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my mgca headcanons vol 1

This got really long so I apologize

(I don’t know how to do that fancy “read below the cut” thing. Someone plz send help)

  • The family of empty cups so adopts Alex like this is just canon at this point. It shouldn’t even be on this list but I put it here cause it makes me happy
  • Sif and Alex totally bonded in that dressing room and Sif is now Alex’s emergency contact and listed as “new goddess mom” in her phone.
  • Magnus feels like he should be offended but he’s mostly just really confused
  • Speaking of phones…
    • yes i know they probably don’t have phones shut up
  • But Sam has one because duh mortal world and she texts Amir all the time.
  • You cannot convince me that they are not those people that text each other really inspirational or sweet messages first thing every morning and last thing at night
  • Magnus went through Sam’s messages once and gained approximately six new cavities from all the tooth-rotting fluff
  • Magnus also has a phone. Which he almost never uses.
  • But Jack does?
  • Somehow, between being a pendant and participating in all the battles, Jack has managed to download a dozen dating apps on Magnus’s phone without him noticing
  • Magnus didn’t even know there were that many apps for magical weapons that are “single and ready to mingle. preferably over some freshly slain corpses”
  • Suffices to say that he’s pretty weirded out
  • He offered to get Jack his own phone but the sword denied all involvement so…
  • Whatever. Magnus can deal.
  • And hey, guess what! Blitz and Hearth are in a wonderful queer-platonic relationship this is my belief I will defend it until the day I die.
    • (If you’re not 100% sure of what that is please google it and tell me it doesn’t fit. QPRs are so good and pure and it fits them so much)
    • (I still don’t like that Ellie girl with Hearth tho like nun uh leave the elf-child with his dwarf please and thank you)
  • More on this wonderfulness:
    • They share a bed
    • And their mugs
    • And their socks
    • And they always are with each other and they cuddle a lot because Hearth is always cold (thus the scarf)
    • And it’s just really cute and domestic
  • I’ll definitely maybe do some more headcanons on them later
  • So Alex Fierro is a verifiable fashion hoe (subtle reference to my sideblog *wink*)
  • She and Blitzen spend so much of their time together talking about clothes
  • Not even just outfits and shit, but how to weaponize scarves and include Blitz’s chain mail design into absolutely anything
  • They are the best of buds
  • And ok she is the absolute queen of that “i woke up like this” hair style that actually takes like 30 minutes because my child is always determined to be looking as good as possible
  • (aka determined to make Magnus go into cardiac arrest every time he sees her)
    • Magnus: –and don’t even get me started on that hair like is she TRYING to kill me?!?
    • Some member of the floor 19 squad who really doesn’t deserve this: Well she did decapitate you that one time…
    • Magnus: NOT THE POINT
  • Her hair is totally the real deal btw like she picked so many pockets and saved up a ton of money to go to a salon cause she’d been dreaming about it for ages and goddamn it if she’s gonna do this she’s gonna make sure it’s the best it can possibly be
  • Anyway my girl be looking 110% on top of things at all times and Alex Fierro will 110% be listed as the cause of death in Magnus’ obituary
  • Oh and all the tangled jokes are made at Magnus’ expense
  • He and Alex are always talking about disney movies and pop cultue because everyone else on floor 19 does not (for obvious reasons) know anything about mean girls or the kardasians and Magnus was getting really sick of only having to Jack to talk about this stuff with
  • So he and Alex sometimes have competitions over who can make the most references in 10 minutes
  • Their first “regular” date is going to see FBAWTFT ok don’t try to tell me otherwise
  • Hey hey guess what? Idk if I’ve mentioned this but I think Blitz and Hearth are queer platonic partners k?
  • Next up: my two cents on how Magnus can tell what pronouns Alex uses at any given time
  • Don’t get me wrong he could just be really observant but that also seems. Kinda unrealistic to me? At least how he’s able to tell in that last scene with the “dude” and everything.
  • So my theory’s that Magnus healing her and getting that glimpse into her head allowed him to understand kinda how she acts/the different airs she has depending on her gender.
  • Idk this one’s still a work in progress. Please come talk to me about it if you wanna.
  • Actually please come talk to me about anything related to all my mango cheese children. or having to do with rick’s books.
  • *ahem*
  • Yeah that’s all I got for now

So the other day on the school bus, a girl in my daughters’ grade (4) said that she would rather have a bad mom and a good dad than two good dads. Cue one of my 9 yo’s….This conversation was literally relayed to me verbatim.

E: That’s homophobic

Z (the other kid): No it’s not. Would you rather have a mom and a dad, two moms or two dads?

E: I wouldn’t care as long as I have a loving family.

Z: How can you not care? Like it’s better to have a mom and dad because a dad can like take you to football games and a mom can like take you to the opera.

E: That’s sexist. A dad or mom can do either of those things.

Z: But like if you have a dance recital, your mom can do your hair and your dad will be like “oh you look so nice”.

E: My dad does my hair way better than my mom (TRUE!)

In listening to her relay the story to me, her twin sister chimes in “A boy can do anything a girl can do. Anything in the whole world.” She pauses, I nod. “Except have a vagina.”

Me: Well actually-

A: Unless they’re transgender!


Things I need if 5ds ever reboots

5ds to pull a fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and get a redo (and a much better one like brotherhood)

Yuseis mom


Yuseis mom

Jacarly not to be thrown under the bus

the actual yuaki thing to be shown as Canon!

have I mentioned Yuseis mom?

Yuseis future after the end of the series (seriously we got everyone else’s)

Some sort of prequel oneshot to all the signer parents (headcanon that the parents all knew each other somehow or another before zero reverse)

an interaction with yusei and his mom

TEAM 5DS PULLING THEIR GODDAMN WEIGHT INSTEAD OF MAKING YUSEI THE HERO FOR EVERYTHING (I know he’s the main character and all but I mean come on.. Jack was the king of Turbo dueling for like two years, aki was the black rose witch, ruka was like a prodigy duelist at the age if three, and motherfucking crow beat security in a OTK. GIVE THE TEAM SOME GODDAMN CREDIT!)

Yusei and his dad to have a nice interaction instead of some good hocus pocus mambo jambo



Ever since I was little I’ve been very sensitive to sounds– loud and sharp noises are difficult to handle, and I hear and am bothered by high-pitched frequencies that other people either can’t notice at all, or are not bothered by.

For a long time now I’ve noticed that sometimes loud and sharp sounds– particularly sudden ones– can make me a bit dizzy. I notice this mostly when I’m putting dishes away, and I put two plates together and they make a loud clacking sound.

Tonight though, holy fuck did I learn just how much sudden sharp noises can get to me. I went out with my mom tonight and I was sitting across from her, drawing with my head bowed low so I could see my paper better. She sneezed suddenly (note: my mother has an awful, ear-piercing sneeze) and I immediately felt like my head had been slammed forward, even though I wasn’t moving at all. I guess the combination of being close to her, having my ears tipped in her direction to funnel the sound, and not expecting the sound in the first place just completely took my nerves for a run and jump. 

The sudden vertigo really fucked me up for a good bit man. Like it was literally a very sudden, brief experience but I can still imagine the sensation and it makes me feel a bit queasy. I’ve felt similar bad vertigo to this before, but I’ve never been looking DOWN when it happened and I think that especially made it unpleasant. 

And then there was the added fun of my mom making fun of me for “over-reacting”, and trying to one-up my discomfort by complaining about how the pinched nerve in her neck is worse than anything I was presently dealing with…

Sometimes I think back to like, high school and when I would be home from college. I’d sit with my mom and watch TV and she would always, always see something with two guys in it and continuously ask me which I thought was better looking, and I would always freeze up and try to change the subject and and it made me so, so uncomfortable for reasons I couldn’t really explain at the time. It wasn’t that I couldn’t objectively look at two guys and have an opinion on who was more good looking. It was more that I wasn’t paying attention at all. They didn’t interest me. Mom would go farther and ask me who my celebrity crush was and I honestly couldn’t answer. I’d end up listing actors I liked or ones I knew were pretty objectively good looking, like Chris Evans, and I’d feel relieved when she accepted that answer and left me alone for a bit. But it would always come up again, even after I told her I hated when she asked me that (for a while at least) and it was something I absolutely dreaded. 

I got asked about crushes a lot too. I went through probably all of high school without having something I recognized as a “crush” besides the “crush” I had on one of my good male friends because I had it ingrained in my head that you were supposed to have a crush on your male friends (because men and women being friends??? what??). Needless to say it wasn’t very long lived at all and I forgot about it very quickly, only to start questioning why I had a “crush” on him in the first place later on. Thinking back to college I had none, besides the brief flitting excitement of “someone’s paying attention to me” when one of the instructors (college aged) danced with me in my swing dance class that passed almost as soon as it came. Any time I thought “oh maybe this one” I’d almost immediately lose interest after talking to or observing them. My excuse was always that I didn’t want to deal with drama, that I was focused on school, that I just wasn’t interested and that once I graduated, of course I’d be more interesting in dating a guy. Of course.

Yet sitting here now, years later, I can look back at all the big and little crushes I had on girls over my entire life that I didn’t start to recognize until maybe my junior or senior year of high school and then pushed to the back of my head when I wandered back into the closet at the end of my freshman year of college. 

I mean, I’ll probably ramble more about this later. It’s one of the things in my life I feel really strongly about and something I wanna prevent other girls from dealing with if I can. But what all these words basically come down to is, it can be so, so hard for lesbians and other wlw to even figure out that they aren’t interested in guys and to figure out what being attracted to women even feels like. And that even after figuring all that out there are the intrusive thoughts and doubts that can take so long to push away and come to terms with. With outside pressure from the media and the world and families and that nasty little thing called compulsory heterosexuality it can be a long, draining roller coaster ride and there might always be moments where you doubt yourself and your feelings but I can promise you that at the end no matter what you figure out about yourself, it’s worth it and it does get better over time. So hang in there, because you’re all wonderful and beautiful and great and it’ll be okay. 

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relationship status: happily single/not interested
favorite color: rainbows.. or purple.. and petrol blue
pets: none that are 100% my own but we have 2 cats 1 small dog and 4 rats in the house :)) (one of the cats is a ‘family pet’ so I guess she might be partially mine idk, the other cat + 2 rats are my sister’s and the dog + the other two rats are my mom’s)
last song I listened to: Celldweller - Afraid this time
favorite tv show: due South, the Man from UNCLE, Star Trek TOS, Pushing Daisies…
first fandom: I guess Harry Potter back at the end of elementary school/beginning of high school.. I mean I did a self-insert hogwarts RP with my best friend and had pictures of tom felton on my wall and at some point started shipping harry/draco and even read my first (and only for a long time) fanfic for that ship… but I didn’t actually start interacting with other fans actively and actually start reading multiple fics and actively look for more etc. until I discovered the due south fandom on tumblr around the end of 2013..
hobbies: drawing (although I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to actually do it lately), tumblr + fandom, thinking about my otps and reading fics, going to art museums, watching tv shows..
favorite book: idk my usual go-to answer for this is Geography Club and/or The Order of the Poison Oak (both) by Brent Hartinger.. but I also really love the third Harry Potter book (Prisoner of Azkaban), Holes by Louis Sachar and Charmed Life and Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones..
worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: raw herring possibly (but that was a long time ago so I luckily can’t remember exactly how gross it was but I do remember throwing it in the garbage instead of finishing it because it was that bad).. also a chocolate bar that had lemon in it was REALLY gross.. anything that accidentally ended up in my mouth that contained alcohol or tasted like it (which I immediately disposed of in the nearest sink/garbage bin, where it belongs), olives… other bitter/vile things..
favorite place: my head tbh.. and under the covers in my bed.. but also I really like being in a forest or in a field with pretty wild flowers in the spring with the nearly-setting sun giving everything a golden glow and warming my skin :))


I seriously have the best family ever.

My mother has been going to therapy this year and has sincerely apologised for every negative thing in my childhood and we’ve been working towards mending our relationships and healing our PTSD/trauma related issues. Coming from a woman who was so against mental illness, who beat me when I came to her about my social anxiety/depression, this is just such an amazing step forward.

On top of that my ENTIRE FAMILY have taken on healthier lifestyles including my mom, sister, and brother all going vegan!!!! And my other two siblings and step dad have all started making better dietary choices, exercising, and joining sports!!!

And now….my step father is saying we should just go ahead and have a cruelty free healthy veg Thanksgiving!!!!! Which if any of you have tried eating vegan or w/ any dietary restrictions you know it’s HELL during the holidays esp when you have zero support from the ones you love. But like????? I didn’t even have to ask????

I feel so accepted and loved right now and this is coming from a girl with the most broken and fucked up family. We’ve gone through complete domestic violence and I’m still recovering from being physically/emotionally abused for YEARS. We’ve lived in numerous homeless and domestic violence shelters, battled poverty, illness, and sooooo much but to see my family be so accepting and pushing for health and recovery??? I’ve never felt more blessed.

I almost killed myself several times as a child/teen and now I’m in my 20s and the same people who were broken and hurting, the people who took their pain out on me, are becoming the most accepting and wonderful people I know.

This post sounds rly odd esp being so emotional about my highly conservative homeschool family having a freaking vegan Thanksgiving but I almost killed myself while living with these same people. I felt so unloved and unheard. And now - years later things ARE better. It will get better.

It. Will. Get. Better.

Man, I really like pairing up Robin with Chrom because

  • The support conversations are really cute (especially the S-Rank one) and it feels as if they creators were really gunning for the relationship to be romantic 
  • The story gets 100x more tragic with the two if they are lovers 
  • Lucina’s scenes become so much more significant?? Especially her judgement scene. It even feels much heavier than the judgement scene if Robin was her husband because of the usage “matricide” rather than just “murder” (I mean come on, Lucina’s already killed several people, they should have changed that dialogue a bit to convey the weight of her decision better for husband M!Robin)
  • Morgan looks like a mini-Chrom 
  • Speaking of Morgan, I didn’t realize that if you married someone other than Chrom or Walhart for F!Robin, his starting class isn’t tactician. That feels weird to me ‘cause literally he’s all about becoming his mom and it makes more sense for him to be a tactician (which further fuels my preference for the ChromRobin pair up) 
  • ALSO THE SUPPORT CONVERSATIONS FOR LUCINA AND MORGAN. Most of the time, these family convo’s are copy and paste, with a few tweaks for each character. For example, Morgan loves bugs but in this conversation, he’s scared of a cockroach, so they make him say “I like bugs, but not cockroaches” to fit the situation. At first, it feels like a cheap copy and paste, BUT THEN in his support convos with Noire bring up again that he doesn’t like cockroaches and suddenly it feels as if the creators had actually planned for this. 
  • YOUR CHILDREN ARE LITTLE GODS. Great stats, blood of Exalt AND Grima, cuties, the whole package
  • “Chrom & Robin 4ever” 

So this morning I went to go get an oil change at my dealership.

I was just settling into the lounge area, ready to whip out my phone and ignore people for an hour. There were a couple other people - two guys mid thirties, a girl about my age and an older lady, maybe mid 60’s. I’m all “deal, I’m gonna chill and scroll through Tumblr on this free wifi”.

But then the older lady kinda starts chatting to me. So I respond, politely, because I’m not hella rude and my mom taught me better than that. Plus, I have one of those faces that people seem to want to talk at. Polite chatter turned to full out conversation. The other people leave on a shuttle.

Just me and the old lady. Chatting away. Then she asked if I wanted to walk down the street to this breakfast place she loves, and even though my anxiety was like “STRANGER WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?!?” I agreed to go.

And you know fucking what? I had a damn delightful time. She told me all about her husband, and how hard he works on their farm. They’ve been married 44 years. “where did the time go?” She asks me, as if I know. Talks about her kids, and her 14 grandkids. She asked about me and if I was married, if we were planning on kids, what I do with my life.

It turned out to be a really nice time, and way better than turning off the real world and staring at my phone for an hour. She even ended up paying for my waffle. I told her she didn’t have to do that, and she said “well you didn’t have to talk to me or come for breakfast. I tried to talk to all those other people in the waiting room and no one said a word.” Well, jokes on you everyone because I met Shirley and had a great time and I got a free waffle.

TGIF, and maybe spread some love around this weekend y'all.