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What do you want; you got your uke America, seme America, RusAme, UKUS, CanAme, FrUS, ChUS, selfcest America, baby America, demon America, police America, America out of uniform, Magical Strike America, dog/cat/wolf America, realistic America, anime-style America, serious America, silly America, prisoner America, cowboy Ameri-

What’s Wrong With you?

Arthur has a soulmate tattoo with a peculiar message. One can’t help but dislike someone who is predetermined to hate them, right? Soulmate tattoos. Usuk. //

If you were to ask any of Arthur’s friends, they’d say that finding your soulmate was the most important thing there was. It was the best feeling on earth, when you found them. Each person had a tattoo on their wrist, a phrase or sentence that would be the first thing their soulmate said to them. Most were romantic, such as “I’ve waited so long”, or “You’re beautiful”. Some were cute and had a sense of humor, or were a little awkward but held their own brand of charm.

Not Arthur’s. He’d poured hours into studying it, trying to find different meanings for the tattoo. But, when your tattoo read “What’s wrong with you?” there was little hope to be had. Arthur was still fifteen, though, and he hoped that once he got older there would be another meaning to his tattoo.

Arthur lay on his bed, holding his arm over his face as he stared at the tattoo. It was easy to imagine many romantic situations for his friends and their phrases, but not his own.

He grimaced as he read it again, then tucked his arm under his pillow, reaching over and turning out his lamp. Perhaps things would seem better in the morning, and he could think a bit more clearly.

Arthur pondered over his tattoo again and again, and each time he glanced at it he tried to think of a reason. But the most logical reason was that his soulmate just wasn’t going to like him. How typical. Arthur always did have such rotten luck. Still, he resolved to convince his future soulmate that they really were meant for each other. Even if the message was confusing.

However, as time wore on, his resolve began to slip away. Years had passed since he’d promised himself that, and he was now twenty-three. This was the age range where most found their significant other. Arthur knew he had grown more than a little bitter.

He’d also developed a resentment towards his soulmate, and the feeling burned in the bottom of his stomach, unnatural and unpleasant. Arthur had felt it all through school, and it was stronger once he’d graduated. He didn’t like the feeling, but he found he didn’t have the motivation to try to get rid of it.

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14 —schei-letzebuerg

14: What popular ship do you not like?

Definitely USUK! I know I am going to get flamed to hell for this but I can’t stand it for a bunch of reasons!

First is the age difference

Now the ages aren’t the biggest deal when it comes to immortal beings, especially when by the same token any nationXhuman relationship is pedophilic, but something about how England was a father figure to america as expressed in the show seems weird to me. Especially the concept of getting screwed by your “son”! Idk if this is just me, but as a rule of thumb if you changed their diapers you shouldn’t sleep with them. Picture source

Next is the historical inaccuracies that USUK fanfiction and fanart is prone to
From America raping England during the revolutionary war, to him jumping at the chance to help England during the first world war. I mean seriously guys? Historically, America was never the center of England’s world, and neither was it the other way around. Though this is prone to happen in all ships, where another nation’s world is dictated by another nation, I find USUK can be the worst about abusing this. The worst of this in my book is a few fics I’ve found that show England rushing to America’s aide during the revolutionary war. Really? 

For the Revolutionary War; America was fricking pissed, and so were his people! I mean, the colonies were angry enough to unite against a common enemy, which in case y’all didn’t know was really difficult. Most Americans, and likely including Alfred, believed in the Boston Massacre without a doubt. Looking at the famous drawing by Paul Revere, its easy to understand just how angry the colonists could be

For the American Civil War; Not only was England still spiteful over the revolution, he also wanted to ensure a weak America. This is just common sense! Wanting to ensure an enemy is weak is page one of the war book, and also the best way for England to ensure his people’s safety. He also never took actual part in the war; probably because the Great British Empire had other things on his mind than his long lost colony? Yeah, probably. 

The US was very hesitant to become involved. As you can see with the cartoon below, it was a messy war! Europe was called a powder keg by the US because of how easy they dissolved into war and became problematic. To the US this was a foreign war, and one they shouldn’t care about. Europe’s problem. As Americans watched their loved ones die, they became spiteful to the whole of Europe in many ways, although the Lusitania does prove there may have been a little something going on between the personifications. From when the Lusitania was sunk, there is now quite a bit of evidence that the explosion from the torpedo was horribly spread by munitions the US was illegally shipping to England source, but still it was the Alimo of WWI as seen in the cartoon above.

Here is actually where I feel USUK is quite possible. Despite how the US drug its feet into becoming involved, Lend Lease with Kennedy’s famous speech about one’s neighbor’s house being on fire, chose sides for the US quite definitely source, but still then, England by far was not the only country helped as seen below. For USUK, despite the grittyness of the war where obviously there was likely no love blooming, there was a lot of US and English joint efforts for the war support. The British even enlisted US movie stars to search for German U2 rockets with the first 3D imaging! That being said, there was no possible way America was with England the whole time of the war. Between the US’ rush to find German Rocket Scientist Werner Von Braun and their plight in the pacific, I sincerely doubt the entire war was fought in France or Africa as some fanficitons would have you believe. 

Next is how most USUK fans treat the Fourth of July celebration.

I have BEEN to the White House’s celebration and fireworks (an example of which is below). I saw Bush in his pink shirt and everything. It is possibly the most american thing to ever american, yet most every fic I’ve seen about the fourth is filled with England crying and america comforting him. England isn’t an overly hormonal teenage girl and america kinda has better things to do like maybe the $675 million dollars to be made on firework sales alone this year? source imo America and England wouldn’t be hung up on this years later, or at least not let it show. They’re both big boys. Also, if you know anything about america politics, you know that Alfred would want to invite a beautiful woman with a nursing degree who is a part time model to any party he went to.

The USA and UK are still very different from each other 
Up until a few years ago, England still had a dedicated board for nobility. His royalty still very much exists, and despite how many young Americans recently have romanticized England’s Royalty, older Americans remember the tragedy that was Princess Dianna and the plight she went through to get her divorce, one of which many Americans sided with her on. Her photo below

Why is america always stereotypicaly dominant and suave? 
The US is very anti homosexuality compared to other nations, and much of this mentality is instilled in the same social group that fills our military. I find it quite hard to believe that the military based personification (based on how hima draws them) of the US would be willing to (in some Doujin and Fanfic cases) bully England into topping him, or at least calmly top without some discussion and communication beforehand. Navy has literally slept with men and told them “no homo” afterwards. There is that much of a bias against homosexuals, and while I’m all for representation I find it strange to just outright ignore the problem. Not only that, but anyone from outside the crazy would of tumblr and fangirls would be very much lost and confused by this. I don’t know about the rest of tumblr, but I try to write to a wider audience. 

Why is England turned into a hormonal preteen girl?
You know, once the UK was cornered by the Germans who had the world’s first rocket aimed right for them. You know what the British did? THEY INVENTED 3D IMAGING AND RADAR TO JUST BARELY NOT DIE! As much as my american heart hates to say it, the British are resourceful and damn near impossible to kill. Despite how they are now basically obsolete in capabilities compared to the other superpowers, the British still turn out technological advancements and pull crazy fucking shit out of their asses. If England himself was pressed against a wall by America, and didn’t want to be there, he would grAB THAT BITCH’S HAND TWIST IT BEHIND HIS BACK AND PIN HIM TO THE FLOOR. Bottoming doesn’t mean the character has to be weak, emotional, and moe. Also, why is he always crying and insecure? I understand you want to be able to relate to the character, but one should be able to put themself in the shoes of an adult man, a warrior, and a political force when writing a hetalia character, and understand that the personality of a teenage girl is not one he would poses, nor one that he cannonly possesses. 

In the end?
Its not so much USUK the concept that makes it my notp, it’s the fans and how they ship it. 


  • Did I get my history wrong? Is there something you want to debate about? Please, reblog this or message me and I’ll be happy to listen and talk!
  • This doens’t encompass ask blogs since there is a vast amount of AUs and different circumstances
  • I’m not telling you to not ship USUK! If you like it them go ahead! I’m just explaining why I don’t like it.
  • APH America is who I was writing about. This doesn’t have to to with Navy, since if I was writing about navy i’d be writing about all the times he has killed England out of spite :p 
Have We Met?

Reincarnation Au. Arthur and Alfred once met on the battlefield. Now, they’ve been given a second chance to get to know one another, as they didn’t exactly have the opportunity before. Usuk, can be interpreted as platonic or romantic, whichever you’d prefer. //

“Alfred?!” The rain was pouring, the night black and bleak. A single gunshot had pierced through the rumble of thunder.  A soldier, like many others before him, dropped to the ground. Footsteps crunched on the wet grass, and another man knelt in front of him.

“Alfred? Can you hear me?” The voice asked, in a desperate cry. Alfred looked up to find his acquaintance, Arthur, in front of him. Alfred gave a weak smile, which only seemed to worry the other more. Red soaked the front of his uniform, and he felt weak and sluggish.  Arthur dragged him towards a tree, slumping him against it. “It’ll be okay, you’ll be fine-” Alfred wished he could believe him.  A second gunshot.  Arthur’s eyes suddenly went wide, and then grew dull, while Alfred’s grew more alert.


Arthur crumpled onto Alfred, blood soaking the back of his uniform. His breath quickened, and then stilled altogether. Alfred held him, and Arthur’s body grew cold. In time, Alfred’s did too, for the American had perished as well.

Decades later, Arthur was a university student, studying in London. He’d traveled from his home specifically to study there. He was walking home, something he didn’t do often. But, he’d decided he liked the rare good weather, and that he would enjoy a bit more.

It was simple chance that he walked past the path leading up to a grassy hill, and chance that he glanced up to find a figure staring at the tree on top. The stranger was staring at the tree intently, as if trying to remember something important.

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You should suggest some good ukus stuff for meeee <3

Umumumm IDK what exactly you’re going for.

If you’re looking for fanfics, I have a rec list under the “fanfiction” tag. I’m not sure if it’s also under something like “Orangeplum fanfiction recs” too or something??

I have a lot of UKUS/USUK fics on my fanfic blog, too. You can check them out here

If you’re looking for art, I’d rec:

  1. Owyn
  2. Hitman!Jones
  3. Starvingfartist

If you’re looking for doujinshi, I rec’d a few here.

^ ^ ^ ^ These are all mature, though. I didn’t have time to go and look through the other ones and post them up yet. There are USUK on the list, but I list either UKUS or USUK next to the doujinshi, in case people have a preference. THEY ARE ALL IN ENGLISH.

I’m not sure what else there is. It’s hard to find UKUS things, and I am also very picky about it. Plus, I haven’t been actively looking for a while. Either way, here are some spots for some UKUS things that I enjoy.

Hope that helped!

Runners Have to be Pretty Gutsey

A/N: So as a runner, I have had some pretty wild experiences and am pretty crazy as a consequence(Crazy as in I have no trouble running in the middle of a busy street just for the sake of running). While this isn’t exactly one of mine, I know a freshman runner who’s a really good storyteller and always makes the rest of us laugh with his tales XD This one is based off the one time he got chased by his neighbour’s dogs and had to vault on top of a car to stay away from them. The dog is based off mine! Yes, I have a Great Dane named Hero!

(…Yes, that’s him.)

Summary: Arthur tries really hard to go for a run, and Alfred tries really hard to walk his dog.


All he wanted to do was take his dog for a walk! He wasn’t asking for much!

At least, that was what Alfred tried to tell himself, while he stared up at the tree that his large, still untrained, and enthusiastic Great Dane was barking up with his deep and kind of unnervingly loud and threatening bellowing.

What was up in the tree was what he was slightly more concerned about; it was a figure not unlike a cat, curled up and clinging to a branch while screeching down at the dog like it would do any good.

In a shocked state, Alfred crossed his arms and watched with his head tilted, looking helpless. He wondered, just how had it come to this?


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  • Arthur Kirkland embroidering like Marvel logos and stuff for Alfred because the guy won’t shut up about it
  • Arthur Kirkland dozing off while doing said embroidery because he had such a hard day at work
  • Alfred Jones coming for a surprise visit and finding Arthur asleep with the half done captain America embroidery on his hands
  • Alfred smiling and kissing Arthur’s forehead

a comic i drew for one of my japanese friends as a thank you for buying and sending me ukus stuff from the recent america only event ;__; thank u so much friend….

(all it says is “england!” “chu chu” “guess i have no choice”)