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The "Awkwardness" of the Stone Cold Podcast with Dean Ambrose

If none of you have watched the Stone Cold Podcast with Dean Ambrose, I totally recommend watching. It was a great interview, although the things I’m about to say are going to be a little bit of ‘Rant’.

(It’s my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it)

So people have been saying that 'it was the most awkward shit they’ve ever seen’ or 'Dean was boring af’ or some crap like that.

So first of all, it wasn’t Dean to make it awkward, it was Stone Cold. At first, Austin was prying way too much and everyone knows Dean had a rough childhood, so that obviously was a touchy subject. What Dean said was justified but honestly what else could he have said, he said all that was needed. It was also very inconsiderate for Stone Cold to immediately assume that Ambrose had a bad childhood, since he lived in public housing. He doesn’t know Dean personally, he didn’t live with him, and he didn’t experience what Dean went through, so for him to make assumptions like that was very disrespectful.

Also, when Stone Cold was telling Dean that he had to be more intense or whatever when Dean was telling the story when WWE called him. Deans a chill dude and his story telling is awesome. Honestly, I don’t know what Stone Colds deal was. When Dean was telling the story about being brought up, personally, I was super into it.

Towards the end of the podcast, I lost a bit of respect for Austin when he challenged Dean saying that Dean wasn’t giving it all. It’s obvious to notice that Dean is the one of the hardest workers in WWE currently. He busts his ass off every night. Hell, last month, he was even working to shows a night to fill in for Roman, since he was suspended. Coworkers worried about his physical health because he was working so hard.

Personally, I didn’t think it was possible for me to gain any more respect for Dean because I already think he’s amazing. He kept his cool in this interview and took everything Austin shot at him.

Once again, this is my opinion. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. (Even though I’m right.)

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(Demon eye anon) Thank you so much! I don't mind if it's a short answer, I was just curious on your input. But, there isn't much info on the subject. Thanks again, and have a nice day!

Heh, sorry I don’t have a whole lot to say then. >.> It doesn’t seem to have a great deal of impact on the story - I remember the argument over season 9 hiatus if Dean should have had black eyes at all and this all got dredged up but the conclusion was it was pretty much aesthetic :P If they wanted to do anything special for knights of hell they should have given Abaddon fancy eyes but she was ~just~ a demon at that point since they cobbled together that arc on the fly and weren’t even sure they were making Dean a demon for real until the end :P

I still think though that because of the fancy light effect that I know what colour Cain’s eyes should have been

Nothing says scary like hot pink.

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Can I have a reaction of NCT when they are shipped with you (his crush and a idol too) ? You already know i love you but i'll say it even to my books..You're amaazing <3

Thank you so much for your request! ♡ You’re a sweetheart. 💕

Taeil: blushes so hard you don’t know if it’s him or a tomato

Taeyong: tends to avoid the subject bc it makes him nervous

Yuta: stutters a lot but actually likes it

Doyoung: laughs so much you can’t understand what he is saying

Ten“Well… I can’t blame them.” he ships it too what a human being

Jaehyun: is very surprised bUT KEEPS SMILING !!

Mark: mini Taeil aka smol tomato

Haechan: you know who will be his next cosplay

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thank you so much for what you've been saying about harley i thought i was the only one who thought that and i was too scared to speak : P

It’s sad that people even have to be scared to post their opinion because they’re worried about receiving hostility. It seems like no matter how carefully I phrase myself, how inoffensive the subject matter is, how polite I am, etc. there is still always someone who responds with rudeness. People on here need to realize that there’s a difference between disagreeing with someone or debating with them (debate can actually be positive!) and being an outright asshole. :/ 

Genuine question: Who else in the studyblr community is a morning person? I’m not just talking about those of us who wake up with a smile at 6AM and are in a great mood after just having woken up. I’m also talking about those of us who physically can only function in the mornings/early afternoons. 

I’m just curious because I always here people saying that they would much rather have their harder subjects in the afternoon and not in the morning, and work late at night. And then there’s me, who can’t function academically after 6PM. Afternoon classes ARE HELL for me, because I can’t focus and I’m too mentally drained and exhausted to be able to think. 

So back to my question, are you a morning person? 

Things you should know about me

-i’m in my seventh year at hogwarts

-i’m quidditch captain and seeker for my house, gryffindor

-i’m the fastest flyer in the school

-my worst subject is herbology, and the plants seem to hate me too

-my best subject is transfiguration, but mcgonagall always puts me in detention for talking in class and playing pranks on people

-it is my life long ambition to hear people say “james is worse than the marauders”

-i have my dad’s invisibility cloak but he forces me to share it with albus

-my favourite and most frequently used spell is levicorpus (like my grandad) and also langlock when people talk too much

-i got my wand from ollivanders and its dragon heartstring, 10 and a half inches, dogwood

-i have a pet tawny owl, zep

-my favourite candy is chocolate frogs

-i have 3891 chocolate frog cards, i’m missing hufflepuff and merlin

-i have 53 harry potters

-my favourite prank item is fred and george’s wilfire whizzbangs

-i have the dragon one and i’m saving it for the christmas feast

-lily is great with potions and i always ask her to make prank potions for me to put into people’s drinks

-one time albus grew fur because i spiked his pumpkin juice

-i lost 100 points for gryffindor because i was caught in the forbidden forest

-i was trying to find the resurrection stone

i might post a part 2 :)

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Do you have any thoughts on why Eliza didn't go to Albany to be with Peggy when she was dying? Ham was writing to her about Peggy's condition for about a month before, right. I don't mean to suggest that something was wrong with their relationship...I'm sure they were close all along. Just found it interesting that Eliza wouldn't have gone to be with her and the family during that time.

It’s possible they didn’t think she would die until it was too late for Eliza to try and make the journey.  His first letter we have was February 25 (and he couldn’t have written much before that because of the location and dates of his previous letters) on the subject, and the last on March 16 when he announces her death to Eliza.  While he doesn’t explicitly say come or don’t come, again, them saying she was near death meant that, by the time the February 25th letter reached Eliza, Peggy may already have been gone.  Remember how long it would’ve taken the letter to reach her (it could take up to a week for the letter to reach her and then a week for her to make the journey).  She also may not have been able or willing to leave the children.  Who knows when Ham and Eliza decided the kids couldn’t be left alone without a parent.  It’s possible they always felt that way!  And she probably wouldn’t/couldn’t take all the kids with her.

So yeah.  My guess is logistics probably more than anything. 

Also, I believe Hamilton delayed leaving Albany because of Peggy, so it’s possible that Eliza asked him to stay on her behalf.  he sets off back to NYC immediately after the funeral.

I’ve also heard rumblings that Peggy was often ill (something said at the Schuyler Mansion but I haven’t researched myself).  And so it may not have seemed something too out of the ordinary until it was too late. 

Love You

Request: “ hi :) can i get a drabble of hansol struggling to say i love you to you (reader) because he doesn’t know much about romance and is quite nervous, etc? and you also get kinda sad because you’ve said that to him but he always changes the subject so you think he doesn’t love you? sorry if im too specific haha”

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: You x Vernon

Originally posted by ssventeen

You sat on the couch the sound of the television became white noise as your heartbeat rang in your ears, the look of hopefulness was glazed your eyes as you intently stared at Hansol. It wasn’t normal to have this much doubt in such a serious relationship. Something had to change if you were to carry on this way. He had to say it.

“I- I’m sorry Y/N… I just can’t say it.” Hansol stuttered as he looked down to the floor. You huffed out in frustration, a tiny ping was pelted at your heart no matter how much you tried to dismiss the feeling. You’ve said the most important three words more than six times, at least. Yet your boyfriend, who you have been dating for about a year, couldn’t reciprocate the three words.

“What’s wrong? Why can’t you say the most simple words?!” You exaggeratedly gasped, thinking something was wrong in the relationship. Maybe he just didn’t feel the same way. But that’s ridiculous, isn’t it? He still wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t love you right?

“I- I don’t know. I just don’t know much about this.” He sighed, waving his arms between the two of you, feeling just as disappointed as you. You could see the genuine hopelessness in his eyes as he stared at the floor, too ashamed to even look up at you.

“This?” You questioned, a single eyebrow raised and your arms crossed in front of your racing heart, “What do you mean by this?” At this point, your heart was hammering out of your chest with anger. As much as you didn’t want to be angry at him, you still were.

Agitation covered his face like a mask as he said: “You know! Romance in general! I just don’t know how to say ‘I love you’ because I feel as if those words don’t fully explain what I feel.” He stared at you dead in the eyes and moved closer to you, taking a seat next to you. “And trust me, I know what I feel is definitely, without a doubt, is more than love.” You smiled brightly at him, the words finally spilling out of his mouth.

“Really?” Your hands flew to your mouth to conceal your smile.

He finally looked up at you with fearful eyes, as if the words he said had come out all wrong even though they were said perfectly, “Of course.” He nodded, and you couldn’t help yourself from slinging your arms around his neck and jumping into an embrace while you squealed.

After a moment to recover, he snaked his arms around your back and pulled you closer to him, nuzzling his face into the crook of your shoulder. You leaned into the sensation and doubted the quiet, muffled words that fell from his lips, as if they were your imagination pulling tricks on you, “I love you.“

-Admin Kat, Admin Soph, Admin Kai

nidria replied to your post “my xkit briefly vanished but every thing is cool now and its back….”

can you be more specific on what you define as outer space? like, is shots of the stars or like galaxy colored things okay, or does that need to be tagged too?

ah!! can do - and thank you for asking, i’ll have to clarify on the blacklist page itself more in the future.

stylized space is fine - cutesy blinking star gifs are no problem, galaxy aesthetic stuff is, not ideal but not what i need tagged!

im trying to word and what i want to say is ‘anything that conjures up a clear impression of the massive scale unpredictable terror void inescapably all around us’ is what i need tagged but thats rather subjective.

sorry! its rly annoying since its hard to quite expect what will be too ‘much’ for me, it’s a thing i’ve been working on my issues w/ for a long time and it gets better and worse.

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Is is weird how this "discourse" has kinda put into perspective how young I am at 16?? Like I should be careful with things I ship or people I follow? Idk

honestly it’s a good thing! like– being aware that youre young keeps you safer. realizing and setting boundaries with older people is really important– it’s supposed to be an adult’s responsibility to be careful around younger people, but, a lot of them aren’t, so unfortunately it’s often the kids who have to say ‘dont follow me or talk to me about certain subjects if youre an adult.’ i think that youre much less to blame for things you might ship since you are young, but taking a stand against anything in fandom that makes you uncomfortable is good and really really brave. you have a right to do that. it’s not like… babyish, or anything, to honestly say ‘i’m not comfortable with this’ or ‘i’m too young for this.’ that’s knowing your limits and it’s really smart.

like, as someone who was fixated on being Older and cooler than my age and really into adult things? it wasn’t good for me. i’m much luckier than a lot of kids in fandom who were in the same boat. somebody should have been there to tell me, in a way i mightve actually listened to, that i was too young to be seeing the things i did, and that i didn’t have to be Mature. it’s taken until basically this year to realize it wasnt good for me, and it’s really hard to deal with the effects of it. realizing much earlier is a good thing and i’m proud of people who do it.

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I disagree. It's easy to judge quality of life. American children can go to sleep and wake up normally. A Syrian kid can go to sleep and wake up underneath rubble, injured and in shock. How is the former's quality of life not better than the latter's? It is a fact that experience makes morality subjective on the epistemic front. This does not mean that morality is subjective ontologically. I think you can reason from what is universally accepted to what is likely universally true.

You say that it’s easy to judge quality of life… but by what principles are you making that judgment? Principles that you have arrived at yourself. Those principles are not objective, they are subjective because they depend on you… the subject.

Even if I grant you that science can somehow arrive at objective principles by which they can make those judgments (principles which Harris never seems to provide) that only works in stark differences like children in Syria and America (even though you’re being much too broad… not all American kids can go to sleep and wake up normally, not to mention the fact that “normalcy” is itself a subjective concept) What about two kids in America… one who’s filthy rich and unfulfilled and one who’s poor and yet loves life? To say which one has a higher quality of life will depend upon what you subjectively value.

The point is that if you have no epistemic access to that objective ontological ethic… then that ontological ethic is arbitrary. There is no universally accepted ethical system and “likely true” will never get you to objectivity. 


Life Lately | August 8-14, 2016

My lazy days are over; I’m finally back on track.

i. Classes started just last week. I say this every semester, but I think that this has more weight than ever, now that I’m in my fourth year in civil engineering, with subjects that are all major: I’m in too deep, and there’s no turning back. There are still times when I doubt my decision to take up this course after so much suffering and self-doubt, but I have come to accept the fact that maybe this is all part of the process. Challenges and failures will always be there, but what’s important at the end of the day is the choice to still fight and endure. That’s right – I am starting my semester on a positive note. I avoided writing so much about academics in this blog because I believed that I don’t want to share too much negativity in my life here (yep, most of my sadness is caused by acads), but this time I am changing this mindset. Starting from now, I will involve more academics in my writing, in hopes of seeing as well as sharing to you readers how wonderful civil engineering can (sometimes, joke) be. Don’t expect anything; I won’t be turning this blog to a studyblr because I dont think I have time to do that, but one thing is for sure: my fourth year will be focused on the appreciation of the profession.

ii. Since it’s only the first week of classes, I still have some time in my hands. I watched four Cinemalaya films: I America, Mercury is Mine, Kusina, and Pamilya Ordinaryo. I started attending this festival 2 years ago when I moved to QC for college (there’s no Cinemalaya in CDO, sadly), and it has become a tradition since then. I planned on watching Tuos, but I missed it after waking up too late last Wednesday when the classes were suspended. I could only afford 4 films, but let this be a lesson to save next time. Anyway, my ranking among the films I have watched is as follows: 1) Pamilya Ordinaryo, 2) Mercury is Mine, 3) Kusina, 4) I America. 

Who’s watching the Awards Night later? I want to go but the weather is so bad and I’m broke huhuhu.

iii. The last highlight of my week is our Big Team Building at Antipolo yesterday. Aside from developing camaraderie and teamwork, the goal of the team building is to give us a break from all the Summit work. It was a great night of playing games and drinking; it’s always good to drink when it’s for free lel. Anyway, back to org work!

I guess I won’t be posting as often now since my busy days have started, but I will try to write long-ass life updates here from time to time. I hope you’re all doing great. Keep safe, people!

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Is it wrong to not want to date someone if they are asexual is you like being physical, knowing you are more of a physical person and knowing thats how you are? You don't dislike the person just knowing you won't want to date them. Not wanting to force them to be physical and not wanting to stop yourself???

ok i have mixed feelings on this subject because obviously as an asexual person of course i’m offended when someone says “oh i would never date an asexual, i like sex too much lol.” but also if ur the kind of person to say that, i don’t want u to date an asexual anyways bc i’d be worried about ur partner

basically it comes down to the fact that it stereotypes asexuals and assumes that ALL asexuals are sex-repulsed to the point where everything physical is off the table. which is…like not at all the case. asexuality is a spectrum, and it differs from individual to individual. i am sex-favorable. my girlfriend is not asexual, and likes to be physical. clearly i’m ok with that or i wouldn’t be dating her

it comes down to the fact that ur not the only person in the relationship. i guarantee if u were talking to an asexual person who u were thinking about dating, and mentioned that u LOVED sex and loved being physical etc, they would let u know how they felt about it. believe it or not asexuals don’t want to be in a relationship they know would be uncomfortable or unsafe for them. they wouldn’t just lead u on and sucker u in, only for u to find out that nope u aren’t allowed to touch them or even look at them in a sexual way

idk just like??? recognize that asexuals are individual people with individual likes/needs? and yeah, maybe someone who is sex-repulsed and hates physical affection isn’t the one for u (although i still maintain that u aren’t the one for them if u generalize asexuality like this), but not every asexual person feels the same way so maybe if someone u think is cute says they’re asexual, don’t just automatically write them off and move on? obviously no one should have to force anything in a relationship, but if u really like someone enough to date them imo them being asexual should not be The Deal Breaker

10 facts about me!

I was tagged by @ieneile44​! I’m doing here for my OOC and I will do one for Scarlett in their blog too haha

1 - I’m a big fan of Veorra <3 I love them so fucking much!

2 - I’m not much good in do friends, and I’m very closed lol I don’t have any subjects, but I like to talk lmao

3 - I don’t like to say my age because I’m so newww, but who follows Scarlett’s simbook already saw pics of my ooc lot of timesss

4 - I have arachnophobia lol and also, I hate spiders.

5 - My favorite kind of music is Eletronic, but I like all the others kinds I think lol 

6 - Do cc is one of my hobbies, I like to do it even when I’m busy because it de-stress me.

7 - I have a sister who have 1 year and 3 months.

8 - I have more than 4 besties friends.

9 - I’m a perfectionist.

10 - I am very closed and do not like to talk about my feelings. I keep almost everything to me and it’s rare when I talk about my feelings with friends.

I tag @kisskit-kat, @kamiisims, @auvinsimblr and who want to do it! <3

Apparently saying something as subjective as “I love [something]” or “I think [something] is the best!”, to some people, means that I’ll turn a blind eye at the flaws it might have and that everyone needs to love it too, when it actually means that I still love the thing for what it is despite the flaws, which aren’t significant enough for me personally to hinder my enjoyment, and I’d rather focus on the aspects I think are the good points rather than the negatives.

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Hi! I have three billionaires. One man is an extreme philanthropist and he spends his money helping those in need worldwide. The other is a weapons dealer/ private army contractor, and the last man is unknown. I wrote that he too is a philanthropist, but he does anonymous donations to places. I also wrote that he is a designer but he’s rarely seen in public due to anxiety. I did research, but how could I properly make these guys work without them being cliched, rich characters? Thanks so much!

Like it says in my ask rules, I don’t answer questions about cliches. As the writer, it’s your job to figure out the potential cliches in your subject and to figure out how to avoid them. If you have done research and aren’t aware of any cliches, perhaps there aren’t any. But, I suspect if you looked a little harder, you would be able to find a list of “rich people cliches” to avoid. Good luck! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

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i saw your posts about how you're becoming a teacher and i just want to say you'll be great! those kids are lucky to have someone like you to guide them through a new year and i wish you the best of luck!

;-; thank you so much ;-; I just want to help kids be true to themselves and learn and grow and be kind to themselves too and learn their value, forget about the subject matter. I want them to be inspired and to do amazing things, even if everyone else thinks it’s stupid. I want them to learn that kindness is always a good alternative. I want them to learn how to think, not what to think. kids (especially in middle school) need personal help and guidance, safe places and trusted adults. I want to be that for my students. I want them to know that I care about them as individuals, not just about their education.

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Have you seen the recent standings in Sin's poll? Doesn't look good for Pyrrha :(

I have

Neo fetishists probably rigging it

Because we have too little of her, yet far too much non Arkos or non-rape Pyrrha nsfw, clearly /s

I rly don’t understand the adoration for Neo, but then again someone could say the same to me about Pyrrha so I guess it’s subjective

I am still gonna do everything I can to make Pyrrha win tho, she deserves it

Have you SEEN sins Pyrrha?

fucking flawless

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Hey, I read your post about bringing autism into cyb and it got me quite interested into the subject. I wanted to ask whom you would categorize as autistic besides the ones, that were already named in your previous posts and how do you personally see that they are autistic. I always think stereotypes are too vague to honestly say they are that and that too 100 %. Can I ask you about some of your experiences of being autistic or is it to personal?

I’m glad it’s gotten you interested in the subject, and I hope you’re doing research on it.

Pretty much all the CYB characters I’ve headcanoned as autistic and who are going to be written as autistic in CYB canon have already been mentioned. I’m rather low on spoons right now so I’m not going to take the time to write up a full report on why I think each one is autistic. My reasoning for each character being autistic is recognizing autistic traits in the characters and then deciding to headcanon them that way. For CYB itself, Lang and I went through the DSM for each characters to see if it fit, and then filling out a 50 question online autism test thing that isn’t a diagnostic tool, but is generally a good benchmark for telling if it’d be a good idea to look into it. All of them scored above the cutoff.

I then asked the autistic readers what they though to see if they had the same ideas or not, and followed the process with the new characters. Two suggested didn’t fit the way Lang and I looked at them (which doesn’t make the other person’s headcanon wrong, just not something we were going to go with). So it’s not just a willy nilly, “yes, all these characters are autistic.” Which is a fun thing to do at times, but not really applicable for CYB. There was thought put into it.

And yes, stereotypes are a horrible way to go. They’re horrible regardless of what you’re doing with them.

If you’re asking if you can ask me about my own personal experiences with being autistic, I’m going to say that you can, but on a few conditions. Please read through my blog first for the posts I’ve made about autism, that way I don’t have to answer questions I have already answered. If it’s something you could find by googling it, please do so. And please be respectful. I also want to know why you want to ask me questions.

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Hey how ya doing?

I’m good👽👽 I haven’t been very active I know and it’s because I’ve had lots of people staying over at my house lately 🙈
How are you?? And how is everyone else doing??
Btw I (Accidentally) told my niece about this blog and she was begging me to let her read from it 😷😷😷
There is no way I’m giving her this blog to find and read from at her will. Yeah she’s 15 but like nooo she’s still a baby in my eyes 🙈🙈🙈 …AND IT’S WEIRD having her read it !!
So I read her nice guys and Arkham and it’s safe to say that she liked nice guys more 😂
I also read her Game of Hearts and I tested out the ending with her. Lmao she was my testing subject 🙊 but now she’s persistent on wanting to read everything and like…..too much tongue ….yeah NOT HAPPENING!