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Finally Together - Peter Pan Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: slight mention of a side character who committed suicide, social workers, violence, reader being an absolute slytherin

Summary: Peter and you had been fighting to find some way to stay immortal for the sake of your cursed daughter, but when Peter died and your kids were taken to Storybrooke, you tried to adjust to life with no magic, Neverland, and Peter. But, in Storybrooke, nothing ever stays the same. All you needed was a chance to escape and to take your sons and daughter with you.

Word Count: 2300

Notes: I’m in a writing funk, and this mess ended up on my drafts. I didn’t even edit this, so probably typos, grammar mistakes, and weird plot.

When the doorbell rang, you had every intention of ignoring it. You were having fun with your Lost Boys, and you weren’t going to waste a second of it. Then, the social worker stared at you. “Shouldn’t you get that?”

You sighed and put one of the twins, Ken, down on the ground again. “No,” he begged. He grabbed your shirt and held on. “Mama, no, don’t leave.”

Your heart broke at the sound. You kissed his forehead. “I’m not leaving, sweetie. Go [lay with the others, ok? I’ll be right back.”

The toddler’s eyes filled with tears as he grabbed your leg.

“You wanna come with me?” You scooped him up and held him against your hip. You opened your door. “Sorry, but I…” You trailed off when you were met with the cold and empty eyes of Emma Swan, one of the people who got your true love killed. “Can’t talk.” You started to close the door, but Emma just held it open.

“Hook’s dead.”

“Good riddance to him,” you snapped.

She glared at you. “Don’t about him like that.”

You scoffed. “Look, I would love to argue with you later, but I have children to watch over.”

The social worker appeared by your side. “Is everything alright here, Miss?”

You grit your teeth. “Excuse me but I must tend to my boys.” You closed the door.

“Wait!” Emma held the door open again. “Please, I need to talk to you.”

You gulped. You loathed the woman. You and Peter were royalty in your little island. You had tried for centuries to keep your family together and alive. Yes, a few have died along the way, and you carried the guilt with you. But, if Henry had just relented, Peter and you would’ve had your happy ending. You would’ve stayed the happy family you were.

“My time ends in twenty-two minutes.” You closed the door and smiled at the twin in your arms. “Now, let’s go check on your sister.”

The boy nodded.

You called. “Who wants to help me out with Brooke?”

Most of the boys nodded enthusiastically. The others just continued to play around your small abode. You turned to Felix. “Can I trust you with the rest?”

He nodded. Felix wasn’t the same after Peter’s death, but he was trying to cope. For the boys.

You patted his back and led the boys to your daughter’s room. You put the twin down and looked over the cradle to find your daughter cooing and smiling. You shook your head and picked her up. “Hello, Brooke.” You rocked her back and forth and glared at the mark on her wrist, a bracelet of infinity signs. Brooke was special in such a horrible way.

Cursed with eternal youth, Peter and you struggled to find a way to stop aging forever so the two of you could stay together forever. It just took the Heart of the Truest Believer.

Soon, the social worker gathered up the boys. You kissed them on their foreheads and said tearful see-you-later’s. The social worker closed the door.

You held your breath. He never stayed after your time. “What’s going on?” you asked.

THe man cleared his throat. “The fairies have re-evaluated your records.”

You smiled. “And?” You had been trying to re-adopt your boys, but with all your crimes on Neverland and Storybrooke, it was hard to convince fairies that you deserved to see them, more so have them as your own. Your age was also an issue. You looked eighteen, at most, even though you were older than the Dark One.

“They’ve decided that you still cannot have custody of any of your children.”

You blinked. Any? “No,” you sneered. You ran to your baby’s room and held Brooke to your chest. “No, they can’t take her. They’ve taken everything! My true love, my boys. Not my last child, please.”

The social worker just stepped closer.

You shook your head. You had Magic, of course, but the Dark One had captured your Magic. You were helpless. “Brooke needs special attention. She’s just a baby. She needs her mother.”

“They didn’t deem you a good parent.”

“I took care of boys, teenagers no less, for centuries! I’ve fought demons, mermaids, poison. I’ve taken care of them longer than anyone else! Please, don’t take her from me!” Brooke began to cry against you. You tried to calm her, but it was hard to do since you weren’t calm yourself.

“I’m sorry.”

You shook your head. “None of you are sorry.”

The man snapped his fingers. Your daughter disappeared from your arms and transported to the man’s.

You growled and rushed to him. “She’s my daughter!”

Then, they were gone. She was gone. You turned and turned, but they were gone. Your daughter. Your fingers curled into fists. You grabbed some kitchen knives and slipped them into your boots and sleeves. You were not going down without a fight.

You were getting your daughter back.

You opened the door.

Emma Swan was at your doorstep.

You bared your teeth at her before pushing past her. “I have no time for games, Saviour.”

She trailed behind you. “I need your help.”

“I needed your son’s help,” you shot back.

“You were trying to kill him!”

You turned around and glared at her. “Yes, I was. But, if someone told you that you had to kill a kid you never knew to save Henry, would you?”

Emma blinked.

“And you call yourself a mother,” you argued. Before she could retort, you continued, “Listen here, Emma. Because of you and your antics, I’ve lost custody of the boys I’ve taken care of for centuries. I can’t see them unless someone else watches, as if I could murder one of my sons. Do you know how that feels? To not be trusted with your own children?” You threw your hands into the air. “And you took my daughter, too. Peter, the boys, Brooke. You say you’re the Saviour, but you’ve just taken everything from me.”

You turned around and headed to the fairies.

“I can give you your kids back,” Emma whispered.

You froze. Faster than a snake’s strike, you flung out a knife. The weapon embedded itself to your house, right next to Emma’s arm. “That was a warning.”

“I’m serious.” She stepped closer to you. “Hook was killed, and I’m going down to the Underworld to get him. Rumple says you know Hades.”

You bit your tongue. You and Peter had faced the king of the Underworld some time before. One of the boys had perished by his own hand, and Peter and you wanted to talk to him, at the very least. The two of you confronted him and helped him find his way out of the Underworld. Hades, however, was trying his best to foil your plans.

Hades and you weren’t on good terms.

Emma continued, “I wasn’t thrilled to hear that you could help us, but I need everyone I could get to save Killian.”

“Where’s the part where I get my kids back?” you interrogated.

The woman held up a pouch. “Four magic beans. Should be enough for you and your kids to go somewhere else.”

You held your head up high. Four magic beans was enough. You could go back to Neverland and find a new normal. Stay a family until you found a way to break Brooke’ curse. “How do I know you’ll give it to me? You’re not exactly trustworthy in my eyes.”

Emma gulped. “I won’t deny a mother to see her kids.”

You raised your eyebrow. “Give me three beans now and get me in to see my boys and girl first, then I’ll agree.”

“They won’t let you see them.”

“Only on the days they’ve assigned the social worker watch over me.” You took a deep breath and held out your hand. “Do we have a deal, Emma?”

Later that day, you were kissing your boys goodbye. “You’re coming back, right, (Y/n)” Rufio asked. “We can’t lose another parent.” Felix crossed his arms and nodded in agreement.

You smiled a little. “I hope so.” You kissed Rufio’s forehead and handed him a pouch. “Use this if I don’t come back.”

Felix grabbed your wrist. “(Y/n)-”

“I want you to go back to Neverland and take your brothers and sister with you. Do you understand?”

The boys nodded. Rufio hugged you tightly. “Bye, nanay.”

You smiled. Nanay was a word that meant mother or caretaker, and you were proud to bear that name. You pulled away from him. “I’m trusting the two of you.” You kissed Felix on the forehead and smiled at your baby in the crib. She was crying and reaching for you.

You felt your eyes burn with tears as you held her again and kissed her forehead. “I’m coming back for you, Brooke. I promise.” You kissed her forehead again, but she kept on crying. “Felix, please, take her.”

Your friend took her from your arms and tried to calm her down.

“Bye, boys.” You waved goodbye and followed the people who killed Peter to the Underworld.

After Rumpelstiltskin gave you back your magic, you followed him to the pawn shop. “Hello?” you called. “Anyone here?”


Your lips curled into a bright smile. “Peter?” You jumped into his arms and hugged him close. You buried your face into his neck as the two of you cried. You pulled away and kissed him desperately. You held onto his shoulders and tried your best to control your frantic heartbeat as he wrapped his arms tightly around you.

Peter pulled away and rubbed your arms. “How are the boys? Our daughter?”

“Sad without their father, but they’re fine.” You rubbed his cheek and laughed a little. “I’ve missed you.”

He nodded. “I’ve missed you, too. So much.”

Rumple rolled his eyes. “Must I suffer through your reunion? Or should we get back to the situation at hand?”

Peter glared at his son. “Fine. What is my murderer and true love doing on a mission together anyway?”

You explained to him the deal Emma offered you, and when the two of you were alone, you explained your personal plan to get him out of the Underworld.

Peter just smirked. “Devious as ever, my queen.”

You shrugged. “For you and the kids, I’ll do everything.”

“That’s why I love you.”

You smiled and closed your eyes as he kissed the top of your head.

Things were getting complicated between everyone. Hades was in love with Zelena. Hook wanted Belle back. Regina found her dad. It was becoming too much to process.

“Bribing Hades?” you questioned Rumple. “No. You can’t just bribe Hades with Zelena.”

“With the cuff,” Rumple tried.

“No!” You shook your head. “That’s stupid. There’s too many factors against us. The Charmings won’t want us to hurt her. Hades could probably do some magic to get her back from us before we do anything. Rumple, this is a god we’re talking about.”

Peter shrugged. “Can’t argue.”

The Dark One groaned. “Well, what do you suggest to saving Belle?”

You pursed your lips in thought. “Well, if we had an army, we might do some damage. Then, we can capture Zelena.” You turned to Peter. “There must be a few Lost Boys down here that you’ve contacted.”

He nodded. “Slightly’s down here. Curly, too. They’ve made friends, too.”

You sighed at the mention of those two. It had been a long while. “There, if we can hold off the Charming’s with a small band of Lost Boys and Shadow and capture Zelena, then we stand a chance. We get Belle, and we get a heart for you.” You nudged Peter.

Your true love just laughed. “Brilliant as always.”

Everything was falling into place. You held Zelena’s heart in your hands and smiled up at Peter. “Finally.” You pushed it into his chest.

Peter shuddered and beamed. He kissed you and smiled down at the people of the Underworld. “You got the beans?”

You held up the pouch. “For someone who claims to be a thief, Emma’s easy to pickpocket.” You stared at Rumple. “You good?”

He was still staring at the battle going on between the Lost Boys and the Charming’s.

You snapped your fingers in front of his face. “Hey, you can rot here if you desire.”

Rumple stared at pandora’s box and back to you and Peter. “I have no desire to stay here.”

“Good,” Peter said.

The three of you stepped through the portal and were back in Storybrooke.

You laughed and breathed in the fresh air. You hugged Peter close. The two of you said goodbye to Rumple and transported to your boys. In seconds, your family was all together in the back of the convent. You and Peter had blocked the fairies from reaching you, but it wouldn’t last long.

“Alright, boys, get in the portal now!” Peter yelled. He handed Brooke to Felix. Felix smiled at Peter before jumping through the portal with your daughter in his arms.

“Mama!” Ken grabbed your leg.

You lifted him into your arms. “Ken, where’s your brother?”

Neth ran up to Peter. “Dad!”

You laughed. You put Ken down.

Peter crouched down and spoke softly. “Ok, guys, hold hands. We’re going home. Mama and I will be right behind you.”

The twins kissed their dad on the cheek before jumping through the portal.

“I counted forty-two,” you said. “That’s all of them.” You smiled and kissed Peter’s cheek.

“Happily ever after, right?” Peter breathed in slowly and intertwined his fingers with yours. “Ready?”

You smiled and gripped his hand. With one glance at the fairies as they struggled to break through, you laughed. “Always.”

You two jumped through the portal. Finally. Home.

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