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A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

I mean, he deserved better too

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K-chan news 2017.06.13 where Koyama learns Tegoshi is human after all, and they talk about fathers, funerals and divorces  

So as promised here’s the transcript. I skipped non-essential parts but the two main talks are in full so you can hear it from the guys directly. There might still be minor inaccuracies, mostly because Japanese language itself is tricky but I did mt best.

By the way, the video I attached is missing about a minute, from when they start talking about Sakura Girl. I couldn’t find another one and my audio file is too big for uploading. 

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drrr characters + social media headcanons

- favours instagram and tumblr - surprisingly, he doesn’t like talking too much online unless he’s playing a particular ‘character’
- has countless accounts on each, pertaining to different interests and subcultures (pastel aesthetic, monochrome photography, various fandoms and pop culture trends, etc)
- has a couple writing/poetry blogs which are rarely updated and have strictly no information other than text. his poems sometimes get very popular and are always attributed to “anonymous”
- the accounts that are most “him” are actually the most popular, featuring nighttime/cityscape/urban photography and very brief posts about the restaurants and shops he visits while exploring, and all the food he tries
- he sometimes uploads videos of him playing atop skyscrapers in first-person perspective, or videos of him climbing (with his face obscured, often by his hood and a black dust mask). he likes seeing people’s reactions in the comments, he finds it funny to watch them freak out
- has several twitter accounts which he uses to keep up with goings-on as they occur without having to get too involved
- some of his twitters pose as a devoted fan of various celebrities/fandoms, others as merely a concerned citizen, some are completely devoid of information about him (or any ‘character’) and are where he compiles info and contributes to rumours

- has a lot of accounts on various things, but has little interest in anything
- mostly uses his social media to keep up with ruri and kasuka
- on instagram and tumblr, he mostly follows photography blogs with no text so there’s no risk of them pissing him off - he likes urban photography, and pictures/videos of animals (especially dogs), and posts about food
- he follows several of izaya’s blogs without realising it
- he likes to look through the pictures people (both citizens and professional photographers) take of kasuka and ruri, because some of them are nice and he likes to save them since they never really get the chance to take photos together
- likes to watch food videos on instagram, but often feels slightly guilty while watching them because he never bothers to cook
- he and kasuka send each other pictures and videos of cute animals whenever they can spare the time, it’s often the highlight of his day to see kasuka has sent him something
- as frustrating as he often finds it, he enjoys social media because he cannot unintentionally/unthinkingly hurt anyone

- would have accounts on every social media in existence devoted solely to celty, if only she would let him
- instead, he takes picture of the meals they cook to tumblr and Instagram. they occasionally feature a pale hand or shoulder in the corner, and all of his followers believe his ‘wife’ to be very beautiful and shy due to his captions
- his accounts give the impression of a standard ‘family man’, though he claims himself to be a stay-at-home husband while his 'wife’ works hard
- has a gore sideblog, to which he often uploads his own photos. his followers decide better than to question where he gets them from.
- most believe him to be simply very skilled at special effects makeup

- she likes twitter and instagram because she enjoys watching humans live and interact with each other, and observe trends
- is oddly fascinated by makeup tutorials, her favourites are standard 'modern’ makeup looks with bright colour schemes (especially yellows and blues)
- often finds herself looking through posts about sightings of 'the black rider’, and finds herself amused by the teenagers who both idolise and fear her
- follows a lot of celtic lore and aesthetic blogs on tumblr, but tries to ensure it doesn’t get her too caught up in the past or frustrated - also likes fashion blogs, particularly more minimalist monochrome styles (no matter how many times shinra insists she’d look better in the various lacy travesties he shows her) - she posts most often on tumblr - she uploads photos she takes, particularly ones where she is far outside the city or deep into the emptier streets and alleyway, though none of them are particularly high-quality - her followers believe this to be part of the 'aesthetic’ and appeal, and her photos often get quite popular - she tries to avoid talking too much, but often finds herself giving out advice or tangled up trying to resolve arguments between strangers

Self Portrait at 18
30x20 inches, oil paint 
70+ hours 

After slaving away since the end of November, I’ve finally finished my painting. I have suddenly become so interested in self portraiture and I have decided to do a painting of myself at the end of each year, just to see how I might be improving as an artist and changing as a person.

I painted this for myself - for a long time I was motivated to draw because of the response I got from people on the internet (likes/comments on facebook/tumblr etc.) and I realised that I was drawing things that I knew would be popular when I uploaded them, so I never tried to do anything too different or personal because I knew it wouldn’t get as many hits. Although getting feedback is still really important to me, I’ve decided to paint and draw things that have more meaning to me, not what would get the most reblogs and look good on a t-shirt. I was thinking about my self-doubt and feelings of anxiety as I did this, although I’m not sure how strongly that comes across. I wanted to paint an honest picture of myself, to help me come to terms with how I look. 

Basically I’m going to stop fretting about the internet, I’m not going to let the number of likes and retweets determine whether or not I should be proud of a piece, this is my first ever proper oil painting, and I’m happy with it :-)

Seriously, get your shit together @staff I’m getting so tired of this.

Two weeks ago I posted a video of one of my pets which got removed because sexually explicit videos aren’t allowed on tumblr. A cute pet video was removed. When will you start doing something about all those porn blogs/bots that keep following me, and let me post my non-sexual content?
I’ve filed an appeal twice and haven’t heard anything back at all (it was two weeks ago!) and the video still doesn’t show. Why do you even have an appeal option if no one even seems to read them?

I tried to upload something again today and of course it got removed. Meanwhile you keep threatening me ‘After too many violations we’ll have to terminate your account - and nobody wants that’. You know what I want? To be able to upload a video on my own blog without you deleting it every time!
This has been happening to (pet) blogs all over tumblr, not just mine. Please fix your website.