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im not sure how i found your blog but it is now my favorite, all this jikook content is saving my life i feel so blessed 🙏 if you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite jikook moments?

Awww…your making me blush you cute anon, staph it!!

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But nice to hear that you like my weird trashy blog, feel free to stay as long as you like fam ;)But back to your ask on my favourite Kookmin/Jikook moments?…dear god I’m having so many war flashbacks right now of all the Jikook moments that those dorks have blessed and also made us suffer with. Where do I even begin?!?! Guess I have to try so you can watch me go and fail to make an essay on the couple that reduced me into a mess of tears. But before I start I have to say to everyone else who might read this, that these are only my personal observations and opinions on the dynamics of these two so if you don’t like it or don’t agree with me then please do not read. :)

So anyway first I have to start with the legendary Jikook V-Live… they high key just flirted through the whole thing, the minute Jungkook came running in with his unfinished lunch at his hands. After that they just stared deeply into each others eyes,  forgot the meaning of personal space and said things like…

Yeah they said things like that, I kid you not and also did you hear the sounds of me suffering jungkook?! Because thats what I was legit doing while bearing witness to this V Live! And his voice lowered a couple of noches when he said it and then the tension dropped harder than my sanity after that. Dear god Jungkook has no chill. Please go watch it if you have not, it’s art. Now to the next thing the back hugs. Jikook being the legendary back hug couple I just have to share with you a couple of those moments. Like this when…

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…they where taking a group photo and Jungkook? Well he seemed to just straight up ignore that, deciding to focus on hugging Jimin instead. He even closed his eyes while doing it!! I repeat he closed his eyes!! It felt like I was intriguing on something since Jungkook looked so at peace like as if Jimin was his safe haven in the middle of all that noice and flashing lights…And yes I cried when I saw it, how could I have not. And now onto this…

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….Back hug which happened somewhere after Namjoon and Jimin had their little wedding moment during a fanmeet. Not saying that there is a connection, but also not saying that there isn’t one. So as on cue let us move on to the legendary topic of Jeonlous. It being one of my greatest aesthetics I just have to include it in this. I mean Nochu has so many notp’s these days that, I firmly believe them to be the sole reason why he probably lives in the gym like his life depends on it. Like the wise satellite-jeon once said Nochu is out there lifting to win.  

Here are some great examples of the struggles of Jeonlous…

Jungkook: *sees JoonMin standing close to each other* Gotta go and separate that shit. If I could have a dollar every time Jungkook went between these two I’d be swimming in money…aaand onto the next one.

Now this had me weak I mean Jungkook just straight up pushed J-Hope away from Jimin while trying to gain Jimins attention. He also did the same thing to Jin in one of the latest V live’s, when he tried to just look over Jimin shoulder and Jungkook was like nope. This boi is struggling to keep his chill.

I have so many many more Jeonlous moments like these but this will become way too long if I try to add them all in. But what I will have to add in is him doing that tongue thing he does when ever Jimin is concerned. Because he does it so often that it can’t be coincidental anymore. I mean once is accident, twice is coincidence but three times is pattern.

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I have a whole folder full of him doing that, and if you ask why I have it…well its for science okay….*sweats nervously*. Let’s move onto the last and my most favourite moments…them trying their best to make each other laugh or smile. And I don’t think these moments even need an explanation on why they are so precious to me, because they pretty much explain themselves.

Now there are many more moments that I would like to talk about, but as i said before this will become way too long and also I need to go to sleep since it’s 04:46 am where I’m at. Meaning that this would start going downhill and fast from here if I continued and I want to keep this pg. level while my brain still allows it :D Hope that this very, very bad and messy answer in someways met your standards anon and thank you again for sending me that ask!

Btw since some of the gifs are from my save folder, because for the life of it Tumblr would not find me the ones I needed so please tell me if you know the names of the ones who made those gifs so I can credit them properly :)

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Okay so I’ve been putting off writing my essay for two weeks I can do it for another twenty minutes but something I really wanna bring to the table in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom:

Tips for Fanfic Writers About Paris/France

I know a lot of y’all are Americans/non Europeans and I could never fault you for not knowing what life in Paris is like, but with some fics out there it’s like I’m in the Midwest instead of the capital of France (if I have to read one more fic where Nino says y’all..) So, here are some writing/culture tips if you want to make your fic more authentic:

  • try not to reference to American brands unless you know for sure they are international. McDonald’s is universal and a-okay, Target really is North-America only. Research French franchises/brands/corporations.
  • On the other hand, a lot of American/anglophone media is consumed by Europeans, so referencing American pop culture is less out of place.
  • For the clubbing/college fics: teenagers/college students/people barely or never take a cab in Paris. It’s the most expensive way of getting around and even adults won’t even consider it. Alternatives: subway (used a LOT), buses, bicycles. Also, teenagers start driving at 18, so if your fic is set in high school, no using cars to get around! For trips to the rest of the country/europe: the train system is pretty good and widely used, even to get to other countries. Planes if it’s a distance that can’t be breached within 12 hours, usually. We’re not as used to long car rides. 
  • we pay with euros, not dollars. Yes, I’ve seen authors use dollars. coins: 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 euro, 2 euros. bills: 5 euros, 10 euros, 20 euros, 50 euros, 100 euros, 200 euros, 500 euros. 
  • If you’re writing about the high school system, don’t use the American one. So, no seniors/AP classes/SATs/middle school. Be ambiguous or do research. It’s all on Wikipedia, folks. 
  • Croissants are a breakfast/lunch food, not a pastry. They’re more like buns than like cupcakes or macarons and aren’t really considered snack food. Also, it’s not the only French food in existance, people. Try switching to madeleines, baguettes, foie gras or escargots (joke) every once in a while. 
  • if you wanna be really hardcore about it, switch to the metric system. 
  • campus housing is not a thing. Students mostly/exclusively rent out small rooms/apartments throughout town. Tuition is often not nearly as expensive as in the USA  and students get government funding so student debt isn’t that big of a deal in France as it is in the USA.
  • Keep in mind that Paris is a city that’s centuries old. Layers upon layers of history are all compiled into one place. Within one mile you might see a cathedral that is from the 11th century and a townhouse from the 18th. That people still live in. If you like to be descriptive, mention the neoclassical or baroque buildings Marinette might encounter on her way to work. Especially in the center of the town, around the Seine, there’s little to no skyscrapers bc of building restrictions. The historical buildings as well as the view need to be preserved.
  • France has a large North-African population. When making OCs, maybe a Moroccan or Tunesian one is something to consider?
  • Most Parisian/European houses don’t have separate bathrooms per bedroom. Marinette does not have a bathroom adjoining her room as seen in the show, yet people still like to give her one in fics. Also, houses in the city are usually quite cramped. Adrien is a rich kid and therefore an exception.
  • replace every coffeeshop you’ve typed up in your fic with café. Don’t let your characters order takeout, it’s not nearly done as often as in the US.
  • when mentioning clothing sizes, stick to L/XL/M/XS etc. The number system works a bit different here: women’s sizes are about 32-46, jumping even numbers (36-38-40 etc.) Same goes for shoe sizes: women wear about 35-42 and men wear 38-46.
  • Paris is divided into 20 parts called arondissements. the numbers follow the same swirl as the shell of a snail, which is an easy way to remember it. Neighbourhoods are called quartiers. BC Paris is a historical city and was grown instead of planned like most American cities, the streets are a maze instead of a roster. There’s no such thing as numbered streets or blocks.
  • the river is called the Seine, not La Seine. La means the (feminine), so the La Seine river means the the Seine river.
  • Again, if you wanna go hardcore: don’t use AM or PM but military time, as that is used exclusively in europe. (except for the UK but we don’t count the UK. Fuck Brexit) So  2 PM becomes 14:00, 11 PM becomes 23:00 etc. In speech the regular numbers are still used however, bc context shows whether it’s AM  or PM.

Any other questions, ask me or other french/european miraculers! Feel free to add more French culture stuff you come across, I’d love that! I’m going to Paris for the fourth time next week, so I pretty much know what I’m talking about and can help with landmarks etc.! 


reason i love the lucifer fandom number 4975: after being here for over a year, i can’t recall seeing a single post of ship hate.

it’s honestly getting a bit strange at this point. like, where are all the angry anti-deckerstar/laze/mazifer/etc bloggers? where are the 13 year olds writing essays on why it is Inherently Problematic to ship two (adult, unabusive) fictional characters? are we decent adults who have moved past that stage of our lives, or do we all just lack enough attention span to engage in ship warring? either way i love you guys

27:100 😅
Lately, I’ve been so motivated to work really hard since the midterm is really close (to close to be honest). I currently working on my essay for my diplomatic application. Also, I have so many things to do tonight! Two classes left before the weekend.

Love you all. Thanks you to send me all those messages. You motivate me to work harder

me, with a week left to do a project: i have plenty of time

me, with two days left: eh i’ll do it the night before no biggie

me, the night before: i’ll wake up early and do it

me, waking up after 1 hour of sleep at 4 am: *calculating what my grade would be if i just got a zero this one time*

it started out as a screencap redraw from the season 2 trailer and it’s developed. small part of it bc i cant draw male torsos apparently and theyre not ready to reveal their nekedness

You know what I love in rewatching when Percy gives Vex her title - watching exactly when the cast reacts.

Matt obviously never breaks fucking character.

Marisha knew from the previous episode so she’s got this sort of smug smile the whole time like ‘yeah that’s right - he ‘bout to do That’

Travis kinda waits to the end like ‘oh shit he did That’

Sam gets A Look the second Percy says “it’s Lady Vex’ahlia” because, like much of the shippers, I’m pretty sure his mind went straight it ‘are we about to do a fake married trope???’ 

But Liam and Laura I love most, because Liam and Laura don’t react really (I mean Laura reacts a little to “it’s Lady Vex’ahlia” like ‘yes you have my attention’), but they don’t really really react until Percy says “Whitestone”.

Liam’s eyebrows shoot up and that, that is where Laura’s jaw just drops

And that’s just… thinking of those reactions in terms of characters it works so well. Like I think both Vex and Vax were aware that Percy was being a Pretentious Dick on purpose to fuck with their asshole dad, and they were cool with it. And I think both of them wouldn’t have been THAT surprised if Percy had gone ‘fake married’ trope, or just pulled a convincing-sounding title out of his ass for the conversation. 

But Percy gives her a part of Whitestone. Whitestone, which means everything to him. And it’s no wonder that Vex tells him (well, tells his dead body) that THAT is why it meant so much to her, THAT is what made her fall in love with him. He didn’t just give her a title, he gave her a part of him. 

honestly imagine hogwarts when james and lily first walked down the hallway holding hands…. i am so here for all the cliches imagine how some of the students’ jaws dropped to the floor because “oh my god….. potter and evans are, like, touching.” imagine the staff room conversations: “this was my doing, you know. why else do you think i paired them up for the potions project?” “please, slughorn. we all know it’s much more due to the fact that i made them write a charms essay together. one they got an o on, if i may add.” the money that exchanged hands as everyone collected up on bets and the poor kids who couldn’t buy anything at hogsmeade for like two months because they never thought this would happen. best of all, imagine mcgonagall and dumbledore sitting in his office. “have a lemon drop, minerva.” “shut up, albus. i can’t believe you won. if they had just waited two more months….” “tragic, minerva. now, hand over your signed, limited edition copy of hogwarts, a history

19.12.16 The start of my 100 days of productivity! Multitasking this morning. I have two babies to be working on, one is my extended essay due in in February, currently deciding between doing it on the recruitment of terrorists or strategies for offenders to desist from crime. Also working on my thesis, I have a literature review due in when I go back after Christmas. I have to go out at lunch time to get some Christmas shopping done, will be doing a fair amount of walking so will update my other 100 days of productivity challenge then.

21.10.2016 12.45 p.m. - Research never ends! Writing an essay for Constitutional law :) it’s really interesting though, so I don’t mind very much. It’s due in two weeks. Also loving my cucumber water :)
Hope you’re all having a productive Friday x We can do this!


2.16.17 Sky High (37/100 days of productivity)

I went up to the 35th floor to do some last minute homework before one of my classes this afternoon. It snowed this morning, the kind of slow falling flakes that last for a little while when they land in your hair. It was pretty. 

Today was long but after class I went straight to the library and started working on the two papers I have due tomorrow night. Some friends and I stayed there for 6 hours! I mapped out both essays and now I’m in my room writing them. Anthony (mentioned in my earlier posts) is visiting this weekend. He came to the library to hang out for a few hours and now he’s writing his book. 

I hope I get to sleep at some point. Have a good night! 


But here’s the thing.  I’m not perfect.  I know that.  Like I said, I’m normally quite empathetic about sleepy kids and in the past two years have worked so hard to not give homework in my classes because I know kids have lives outside of school.  But in this instance.  IN THIS ONE INSTANCE.  I needed to say this.

Because he’ll put his head down and claim he’s tired when we’re doing script readings. Because he’ll put his head down and claim he’s tired when he has to annotate an essay with a partner.  

But when class starts, he’s horsing around with his friends and he’s one of the ones I have to say, “Settle down, now.” Because when there is a free moment, he’s up and playing games on his Chromebook and talking with his friends.  Because he’s in JROTC and I know he’s capable of being held to a high standard.  Because when I conferenced with his technology teacher about his work ethic, I was told, “Kid’s brilliant if he just applies himself.” 

I know when a kid drags in, ragged after sleeping on the couch in their new apartment.  I know when a girl is exhausted because her mom was arrested again.  I know when a kid is tapped out because of working a part time job and playing a varsity sport.

But I also know when a kid is just not working up to their full potential. 

Some writers use the word charity to describe not only Christian love between human beings, but also God’s love for man and man’s love for God. About the second of these two, people are often worried. They are told they ought to love God. They cannot find any such feeling in themselves. What are they to do? The answer is the same as before. Act as if you did. Do not sit trying to manufacture feelings. Ask yourself, “If I were sure that I loved God, what would I do?” When you have found the answer, go and do it.
—  C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
BTS Doing Allnighters

Jungkook: “Why am I even up?” *starts doing push-ups to energize himself* “Okay, I can do this. It’s just two essays and three book chapters.” Gets A+.

Jimin: “Alright let’s do this!” *looks up pictures of kittens for three hours* “Oh swit it’s 4 a.m. how?” Half asses the work but still gets 80% or higher. 

V: “I wanna sleep.” *eats and starts to lip sync his fav songs* “Wow 2 a.m. I can do this.” *starts contemplating the meaning of life* “PenPineappleApl-”

Rapmon: “If I start now and finish in an hour I have 3 hours of sleep.” *whizzes through 3 essays like a pro* *deletes essay files by mistake* “Fffffffffffffffu-”

Jhope: “Do I have to do this?” *dances to relax and stretch before working* “Agh I hate literature. Sorry dad.” *falls asleep with face on keyboard* “Darn.”

Suga: “Five chapter summaries w/ vocab words? No prob.” *gets all work done in 30 mins (he’s had practice)* “I could either finish my essay or….” *Sleeps in* 

Jin: “Maybe if I bake something for my teacher they’ll give an extra day.” *bakes cookies at 3 a.m. to procrastinate* “Why so much work??? I hate this.”

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“Oh, ugh. Is love really going to save us all?”

“Of course it is. Anyone who thinks otherwise is going to be stomped into paste.”

Muggle Problems

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: heyy ☺️☺️could you do oneshot or something with sirius black in which he finds out you are a muggleborn and his family do everything to cut off your relationship with him?? thank you!

A/N: Sorry it turned out kind of short :)

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“Sirius! Stop it!” Y/N giggles as her boyfriend of two years nuzzles into her neck.

“Why, babe?” he says with an endearing pout.

“Because I have to get this potions essay done or Slughorn will have my arse, plus your parents are right downstairs!” she retorts, firmly pushing him away.

“Fine,” he says with a huge sigh, sitting back in his chair to read his book.

Y/N is laughing as Mr. Black relates a funny story from work, when an owl suddenly begins rapping on the dining room window.

“Oh, that’s my owl!” Y/N says, attempting to get up, bit Sirius stops her.

“I got it,” Sirius says, sauntering over to open the window and swiftly untying the letter from the barn owl’s leg.

“Dear Y/N,” he reads. “I hope your holidays are going well so far with Sirius’ family! But we really can’t wait for when you come home for a few days… I know that your muggle parents aren’t too exciting, but…” Sirius trails off, his eyes widening at the parchment. “Muggle parents?” he thinks, glancing up to see his own parents’ reactions. “Oh god…”

“I can’t believe you’re throwing her out!” Sirius yells, glaring at his parents as his mother locks his owl and broomstick in the downstairs cupboard and throws all his quills in the fireplace.

Sirius’ father maintains his position staring into the depths of the fire. “She has muggle parents, Sirius. You know our position on people like her.

“Dad, come on! You’ve been talking to her all of break, you can’t seriously be that close minded –”

“She is beneath us!” Sirius’ father roars, turning around, eyes blazing and moving towards Sirius with a purpose. “And you – you treat me with respect, you hear me?”

Y/N walks down the street furiously wiping her eyes. “I can’t believe the actually threw me out… just because I’m a –” she refuses to say what Sirius’ parents called her, but fresh tears spring to her eyes.

“Y/N! Wait!” She slows down as Sirius runs up next to her, breathing heavily with a red mark blooming on his face. Y/N gasps and stretches out her fingers to trace the lines on his cheek.

“Oh my god! What happened?”

“Argument. It doesn’t matter that much. I’m – well, I’m going to be staying with James for a while now.”

“Sirius, they’re your parents. You can’t leave them!”

Sirius sighs. “Love, if I stay with them, I’ll never be able to see you again. They’ll do everything in their power to shut you out – and they’ve already tried! It’s either you or them, Y/N, and I love you way too much to lose you.”

Y/N smiles and stretches her arms around his neck, then kisses him. “I love you too,” she says as they pause to take a breath. “So much.”

“I have this best friend Dan. He is tall and very funny.”

Guess what I’m not dead. I’ve just been studying for my ap tests (next week, yeeps.) As a quick thing to show y’all I’m not gone, here’s Dan and Phil in the style of that old cartoon, Charlie and Lola, which I loved when I was a smol child.

I’m thinking about animating a few short clips from the show with Dan and Phil (once I’m done with testing of course), It’d take a while to do as I have other things to finish (college essays and whatnot), but I’d get it out eventually. Would any of y’all want to see these two animated in this style?

hi everyone, i’m not dead! i’ve got two more weeks of hell, then i’ll hopefully be back; possibly with open commissions if people are interested! (no breaks though, i have a portfolio to do over 3 weeks… “OTL)

‘til then, have a super quick nerris enjoying the summer warmth because it’s freezing here now…