i have two weeks off and its raining


2 a.m. Iris could see the number’s hazy green glow through her half-lidded gaze that could find no rest. It had been a long, slow climb to 2 a.m., and there was no end immediately in sight.

She rolled from her side to back again, sucked in her breath, closed her eyes, and focused instead on the sound of rain against the window panes. That had started at about 1 a.m. as a slow drizzle, but its intensity had increased over the hour, and there were several rolls of thunder and flashes of lightening she’d seen behind the curtains since then.

Her breath hitched suddenly and she lurched forward before falling back with a groan. Cilan, in bed beside her, shifted as she moved.

“Can’t sleep?” he asked drowsily.

“She’s kicking. Again,” Iris mumbled before laying her hands atop her swollen belly. “And I feel sick.”

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Since this picture was so controversial…

About a week ago my boyfriend and I were going shopping and after we went to a few of his stores, we went into Lilly to look around. I tried on the dress and fell in love with it, but I had already bought two other dresses from Lilly that month and wasn’t about to drop $300 on another. While I was in the dressing room taking it off, he bought me an umbrella since it was raining outside (because he’s a thoughtful guy). A week later on a Tuesday I come home from a bad day at work to see this, along with a vase of roses on my dresser. Its not fake, its not sexist, its not anything but a guy trying to treat his girlfriend like a princess. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have him in my life.