. You remember how I finished ME1 then immediately played it again. Yeah, I got it that bad… send help. 

little add/adhd things

-stopping in the middle of the room and standing there for 45 minutes because you just ran out of energy 

-nonstop singing

-”im sure what you have to say is very important but if someone doesn’t unplug that ticking clock right now I am going to scream”

-feeling intensely restless but also not wanting to do anything at all

-blissful, sweet hyperfocus

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I have a v important question its stressimg me out. I can communicate with 2 alters (out of 4) but one does not commumicate with us,though they can front, nut usually choose not to?? I can feel them watching though? Our little doesn't seem to be aware of the rest of us?? She Also fronts randomly and rarely. One is constantly chattering but i can't recall them EVER fronting?? Help? I'm sorry

Sounds like you need to buff up on communication. Right now you have very disconnected alters, which makes communication, fronting, and co-consciousness messy. If I were you, I would work pretty intensively on communication in your headspace, and work on journaling regularly. I’d try both, every day, and look into grounding techniques in the meantime. 

Be patient with yourself. Seek professional help if you can, but these are some things you can do on your own.

Imagine Connor finding the idea of starting a family to be very sentimental and pleasant for him

Imagine he really wants to someday take a spouse and have a baby or two. It makes him happy imagining himself as a father, and a husband, and he genuinely hopes someday that he will have these opportunities.

Imagine Connor then realizing just how much he’s lost in his life. Realizing the rammifications of growing so close to someone that he would have a child with them, and feeling all that love for his child. 

Imagine that he starts to panic whenever he has his little daydreams of family life and fatherhood. He ruined his own fantasies of domestic life and now he can’t even think about happy times with his spouse and child without instantly asking himself, “what if they are taken from me?”

Imagine when Connor begins to court his lover, eventually these concerns of his arise. Probably when they begin to talk about getting married. Lover is surprised and saddened by suddenly knowing that Connor tortures himself with fears of losing everything. It makes sense - he’s always having a difficult time attaching himself to others… and they knew about how he had lost his mother, his father, his best friend, and so much more in his life… but they had no idea this fear was so constant.

Imagine Connor being held by his lover, who is stroking his head, telling him that they will never let anything happen to them, or the child they may have, and that they will always be with him. They will keep him and their child safe and make sure he lives a long, beautiful life, as happy father and a happy husband.

Imagine Connor crying whenever these moments happen, these times of intimacy. Every time these moments take place, it’s more than just Connor being told he can have a family someday. More of Connor’s intimate demons come out, and his lover learns more of Connor’s insecurities, and talks him through them, and holds him, and lets him cry it all out.

Imagine Connor very gradually letting down his walls and allowing more pleasant thoughts into his mind. He is slowly accepting that happy things could happen to him, and he can be a happy person again.


i feel very strange right now i feel i feel.. like i feel like.. intensely insecure abt what value i could be to people what value people could find in me i feel like any value i have to another human being can crumble away from me like a husk just like that and then i am no longer worth a thing and everything everyone loves me for is viable to just drop off of my person and never come back at any moment

You know you’re screwed when expressing how much hate you have for what you thought was just some person and then the fighting turns to a more intimate scene, when does this ever happen. I mean I shouldn’t have enjoyed this immensely and how great it feels to finally tell them how I feel because let’s be honest it wasn’t very sweet. But hey I don’t think they mind, considering what determining results came about the intense conflict resolution. I’ve never been as confused right now and slightly aroused by this situation. Excuse me as I leave the room. 

-A Scorpio Woman



To me, even though I didn’t agree with the A reveal, I think I could have gotten over who it was if they could have made it more intense, more crazy, and shocking with filled in plot holes. PLUS longer with clearer answers and a clearer motive for torturing the GIRLS and didn’t make BV/REDCOAT a new and irrelevant character. Especially one that does no justice to these characters, as she is simply not good enough. Anyways I feel so sorry for those that spent theorising BV/RC since season 3. Therefore, please sign this petition and promote it, in order to make the writers aware how much of a rushed mess this finale was. The writers are very defensive right now, they know they failed. 

one last thing, i thought we were meant to have tears and feel sorry for A? um yeah it is a sad story but nowhere near as sympathetic as it could have been or motive enough to do what A has done. Again, way to rushed. And now we have to wait till JANUARY for more dragged out season of no answers, in the hope that this finale can redeem itself and have an UBER A. As loyal fans, we do not deserve to go through that, mainly because we are being left unsatisfied for months now. I just cant. 

Thank you. Please Sign. And Reblog.


A while ago you may have noticed that I mentioned an interview for a job in London. The short end to this is that I got through to the final round of interviews, went back to London last week, but received a rejection email today.

I have to admit, I haven’t encountered rejection very much in life. And when I have, I haven’t always dealt with it very well. But I ultimately feel that rejection is healthy. I guess that life is just dealing me with my fair share of it all at the moment. 

I hadn’t really thought too much about the job I was applying for before I received the invite to interview. However by the time I got to the final round I felt that perhaps I had a chance, and I began to become quite invested in a dream revolving around having a job in London. 

But the further I got in the interview rounds, the less I liked the actual job itself. At the first interview, I left adoring everything about the company and work that I had just been introduced to … but I came out of the final interview extremely uncomfortable with the rude manner in which I was treated by the person who interviewed me. I was asked a lot of extremely personal questions which I felt wasn’t a very professional way of conducting an interview, and was instead patronised and treated in a very strange manner. I left London last week in tears because I wasn’t sure exactly what I had just gone through. It certainly wasn’t an interview in the common sense of the phrase, and felt more like an intense investigation into the deeply private sections of my life. Ultimately, it wasn’t my dream job by any means, and the pay also looked extremely bleak for London-living … so why was I even considering taking the job if it was potentially offered?

It was a job, and the main thing I want is to work, and to work hard after graduating. This job would have meant that I had something lined up after graduation. So what I had actually invested my hopes in was the security of it all. 

Receiving the rejection email today brought mixed emotions. Initially, I was relieved that they had made the decision for me, that I didn’t have to weigh up the pros/cons, knowing that the latter would outweigh the former. However I also did feel, fundamentally, rejected (despite all that ‘you were a good candidate’ bullshit) which is an intensely shit feeling. Being told you haven’t been selected for something is never going to feel amazing. I also thought about my current situation, and about how I took time out of my life, paid for transport, neglected revision for a couple of days, just to be cast aside. Which made me resentful. 

I wish I could write something insanely beautiful to express this range of emotions adequately, but at the moment I have just had to write words to attempt to separate and clarify exactly what it was I felt today in Stickybeaks, unable to focus on Euripides revision because I’d received the email which had been at the back of my mind for a week. I ultimately felt relief, as this problem will no longer trouble me … but I have also taken a bit of a knock to my confidence. The trick, I have figured, is to focus on all that is good in my life. 

I’m glad that after ringing my father and crying in public (lol), I didn’t go back to Girton and hibernate. There was a Welfare event at the Student Union today, and we got to see some bunnies, chicks, ducks and goats as a fun remedy for exam term. I wiped my tears (although I had another mini bout of tears as I first saw my friends), and held a bunny. It worked fabulously - you should try it. 

I was also strolling around town in the sunshine, and as I saw some more Spring blossom, thought about the beautiful things in life. They pervade, things such as shitty job application experiences do not.

I am not sure what I will go on to do in the future, but I know that it will be good. I know that I will be good. And I also know that whoever chooses to employ me in the future will be damn lucky, because I work so fucking hard. 

- Sarah 

Is it weird that right now in the manga I’m more worried for Kazuma than Yukine

Like don’t get me wrong I am VERY afraid of how the god’s greatest secret will relate to Yukine, but as other people have pointed out Yukine is one of the main trio and thus the likelihood of him dying is pretty low (that said, they can still put him through intense pain and it goes without saying I will die)

Kazuma on the other hand…..while a main character, he’s not one of the main trio and therefore I feel him being killed off is more likely and also to make matters worse he’s currently headed right into the crossfire……I have a fear that Fujisaki will try to figure out a way to shatter a Blessed Regalia and since Yukine and Kazuma are the two we know of (discounting Nana)……yeah……………….

Alternatively Fujisaki COULD use Nana to try to shatter a Blessed Regalia but the readers won’t feel for her as much so I dunno……I don’t think she’ll be important in the story for a very long time either

And I don’t even want to BEGIN to get into all the ways the situation with Bishamon could go wrong (and has gone wrong) because let’s be honest we’re all preparing for the worst

tl;dr my top three characters I am fearing for rn are Yukine, Kazuma, and Bishamon

pls keep my kids safe

I can’t tell how much proud of Kageyama I am. A fucking intensive training camp in which strong players from all Japan will be involved. I can’t express my feelings properly, OMG, my favourite character’s having this great chance and I could cry right now!

But on the other hand I sense something bad in the air… something about the team, about HINATA. I don’t know why.
Have you seen their expressions? Their reactions?
And just before this big announcement, Furudate put a wonderful speech in this chapter about how much Hinata’s strength depends on Kageyama. Is this a coincidence?

I don’t even know how to feel, oh god~