i have very bad cheese burns

eurovisionlover123  asked:

I hate tea with milk with a burning passion, like my polish ass can't take it, it's just so bad. (Also why does ireland have such an obsession with milk, a family I know goes through 4 litres of milk everyday, like how??)

Ireland is traditionally a very big dairy country. Before spuds were brought in we had milk, butter, and cheese as staples. Bog butter, for example. 

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how is progress on the chapters coming? :3 (not to rush art or anything, take your time dood) :D

Beta is transcribing notes and doing some revision on That One Accursed Scene for me, so she’s been busting ass.

You’ll be happy to know that I spent today making my Papyrus sim become a police officer. The Flowey sim nearly burned the house down trying to make mac and cheese and stood there uselessly while the Undyne sim put the fire out, after which he insulted her outfit. And then he had to go have a lie down because fire is Bad and Scary. Flowey, you’re useless. Stove privileges are revoked henceforth.

So as you can see, I’ve had a very productive weekend, too!